I Had This Vision


I had this vision last night:

Karen, a cat-lady name Cheshira, a mad hood maker, some pissed-off Dom dressed in red and a silly rabbit in a dress and a silly hat who goes around with a male voice saying “I don’t have fucking time for this shit.”

Am I… crazy (although I’m a certified weirdo) or what?

You see my problem right now? I had this idea of Karen and Sandra going for a horse hike, then I had this idea about Karen becoming a mindless drone (oops, that spilled out), now that, and while I was creating that image, I had this idea of a serial abductor who finds his match with someone who takes pleasure at being tied up instead of fighting back…

How the heck can I write ONE story when one idea pops up one after the other??

Be patient while I try to manage my brain, which is already a heck of a task in my normal behavior…

(I cut down a LOT on my sugar intake. I think that’s the withdrawal syndromne…)

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8 thoughts on “I Had This Vision

  1. You didn’t put some up in advance? It seems to be preparing to update a complete story at a time!

    1. That story will be too short and plainly too wacky to post in sections.
      The others that I’m working on are too complex, e.g. I go back to often to the part that is already written, to post by parts.

      So, yes, it will be “full stories” only.

      1. Well, I could threaten you with posting poor fanfiction of your stories every day until you comply. Dont make me take such a drastic step….. but seriously now that I mentioned it, what is your policy o fanfiction of your stories? Had some ideas for how I would have liked Boring Life to have ended.

        1. I’m not sure I get it.
          “Until you comply”. Comply to what? Posting a story part by part? Not all story can be posted part by part.

          Fanfiction? I have no problem with it, same thing with people using / reposting my images. I do have three conditions:

          1) ASK ME first. I don’t want anything used the way I wouldn’t want it to be used, like Karen promoting drugs or violence, etc.

          2) Give due credit. Add “used with permission”, link the website, add my name (monsterp63, just in case someone doesn’t know…), you know, acknowledge where you got it from.

          3) If you’re lucky enough to make a profit out if it, I want my share.

          You know, something along the line “Fanfiction based on characters created by monsterp63. Find the real deal at mp63.ca” or something like that.

          For the images, just don’t crop my copyright notice or seal and add where you got it from and “used with permission”.
          That’s all.

  2. The “Until you comply” thing was an attempt at a joke, I can see that I failed miserably, don’t worry about it.

    And your rules here seem very reasonable.

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