Karen in Kinkyland


Author’s note: I had a brain fart and I had to get it out… Sorry…

Not exactly an Easter story but… it has a bunny rabbit!

She was bored.

The family reunion was boring. Oh sure, at first, it was nice seeing all the family, the cousins, the relatives, then the discussion slipped into the ‘forbidden subject” and all hell broke loose: screaming match, fist throwing threats, denial of family members.

She walked out. She needed some air. Fresh air. Not the one filled with alcohol fumes, essence of jealousy and vapors of hatred.

She took a deep breath and sat on the bench in the large, rather empty patio. She grinned as her hips pinched on the too tight denim of her jeans. She liked that pinch at her crotch and the feeling of tightness of the jeans, forcing her to lean rather than sit straight because they were simply too tight.

Oh yeah, she’s heard all the comments of her family, that she was dressed like a hooker, but she didn’t mind. She liked her too-tight clothes. She liked the look. She liked the feeling. She liked the feeling of restriction, of helplessness the tight sleeves of her leather jacket were giving her and how her high heels impaired her walking. She loved them all.

She stretched her right arm to reach the small nearby table to put down her drink, hearing the tight leather creak, forcing her to bend sideways as the whole jacket was pulling on her body instead of her arm sliding inside it. She closed her eyes. Even the small movement she had to make with her hip was pleasurable, feeling the tight denim following her movement, or rather, forbidding them without a fight.

Something caught her eye. Something was moving fast across the lawn. A cat? Well, it had a strange way to walk, like hopping, like… a rabbit? There was a rabbit in the yard?

She turned toward the house.

“Hey… Guys!!… There’s a rab…bit… ” she began to yell but she trailed off, hearing some dishes being broken and people yelling even louder. They wouldn’t care. Either that or it will start another screaming match as who let a rabbit in.

She got up and walked out of the patio, into the soft grass, struggling with her high heels, fighting to keep her balance, thanks to the too tight clothes.

“Hey, Bunny… Bugs…” she said, giggling, “Come heeeewwwooOOOoooOO!” she yelled as one heel sank deep into the soft grass, she lost balance and she fell on her butt.

The rabbit stopped, and turned around and looked at her. That’s when she realized it was wearing a flowery dress and a silly looking hat. It looked at its watch and talked with a very manly voice (can a rabbit be ‘manly’?) .

“I don’t have time for this fucking shit.” he said, hopping a few more steps then jumped in the air, grabbed his ears with one paw, pinched his nose with the other and fell down, disappearing feet first inside a hole in the ground.

Karen laughed. That was so comedic, so… cartoony. She got back up, ran to where he had disappeared, seeing a hole about 30cm wide. Giggling, she jumped in the air, grabbed her long curly hair with one hand, pinched her nose with the other and feet first down the rabbit hole she went.

She was falling and falling and falling. Either the hole was very deep or she wasn’t falling very fast. Looking down, she saw nothing but darkness. Looking up: the same thing. She looked at her arm. Her leather jacket seems to be slowly vanishing, disappearing. At the same time, her arm appears to be covered by some sort of black goo. As the jacket and jeans were disappearing, this strange second skin seemed to grow bigger, thicker and tighter. A lot tighter.

Suddenly, she was in a brightly lit area and her fall stopped, rather smoothly. She looked around: she was laying on some sort of half-deflated rubber balloon. She struggled to reach the side of it, to roll off, her black skin easily sliding off this rubbery cushion.

She saw the rabbit hopping away, still looking at its watch, saying “No time for this shit”.

“Hey Bugs… I mean… Mister Rabbit!” yelled Karen, but the rabbit hopped away, disappearing in the nearby forest.

Wait. Forest? Wasn’t she underground? What the hell?

She finally reached the side of the large cushion in a concerto of creaking noises. She saw her long legs, encased into this black shiny stuff. She tried to pull it off… Oh, wait! Even her fingers were coating with this thing! And it seemed to be glued to her own skin. She searched for a zipper or a way to take it off but found none.

“That’s nuts!” she mumbled, “but I… like it.” she said, rubbing her hands along her black, shiny body, from her hips, over to her tight stomach, rubbing her arms, then back to her chest, to her squished breasts while moaning.

