Karen – Happy Birthday


Part I

(author’s note: I thought this was going to be a 10-15 pages story… turned out to be 45…)

“Hey boss, don’t forget I’m not here tomorrow.”

“No worries, Karen, and Happy Birthday. Use your 3-day weekend well.” he said, waving her goodbye.

Karen strutted her way out the door of the office, in dress pants and dress shirts, but nonetheless sporting her high heels shoes. 

The commute home was as usual, but in her mind, it was lighter, brighter. She knew what was ahead for her as she set it up herself: thirty-six of bondage and teasing and pleasure. Her own birthday gift. Yes, her actual birthday was Saturday but that would cut the weekend in half, so, Friday it was.

She hadn’t yet entered her house that, already, the blouse was being unbuttoned. She kicked her high heel pumps and rushed to her bedroom. Everything was laying there, ready, waiting to be used.

She grabbed her neck entry latex catsuit and headed for the bathroom. She lubed herself carefully and proceeded with the suit. She just loved how the latex slid over her lubed body, as the suit rose up her legs, centimeter by centimeter, wrapping her legs, squishing them, her toes popping inside their individual pouches of the attached toe socks. It involved more struggles than usual. After all, that was a new suit she received two weeks earlier, suit she had ordered especially for her birthday, meaning that it was the first time she was putting it on. And it was tight. Tighter than it should have been and also the thickest latex she could put on alone, although the manufacturer strongly suggested to her that help would be needed to take the suit off.

And so far, she just loved it.  With a lot of pulling and tugging, the suit rose, higher and higher, engulfing her thighs, her hips.

Her breath was shaking as the suit wrapped her waist and her chest, stopping just below the breasts. She could already feel how tight it was. Too tight perhaps? Nah. Nothing can be too tight, especially a latex catsuit. Then came the squirming struggle to put her arms inside the sleeves, feeling the rubber climb up her hand, her forearm, her upper arm, over her shoulder, pushing her fingers into the attached gloves to finally slide upward, wrapping her neck, squishing her breasts, pretty much, sealing herself shut.

Eyes closed, she squirmed, stretching her arms, twisting her hips, all to make the latex slide over her lubed skin and take its place. Its perfect place,  hugging tightly every skincell of her body.

Her breath was shaking as she ran her latex covered fingers down the suit, feeling its softness and also its tightness. She tried to pinch the rubber off her arm but couldn’t. It was simply too tight!


Walking back to the bedroom, she added high heel sandals. For the evening, that would be enough. She wasn’t about to go full blast on the first hour.

She reached for her crotch and opened the zipper, retrieving two large toys from a drawer. Both were also brand new, fully charged and larger than all the toys she had used before. The butt plug turned out to be a real struggle to put on, but once inside, the feeling was, well… large. She slowly inserted the overly large dildo up her crotch, moaning, biting her lips, pulling it in and out a few times.

“You’re going to hell for that.” she mumbled as she pushed it in, as if she was giving a warning to herself, “and the hell with it!” she mumbled back, answering her own comment.

She closed the zipper, sealing the toys in, and took her phone, punching an app. Pressing a few buttons, she twitched and yelped. Yes, it was working. She put the phone away and made a few steps toward her closet, rocking her butt, feeling the toys already teasing her. She reached for a large rubber garment she wrapped around her already tiny waist, fastening the front busks. She walked back to the door of her bedroom and, taking the lacing loops, she passed them over the doorknob, one loop on each side, then slowly walked away from it, tightening the corset. She was using her whole body weight to pull the corset closed.

Her breath was shaking as it became shallower with each pull. She just loved it. It was a slow process as she had to reach in her back to pick up the slack of the edges of the corset so that the pulling would tighten them. The tighter the corset became, the happier she was becoming. She loved tight… everything. Also, this corset tightening was pushing some organs down, toward her huge toys. A lot of pleasure ahead.

Finally, the two sides of the corset met. She grabbed the laces and double-knotted them. No need to lock the corset in, something else would ensure she would not take it off. She reached for the steel belt with a crotch strap from her closet and wrapped the belt around her now very tiny waist. The belt had been adjusted to fit over that particular corset and she had adjusted the crotch strap to be somewhat a little tighter than usual, pushing the huge toys in.

Her eyes were practically rolling backward as she pulled the tight crotch strap to link it to the front locking mechanism. She closed her eyes, hesitated for a moment, then pushed the locking block in. There. No way back, until her timed-lock safe box would release them, in thirty-six hours!

She looked at herself in the long mirror. She was a stunning sight to see, but something was missing: her head was uncovered.

From the drawer of her dresser, she fetched a rubber hood along with ear plugs. She put the plugs into her ears, rendering her half deaf, then she carefully slid the thick latex hood over her head, leaving only eyes, nostrils and mouth holes. She carefully placed the large yoke of the collar under the shoulders of her catsuit, making sure no wrinkles would break the shiny smooth look, then added a wide steel collar, which she locked in place. There was no going back from there, the key of the collar, well, of all the padlocks, were in the timed safe box. She was in her own little silent world.

She wrapped tight steel cuffs – she just loved steel restraints – around her wrists and over her elbows and locked them on. She did the same at her knees but not at her ankles, putting the steel cuffs but not locking them on. After all, she would need to take them off to change her footwear.

She added a simple ball gag, unlocked, then chained her ankles together with a short chain, and linked her wrist cuffs to the rings on the sides of her chastity belt.

It was time for some dinner.

She hobbled her way from the bedroom to the kitchen, feeling the tightness of the suit as she moved, the squishing over her thighs, over her crotch, the struggle to breathe, of course, ‘helped’ by the corset. She could feel the tightness of the suit each time she tried to stretch or bend an arm or a leg.

