Karen – Just Read The Instructions


This one is for the bondage and TIGHT JEANS lovers. I know you’re out there. After all, I am one…

She worked the key in the lock and entered her flat, her high heels shoes clicking on the hardwood floor. She closed the door and put her purse down, straining against her too tight dark red leather jacket to put it on the nearby table while noticing a shoe box on the living room table. Without thinking, she rubbed her thighs in the extra tight jeans that wrapped them. She just loved the feeling of her legs tightly compressed. Those jeans were stretchy but the stretch was not really being used, or rather was over used.

“Honey, I’m home.” she said loudly to attract the attention of her boyfriend.

No answer. Well, he was supposed to be there but since they weren’t living fully together, it was nothing out of the ordinary for him not to be there.

She carefully approached the box. There was a piece of paper on it. She approached and leaned forward, her hands on her thighs, legs closed, feeling the tight jeans. She frowned.

“What is that?” she mumbled, reading the list again and again.

– Put the collar on.

– Put the cuffs on.

– Insert the toy

– Put Gag On

– Lets Tied Together

– Arms In The Back

– Wrists To Ankles.

She carefully opened the top cover of the shoe box.

“What in the devil?…”

Inside the box were two sets of steel cuffs along with a steel collar and a… dildo?

Yes, she had a kinky side, her extra-tight jeans, her high heels, her too small leather jacket were all hints. She opened to Derek about it but he never really responded. He simply finds her sexy in her tight clothes. And now this? It was as if he wanted her to be… prepared. 

However, until now, her kinky side had only been in her mind, imagining scenarios, dreaming about stories she read off the Internet. She’s never actually done it. Well, her extreme heels and her tight jeans were, in a way, some sort of restriction, of bondage but… cuffs, collars, ball gag? And toys?

She bit her lips while smiling. That could be fun. She was hot to the thought and apprehensive at the same time. Yes, they’re been dating for close to a year now, but this was another level of commitment.

She took the cuffs in her hands. They were evidently high end, locking steel cuffs. One of the wrist cuffs and one of the ankle cuffs had a carabiner attached to it, but one of those high-end ones where the first time you put them on is easy, but then they sort of lock and it’s almost a puzzle to open them back. She wrapped the first cuff around her left wrist. It sent shivers up her spine. She could close it without locking it, which is what she did. She put both wrist cuffs on, feeling their weight, even hitting them together to hear the sound of the steel.

She giggled. She liked it. She removed the cuffs to take off her leather jacket. It was so tight, she struggled to pull the tight sleeves off her arms, revealing a light gray stretchy, and very stretched… leotard.

She snapped the wrists cuffs again. And again, she liked the feeling, the weight, the cold steel against her skin. She took the ankle cuffs, sat on the floor and put them around her ankles, doing the same: closing them but not locking them on. She added the collar and got back up, walking to the long mirror. She looked good. She liked what she saw.

She was feeling their presence. She turned around to see what she would look like from the back, then again from the front, always fidgeting with her wrist cuffs. Suddenly she heard a click. Her eyes widened.

“Oh darn. I think I locked it.” she said, trying to pull it open, but couldn’t.

She looked in the box but saw no keys.

“Well, isn’t this part of the game? Derek has the keys, of course.” she said, with a devilish grin, followed by a swift and decisive move, locking all the cuffs on herself. 

There. No turning back. She giggled. She was getting more and more aroused.

She picked up the ball gag.

“Oh, fuck, I forgot the dildo!” she exclaimed, picking the rather large toy in her hands. It was still in its box. She quickly unboxed it and undid her pants. One could almost hear the zipper relieving scream as the tension was removed. Those pants were tight. However, they were too tight.

“Ah shit. I should have taken them off before putting the cuffs on. 

Oh well, that could actually be fun.” she said, pulling her pants down as much as she could, then her silky underwear. Laying on her back on the sofa, she tried to insert the toy. Oh she was already hot, but she was not about to simply push it in and forget it. She would have fun with it.

She pushed it in half way before gently pulling it out, feeling the textured outer shell of the toys on her labia. She moaned and bit her lips, smiling. She repeated the stroking, going deeper every time, twisting it, sometimes giving short push-pulls.

Oh yes, she was horny, but if she was to cum now, where would be the fun to be tied up. She pushed it in fully then slid her red silk panties over it before grabbing her tight jeans and pulling them on.

They were very tight and they actually put more pressure around the toy, which she didn’t dislike. Also, the crotch seam pushed the toy deeper, keeping it in place.