“Interesting but… What the hell is this place?” she said, getting up, losing her balance for an instant. She looked down. Yes, she was still in high heels, but not the same she had… up there?

She stumbled a few steps before finding a very well packed dirt trail. She walked slowly, looking around, trying to find a point of reference or… where she was going. She looked back to have a point of reference to go back where she began, but the rubbery cushion was gone, replaced by a trail going the other way, in a straight line, far, far away.

She looked in front of her: the train was curvy, with evidently hills.

“Well, this path looked easier.” she said turning back again, but the long straight train had disappeared, replaced by a wall. “What the… Well, The other way it is.” she said, walking on the hard pack dirt trail, her heels not sinking in.

She kind of liked it. Walking in high heels in the forest, one of her fantasies. And this strange silky, shiny skin, creaking with every move.

She was looking everywhere.

“Hello? Anybody? Bug… Mister Rabbit? Hello?” she asked.

“Arrrrrrrre you lost?” she heard a woman’s voice which sounded like a purring cat.

“Who is there? Who said that?” asked Karen, looking around.

“Ah, humans. They only think everything is on the ground.” said the catty voice.

Karen frowned and looked up. There, on a tree branch holding a swing, a large smile and two eyes.

“What are you?” asked Karen.

“WHAT am I? I’m a cat! Well, a cat lady, of course.” she said, as her whole body appeared, her skin shiny, almost oily looking, with the stripes of a yellow cat, more of a tiger actually. She had long flowing blond hair on her head which looked like a blend of a cat and human. She was perched on her stomach on a large branch, one leg dangling down while the other was bent backward at the knee. 

“Oh, I see.” said Karen, and does that cat woman have a name or should I simply call you kitty?”

The cat lady effortlessly climbed down from the branch and graciously, like any cat would do, climbed down one of the ropes of  the swing to sit on the softly balancing wooden seat.

“I am not a kitty!” she said with a stern expression, then quickly switching to a more warming expression, jumping off the swing, landing in full control not impaired by her high heel boots. She slightly bowed: “I’m Cat Lady Cheshira, at your service.” she said, ending with a full bow, “but you can call me Cheshira.”

“Well, hello Cheshira. I’m Karen.” she answered, doing a small bow herself feeling her tight rubber skin squeeze her flesh. “Can you… tell me where I am?”

“What?” said Cat Lady, “you don’t know where you are? You’re in The Kinkdom.” she said, showing everything around them with a broad gesture..

“Oh… ah…” said Karen, perplexed, “The thing is…I’ve never been to… erm… The Kinkdom before, can… can you tell me where I should go?”

“But of course, just follow the yellow brick road,” said Cheshira.

“The yellow brick road? There’s no yellow brick…. Uh… That one?” said Karen, pointing toward a path of yellow brick that she would swear wasn’t there before.

“Yes,” said the cat lady, “what else?”

“Oh! Good then. Want to join me?” asked Karen.

“But of course!” said Cat Lady.

They grabbed each other’s arm and they began to walk along the yellow brick path, making its way from the right to the left to the right again, in the middle of a field of yellow flowers. They were quick to start hopping and signing.

“Aaaaaasnnnd… weeeee’re off to see the Wizard…” they began to chant as a lion, a scarecrow and a tin man joined them, “…The wonderful Wizard of…OOOOOH, woah, stop it right here.” said Karen, stopping dead on her track, her heels screeching on the yellow bricks. “Are we on… Oz?”

“OZ? What kind of silly place is called Oz?”

“But… The yellow brick road, and this song to go see the Wizard of… Oz?”

“Never heard of it.” said Cheshira.

The lion, the scarecrow and the tin man looked at each other, shuddered and disappeared, popping off like soap bubbles.

“What the… But what about that yellow brick road? Where does it lead?”

“Nowhere. It just stops here.” said Cheshira, showing that they were back in the forest.

“But… But…” said Karen, turning around to see back from where they came from and there it was, as far as the eye could see, the winding yellow brick road path and the flower field. “But… we… just took a few steps.”

“That’s how long it is,” said Cheshira.“

“Oh man… My head is spinning here.” said Karen, putting a hand on her forehead. It was strange to feel this latex hand touching her head. Cold and warm at the same time. She liked the feeling of the touch.

