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Unless you are living in a cave, you pretty much heard last week (Third week of April 2023 for those who read this two years from now) attempt from SpaceX to launch their SuperHeavy booster and Starship spacecraft.

According to Elon Musk, as long as the rocket didn’t blew up on the launch pad, it was a success, no matter the outcome. We all know the self-destruct mechanism was triggered after Starship failed to separate from the booster.

That was where all the news channels were focused.

But you deserve to know the truth. This was really made on purpose.

It was made on purpose to draw the attention of the medias away from the REAL launch to Mars of the fully functional Starship and SuperHeavy Booster, happening from a secret location half way around the globe (sorry, flat-earthers).

Right now, as you read this, a crew is on its way to create the first settlement on Mars.

How do I know that? you may ask. Simple. I have some inside tips from someone I know and you probably know her too. She sent me those pictures that I’m sharing with you.

But please, keep it a secret. Those images must not leak out of this place. Sharing them might get that person in deep trouble.

I thought, you “Musk” know.

Commander, Pilot and Co-pilot at work, getting the trajectory right.

The pilot and co-pilot are wearing special protective helmets with a dark visor to protect their eyesight from the glare of the sun. The hard shell helmet is of course in case there is an incident with the spacecraft to protect them. They are fully locked into their seats.

Some of the crew going from one section to the other of the huge Starship spacecraft. Yes, shackles are mandatory. Everything and everyone must be carefully controlled.

Shackles are mandatory to make sure nobody is running. The artificial gravity isn’t completely understood and everybody must remain calm. The tied hands are to make sure no accidental “push of a button” is performed.

The rest of the passengers not needed for the day to day operation of Starship. They will only be needed once on Mars. In the meantime, they are properly maintained out of the way under the careful watch of a security personnel. Here are some of those passengers, comfortably installed in the cargo bay.

A variety of “holding devices” are provided to keep the passengers entertained during the travel. Some are stored in the large crates behind them. Those are the mission specialists: botanists, chemist, physicists, engineers, etc. They have to be protected at the highest level. The survival of the colony depends on them. Those crate would survive the destruction of Starship.

In case you’re wondering: their special suits is permanent and impossible to take off. Hearing, vision, speech, everything is controlled. They provide high efficiency life support systems.

Once the settlement is installed on Mars with the habitats fully functional, another contingent of volunteers will be sent. If you’re interested, just give me your name and I’ll pass them on to Karen – I mean the person of interest I know.

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13 thoughts on “You Musk Know

  1. Now is this set in the same universe as the Karen who got encased permanently in a space suit by two brats she was babysitting?

    1. Could be.
      It was not intended to be a follow-up / reboot of any previous story/universe.
      And I recycled the “setup” from K.A.R.L.

      In my mind, it was more a copy/paste of The Latex Side Of The Moon for those who remembers my DA days, but rebooting TLSOTM is not in the work funnel.

    1. I believe the answer is “when there is a new story ready, it will appear here”. There is no schedule for publishing.

        1. I have no malice! If you don’t like it, I won’t raise this question in the future! Because sometimes you tell me that there is a new story being created! I didn’t know you were so angry!

          1. I’m not angry.
            That question simply pisses me off. Badly. As much as “Is there gonna be a sequel?” or the worst of all “Please, write more”.

            There’s no paid membership. I get nothing out of this except for a few “likes”. Ever tried to pay your mortgage or buy groceries with “likes”?
            There’s no schedule.
            There’s no promises.
            There’s no minimum stories per month.
            This is a hobby. A pass time.

            I write a story when:
            1) I have a plot idea
            2) I am in the right mood to write
            3) I have time to write.

            There’s 400+ stories here.
            All written by myself. ALL OF THEM.
            I might just be out of ideas or not being “sparked” by the stories in the work.
            I may have something else happening in my life.

            I sometimes gives out a teasers, but of the many times I did this, for different reason, most of said story went down the drain.

            There will be a story when there will be a story.

            And this answer is not solely directed at you but to everyone else thinking about it.

  2. Thank you so much to share this secret with us!

    As someone interested in Exploration and Sci-Fi it is glad to hear that one Star Ship is already on its way to Mars.

    And of course they will need a good protection against the hazardous and extreme conditions at their destination.

    Keep the spirit !

    1. Thank you, Nicole.
      Too bad there’s no lake on Mars because I’ll bet you would be ready to go.
      Although, might be difficult to see, but there’s a ‘Nicole’ in those “photographs” – Cargo scene, second from the left (on the stand)

      1. Thank you for your kind reply.
        I just found out thet the inmates / crew has their name patch on their suits. Although it is suite common within space agencies I did not have a closer look on the suits…

        I am glad that you took your time to add names to your actors suits.

  3. Entschuldigung das ich auf deutsch schreibe da ich keine andre Sprache kann, aber dein Humor ist ne Wucht ( Perfekt ).


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