“I wonder what walking downtown wearing that thing would be like.” she mumbled to herself, struggling to fasten the too tight pants.

Eyes wide, she got back up and let out a small yelp when she bent forward to pick the ball gag.

“Well, you always liked to have large stuff in your mouth, Karen. Now, you’re served.” she said, putting the gag in.

It was another first. The hard rubber forced her mouth wide open . She fastened the strap rather loosely. It was an overwhelming feeling after all.

She sat on the floor and she reached for the ankle cuffs, mainly for the carabiner on the left one. She did the trick to make it easy to open then snapped it around the D-ring of the right cuff. The carabiner closed with the semi-locking mechanism. She extended her legs and tried to pull them apart.

Of course, she couldn’t but she loved the feeling of the steel cuffs around her ankles preventing it. She closed and opened her legs a few times, hearing the clicking sounds of the steel hardware reaching the end of its play room. She loved the tugged it gave on her legs and she almost wished she had more cuffs, like… over the knees? Well, she could always mention it to Derek.

She put her hands in front of her and snapped the carabiner in place. Again, she played with her bound hands, trying to pull them apart, feeling the restriction. She tried to get up, turning around, kneeling, grabbing the sofa to pull herself up. That was quite a challenge.  Her bound ankles were really posing problems. 

Not so bad, after all, she was quite flexible. She placed herself sideways from the sofa and gradually put her weight on her toes to lift herself up. That’s when her high heels shoes rendered the action more difficult, making her lean forward.

She giggled and some drool dropped off her gagged mouth. She tried to slurp it back in but it made more a mess than anything else.

Finally, she was up. She tried to walk. Well, easier said than done. That was really fun, though. Wrist tied together, ankles tied together.  Yes, she loved the feeling and her bound hands found their way to her crotch where she started to scratch the tensed denim, even pushing a little on her dildo. She giggled again. As she tried to slurp it back in, she realized that with little effort, she could pull her chin inward enough for the ball of the gag to get out of her mouth.

“This ought to be tighter. Way tighter.” she said to herself.

Now, she wondered if she could get back down, to kneel. After all, Derek’s predicament was for her to be hogtied. She tried. She took a hold of the living room table to keep her balance and kneel. She loved the challenge. Every time she wanted to move one foot, as she would normally do, she was reminded that both feet had to be moved together by the tug of the steel cuffs and the noise of the metal link.

That was so arousing!

The challenge, the feeling and also the struggle with her tight jeans, because she couldn’t forget them. Every time she was working her thigh muscles, the jeans reminded her that they were there and interfering with it. Felt so good.

So, now she was kneeling. The instructions said to be hogtied but how? There must have been another carabiner in the box. She searched through the mangle of silk paper. Having both hands tied together was a challenge and a pleasure. She finally found it, lost at the bottom of the box. It was the same kind of carabiner. Easy to put on, hard to get off. Oh well, she was not the one who would have to figure out the ‘puzzle’, that would be Derek.

The first challenge was to do the puzzle for the one currently on her wrists to tie them in her back.

Easier said than tone. It was not easy. She had to almost break her wrists to grab the carabiner, then to do the little trick to open it.

Challenging but feasible No sweat.

While her hands were free, she used the opportunity to tighten the gag. Yes, that thing was way too loose. One notch? Oh… how about two? Yeah, not bad. Three notches, just experimenting. She felt her lip corners being stretched out. The ball was fully inside her mouth. She chewed on the leather strap a few times.

“Yeshhh I ghan hgheep iff ikkgg gkhaaat.” she said in gag talk, giggling at the sound of her own voice.

She put the wrist carabiner in easy mode, opened it and kept it open while she slipped the hogtie carabiner, also configured for the easy mode, through the first one. Still holding it open, she placed her hands on her back and fondled a little to find the cuffs, the ring and managed to put the other wrist cuff’s ring in the carabiner. Then she let it go.

She heard the distinctive sound of the secure lock. She yanked her wrists a few times to make sure it wouldn’t let go, and it didn’t.

Satisfied, she sat on her heels and reached out, trying to grab her ankle cuffs, but she quickly realized that this would not work. She had to be either on her back or on her side.

All she had to do was let herself fall down. Easier said than done.

She tried to kneel on her heels as low as possible and to bend forward to make herself into a tight ball. That was somewhat arousing because it was tugging on her jeans from the back, pulling the crotch seam, pushing the dildo in. Yeah, fun.