“So, tell me Cheshira…euh…Cheshira? Cat Lady?” asked Karen, turning around, looking everywhere, but all there was were trees and more trees.

She heard some ruffling amidst the forest. She looked in the direction. Something small was approaching. Something hopping. Then it appeared. The bunny rabbit! The rabbit she followed to the hole on the ground. It stopped in the middle of the trail and looked at his watch.

“I don’t have time for this fucking shit.” he said from his gruffy voice.

“Oh, excuse me, mister Bunny Rabbit, perhaps you can help me.” said Karen, approaching the large rabbit and bending down, putting her hands on her knees.

“What? Why?” said the bunny, frantically looking at his watch. “I don’t have time for this shit!” he said again.

“Well… I seem to be kind of lost and I would like to find my way back.”

“You are lost? Aren’t you the one who followed me? I don’t have time…”

“Yes, I understand, you’re busy, but please, that would help me a lot.” she said, sorrow in her voice. “Please?”

“Don’t be sad! I will… oh shoot! I don’t have time for this shit!” he said, staring at his watch once again, “You have to smile more. Oh darn! I will be late now, no thanks to you. I don’t have time for this shit, but here you go.” he said, pointing his paw at her crotch and snapping his… fingers?”

“What the…” said Karen, looking down for a moment to see where he aimed at. When she looked back up, he was gone, hopping back in the forest as she could see the leaves move farther and farther away, and she could hear him swear at the time.

“Well, that didn’t help muchhhhhhh.” she said as her eyes grew. She looked down at her crotch but could see nothing. She did feel something, tho. Intruders. Huge and growing. Actually, two of them.

“OH MY…!!!” she began to say, then they began to vibrate. Gently at first, but getting stronger in intensity.

She collapsed on her knees, hands on her crotch, moaning louder and louder. The latex catsuit was also doing its work. It was as if it was getting thicker and a lot tighter, squeezing her skin from every pores, and the thicker, the tighter it became, the more intense was the pleasure she felt. The toys, or whatever grew inside her, was simply insane: it was humping, vibrating, knocking,  twisting. It was like a thousand fingers were playing with her pleasure sensors, triggering them in sequence or out of sequence.

She was on her back, her knees bent, squishing one breast with her left hand while her right hand was at her crotch, pushing on the toys. She wanted them bigger, deeper, more powerful.

Her mind literally caught fire as her body was run through with pleasure hormones, triggering an orgasm on every cell of her body. It was good! It was awesome, it was… almost perfect because the feeling of tightness, the feeling of the rubber was stopping at her neck. Her head was not in the same… room as the rest of her body.

Nonetheless, that orgasm was way stronger than anything she ever felt before, either with a partner, or with her own toys.

Her eyes were closed but they were rolling backward nonetheless as she yelled out some very chosen expressions of pleasure, before it slowly subsided.

She laid there, panting, feeling the compression of her suit. She brought a hand to her forehead, sliding on the sweat covering her face. She gently slid her latex coated fingers across her face, her nose, down to her mouth where she sucked on them for a moment before letting her hand drop by her side.

“Wow. That was quite a performance.”

Karen opened her eyes. She was there, hanging from a branch just over her.

“What? Who… Cheshira? You were there?”

“Oh, I’m here, I’m there, I’m where I want to be. But I couldn’t miss the yelling. Damn, you’re loud! I’m sure the whole Kinkgdom heard you.” said the Cat Lady with a purry voice, evidently having enjoyed the show, perched on a branch.

“I’m sorry,” said Karen, blushing, “I didn’t mean to… I mean… this was so good.”

“Yes, that’s what they all say.” said Cheshira, brushing off the incident with a gesture of the hand. “You should go see the Mad Hooder to fix that.”

“The Mad Hooter?”

“No, Mad Hooder, like… you know… a hood.” she said, gesturing something you pull down over a head.

“For what?”

“To fix your yelling problem.”

“I don’t have a yelling problem.” said Karen, actually yelled Karen, while getting up very rapidly, then putting a hand at her forehead. “Shit. I got up too fast, I’m dizzy.” she added, steadying herself by grabbing a nearby tree.

“Then we definitely should go see the Mad Hooder. He will take care of all of that.” said Cheshira, jumping off her branch and leading the way. “Come on.”

