Karen – A.I.


She was sitting in the luxury chair of the small office, looking calm. Actually smiling. She was sure of herself.

The man in his 40’s entered and gently closed the door.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, miss Karen.” he said, taking his seat behind the clean desk, then unlocking his computer. “Before I start, I have to advise you that everything that is done and said here might be recorded. Now, I guess you know why you were asked to come here?”

“Yeah, I guess,” said Karen, as if she didn’t really care.

“We gave you a loan. Not a large amount, but a loan nonetheless, to… hum…” he said, looking at the file on the computer, “personal use.”, is that right?

“Yeah, something like that.” said Karen, slightly giggling.

“Okay, now, I believe you know how a loan works, right? We hand you the money, and then you pay us back with some interest. Right”

“Yeah, something like that,” said Karen, chewing her gum.

“Well, it’s been three months. We’ve yet to receive any sort of payment, miss Karen. All the automatic withdrawals you set-up with the loan come empty for the lack of funds in your account. I would like to know how you’re going to take care of that?”

“Oh, I can’t pay you back. See, I lost my job.”

“You lost your job? Wow, that’s awful. I… I don’t seem to have anything from the employment office.” he said browsing his computer. “You did file for unemployment benefits, right?”

Karen giggled.

“Well, actually, I never worked. I made that up.” she said, smiling wide, all proud of her lies.

“You made that up? You falsified the forms?”

“Yeah. That was pretty cool, right? You did fall for it, didn’t you.”

“No, miss Karen. That’s not cool. That’s illegal. Well, that pretty much settles it. If you can’t pay your loan back, I’m afraid we will have to take legal procedures.”

“Yeah, right. Go ahead. Send me to the collection agency. I have nothing. I rent my room all furnished. I own nothing. I live off well-fare, which means you can’t collect my rent money and I have two dollars in my pocket, so… sue me.” she said with a cocky attitude, leaning back on her chair.

“Oh, that’s unfortunate.” said the man.

“Yeah. Loosers.” she said, so pretty sure of herself.

“I… I see.” he said, still very calm in his voice and his reaction, which almost pissed off Karen. She was expecting to see him go ballistic, but he was just keeping his calm. “Now, you signed or initialized all the recovery agreements on your loan application, right?”

“Yeah. Those are stupid. I told you: you can’t do anything, I have NOTHING.” she said, with that cocky smile, leaning forward like to throw it in the man’s face. But he stayed of ice.

“Of course, Miss Karen. However, one of those clauses is that you can work for us to pay your loan back.” he said, turning the screen toward her. “This is your signature, right?”

“Looks like it, but… someone could have forged it.” she said it, smiling, figuring she’ll find a way out of it.

“Yes, but all was also recorded by that camera overhead.” he said, pointing to the dome right over his desk, where she could see the camera, not hidden at all, and you were made aware that everything was recorded, like you have been made aware of today, right?”

Karen was speechless.

“So… work. I don’t have any knowledge of that banking stuff. What will I do, empty your trash bins? She said, laughing.

“That could be part of the deal but I’m not the one to decide.” he calmly said. “GAIA does.”

“Gaya? Who’s Gaya? The branch director?”

“No, it’s our new Artificial Intelligence system. Global Artificial Intelligence Authority. G.A.I.A. GAIA. She, because it has been given a feminine voice, will get you set-up for an interview. Just follow me.” he said, getting up.”

“Yeah right. I’m going to get a job interview from a robot?”

“Oh, it’s more than a job interview. You’re already hired.” he said, smiling for the first time, but his smile was hiding something, like a victory.

Karen could have run out of the bank and disappeared on the streets. He would never find her. She knew every shortcut, every alley. She could hide for eons. Him? He wouldn’t risk putting dirt on his shiny expensive shoes. Also, she wanted to see GAIA, what a robot looked like.

He led her to the back of the bank, past the vault, and knocked on what looked like a very innocent thin wooden office door.

“You may enter.” was heard from a very feminine and cordial voice.

“Nice to see you, GAIA.” said the man.

“Hello Robert. What have we here?” asked the voice.

Karen was surprised. In the room was a very robot-looking… thing. A large block with wheels, on top of it what looked like a torso, without any arms, and a head that almost looked like one of those vintage 70’s tube televisions.

“Cool.” she said, looking at the robot with a mix of amazement and a total lack of fear.

“According to your agenda, this should be Miss Karen?” asked GAIA.

“Yeah, it’s me,” said Karen.

“Very well. Welcome, Miss Karen. Thank you very much, Derek, you may leave us.” said the robot.

