For the fans of the fully enclosed women in latex, there’s this artist who used to be on DA and is now on Tumblr (I just found out about it). If you don’t know him, I suggest you take a look.

He’s actually the guy who got me into posting my stories to DA some years ago, which increased my fan base, so I owe a lot to him.

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18 thoughts on “Rubbermatt

    1. Well, his art inspired some stories and my stories inspired some art. There was never a “collab” between the two of us, just artistry friendship.

    1. Where??

      The first time I got in touch with him was to ask him if I could use one of his art for the cover-art of one of my story. That’s when he told me that he knew my stories (made me blush) and I should post them to DA.
      After than, I began to look into 3D art software and well, as they say, the rest is history.

      I know he made a few (very few) Karen inspired art, but that he had a section for it? That news to me. If that’s so, I’m honored.

      1. There is a Karen section on his DA account! Inside is the image he drew for your story!

  1. I actually see him on Discord. He posts quite frequent on the discord server of LonelyZentai.

    1. Thanks.
      I don’t have a discord account and I’m not interested in getting one (the only social medias I’m active on are Instagram. I have a Twitter account but never go there. I have Crapbook but only for family (personal) matter.
      Anyhoo, apparently he had a Karen on Tumblr section and flushed it when I wrote to him. He didn’t write back or anything, so I assume he wants to “cut ties” or something. I’m leaving it there. His life, my life.
      He is still a very good artist.

  2. I’ve been a fan of Rubbermatt’s work for years, and have loved the vast majority of his work. I now (silently) follow his work mostly on Twitter.

    He’s had his issues with the changing terms and conditions of various sites. I believe he might have cleared a lot of his work off Tumblr when they revised their terms, and then only resurrected it (3.5 years later) when it looked like Twitter might die at the hands of Elon Musk. More recently, he’s removed all his work from DA in protest at their stance on AI. And there are several other sites where he seems to have just stopped using it.

    1. Thank you for the insight, Nick.

      Well, the best way to be fully in control of what you post and not be hostage of the censors is to have your own website. Mine is hosted on a private server. I own

      The downside is that it costs $$. But you get what you pay for: free hosting with the censors changing terms and conditions in regard to their latest interpretation of their personal beliefs, or you pay and you “write” your own terms and conditions. Mine are simple: post whatever the fuck you want as long as it’s legal and of good taste. Of course, I add a clause that it must be kink/fetish oriented. Then again… I’m the only one posting.

  3. Oh dang. Me too. He’s doing a new series known as Mistforms on discord and twitter (Seen him collabing with Phatomdotexe). From my personal interactions with him, he seemed…pissy when I suggest an idea of mistforms transforming males into females. (if you don’t know, males are normally the prey in the story and females are predators)

    Am open for showing some of his more recent works if you like.

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