She struggled to retrieve the desired items from the refrigerator and the pantry, thanks to the short wrist chains, and she loved every minute of the struggle. She made herself a light chicken salad and put the plate down at the table. Only then did she unlinked her wrists from the chastity belt.

She sat, bent down to her left side to grab the carabiner waiting to link her ankle cuffs to the table’s leg. Same thing for her right ankle. She took the ratchet strap hanging around at the base of the seat and wrapped it tightly around her corseted waist, cranking it tighter and tighter. 

She reached over her neck and linked the chain of the high back of the chair to her collar, and took off her ball gag, then quickly re-attached her wrists to the chastity belt. The length of those chains have been well calculated and were not in their first uses, nor were the table restraints. They were just long enough for her to reach the plate and her mouth, with the very tip of her fork.

Of course, some bits fell off the fork before reaching her mouth. That was her… punishment.

Every time she tried to lean forward, the collar reminded her she couldn’t. Every time she was reaching the end of her wrist chains, her cuffs would remind her that she couldn’t go farther. Every bite she swallowed reminded her of her tight suit and hood squeezing her neck, but mostly, the unyielding tight steel collar wrapping it.

Fuck! She just loved it!

She was chewing a mouthful when her toys fired, making her spit half of it as she opened her mouth to produce a loud moan. She squirmed on her chair, feeling the crotch strap pushing on the dildos, the vibration transmitting to the chair, amplifying the sound. She pulled on her bounds. The more she pulled, the more restrained she felt, the more aroused she became. She was heading for one, for a big one when, of course, everything stopped.

She tried to jump on the chair but the strap holding her waist prevented her, and the small wiggle resulting from the struggle was not enough.

She took a few deep breaths and looked at her salad, resuming eating, but her mind was already elsewhere. Once her salad was eaten, she put the ball gag back in place. No relief.

Two more times, one when she was washing the dishes, the other when she was cleaning her mess, did the dildos fired again, only to tease her more. Oh, sure, all she had to do was reach for her phone and turn them fully on, but what would be the use of the teasing then? No. She knew from experience that the more teasing, the more powerful the orgasm will be. And she wanted it to be explosive! Planet killing explosive!

She strutted her way back to the bedroom to take her phone and brought it to the living room, tapping on the app. She put it down next to the center speaker of her home theater system. She took a seat. The straight chair had been prepared. Heck, she had spent the previous week setuping all the devices, all the scenes, everything.

She freed her wrists. Her legs were spread and the ankles linked to the base of the legs of the chair, her knees to the vertical post of the armrests and her collar linked to the high back, behind her. She tightened a leather belt hanging around her waist until she couldn’t go tighter. Electro-magnets had been placed on the armrests. She attached the steel plates to her wrist cuffs, then turned the TV on. The magnets were already magnetized. They will shut down when the attached timer will trigger, which was after the movie, some two hours later.

She selected the streaming service and started the movie, quickly letting go of the remote and placing her wrists over the electro-magnets. There was a soft clanking sound as the steel plates mated with the magnets.

There, she was set up. All she had to do was watch the movie.

Yeah, right.

There was a reason why she put her phone there, and there was a reason she punched keys on the app: to make it respond to sound. Different frequencies were activating different modes on the toys. So what better movie than an action movie! Slow start, mid-movie action and the grand finale! And about fifteen to twenty minutes of silence between the end of the movie and her release.

The movie began easy with the presentation of the characters, the situation. The music was soft. Then, the car accident and the loud and dramatic music accompanying it. That made her jolt, but she stayed put, thanks to the restraints, otherwise she would have probably fly off the chair.

The movie continued as more action scenes were played, each one teasing Karen. At one point she wondered if that movie hadn’t been made for someone in this situation because the action scenes were all stopping short of her orgasming.

Damn, she was hot! Really hot!

She was panting hard, her lungs on fire, fighting the corset. She desperately wanted to take a deep breath, each time being denied. She hated the corset for her limited breathing, and she loved it for the same reason. Yeah, weird.

Finally, the climax, the final battle. Loud noises, explosions, dramatic music, screams. She screamed, a scream that would have the neighbor call all the villagers to come with hay forks! Thanks to her gag, it was barely heard. But she felt it inside as the orgasm released itself, releasing over four hours of teasing and denial, four hours of orgasmic built up. She shook so badly that the heavy chair actually moved on the floor.

Her eyes flickered a few times as her brain was shutting down, overpowered by the orgasm. Her head felt heavy, held up by the collar, and her whole body relaxed. She was out, knocked down by her own orgasm.

The heavy weight of the steel plates being freed from the electromagnets woke her up. She squirmed, pulling on her ankle restraints, her knees, waist strap and her collar, which only aroused her. She moaned and gathered the energy to free herself up.

“Just… go to bed” she said to herself.

She dragged her high heeled feet to the bedroom, still carrying the weight of the steel plates on her wrists. She needed them for the night. Well, she was not about to sleep vanilla.

She took off her ankle cuffs and  her high heel shoe to replace them with ballet heeled booties, then applied the ankle cuffs again, tightening them to the last possible position. She pulled the bedsheets away to reveal two things: 1) her bed was covered in latex, 2) a steel post screwed to the platform of the bed just past the foot of the mattress. She easily slid over the lubed latex covered mattress to position her legs. She fixed her ankles to the post with a carabiner then she stretched herself until her ankles were well taut.

She linked her knees together with another carabiner then pulled the latex bedsheets over her latex coated body. She reached to the head of the bed and pulled out a short chain. She had to  pull herself up a little bit to be able to link that chain to her collar. There. She would feel a constant tug between her ankles and her neck.

She knew she could cope with it, it wasn’t the first time. She was sleeping like that most of the time. What was different was the electro-magnets added to the corners of the bed. She stretched her right arm high and wide and aligned the steel plate with the magnet.


