Well, That’s a Blow!


Got my first “1-star” rating today (as far as I remember…)

“Read The Instructions” latex renders, if that’s not clear.

But don’t worry. That “blow” was as strong as a mild venting of that he/she/they/them/it digestive tract exit hole could produce.

I have a slim idea of who this could be, but since I have no evidence, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

My actual reaction?:

And then thinking “I should really make a post about this!”

Anyhoo, I just hope for the health – but mostly sanity – of whoever that is, that this person stopped browsing the site from then on because…

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9 thoughts on “Well, That’s a Blow!

  1. ok I don’t understand why it is 1 star! If I don’t like a work, I will leave directly! If I have to score, I will give a three-star, I will not give a one-star! Even for the Image Games Network, I have hardly seen a bad game given a score of 1, because it is too much! (Forgive me for writing the wrong letters on it. I reissued it)

    1. Like I said, I have a doubt who this could be, and if it is the person I think it is, this is only “revenge” for an answer I gave on Instagram. Some entitled jerks don’t accept “no” as an answer.

  2. I want to say that the Image Games Network has not given the game a score of 1, because this is too much!

      1. My English is not good. In short, I just don’t think your article should get a star! If someone hits a star, I think it is malicious!

  3. 1-star on a personal, dedicated story site like yours seems vindictive or holier-than-thou virtue-signaling or some such.

    I have given 1-stars for erotic stories in the past -> on general (erotic) sites when I came across something really atrocious like most or all of the following combined: really bad writing, non-existent grammar, wall-of-text formatting, very non-consensual brutal content while being tagged as consensual.

    That is obviously not the case here – and what this site contains is made very clear from the beginning.

    So, I’d consider this as childish bullshit behavior and move on – which seems to be what you are doing… 😉

    1. Yes, exactly.
      And… that person rated the “Latex render art” 1 star. Not the story. I bet that person didn’t even read the story.

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