The Berlin Wall in Montreal?


Something interesting and weird at the same time I just found out: we have a piece of the Berlin Wall in Montreal.

Since Germany is my biggest fan base (per capita!), I though I would share this little bit of trivia and world history.

The Berlin Wall fell down in 1989. I do remember and we were all in awe and happy for the people of Germany. Having a city / country cut in half, living different lives, families separated, must have been horrendous.

So, anyway, totally unrelated, in 1992, Montreal was celebrating its 350th anniversary. I know, for you, Europeans a city 350 years old is still in diapers, but for us, it is a milestone.

Germany thought it would be a good idea to send a piece of the Berlin wall to Montreal as a gift for their anniversary. They didn’t asked. They send it. So, out of the blue, Montreal was stuck with a 2.5 tons piece of the Berlin Wall, which has no link to Montreal and its 350th anniversary.

There wasn’t any other monument or area dedicated to Germany or Berlin, so what to do with it?

It took them two years to find a place. It is located at the Montreal World Trade Center.

You can see a short video here.

Or a map from Google Map (if you search for the Berlin Wall from Montreal, you’ll get the red pointer)

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2 thoughts on “The Berlin Wall in Montreal?

  1. Okay! I thought this fragment was very small and one person could easily pick it up, but I didn’t expect it to be so big!

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