There. No turning back now. She stretched to snap her left arm to the magnet.

Oops… She could barely reach it. Maybe she should have checked beforehand. She was sure her ankle link length was right. She wiggled her butt a little, trying to find some loose link and she tried again. Once. Twice. Three times. She was getting desperate. She wanted to be fully tied up, not half-tied. The fourth time was the right one as she heard and especially felt, the magnet grabbing the steel plate.

She moaned as she pulled on her bounds, feeling the tug on her ankles and wrists or at her neck. She tried to move her knees but couldn’t do much.

The worst part? She was a side sleeper. With this setup, she would only sleep on her back. All night. All… wait. She didn’t set the timer! Fuck! She wanted her setup to last six hours at most, just in case. The last time she used that time for another setup, it was set up to turn off at 08:00, which means that it SHOULD still be there. Now, what time was it? She struggled to turn her head and had to lift it to see over her arm at her bedside clock: 23:06. That would be… NINE HOURS!

Shit! Or was it good?

She stretched, pulled on her bounds. No way. There was absolutely no way out. She hadn’t put in any chicken button for this setup because she knew that she could cope with six hours of that strict bondage. SIX. Not nine! And to top it off, she was supposed to take off her ball gag, but… she forgot? How could she forget to take off a large rubber ball forcing her mouth open? Oh well.

That made her even hornier, especially thinking that her toys would play a wake-up call at 06:00, and said wake-up call would last 20 minutes, unless she turns it off before that.

She closed her eyes and tried to relax, planning her next setup and especially the safety procedures. That was unplanned. It was stressful and triggered some anxiety attacks but what could she do?

“Oh well, suffer, bitch. You acted carelessly? Live the consequences.” she mumbled to herself.

She pulled on her wrists, moved her hips up and down, feeling the toys, the chastity belt biting into her crotch. Teasing. Only teasing. Just teasing.

She found sleep, somewhat. Her body wanted to turn to the side and tried. Many, many times, only to be forbidden by the extended wrists. Maybe she went too tight. After some time, her arms were beginning to feel numb and her ankles cuffs created a pressure point. She squirmed even more trying to fix the issues.

“Oh I’ve been asleep for a while now, probably just a few hours before release.” she said to herself as she tried to look at the clock.


She screamed out of frustration. That would be a very long night indeed. The problem with self-bondage is one always has the control, one has to have an emergency exit, so every time something is “wrong”, the emergency exit is used. She wished she would be bound and controlled by someone else, that she would not have the opportunity to get out at the slightest inconvenience. Well, there she was, and she was her own mistress, keeping her in full excruciating bondage as a punishment for being careless.

Her mind shifted. She imagined a mistress standing by her side, smiling, almost laughing at her predicament, enjoying the struggle and the pain of her slave, voluntarily keeping her tightly restrained.

Somehow, her mind floated away, half sleeping, half dreaming, half aware of her predicament, sending her to a fantasy world where she is a permanently latex encased slave, serving her mistress, struggling to get by with the constant restraints. Never free. Always tied up in some fashion. Escape was a no-thought. The punishments were harsh, and the rewards were awesome!

And rewards it was. All tied up, she was feeling her toys coming alive. Slowly, softly. A soft hum at first, growing in intensity, from the butt plug. Then some hard felt bursts from the vaginal plug. She opened her eyes and instead of looking at her mistress, she saw the ceiling, the ceiling of her own bedroom.

06:01. The wake-up call had begun.

She squeezed her thighs together to increase the toy’s actions. She pulled on her wrists to increase the bondage feeling. She chewed on her ball gag, she pulled on her neck restraint. Oh, damn! That was so good! Yes. Stronger. Higher! She was thinking, hoping the toys would understand, but the wake-up call was made to be very, very, very annoying. Starting very slow and increasing very slowly. Too slowly. Only the last five minutes would be at full blast. Fifteen minutes of teasing for five minutes of real power.

She squirmed. That teasing was doing its job: messing with her brain, with her crotch, with her whole body as the more she squirmed, the more she felt the restraints, the more aroused she became, but was totally denied the orgasm, util, yes, that fifteen minutes that felt like an eternity, was over and the dildos fired at full blast. Jumping, humping, vibrating, kicking, twisting. She screamed. She pulled on her restraints. She pulled so hard that she was choking herself which made her even hotter as the explosion ran through her body.

It was mind wrecking. Her body would have launched if it weren’t for the restraints, and she felt every pull on every cuff. That was so fucking good! Awesome. Out of this world! 

But the toys had no winding down program. After that five minutes which was over in the blink of a thought, all stopped, in the middle of the damn orgasm!

Karen screamed.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” as the orgasm subsided without completing.

She stood there, panting, still pulling on her restraints to try to get some feeling back but it was empty now. The orgasm was gone. The teasing was gone. The pleasure was gone. Although that frustration, and the fact of being tied up for another two hours was bringing her some pleasure.

It was all out of her control. She loved it! She almost wishes there would be more… mishaps. And she tried to quickly wipe that thought off her brain because of the saying: be careful what you wish for. You may get it. And getting stuck was NOT a good outcome.

She kept looking at the clock, as if it would make the time go faster. It didn’t. Her muscles were screaming to change position. Her legs wanted to open, her knees to flex, but all she could do was make them believe they could move within the little play area she had.

She closed her eyes and waited. She tried to think of her next stunt, because, yes, she had more planned. It was her birthday and she intended to celebrate it, kinky style. Well, okay, tomorrow, Saturday was her actual birthday. This was an early gift.

It surprised her when her wrists became free and the weight of the steel plates dragged them down. She HAD to get out. Quickly, she unlinked her collar, her knees, her wrists and removed the steel plates from her wrist cuffs.