She slowly let herself down on her left side. She fell. It was more a roll than a fall but she did land rather hard on her shoulder. She rolled slightly on her back before rolling back forward hitting her knees on the floor.

She yelped! The dildo fired!

“That thing is vibrating?” she mumbled.

Damn! That wasn’t planned, but that was good. She rolled on her stomach, stretching her legs, putting all her weight on her crotch and… it stopped.

She grunted. That was just enough to tease her. Okay, the hogtie. She had to hurry, Derek was usually there from his work at about that time of the day.

She rolled on her side, bending her legs, arching her back. She grabbed the heel of her shoe and pulled on it to bring her legs closer. She thanked those yoga classes which helped her keep her flexibility.

Still, easier said than done. As soon as she was letting go of the heel to grab the ankle cuffs, her legs pulled away.

Grunting, she rolled on her stomach very close to the table. She took position where her calves were resting against the table, helping maintain their position while she grabbed the ankle cuffs to pull on the carabiner, trying to bring the ankle cuffs closer or at least, rotate them so that the link is closer to her wrists.

While pulling on the ankle cuffs with her left hand, she flexed her right wrist to  grab the added carabiner and pulled on it, pulling on the cuffs, to bring it to her ankle cuffs.

Four times she dropped either the added carabiner or the ankle cuffs. Four times she grunted. At first, she was giggling. Now she was really pissed off.

However, the struggle made her hot because she had to squeeze her butt muscles to work her legs, which, well, the toy was still there.


There! It was in place. She relaxed to immediately realize the pull it created on her wrists and shoulders.

She loved it. She moaned. Now, she had to move away from the table. Since her knees were not linked together, she was able to wiggle them to move away by turning. Damn, she was so hot!

She began to stroke her crotch on the floor by bending her hips. That was also pulling on her arms, forcing her shoulder up, slightly lifting her breasts off the floor and squishing them as she relaxed so that her crotch would rest on the floor. It wasn’t long before she was really aroused. She was doing it harder and harder. She loved how her jeans, tightly squeezing her thighs, her hips, seemed to help. After all, she had to fight the tightness to make the move. She never thought of herself as a tight jeans fetishist but. Oh well.

She did bump once rather harder. And the vibrator turned on, as if the shock did it.

But she didn’t care to think about how it turned itself on. It was on and it was a blast!

She was moaning, drooling on the tiled floor, eyes closed, stroking her hips. It didn’t take a long time. She exploded. A strong orgasm like she never felt before. Was it the tightly held dildo or the bondage that seemed to enhance the experience?

She didn’t care. Eyes closed, slightly rocking her hips, she just enjoyed it. She was feeling throughout her whole body, and the more she pulled on her bonds, the more she felt she was in bondage, the more intense the orgasm seemed to be. Even biting on the hard rubber ball seemed to enhance it.

The dildo stopped, cutting her mid-orgasm. She did another hard bang of her crotch and it started again.

“This thing is… defective or doing a great job.” she thought.

Damn! She loved it! She would do it again for sure.

The orgasm subsided and she relaxed but the vibrator was not having it. A second orgasm was building.

No, one was enough. She rolled on her side. It relaxed the pressure on her breasts but increased the pull on her shoulders. However, it allowed her to flex more at the hips. At first, she did it to find the most comfortable position. In the end, she did it because the tight jeans, pushing on the dildo was actually stroking her.

Oh fuck! Another one. She screamed. Thanks to the gag, the neighbors were not alerted. In the middle of it, as she was throwing her head backward, shaking her hips, she rolled back on her stomach. But she had moved closer to the table and doing so, she hit it rather hard with her high heeled shoes. 

The shoebox containing the toys fell from the table on her head, startling her. The jolt seemed to stop the dildo from working.

She relaxed,eyes closed, panting, enjoying the last rush of hormones throughout her whole body, down to her fingernails! She never felt an orgasm closely reaching that level before.

She opened her eyes. In front of her, the shoebox, flipped on its side. She frowned.

Property of the Creative Writing Class

“What the fuck??”

Under the table, a sheet of paper that must have been under the box, on the table, which apparently fell on the floor too. She couldn’t read it, though. She would have to move to do so.

She began to wiggle her butt, using her knees to turn around. Pleasure was out of her mind at the moment, although perhaps, Derek only borrowed it from his writing class to play with Karen. Why else would he have written her those instructions?

