Anybody Speaks Horse?


As you might know, I’m writing a story about horse riding (Karen’s style, of course). But I need someone who speaks the language of the horse’s gear and control because my own knowledge of riding horses is very thin. I’m referring to the “western saddle”.

I want to make the story as true to the facts as possible, so I would like to know how to call different things. Yes, there’s google and stuff, but it’s not like exchanging with someone who knows the matter.

If you’re interested into giving me some help, just drop me a line in the contact form, or if you already know my e-mail, just write directly to me. (I’m not posting my e-mail here for obvious spamming reasons…)

Lady Black sends her regards and promise you’ll be rewarded for your help. (How about a free one year membership… Oh… right.)

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2 thoughts on “Anybody Speaks Horse?

  1. I’ve ridden a horse before! There will be a rider nearby to ensure that nothing will happen to me as a newcomer! Knocking a horse’s stomach with his heel will accelerate! Of course, I can only jog, I’m just a tourist who has ridden hundreds of meters! When a horse runs again, you need to move up and down like a horse, so that you don’t feel very bumpy on its back! I only rode a horse once! That’s all I know!

    1. I’ve ridden a horse once before also, 20 years ago. I don’t remember much except the very, very basics, and the memories I do have of that ride of that ride are not the best because the horse I had was pregnant, VERY pregnant, forcing my knees to bend very awkwardly. My knees hurt the whole ride. I did not enjoy it at all. The woman leading the pack (we were 4) only wanted her money.
      I need a little more information than that.

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