She stood up and fell back down. Of course, the ballet heels. She had forgotten about them. She got up again, balancing her body for the extreme heels. This time, she stood up and walked her way to the bathroom for a much needed break. Yes, there was a key there, only for the crotch strap, but the key stayed with the belt for as long as the crotch band was unlocked. She couldn’t keep the crotch band out.

Of course, she put the toys back. No way she was going to spend any amount of time without them in. She made herself a light breakfast. No need to tie herself up for that, she would be tied up enough during the day. She walked to her bedroom, in the closet to pick another gag: a panel gag which was holding a very long penis shaped silicone gag. She fastened it tightly around her neck, pulling the head strap tight. She tried to push it out but it was secured. Perfect.

And she went right back to it. She walked to her office and pulled a large bookcase away from the door. This one had concealed wheels so it was relatively easy to move, revealing the wall behind it, but mostly revealing a row of seven circular steel flanges screwed to the wall at different heights. From one of the shelves of the bookcase, she retrieved a heavy box she put on her desk. She opened it and produced steel pipes of different lengths. There were small tags on them: neck, ankles, hips, knees, she proceeded to thread those pipes inside the steel flanges. A hook was located at the other end of three of those pipes. Three had leather belts and one had a T-shaped arm with nothing on the ends.

She walked back to the bedroom and removed the electro-magnets from their holders, along with the power supply and the timer, and brought them to the office where she installed them to each end of the T arm. Then she took place, backing her ankles against the wrist hook. Then stopped. The timer, of course.

How much time must she put in? One hour? Oh, hell in ballet boots? Way enough. Of course, she punched in 15 minutes more for the lost time of the setup. She picked her phone and punched on the app, hesitated for a moment then decidedly pressed the last button, putting the phone aside.

Then she proceeded with linking her ankles to the pipe, then her knees. She tightened a leather belt around her hips. That was effectively locking her legs in. She couldn’t lift her leg much. Another belt tightened around her waist, and a last one around her chest, at the level of her armpits. She fixed her collar to the last hook.

She tried to get free, to get any of her straps off the hooks. She couldn’t. That was satisfying. Now, her wrists. The steel plates were hanging on each magnet. She took them, fixed them to her wrist cuffs and thought for a moment. There would be no turning back for an hour. She clicked the first one in place. No turning back. She clicked the other one.

And that’s when her dildos, she had put on a random setting, decided to fire. There couldn’t have been a better moment.

She yelped, muffled by the large and deep gag. Immediately, she pulled on her bounds, on her restraints. She could barely move. Her feet were locked, her hips were locked, her body, her neck. She couldn’t move. That device was the result of many trials and errors, of a slow evolution, of near perfection. The more she struggled, the more she moaned, enjoying the feeling of the restraints, the immobility as well as the toys having fun inside her. The random setting was merely a mild constant humming, enough to tease her without bringing her to orgasm. That would have been too soon anyway.

Her mind wandered in her fantasy world. Total immobility. Complete bondage. She dreamed. She dreamed of being wrapped in stretch wrap, arms and legs separated. Then mummified with her arms elbow tied in her back. Heavy plastic straps, like the ones used to secure boxes together, chinching her body every few inches, from her ankles to her shoulders. Then put into a neoprene body bag, tightly encased, closed with tight leather straps and locked. Of course that wasn’t enough. She saw herself being put inside a narrow vertical cage, so narrow that she would be squeezed in, the door squishing her as it was closed. That wouldn’t be enough. She would have to be chained or strapped to that cage, just in case the door became loose. That cage was, of course, locked and then suspended in mid-air, inside the locked cell of a locked dungeon. Not even the slightest thought of escaping could survive. There, she would be left to ‘suffer’ the wrecking toys inside her, her life would be controlled..

Overkilled? Yes. Absolutely.

Awesome? Definitely: YES. (well, okay, that’s MY fantasy, so yes, I’m biased)

The sudden stop of the toys brought her back to reality just as, in her mind, the door of the dungeon was closed and locked on her.

How much time has elapsed? How much was left? She had no clue and the timer was out of reach from her eyes.

She tried to shift her weight from one foot to the other. Not easy. The restraints were doing their jobs: preventing her from moving. She moaned as she tried pulling on her wrists, fought the chest strap and battled the leg restraints. All the feelings she loved, and the more… wait. What’s that sound?

For a moment, her heart pounded loudly in her chest. She wasn’t sure if she heard something. Or someone. Thanks to the earplugs in her ears plus the thickness of the rubber hood.


Her eyes widened. What the fuck? Who was there? Her door was locked. She was sure. How?

“I told you getting her spare key was the trick.” she heard a feminine voice say.

“Well, she doesn’t seem to be here, she doesn’t answer” she heard a male’s voice say.

And the voices were getting closer.

“Nah, she’s here. I’m sure, she’s probably just… oh, hi there, Karen.” said the woman’s voice, now very close by.

Karen stood still, like this was making her invisible and stared at the strangers… Sandra? And Derek? What the hell?

She wiggled in her bondage frame.

“Wow, nice setup, really. Go on, try to get out.” said Sandra, smiling, evidently enjoying the view, Derek by her side, puzzled.

Karen struggled, trying to get free as much as she could, but her rig resisted. It was sturdy enough.

“Impressive. You did all that yourself?” asked Sandra, smiling, admiring the straps, the cuffs, and taking a closer look at the magnets. “You think you can build something like that, Derek?”

“Yeah, probably. It’s just an electro-magnet. Nothing complicated.” he said with his most manly attitude.

“Okay, so now we know she’s here. Go get the crate, I’ll try to get her out of this… Where is the timer? Ah, there it is… Oooo. 38 minutes left. Should we leave you there or should we free you earlier?”