“A pleasure, like always, GAIA.” said Robert, walking out and closing the door behind him.

“Please, Karen, take a seat.” said the robot, pointing to a very comfortable looking chair.

Karen complied. She was smiling. This was apparently funny. Well, being interviewed by a robot was very unusual and she was eager to see how good was that A.I. thing. She knew a few things and she was pretty sure she would get it into an endless loop somehow..

“So, there’s a bunch of people hiding behind these walls, looking at me with cameras and operating you?” asked Karen, taking a seat.

“Oh no, Miss Karen. I’m very well autonomous. Now, we’ll cut right to the chase. I  must advise you that everything happening here is recorded. Now, you have a loan that needs to be reimbursed. How do you expect to do that?”

“What?” asked Karen, laughing. “Reimburse you? Hey, I have no money. I can’t pay it back. Your loss.” she said, again with this cocky attitude, leaning back on the chair, getting comfortable..

“So, to make things clear,” said GAIA, “You had no intention of paying it back from the start. Is that what has to be understood?”

“YES!” said Karen, “Oh, the fuck. Why am I arguing with a robot.” she said, grabbing the armrests of the chair to get up and leave.

But there was a clacking sound and her wrists were held back by steel cuffs that had sprung from under the armrest.

“HEY! Let me go! You can’t hold me against my will.” she said, fighting the wrist cuffs.

“Yes we can. You signed the forms.” said GAIA from her still friendly voice, which made the whole situation even creepier.

“No fucking way.” said Kare. “HELP!!! HELP!!! I’M BEING HELD AGAINSSGHMmmffgghmnmn.” began to say Karen but more straps wrapped around her mouth and legs, pinning her down and silencing her.

“Don’t worry, the procedure is painless.” said GAIA,, always with her friendly voice.

With her head pinned down against the backrest of the chair, she heard a whirring sound and something sharp poke her at the back of the neck. A syringe!

She tried to fight it but she couldn’t move her head. The stinging lasted two or three seconds then she began to feel numb. Fully conscious, but numb.

“Very good. Just relax.” said GAIA. ”It will make the whole process more pleasurable.”

The restraints released. Karen’s bolted out the door but… no. She stayed in the chair, not moving. Her brain was fully functional, giving orders to her muscles, but nothing responded. Not even her eyelids! She screamed… but her mouth didn’t make a sound.

“Get up,” ordered GAIA, but with her friendly tone. That sounded so weird.

Karen complied. Wait, what? Her muscles responded to the command of that robot but not to hers? Against her will! What the hell??

A hole opened beneath the chair and that one disappeared down into the floor. A large vertical tube raised from the same hole in the floor. It looked like some science-fiction transport tube or something, she thought. The front part, which looked like shiny black plastic, slid open upward.

“Get in the mold.” ordered GAIA.

Karen turned around. There was some sort of mold, the size of a human being. She backed into it. She was barely fitting in. The interior felt smooth, a little rubbery. She squeezed herself inside the body shape mold, legs slightly apart, arms on her sides, but not touching her body. The mold required her to spread her fingers but also to stand on her toes and especially made her suck her stomach in. That thing was too small around the waist. Way too small.

Her brain was fighting NOT to get in, but her body didn’t respond. It was as if someone else was controlling it. Or was it something?

The opening slid down and all became dark

“Just relax.” said GAIA with her soft voice.

She felt something pushing against her mouth which opened without resistance.That thing pushed in, going to the back of her throat, and continued down.

“Swallow,” said GAIA.

Karen executed. She felt the tube or whatever that was, go down to her stomach. More tubes were going up her nostrils, up to her sinuses and down at the back of her throat.

Then something huge entered her mouth, forcing it open and once in it, it got bigger, and bigger. She tried to chew on it, to bite it, but her mouth wouldn’t execute HER orders.

At the same time, a similar push by some devices was happening at her crotch. Something was forced into her vagina, her urethra and her rectum. She had played with toys before but, damn, those were huge!!

Something was pressed against her eyes. She tried to blink, to close them but once more, her body would not respond.

When she felt all plugged, she felt something pressing against her body, like a second half of the mold. Then something wet was injected over her body. All over it. She felt the warm liquid spread all over her skin and it was actually a nice feeling. It felt silky, almost oily, but as more liquid was injected, she felt her body being squeezed, as if too much of that liquid was put in. It became tighter, and tighter. Something strong was squeezing her stomach. Her mind was panicking! Her waist was being squeezed so much, she thought she was about to be cut into two halves. She felt it was impossible to be squished like that. She was breathing in shorter gasps as the tightening at her waist continued. She thought she would faint when the tightening stopped but nothing else happened. No release. 