Karen followed. Somehow, her latex suit had kept its increased thickness and especially, its tightness. Every movement required a little bit of struggle, making her not forget she was wearing it, enjoying the feeling with every step. And her high heels, although she was quite used to wearing high heels, seemed to enhance everything. She even wished they could be higher.

She could also see Cheshira’s cat suit, also very tight fitting, like if it was her own skin, but even tighter than skin would be. Her waist was very thin, almost like if she was wearing some kind of corset, but nothing of the sort showed. Then again, cats are known to have small bellies. (except my cat, but that’s another story).

They walked for quite a long time and at some point, Karen was pretty sure they were turning in a circle.

“Isn’t it the fourth time we walk by this bush here?”

“No, we’re not. We’re simply following the path.” said Cheshira, continuing.

“Are we far from that Hooder?” asked Karen.

“That’s The Mad Hooder. We’re getting closer.” simply answered Cheshira.

And more walks they did. Karen was sweating under her suit. She could feel the sweat creating a lubricating layer between her skin and the extra-tight suit. It produced a gliding effect which was not unpleasant, especially around her breasts and lower belly.

“Yes, we are turning in circles!” firmly said Karen, stopping dead on her track, holding the branch of a bush, the same bush she said she had walked by multiple times. “See? The last time we walked here, I broke that branch. Can you stop fooling around? Does the Mad Hooder really exist?” she asked, pissed off, hands on her hips.

“Alright, alright. But you can’t say it wasn’t fun! It’s right there.” she said, turning right after the bush, on a barely visible trail leading to a full wall of dense vegetation, like a hedge, branches blocking the view. 

Cheshira easily slid through the branches, like any cat would, but Karen was not that agile. Yes, the branches were easily sliding over her shiny black skin but she was not. She got a few slaps in the face from the branches, almost having the feeling that the branches were grabbing her, groping her breasts, even slapping her butt along the way. She almost felt restrained. She had the impression some vine-like branches were wrapping themselves around her ankles, around her knees, grabbing her wrists, holding her back trying to tie her up and she… liked it.

“How thick is that thing? I feel I have been going through this for ten meters already. Or are you toying with me again, Cheshira?”

“Branches! Let her through.” said Cheshira from a firm voice. “She’s my guest.”

Suddenly, Karen was free, or rather more as if she had been puked out of the hedge. She got out, stumbling forward, her heels sinking in the soil. Behind her, the branches were shuffling back in place, the last one dragging on Karen’s shoulder, like not wanting to let it go.”

“Branches!” ordered firmly Cheshira and the branch quickly retracted. The hedge was as opaque as before. Just as Karen was about to make a step forward, one of the branch slapped her on her tightly encased latex butt.

She yelped and grabbed her butt, looking at the hedge, pissed off, then she looked ahead. There was a cabin about ready to fall apart. 

“That’s where the Hooder lives?”

“The Mad Hooder, yes.” said Cheshira.

“Why do you call it mad?” asked Karen.

A man came out of the cabin, wearing a high hat and dark glasses. He seemed lost in his thoughts. Either that or he was talking to a ghost… or himself.

“Now, where did you put it? I know where I put it, I just don’t remember. Well, you should remember, you’re the one who put it there in the first place. But I do remember. But where is it then? It’s where I left it. Where did you left…”

“Uh, never mind. I get it.” mumbled Karen.

“Oh Mad HoooOOOOooodeeeeEEEeerrrrrr.” said Cheshira, almost meowing.

“What? Who is there? Are you the one who took it?”

“Took what, Mad Hooder?” asked Cheshira.

“What I’m looking for.”

“What are you looking for?” asked Karen.

“The thing I need.” he said as if it was obvious. “Oh I know you! You’re the one who took it.”

“Err… No, I didn’t.” quickly said Karen.

“Then I don’t know you. But do you know who took it?”

“Hey, Mad Hatter, can I have your attention for a minute?” said Cheshira with a very sultry voice.

“Oh, oh… You. I know you. You’re Cat Lady. Did you take it?”

“No, Mad  Hatter. I did not take it, but my friend here needs a hood.”