“I need a hand here!” she heard from a distance.

“Coming!” answered Sandra. “Well, you will stay here a little longer.” she said with a devilish grin.

Karen had been so stunned that she barely looked at them and when she did, she stared into their eyes, barely noticing the turtleneck dress she was wearing, way too warm for the season, but now, as Sandra walked away, Karen looked down and… wait, what? Sandra?  In shiny leggings? And wait… high heels? Nah, she didn’t see right, Sandra considered 2cm heels, high. And those leggings… were they latex? And her hands… Is she wearing a catsuit?

She closed her, like to reboot them, to make sure she had seen right, but Sandra was out of the room when she re-opened them. She closed them again.

‘All of this is a dream, Karen. Wake up’.

With her eyes closed, she didn’t hear Sandra coming back, but between two breaths, she opened them and saw her, staring at her, smiling.

“Want something more?” said Sandra, slowly approaching, her latex gloved hands high, ready to grasp Karen’s breasts.

Karen closed her eyes. Whatever happens, happens. After all, it was out of her control. One of her fantasies. She would take it. She felt Sandra’s hands on her breasts, slowly massaging them, squeezing them. She also felt her hot breath close to her face, the heat passing through the latex. She could feel the heat but not the blow of her breath. Weird and arousing at the same time.

She could also feel Sandra’s leg brushing against hers. That was good. That was too good. Sandra’s hands moved from her breasts to her neck, gently squeezing it, almost strangling her. One hand at her throat, one hand at her breast, one leg brushing against hers, the dildos vibrating. Damn! She was so hot.

She was squirming, reaching the short limit of her restraints, feeling every tug, every pull. That was so awesome, so wonderful, so power…fuck! The dildos fell silent. After a moment of surprise, Sandra stopped and laughed.

“That was devilish. Are your toys detecting your mood?” she asked, then spotting the phone, she picked it up. “Ah, I see. Random setting. Well, let’s fix that.”

The dildos fired again, and from Karen’s experience, they were at full power. Karen screamed but a faint muffled yelp came out, making Sandra giggle.

“Now, where were we? Ah yes.” said Sandra, taking her position, Derek, totally stunned and evidently aroused himself, at the situation.

“An… Anything I can… euh… do to… euh… help?… or participate?” he stuttered.

“Squeeze my butt.” said Sandra.

Derek approached and hesitantly, grabbed Sandra’s latex butt and squeezed it, pressing her against the tied up Karen. Both girls moaned, Sandra having positioned herself directly in front of Karen so that her crotch would touch the chastity belt, feeling the vibration. Faintly but enough to react.

The awkwardness of the situation was way over Karen’s head. She didn’t ask for it and she was not in control. Why fight it? Better embrace it.

And that’s what she did, fully indulging into the building orgasm, exploding, her body shaking from her toenails to her hair, Sandra having fun blocking her nostril holes, the only air intake she had, which sent her to an even deeper orgasm. She was feeling it from inside her guts. She was exploding like a thousand suns. She didn’t even realize that Sandra had backed off, looking at her from a distance.

Karen fought her bounds, her restraints, the corset, everything, and the more she fought, the more powerful was the orgasm. The dildos have stopped but she was still jolting at every little hip jerking she managed to do amidst the tight strap securing them in place. Slowly, the orgasm died down. She opened her eyes. Derek and Sandra were still there, leaning one against the other, looking at her, smiling, giggling.

“That was one heck of a show.” said Sandra, “we’re gonna have a lot to do to top that.”

We? Top that? What the heck were they talking about? She would find out soon enough.

Part II

Something had been brought into the room. A chest. That was probably the thing Derek needed help with a little earlier. He was leaning on the trolley he used to roll it in, his sleeves pulled up, his hands shiny and black. What? Latex too? Derek AND Sandra?

She looked back at the chest. Something was odd, like a vent on the side. Why would one need a vent on the side of a luggage chest? He opened the cover and she understood. A hose and a gasmask were linked to the vent. She knew what was waiting for her. But Sandra? And Derek? Those were the last two people she would have thought of being kinky.

“I’m sure you figured out what’s going on by now, Karen, and I’m sure you’ll know how to behave. Nonetheless, I’m not taking any chances.” said Sandra as she unlinked the gasmask from the chest and put it over Karen’s head, the black eyeports blinding her.

She could feel they were fondling at her ankles, obviously unlinking them, same for the knees. She felt the hip belt was loosen, then the waist belt, the chest belt, and her collar being released from the pipes. The magnets were de-energized and she was brought forward. She was prepared to make a long step but her ankle cuffs had been tied together. Even if she managed to get her wrist free from their grasps, and take off the gasmask, all of that without falling from her ballet heels, she wouldn’t be able to run very fast.

They turned around and fastened her wrists in her back then they gently pulled her elbows together, more and more.

Karen never lived an elbow tie and she wondered if she could sustain it, but she felt her shoulders being drawn tighter behind her elbow cuffs clank together? Wow.

“Geesh! I wasn’t prepared for that. Did that before?” asked Sandra, to which Karen nodded an obvious no. “Fantastic. That opens… possibilities” she said with a creepy voice, close to Karen’s ear.

Karen had a shiver. Of pleasure, of anticipation. Not of fear.

She was led forward, to the chest. There Derek grabbed her by the waist and lifted her off the ground. She felt a sharp sting under her thighs.

“Higher, higher!” said Sandra, hitting them with some sort of hard stick.

Karen complied and she was lowered in the box. A tug on her mask indicated that the hose was being connected. She was made to kneel and felt a strap being wrapped around her ankles, then below her knees. Then her back was pushed down over her legs and another strap was tightened around her shoulders, squishing them into a tight ball.

