Ready… Again?


Back in 2018, I produced an image called “Ready?” which, I don’t recall, was probably posted on DA. I had plans to make a business card out of it, but since I’m pretty much a “nobody” and I don’t go to any conference, it’s no use. So, said business cards were never produced.

Version 1, 2018. Still a beginner.

I used it mainly to make “publicity posters” within my renders. I asked Karen to hold it, in case you never noticed it before. She’s quite proud of it:

Poster used in the renders.

For the version 2, I changed Mistress’s catsuit for one without seams, set it with a darker shade of purple and fixed the corset. I think I post it on IG.

Version 2, 2020.

Last year (2022), I had this crazy idea to make a vertical poster. I had to slim it down, removing two of the characters. I added a Corset to Karen, changed her heel-less knee-high boots for ballet booties, removed the “wooden benches” and replaced them with more modern looking ones (eventually cropped out) and updated the lighting (from behind the camera), and then rendered this thing at 3600 X 6000 pixels, which loaded my computer for 12 hours. I had the idea to make that poster to… to put… err… to bring to… err… well… Geesh. I have no fucking use for a poster! Oh well…

Version 3, 2022. No, don’t expect to be full res. Standard resolution it is.

Then, this afternoon, while doing chores, I had this idea of sort of “reviving” the image. So here it is, the 2023 version. New setup, new equipment. Mistress is now in leather, has different boots, Karen is in chastity belt tied to a X-frame, Sandra and Lynda are part of the scene. There is ballet boots, high heel boots, high heel shoes and naked feet. Latex, leather and spandex, corsets, chastity belts, hoods, no-hoods, gasmask, gags, benches, devices, crosses, cages…

Version 4. Renewed. did I miss anything?

Oh, do you think Karen is ready this time? Are you ready?

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2 thoughts on “Ready… Again?

  1. excellent! Maybe you could add a cabinet to put a mask like Karen’s in the wrong house! Your previous works have created a lot of equipment that can be added! If you like!

    1. That’s an idea, but I don’t want the scene to be too crowded, or I will have to add more “mistresses” to take care of all these people.

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