“Oh, yes. Really? Well, of course, a hood will suit you well of course.” he said, looking at Karen, grabbing her head in his hand, and not very carefully made the shape of her head with his hand, like sizing it, putting them on each side, front and back, over her face, pinching her chin, squishing her nose, poking her eyes. “Yes… perfect… really good… oh nice… a little larger here… yes… YES! I have what you need. I’ll be right back!” he said, pretty much running back into his cabin.

He came back barely a minute later, holding what appeared to be a latex bag. He took it up and without Karen having time to react, he had slid it over he head, covering it completely save for the eyes and the mouth.

Karen was surprised at first. All of a sudden, her head was engulfed in latex, her ears were covered and the sound changed, becoming fainter. At the same time, she felt her head, her face getting squeezed by that latex garment, gently pushing her mouth shut.

“Oh, it is good. It is perfect.” said Mad Hooder, looking at the results, giving a gentle pull here, a pinching there, the fit had to be perfect.

“Oh yes. Fits her like a glove.” he said, giggling, then his expression changed to a stern one. “Like a glove… That’s a hood. It fits like a hood.” “Oh of course, it fits like a hood.” he said and answered to himself.

“No it’s not,” said Cheshira.

“It’s alright. It’s quite comfortable actually. I like it.” said Karen.

“Nonsense! This is perfect.” said Mad Hooder, tugging it a little to the right.

“No. She’s a yeller.”

Mad  Hooder took his hands off as if they were burned.

“Uh! Oh! Oh… A  yeller?”

“I’M NOT A YELLER.” said Karen, realizing that she was suddenly talking rather loudly, putting her hand on her mouth.

“Oh, yes. Yeller. This has to be taken care of.” said Mad Hooder, grabbing Karen’s head and stuffing his fingers down her mouth, almost to the back of it, triggering her gag reflex. By the time Karen reacted, he had let her go. “ I’ll be right back,” he said, heading to his cabin.

“That was weird… But what… why? I’m not a yeller… Okay, I might have yelled that one time, but I can be quieter, and no need to tell everybody about it.” said Karen.

The Mad Hatter walked back toward them, holding something in his hand.

“But we have to take care of it or you’ll disturb the Queen. Yes, of course, the Queen will not like it. That’s why I’m fixing it. Of course you are.”

“The Queen? What Quegmmmmffffnggm.” said Karen, but at the same time, The Mad Hooder had put something in front of her mouth. In fact, IN her mouth. It was large and going quite deep, silencing her completely. She quickly tried to take it off, but couldn’t find the seam or whatever was holding it in place. It was if it had been glued or fused with the hood. She tried to push it out with her tongue but it was too strongly held.

“Ommghfmh ghmffff.” she said, trying to pull the hood off but it wouldn’t come off. It was now glued to her catsuit. One and total suit. On seam, no zipper, no exit!! No way to take it off.

She tried to take the hood off, to put her fingers between the hood and her face through the eyeholes but she couldn’t. The hood had glued to her face! The whole suit was glued to her skin. For a moment she panicked, but at the same time, she was accepting it. It was a nice second skin, after all. Wait, what?

“You are right. She is a yeller.” said the Mad Hooder.

“Oh no. Oh no. No, no, no no.” said the rabbit hopping between them. “She’s coming. She’s here.  I don’t have time for this fucking shit!! Oh no. No!, No!, No!. I don’t have the time…” and he was gone, disappeared on the other side of the Mad Hooder cabin.

“She can’t be here. You’re too loud! You shouldn’t have yelled.” said The Mad Hooder to Karen. “Now, we’re gonna have to pay for it.” 

“Not me. Goodbye.” said Cheshira, jumping on a high branch and vanishing before their eyes, her large smile and her eyes floating in the air for a few seconds before disappearing too.

Something was ripping through the forest, knocking down trees, crushing the rocks. Karen could see the trees disappear, approaching the cabin, approaching her. One large tree shook hard before falling down in a deafening noise. Then it appeared. And behind them, all the trees seem to grow right back up, as if nothing happened.

The Mad Hooder quickly put a knee down. Karen was looking at him, puzzled. Out from the mayhem of fallen trees, appeared a single woman, rather short, standing tall on pointed heels and a red latex catsuit, her waist kept small with the help of a corset and some strange steel belt tightly fitting around the smallest portion of her waist and through her crotch.