She felt something fall over her shoulders, like rain drops but it was lighter. And she felt there was more and more accumulating. That felt strange and arousing at the same time.

Fifteen minutes later, Derek was closing the chest. All that was visible was a layer of packing foam peanuts, slightly higher than the cover. When he closed it he had to push hard, even sit on the cover to snap it shut.

“She must feel a nice little squeeze in there.” said Sandra knocking on the chest. “We’re going now. Don’t be afraid if the ride isn’t smooth.” she said, laughing.

They grabbed the chest with the trolley and got it out of the house, put it into the back of a SUV then they drove off.

Sandra put some music in the car while browsing Karen’s phone.

“Oh, oh! Perfect. That app has a position sensor! Great. She will fully experience the wonderful work of our road maintenance crew.**” she said as she put the phone on the dashboard.

The road was bumpy and with each bump, the Dildos fired with a different pattern, different intensity. She couldn’t get in sync with anything. It was wreaking havoc in her mind, in her belly, She was getting quite aroused but she would never relieve herself with all those bumps, jolts and vibration patterns changing all the time.

(** If you want to know what bad road maintenance is, come drive in Quebec.)

She had no clue where they were heading but it seemed like a long ride. From her reference point of view. She had nothing else to think but her breathing she could hear whistling in the gasmask and the vibration patterns of her toys. And of course, her body, screaming to be released, but it was all this, the unexpected situation, the out of her control, the uncomfortability she couldn’t do anything about, all of that was missing from her self-bondage sessions. Now she was living it and it was overwhelmingly good!

Eyes opened or closed, she was in her own world now. Her own little constricted, unyielding world. But how pleasurable.

She suddenly felt the pressure release on her body. The foam peanuts were being moved around. She felt fingers, hands touch her latex encased body. She moaned. She tried to move but she was still too tied up. More peanuts were removed. Her shoulder strap was released and she was able to kneel straight. What a relief! She took a deep breath. (she was nonetheless corseted, don’t forget it). Her legs felt numb. Hands reached to release them. The hose of the gasmask was disconnected and she was picked by one pair of hands, no, two strong pairs of hands and brought out of the chest. She was put on the floor, something linked to her elbow cuffs and wrist cuffs, through her crotch and probably linked to her chastity belt. Finally, she felt a tug on her collar going up. Her legs were shaking and when the hands holding her let her go, she couldn’t hold herself straight and she collapsed, only to move a few cm before being held by a series of chains.

In front of her Sandra was watching, smiling. A few chains were linking from the ceiling to Karen. One to her neck. One to her elbow cuffs, and one on each side of her chastity belt. Finally, a last chain was linking her wrist cuffs to the front of her chastity belt. All her weight was supported. They raised the chain so that her legs would not bend but would barely touch the floor. Just enough to carry some of the weight.

Karen’s breath was shaking. What the heck was that? That was awewome! But more: WHO was there. WHERE was she.

The tapes covering the gasmask eyeports were removed. Karen’s eyes took some time to adjust to the dim reddish light of the room. That room. Yes, she recognized it as she came here once a few years back. In front of her was Sandra, in red latex leggings, thigh high boots a corset and elbow gloves,  Derek, in full black latex catsuit, then a man in latex and a woman she didn’t recog….. Oh fuck!

“Lady Lynda?” said Karen through her gag, but it only came out as garbled nonsense.

“Ah, you recognise me.” she said from her cold, commanding voice. “Apparently it’s your birthday, well, we have thrown you a very nice,…” she said, then approaching, taking a much lower and creepy tone, “… very nice birthday party.”  she said with a voice so cold and so creepy that even a volcano would have frozen.

Karen was stunned. Lady Lynda was walking in circles around her, her high heels clicking hard on the hardwood floor of her dungeon. She felt a hand touch her butt.

“Nice firm ass you got there, Karen,” said Lady Lynda while hitting her with a riding crop, which made Karen twitch and try to move away but that’s when she felt how good her restraints and her position were: she couldn’t go anywhere.

Lady Lynda gave another hard tap of her riding crop on the other asscheek, making Karen yelp.

“Oh, you’re vocal, I see. How about this?” said Lady Lynda, giving a quick sharp blow of the riding crop on her left breasts where the erected nipple could be made out through the thick latex coating squishing her breasts.

Karen kelped again, it was hurting but in a good way. Weird. She never felt anything like that before. Lady Lynda continued to turn around. Two, three times, giving a slap of the riding crop on her inner thigh, her shoulder, even the side of her face.

“Well, it’s been a long journey. Would you care for some tea and biscuits?” asked Lady Lynda with a totally different voice, cordial, warm, friendly.

“Sounds great!” said Sandra.

Lady Lynda turned to the other man, all dressed in tight rubber, a huge lump at his crotch evidently hiding a cage.

“Tea.” she said, her voice again turning cold and dry.

The man, which Karen now identified as being a slave, turned around on his heels he had evidently trouble with, and walked away.

They went on chatting about the weather and other stuff. Karen phased out. She had trouble hearing what they were saying anyways, thanks to her earplugs and her thick hood. The slave came back some time later holding a tray with a teapot and all the trimmings. He was struggling in his high heels, which to Karen’s point of view, were not that high, perhaps six to eight cm. At one point, his ankle tipped to the side, making the cup rattle and some of the tea spilled out of the teapot.

“What a worthless piece of trash.” said Lady Lynda with her cold voice. “Yes, you will have much more training to get.”

“How long has he been walking in heels?” asked Sandra while the slave was pouring the tea in the cups.

“Two days. It’s a new slave I have to train. It’s not going that well.” she said with her friendly voice, then switching to her cold voice “go wait in the corner.”

The slave complied and took his place in the corner, facing the wall, head down, in complete submission.