She waited. She had no idea of the time. She was warm and… cozy? Could she really fall asleep? It was probably drug induced, but she did fall asleep or she totally lost track with reality.

She gently squirmed, although nothing moved much. She was very compressed by the mold and that strange injected stuff. She was feeling the intruders inside her and it was almost… arousing. She contracted her crotch muscle, her hips muscles to get a feeling and she got it. It was like the toys she used, although much larger. She didn’t really dislike the feeling.

She squirmed, feeling her mouth gull, her cheeks stretched against the compression layer. Her head was totally immobile. She was in total darkness. In total silence. Yeah, she… liked it.

She was dreaming of a cozy place. She was on a beach, the same beach she went to with the money for the loan. That would have been probably the last time she would see the sea, feel the salted wind on her face, on her body, get a good tan under the hot sun, play in the water, get in contact with the world through the contact with the ocean.

She was there again. Laying on the sandy beach. But she wasn’t naked. She was wearing some kind of suit, perhaps one of those rubber suits she saw in magazines, those weird things called fetishes where people will dress up in rubber. She was feeling this rubber, very tight around her body, protecting her from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Yes, she liked it. It was comfortable. Enough to take a nap. Yes, taking a nap on the beach, feeling the sun, the wind, the water splashing your feet.

Yes, dreaming. Sleeping.

She was awakened by a tingling sensation on her muscles, starting at her fingers and toes. That tingling quickly spread all over her body. 

Yes, she felt it. She was starting to get control of her body. The drug was wearing off! Eyes opened or closed made no difference. It was pitch black. She had no way to tell how long she had been sleeping. Or unconscious?

She tried to move, to fight the mold, but she was too tightly encased. She squirmed. Well, tried to. She was simply kept immobile by this strong compression.

She heard a weird whooshing sound, like something being  unsealed, and the front part of the mold disappeared upward. Finally! She would get out of there. She would get out of that compressing mold. She squirmed, fighting to move, to pull herself out of that mold. Slowly, she extirpated herself out of it. She was feeling like a fly getting off sticky paper. She was free! She took one step and she collapsed on the ground. Well, actually, half on the ground and half on the clear door keeping her inside the tube.

“Shit!” she thought, unable to produce the simplest of sounds, realizing she didn’t have much feeling of her limbs and that her feet felt weird. The door slid open and she rolled out of that strange booth.

“What the fuck?” she asked herself, looking around.

First thing she realized was that she was sure the squishing feeling would be gone, that she would be able to take full breaths, that her waist will revert to normal, but nothing changed. The same compression feeling, the same waist crushing. Damn!

She looked around. Her vision was weird. It was like she wasn’t seeing what she should see, as if she was seeing through old TV sets. But she saw something different: she was not in the same room as the beginning of the procedure. She had been moved. This was another room, larger, the walls to walls to ceiling and to floor, all was covered with steel looking plates. 

It felt cold, industrial. Artificial.

She tried to move, to see her feet, what the hell made her slip or something. It was hard. She had to work to move her body, to bend her arm. That suit, or whatever she was coated with, was almost rigid. She looked at her arm: it appeared to be some sort of thick rubber mixed with steel plates!

Then she saw them.

“Oh my gosh!” she thought as she looked at her feet, ending in pointed boots with a long thin heel. “Ballet boots? What the hell is going on here?” she thought.

She struggled to get back up on her feet. It was difficult. The only reference she had was when she went riding those rapids and she had to wear those silly wetsuits. Hers was a little too small and it was squishing her. Moving a limb also requires some effort. She remembered that she pretty much liked it, more than the rapids themselves, but this was different. THIS was 100 times tighter.

She grabbed a hold of the opened door and pulled herself upward. Not easy. Her head was heavy and her vision wasn’t clear, almost as if she was looking at low resolution images of her surroundings. It was so disorienting. She tried to reach her eyes, to rub them, but her hands were stopped by some rigid helmet.

“What is going on here? What is all this?” she thought.

She managed to get up and to stand on her legs. She wasn’t very steady but she was getting better by the minute. She was panting hard. One step. Another one. Another one. Two consecutive steps. Three… she slipped and collapsed on the floor.

“That is very good, Karen. I can feel you’re happier.” she heard the voice. The robot appeared.

“GAIA! What the hell happened to me? What did you do to me?” she thought, being unable to speak.