She approached Karen, stomping, an army of guards in blue steel armored suits behind her, and walked directly to Karen.

“Who dares not to bend the knee in front of the Queen? She asked, dryly.

Karen looked around. Cheshira was nowhere to be seen and The Mad Hooder was kneeling, his head down.

“Ohmmgh fghmmfngi..” said, or rather tried to say Karen, quickly kneeling.

“Who are you? Who dares to stand up before me?” asked the Queen, getting very close. So close that Karen could see that there was NO gap between the chastity belt and the catsuit. That’s how tight it was.

Karen raised her head to answer and of course, only mumbled something intelligible.

“DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR QUEEN!!” she yelled. “MAD HOODER! Who is this woman?”

“I do not know, your Majesty, and he doesn’t know either.” he said.

“How did she come here then?”

“Cheshira brought her. She needed a proper fitting hood. I did a good job. Of course I did. No, I did it, not you. I had the better part of it. But it was I who…”

“Shut up, Mad Hooder.” said the Queen, then turned to Karen. “You will come with me and be part of my Kinkdom.”

Karen wasn’t sure she had heard right but it was the second time someone referred to The Kinkdom.

“However, this will not do.” she said, tapping her riding crop on Karen’s stomach. “The Mad Hooder! See to fix this and make sure she will never look down on me!” she ordered.

“Yes, yes, your Majesty. I think I have what I need just here. No you don’t, that’s too small. No, it will fit her perfectly. You better check your meas…” was conversing The Mad Hooder with himself while walking back to his cabin.

Karen just stood there, eyes frantically scanning the surroundings. What was this place? Who was this Queen? What will she do to her?

The Mad Hooder walked back holding a large piece of dark purple leather. He approached Karen and wrapped that piece of leather around her waist and fastened the front busk. Karen’s eyes widened.

“A corset?” she thought. “No. No way!”

She loved tight jeans but a corset was at another level. The Mad Hooder was drawing the lacing tighter and tighter. It was as tight as her tightest jeans now, and it was getting tighter. Breathing was becoming difficult. With a sharp move, she moved away from The Mad Hooder, making him drop the lacing.

“Wait, I’m not finished.” said The Mad Hooder. “Of course you are, that’s tight enough. No it’s not, it has to be fully closed.” was saying The Mad Hooder to himself.

“GUAAAAAARDS!!! FIX HER!!!” yelled the Queen.

A bunch of guards dressed in blue steel armors appeared from nowhere with a large wooden frame. In the blink of an eye, Karen was picked up, brought to the frame and tied to it, arms and legs spread out. The Mad Hooder resumed his corset tightening as if nothing happened. Karen was squirming to get free but couldn’t.

She couldn’t help but notice that the guards were… weird. She could see no face inside the helmet, only some shiny black blob. Also, the ‘skin’ she could see between the steel plating looked like rubber. Were those robots? Human? She wondered how it would felt to be encased in tight and rigid steel like they were. The thought made her hot for a moment until the corset took her attention away.

It was getting tighter and tighter. She was sure she was about to be cut in half. Cheshira reappeared from nowhere and went calmly to lean against one the wooden pole of the bondage frame, rubbing her back against it, purring, like a sexy… cat lady. 

Finally, he knotted the lacing. She thought it was over, but The Mad Hooder walked back to his cabin. Karen squirmed, tried to get loose, but the rope tying her wrists and ankles to that frame were too well knotted. The Mad Hooder walked back holding another rigid garment, large and again, dark purple in color. He raised it and put it around Karen’s neck.

“At least, he’s color matching.” thought Karen.

She couldn’t believe it. That thing was huge. It was grabbing her chin and pushing it upward while at the same time, kept her neck totally rigid. The Mad Hooder tightened the straps holding it shut to their maximum. Damn! That was restrictive. She couldn’t look down, nor up at all. Even turning her head was impossible. It was literally locked in place. She will never be able to look at the Queen now, her neck wouldn’t bend as well as her waist.

The guards came back, again from nowhere as they seemed to have disappeared while the corset was tightened. They took her off of the frame and as quickly as it had appeared, the frame vanished along with the guards. She didn’t see them vanishing. One instant they were there, she looked away and then they weren’t.