Karen was still struggling in her position. Standing upright on ballet boots with her ankles tied together was not easy. She had to put more weight on her holding chains but doing so also increased the pull back on her arms from the elbow cuffs, which pulled on the chain going through her crotch, which pushed against the chastity belt and, well, you get the picture. Her toys were silent. That was until Sandra remembered.

She picked up her phone as if she was simply looking at messages or something. And then Karen jumped. The buttplug coming alive was not expected. Lady Lynda giggled.

“Let me see that!” she said, all smiling. “Ooo, those are nice features.” she said, looking at Karen and punching the keys, turning the toys on and off, changing the mode, the power. Karen’s legs were failing and more weight was added to her belt. “What is this one for?” she asked as she showed the app to Sandra.

“I have no idea. I’m still discovering those features myself.” she answered.

“Let’s try it…”

Karen jumped, as if…

“Did she just get shocked? These things give shocks?” said Lady Lynda, punching the key again, to Karen’s same reaction.

Karen was not a fan of electro-play and didn’t have any real intention of using that feature but Lady Lynda apparently found it funny to see Karen twitch and squirm with every shock.

“I have to get some of these for my slaves!” she said, punching a few more keys, leaving the toys at a faint hum setting, just to keep Karen entertained without sending her out on an orgasmic wave. Devilish.

They chatted between themselves, Lady Lynda, Sandra and Derek, as if they’ve known each other for eons, which puzzled Karen. Sandra and Derek were obviously having a secret life. A secret kinky life.

Her feet were aching by then. She had been standing there for a long, long time. She moaned, trying to attract their attention, that she wanted to be released but they simply ignored her. She figured that she was nothing more than a decorative object. A prop. Damn, that thought was so arousing!

There was a doorbell notification.

“Ah, the pizza is here!” said Lady Lynda, getting up, her tight leather creaking, her heels clicking as she walked away to come back with a few boxes of pizza.

Ah, the smell. She was hungry and was eager to get untied and to grab a bite.

But they simply sat at the table, in full view of Karen. The smell, the sight only increased her drool, dripping from her panel gag onto her shiny rubber breasts.

“I think we should do something about her.” said Derek, pointing at Karen with a gesture of the chin.

“Oh, is she disturbing you?” asked Lady Lynda. “Oh my, you’re right. I had my back to her and didn’t notice. Yes, unacceptable.” she said, getting up, picking up something from a nearby table and approaching Karen.

Karen squirmed, eager to be released. Lady Lynda reached for her head and… applied a blindfold!

“There.” said Lady Lynda. “No more pleading eyes.”

Karen grunted.

“I heard that. I’ll deal with that behavior later.” said Lady Lynda from her cold voice, which sent shivers down Karen’s spine.

She could still smell the pizza. It was frustrating. But most importantly, she was not in control. She liked that.

In the dark, with nothing to look for, barely able to hear and of course, mute, she had nothing else to do than play a movie in her own mind. What do they have in stock for her? Surely they have planned more than that.

Her toys stopped and she was released from the hanging chains, carefully supported by Derek and the slave as they knew she would have no legs.

They helped her sit down on a chair they had brought nearby.

“You know what’s good after such a meal? A power nap.” said Lady Lynda.

“Oh yes, I would sleep for an hour or two.” said Sandra. “What about her?”

“I have the perfect bed for her. She needs rest too.” said Lady Lynda.

The links to her ankles and knees were removed and they supported her as they walked to what Karen figured would be a bedroom. She was still blindfolded. They had her lay down, but she was low, like on the floor. There was a soft mattress but it didn’t appear to be that soft. Her panel gag was removed to be replaced with a ring gag, forcing her mouth open.

She was put into a somewhat relaxed position, on her back and some bedsheet was put over her. A tube was put down the ring gag, and there was silence. That is, until she heard a whooshing sound and the distinctive sound of a vacuum cleaner.

In a moment, her world collapsed. She felt pressure all around her body. Her legs, her arms, her head was locked in place, sandwiched between the layers of latex of the vacbed. She couldn’t  move much.

She had seen videos of a vacbed. She wished to try it, and now? Oh damn! The noise stopped. She expected the pressure to release but no, it stayed. She was sealed between two layers of thick rubber. She tried to move and to do so, she had to apply a lot of force. One of her hands was a closed fist while the other was in a relaxed pose. She tried to open her closed fist: nope. She tried to close her opened hand. Somewhat yes, but as soon as she released it, it reverted back to its original position. She tried to move her legs with the same results. She wasn’t totally immobile, unable to move. On the contrary. She could move, she could flex her knee but her leg was pulled back into its original position like restrained by thousands of little elastic bands.

The pressure, the confinement, was equal everywhere on her body. No pressure point, no weak spots. Oh fuck!

She squirmed, she moaned, enjoying every minute of it and… hoping their power nap would be more than fifteen minutes because she liked it in there.

She was quite comfortable. Of course, at one point, she wanted to turn to her side. Oh she tried, but the rubber pulled her back, and she just loved the at feeling. She dozed off, and actually fell asleep in the vacbed.

A gentle hum woke her up. She moaned and twisted, feeling the vacbed instantaneously. She was aroused. She felt something touch her. Fingers, hands, spreading something over her body, probably some lubricant. Then the hands slide over her encased body, moving from her ankles to her chest, to her breasts. A second pair of hands and a third one joined the first one, rubbing her body, squishing her breasts, pressing her thighs. Something tiny and cold was run over her body, like an ice cube or something. That was weird. She could feel the temperature but now what was touching her. The pattern of her toys changed, becoming more aggressive. She could feel all sorts of ‘textures’ being rubbed over her legs, her breasts, only her corset was blocking the direct sensation.

