Patiently Waiting (05-Mar)


Karen, Sandra and Lynda patiently waiting while a new story is being written.

Anyone care to guess what it involves?

Someone evidently knows something they don’t…

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5 thoughts on “Patiently Waiting (05-Mar)

  1. I guess maybe Karen is a keeper! Or she is a rider. She needs to wear a latex suit to compete. The more permanent equipment she wears, the more popular she is!

    1. Well, without revealing too much, as far as my synopsis goes (the only thing written so far), Karen and Sandra are riders. Lynda is the manager of the (kinky) ranch. However, there will be some ponygirl scenes, but I don’t reveal more since nothing is written and everything can change while writing it. No ETA, I don’t currently have time / right mood to write.

  2. Well ih think I have an idea, but I will keep it for me.
    I don’t want to spoil your fans;)

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