“Now, you come with me. From now on, you will serve me.” said the Queen.

This was too weird. She was not willing to follow this Queen or whatever she was. Karen turned on her heels and ran. There was no trail, no path, so she simply aimed in one direction and ran. That was not easy. Her heels were sinking in the ground and she couldn’t look where she was going.

“GUAAAAAARDS!! STOP HER!!” yelled the Queen.

As before a bunch of guards in shining red armor appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Karen.

“ARREST HER! And make sure she will not run off again.” ordered the Queen.

Karen’s arms were drawn in her back. Heavy steel shackles were locked around her wrists and brought together in her back. More heavy steel shackles were wrapped around her ankles and linked together.

She was stuck. She couldn’t run anymore.

Finally, a long leash was tied to the ring of her collar and one guard grabbed the other end, leading her to the Queen as the other guards, again, seemed to have disappeared.

She followed the queen, making small steps, feeling the heavy shackles with every step, struggling to keep her balance with her hands in her back. At least, the pathway was well compacted. Well, the Queen had to be able to walk on it with her ballet boots! Still, the heavy steel was taking its toll.

The walk was long. Well, it seemed long. A winding path, getting uphill and downhill. The only thing helping Karen was the feeling of the large toys in her crotch.They put a little pleasure at the beginning of their voyage but as the distance dragged on, they became more of an annoyance. Oh, they were silent, but they were still intruders.

The thing was… she liked it. She liked being tied up, gagged, tightly encased, waist crushed, feeling the weight of those shackles on her limbs, feeling the tight latex squeezing her muscles with every move. Everything was enjoyable and she thought, for an instant, she could live like that. Although she had a little fear of what was ahead of her. That Queen seemed to be a piece of work by itself.

The Mad Hooder was walking along, obviously just happy to be anywhere, although he was still arguing with himself about tree types or whether he had been at that particular place before. Cheshira was being… a cat. Running, jumping, crouching, hunting. Weird.

They finally reached an open area with a large stone platform on which was a pedestal and throne made of stone. Lit torches were on each side and the throne was flanked with two steel clad guards, but blue this time. The Queen walked to the throne and in a very overdone gesture, turned around and sat on it, her back straight, her head high. Karen, who was still at the bottom of that platform could do nothing but look up… directly at the Queen. That one frowned when she saw Karen looking at her. Well, what could she do? She was put there, directly in front of her, her head locked into position.

“Put her in the cage… for now.” ordered the Queen.

With the sounds of heavy machinery being hand cranked, a high cage was lowered from above, slightly behind the throne, and the door opened. Karen was forced in. She tried to protest but to no avail. The cage was allowing her to stand up. That was it. Standing up, and once the cage door was closed, she was pretty much squeezed inside it. That’s how small the cage was.

Then the sound of heavy machinery and gears was heard again and she was raised off the floor by a meter or so, hanging there, slowly balancing.

The Queen sat there, looking in front of her, at her Kinkdom, The Mad Hooder to her right and Cheshira curling at her feet and two red-clad guards on either side of her throne. From the corner of her eye, Karen saw the rabbit hopping behind the throne, still looking at his watch, still mumbling that he didn’t have time for this shit.

Everything seemed frozen, although she could see everybody move, nobody did anything. The Mad Hooder was simply rubbing his hands together, Cheshira was playing with her hair while dangling her boots, she could see that the Queen was breathing, only the guards appeared to be totally immobile, like figurines, mannequins. Robots.

After some time without anything happening the Queen spoke up.

“It has been a productive day. See you tomorrow. Good night.”

The Queen got up, followed by the guards. Cheshira simply vanished and The Mad Hatter walked away, obviously having started to argue with himself again.

Karen was left there, dangling. She tried to swing the cage to get some attention. She was not going to simply stand in that cage for the night. And what night? The sun was still at its zenith.

As soon as the Queen passed the wall of the throne room, it was dark and the moon was rising. Like… in a flash!

That was strange but, then again, that whole place was weird.

Karen closed her eyes and tried to find a position where she could sleep. Yeah, right, like she could. However, inside her, things were waking up. Quickly, the dildo and the butt plug were in full action, tormenting her. The feeling was quite different now, with her waist crushed. And that hood, that gag, that posture collar, all contributed to enhance whatever the toys were doing with her brain.