She giggled. She was scaring herself for nothing. Nonetheless, her struggle apparently triggered the dildo once again.

She began to hump on the floor. Oh yes, that was good. Very good. Another orgasm. She was panting hard, drool was puddling on the floor. She could feel her tight jeans wet at the crotch. And, like before, the more she pulled on her bonds, the more she chewed on her gag, the more she struggled, the more intense the orgasm was!

Could she really be a bondage fetishist? Whatever the tag. She liked it! She began to fantasize, to be stretched out, what do they call it? Spread hawk? No Eagle. Spread eagle. Yes, that she would try, or perhaps, oh yes, suspended. Or mummified! Damn, she had so many ideas springing to mind, she would have to have a deep conversation with Derek.

Maybe he would like to be tied up too.

Her eyes turned around as another orgasm followed the first one, making her forget why she was struggling. The jeans were compressing her thighs, pinching the back of her knees, restricting her breathing. She could even feel her tight shirt as if it was even tighter. 

“Oh, a corset would be something to try” she thought as her brain stopped thinking as it was engulfed into pleasure waves after waves.

Once things calmed down, she opened her eyes again. There were two sheets of paper slightly on top of one another laying by the box. She began to read and went wide eyes:

Creative Writing Exercise

Subject: Erotic Novel.

Use the content of the box randomly given to you to write an erotic novel.

All elements of the box must be in the novel.

5000 words

Three characters maximum.

Use the elements in the box to feel them, to make your character feel them and report their feelings.

Holy fuck! This was a writing exercise? And what was that other paper? Damn, she would have to move the first one out of the way, but how?

She started to wiggle again. Yes, the dildos decided to turn back on and off a few times, sending her to another orgasm. By the time she was close enough to the papers to be able to move one with her nose, she was exhausted and on the verge of fainting.

Using her nose, she managed to move the top sheet over and pull the other sheet toward her. It was not easy. She read it and…

Note about Box #53

The bondage cuffs are real and lockable. However, one of the students lost the key.

I have only the spare one in my desk drawer, in class. So, if you manage to lock  yourself in them, you WILL HAVE TO come to class to get free 😉

Also, in case you want to play with the dildo, it was a defective one given to me by a sex shop to use as a prop. Just be aware that it apparently has a tendency to turn on/off by itself. Don’t know for sure, never tried it myself.

Karen was panting hard. Really hard, and it was not orgasm-triggered. It was panic triggered. She wiggled backward, trying to get out from under the table. Of course that triggered the dildo.

“Fuck!” yelled Karen through the gag.

When she flipped on her side, she saw her phone, on the glass table, upside down, so, from under the table, she could see the screen. Derek sent her a text message while she was struggling.

“Hi honey. Going to the sports bar after work to celebrate a coworker’s birthday. Don’t wait for me. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night!”

Panicking, she tried to open the carabiner. Trying as she might, she couldn’t feel the lock, meaning she couldn’t do the puzzle, meaning… she was stuck!

She rolled on her back. The dildo fired. At the same time, another message appeared.

“I think I forgot my box of items on the living room table. You can have a look inside. We can maybe… talk about it. Anyway, I’ll pick it up tomorrow morning before heading for work. Love ya!”

She smiled and rolled on her stomach, starting to hump the floor.

“Oh well…” she thought, “better enjoy it before the humiliation.”

© monsterp63

24 February 2023

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4 thoughts on “Karen – Just Read The Instructions

    1. So do I but… not the majority of the readers.
      Just on IG, the tight jeans renders got 76 likes, while the latex ones, posted one day later, are at 111 likes.

  1. Thank you for this story.If I may remind you: it is your page, you may write what you like.
    There was once a photo series “thirteen fetishes” at Deviantart with latex, mask, feet, gloves, corset, smoking, buttocks, gas mask, air hoses, breathing bags (and presumably breath reduction), lovingly photographed eyes behind the mask and finally a Russian uniform cap. If you write a story about it, you’re sure to get a few comments like “handcuffs are missing!” or “wrong hair color!” in addition to many likes.
    I was very happy about the story, especially since I didn’t expect anything new after the very long “wrong house”.
    If I may remember myself: I like latex and breathing games. It is not one of my favorite fetishes in the story. I like the story. Nevertheless.

    1. Thank you very much, Joe.
      You’re absolutely right.
      “likes” becomes an addiction.

      As for writing another one so quickly after “Wrong House”: I don’t really control my inspiration. It controls me. 😉
      I’m already writing the next one…

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