There was no answer. She struggled to get back on her feet. One step, two, three. She was getting better in her heels, but her tight suit, the short breaths, that helmet, the multiple tubes and plugs, all that was overwhelming. All at the same time.

“I can feel you’re tense. Just relax, Karen. Everything will be explained to you.” said GAIA.

Karen spotted a chair and aimed for it, letting herself pretty much drop on it. Her torso was so stiff that she wasn’t sitting on it, but rather leaning, laying down on it, her back barely bent.

“You can’t talk, Karen, so I can’t hear you. I can’t read your thoughts. However, I can sense your moods. The electric signals your brain generates depending on pleasure or pain. Like or disgust. Stress and calm.” said GAIA. “I can feel you’re concerned, and that was anticipated. After all, you’re not the first to be introduced to the program. My experience tells me that explaining what happens usually renders the subject more docile, so here it is.” said the soft and friendly voice.

“More docile?” repeated Karen. “More DOCILE? The hell!” she thought, trying to sit straight but failing to do so.

“You have been put to work for the bank to repay your loan. You will work for the bank until your loan is fully reimbursed, including interests. You will follow the directives given to you, and you’ll get rewards.” said GAIA.

On that, she could feel her crotch starting to vibrate. She was also receiving electrical shocks. Not painful, just disturbing. Disturbingly arousing.

She Felt as if her nipples were pinched. She was feeling a general wave of kindness, of love, of pleasure. She felt so good.

“I can sense that you like that.” Said GAIA. “Of course, if you misbehave, you get punished.”

The vibrations at her crotch turned painful. The zapping intensified and was not fun anymore. She was feeling a general sense of being uncomfortable, of hurting from everywhere. As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared and she felt… normal.

“Now, here, Karen has no meaning. From now on, you will answer to K63. And now, K63, you will go to your station and remain there until called for. Your training will begin shortly.

Karen got back up and walked toward a door that just opened. In front of her eyes, on the top left corner of the lo-res screens, “DRONE K63” appeared.

GAIA took the lead. Karen followed, walking along a narrow corridor. On each side… things. Robots, androids or something like that, were all aligned. Some pods were emptied, A39, C04, F10. She seemed to have adapted to her extreme heels without even thinking about them. She was walking with ease. In fact, she liked the suit, the tightness, the heels, the helmet. Something inside her told her that she was made for them. Yes, she liked them. She loved her new life.

She saw the pod with K63 on it. It was lighted white, as available. She stepped on the small steps and backed to it. Something linked with the back of her neck and as she put her arms to her side, something grabbed her wrists, upper arms, as well as her waist, thighs and ankles, and firmly held them against the back padding of the pod.

She heard GAIA.

“That’s very good, Karen. Now, some details about your work here. You are paid $100 for every day you work…”

Karen quickly did the math: $5000 at 100/day, will take 50 days and she will be out of here! But GAIA was continuing.

“… it costs money for the drone setup, $99 of it goes to pay for your work environment, food, cleaning, and general maintenance of your pod and suit. $1 goes against your loan. You have outstanding payments with current interests. The remaining time will always be displayed for your own knowledge.”

Something appeared in the right corner of her visor: Days left: 7245.

“I sense despair, sorrow, K63. Perhaps this should boost your moral.” said GAIA.

Apart from her name and the time left, her screen went black and her crotch became alive. She tried to resist, to get free, to get out of there. There was no way she would stay like that for 18 years! No w… Ooooo. That was so good. Yes, she liked it. She… She will fight it. She will get free… but later. Right now… oh wow. OH WOW!!

Back upstairs, in the bank, another person was entering the office of the loan officer to get a small loan. Someone who will, without a doubt, default on her payments. Yet, the loan officer accepted and lent the money. That person walked out, confident they will have it their way. They have nothing to lose.

Then again, ending up being a sexual stimulus driven drone. Is it a loss or a gain?

© monsterp63

22 of March, 2023

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6 thoughts on “Karen – A.I.

  1. The new story is great! I like this latex suit with science fiction! You haven’t written this type of article for a long time!

  2. Can you provide clearer images? I downloaded them and zoomed in to see the details that would be very blurry!

    1. The images are rendered at 1600X1280, the regular standard I make / post these. (which can make a decent wallpaper)
      And those images in particular, with the type of lighting involved, required, at that resolution, between four and six hours of render. I have no intention to “lock” my PC for a day or two for higher resolution renders. These are accessories to the story after all.

      Unless someone makes me a gift to buy a new, more powerful computer, that will be it.

  3. Love the dark moments in the story. A bit like gromets maidbot storys. Hope we can see more evil parts 🙂

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