She was quickly panting, getting warmer. Again, the suit seemed to thicken as well as tighten. She pulled on her arms but feeling her wrists linked in the heavy steel shackles only seemed to enhance the pleasure. She liked being tied up. She liked being immobile. She liked being restrained. She… what? She liked being tied up?

It was like a revelation, a light illuminating her mind. The pleasure grew exponentially. She would have loved to reach her crotch, but couldn’t, and that restriction made her even hotter. She would have screamed but the gag forbade her to do so. The orgasm grew even more powerful. She wanted to turn her head, to shake it, but the severe collar prevented it. Another thing to make the orgasm even more powerful.

She exploded! The cage began to swing as her body was run through the pleasure waves, one after the other, the new one more powerful than the previous one.

The dangling, the balancing, threw her mind off. She was lost. She was falling. No, she was going up. No she was turning to the right, the left. It wasn’t sensory deprivation, this was sensory overload! A mishmash of sensory inputs, all at the same time, all contradicting each other. She opened her eyes, it was worse!

Eyes closed, she let the orgasm send her to another dimension. She never felt anything like that before, she never felt anything that good. She was seeing swirls of colors, she was hearing strange music in her ears but that music tasted good. Literally! Sweet, juicy, textured to perfection. Everything was awesome. 

She was floating in the air, or was it between two waters, or in space? She didn’t feel her body anymore. She was riding on pure joy, in pure pleasure, every little twitch of one of her muscles was triggering a pleasure wave.

She was happy. If this was her new life, she accepted it.

Slowly, all in softness, everything faded to black.

Then her head started to hurt.

“Karen? Karen? Oh for the sake of it, bring a cushion for her head! Karen, do you hear me?” said a voice

“Did somebody call an ambulance already?” added another voice.

Dizzy, she opened her eyes. Her family was hovering over her. She was laying down on the grass.

“Oh Karen, are you alright?” asked a voice she recognized. She smiled.

“Oh hi Cheshira…”

“Cheshira? Damn, she hit her head harder than I thought. It’s Lynda, silly. Anybody know what happened?” she asked, kneeling by her side, wearing her awful tiger striped leggings..

“Judging by the hole in the ground, her heel sank, she fell and she hit her head on the patio.” said a voice she recognized as The Mad Hooder… Derek. Derek’s voice?

Karen moaned. Her head was hurting.

“Ouch!” she said, touching the bump at the back of her head while trying to rise up, to sit.

The family was around her, looking at her.

“I’ll be fine.” she said with a soft voice. “Thank you.”

“See? It’s all your fault!” said Lynda to someone else.

“My fault? I wasn’t even there!”

“But it’s your lawn.” said one

“And SHE’S the one in high heels.” answer another.

A bunny hopped on the grass.

“Oh, look! A bunny rabbit!” said Karen, pointing at it, hoping the other would see it, that she was not dreaming.

“Uh yeah. It belongs to the neighbor. This thing eats my garden! SUSH! SUSH!!! Go home!” said a woman wearing red who sounded like The Queen.

“Yeah, right, your garden. As if I have nothing to do with it. I’m the one who seeded the damn thing!” said a man. “As if I have time for this shit.”

“But who is maintaining it? Not you.”

“You could share, you know?” said someone else.

“Share? That’s MY garden…”

Karen looked at the bunny rabbit and mumbled, too low for anyone to hear.

“I don’t have time for this fucking shit.”

The bunny stopped, looked at her.

“Me neither, but I have something for you.” he said, snapping his fingers then hopping away.

Karen went wide eyed. Something was alive in her crotch. And her skin was turning black… She wondered what the Queen had in store for her.

© monsterp63

4th of April 2023

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6 thoughts on “Karen in Kinkyland

        1. Why?
          You don’t realize how close I am to a shit storm here.

          Because writing a sequel requires ideas.
          I already wrote to saber that I don’t know where to go from there, which means I see no “idea” to continue that silly story (which NEEDS to remain silly and not make sense).
          And finally, I have no interest into developing that story further.

  1. Cool story, interesting and complete.

    If this is just a “brain fart” I hope you eat plenty of ‘brain beans’,
    of course only if the brain farting doesn’t cause you unwanted distress.

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