She was squirming, more and more, she was getting aroused more and more. Now something vibrating was pushed against her breasts, over her corset, her hips, her thighs, being  moved around back, up, to her head then back down again to her inner thighs. Another vibrating object was added. Then two more! One on each breast and one on the inside of every thigh. The power of her toys increased.

Then she was shocked and her breathing tube blocked.

Oh shit! She fought it, and the more she fought, the more aroused he became. Her whole world was being vibrated, like the earthquake before the volcano eruption.

And what an eruption it was. Her whole body was taken by strong convulsions, but the rubber of the vacbed restrained her in a way that made her even hotter, the orgasm stronger. Her brain was on fire. Her crotch was on fire. She was screaming, a scream of pure ecstasy, of pure pleasure.

She reached the peak of her orgasm, enjoying it like never before. She wanted to move, to squirm and she was able to do that. Just a little but this thing was more devilish than being tied up unable to move. She could move a little and she was forced back to the initial position. That vacbed thing was simply amazing.

She cooled off slowly, her brain still experiencing the pleasure hormones. All the outside stimulation had stopped, even her toys were silent. Her breath was slowing down. Her racing heart was getting calm. She wanted to stretch, or more, to gently rub her crotch to feel the last bit of pleasure but that darn vacbed was preventing it.

There was silence all around her. They were probably gone, for a nap themselves. She wondered how the slave took his nap. Was he in a vacbed too or was he getting punished? 

The thought made her hot again. She raised her hips to feel the tightness, the restriction of the vacbed but that’s all there was to it now. Slowly, her thoughts vanished and she fell asleep.

A strange relief of pressure woke her up. The vacbed was being inflated. The latex layer pinning her down was removed. Something long, like a plug, was stuffed inside her ring gag, and two pairs of hands firmly took her by the upper arms, helping her to get up.

“That was a nice nap.” She heard Sandra say.

“Yes, a very nice nap.” She heard Lady Lynda say.

She was put on her feet.

“What do you have in store for her, now, Lady?” asked Sandra.

“Well, it’s still early. I have many acres of land here and there’s a nice path in the woods. She’s been pretty much immobile for many hours. She should exercise, after all, she’s not going to move much after that.” said Lady Lynda with a devilish sounding voice.

“So, we’ll have to take her out of her ballet heels. Good thing her ankle cuffs are unlocked.” said Sandra.

“Oh, we’re taking all the locks off,” said Lady Lynda.

“I’m sorry we can’t. The keys are inside a timed locked box. I can’t get to them.”

“Sandra, I have probably a hundred of those little locks. Do you think I have a keyring with 100 Keys? They’re all alike and I happen to have the universal key for them.” she said, producing a single key and quickly unlocking Karen’s cuffs, and taking them off.

“Slave! Suit number… hum… eight. That should be the right size.” said Lady Lynda with her cold voice.

“We’re taking her latex suit off also?” asked Sandra..

“No. She keeps it, along with the corset and the belt.” said Lady Lynda. “ See, the trail is in the forest. There are branches, boulders, and other stuff she could brush against, there are roots on the ground she could trip over, etc. There’s too much of a risk to damage her latex catsuit so I’m going to put her into a neoprene suit for protection.”

“Neoprene? Like a wetsuit?” she heard Derek ask.

“Exactly, thick and tight neoprene. And more, in direct sunlight in her black rubber skin she would cook well done within half an hour. The neoprene adds a layer of insulation. Ah, here he comes.” she said as the slave was coming back holding a heavy looking suit. Sandra picked it up.

“That… She’s never going to fit in this thing.” she said, holding the shiny gray suit at arm’s length.

“Oh, she will. And she will love it.”

Karen was made to sit on a stool and her ballet boots were removed. Then the suit was fed up her legs. She could feel the weight of the suit on her legs and the little feeling she had over her latex skin was that that suit was thick and tight. 

It was pulled on, slowly, mainly because it was that tight. She could feel the compression of the neoprene around her legs, her thighs. She liked it. She could even feel some compression over her corset, but her chastity belt being squeezed and pushed upward when the suit was pulled over her shoulders, had the most effect.

Then they struggled to pull the back zipper up, Sandra and Derek pulling on the sides of the suit while Lady Lynda was pulling the draw strap. Karen could feel the tight neoprene squishing her breasts, her arms, her neck and pulling her chastity belt up.

When they released their grip, she wondered how she could breathe. Moving was difficult. She had to fight the tight and thick neoprene. That was arousing as fuck!

“I’m gonna take the blindfold off now,” said the cold voice of Lady Lynda.

The blindfold was removed. She blinked a few times. The sun was high and its light was flooding the room she was in. Lady Lynda produced another piece of neoprene.

“Lets stretch this over your head.” she said as she pulled the dive hood over Karen’s head. She could feel the tightness of the neoprene squishing her head and adding another layer of deafness to her ears.

The hood was  put in place, the collar of the suit stretched and the yoke of the dive hood was put underneath the shoulders of the suit.

Karen could barely move her head. The restriction of the neoprene somehow reminded her of the spring effect of the vacbed. She could bend her arms but the foam rubber would pull them back in their “zero suit” position as soon as she was releasing them.

Absolutely amazing! She loved it.

Thick neoprene gloves were added. Her collar was put back on and cuffs were wrapped around her wrists and elbows as they were linked in her back. They put red knee high, wedge high heel boots on her feet. She heard Lady Lynda mention to Sandra that it would make it easier for her to walk in the forest, and as she was saying that, she looked behind Karen and her face changed.

“That is unacceptable, slave. You should have been dressed by now.” said Lady Lynda with her icy cold voice. Even if it hadn’t been directed at her, Karen felt a shiver of fear run down her spine when Lady Lynda got up and walked behind her.

Karen took the risk to look. The slave was struggling trying to put on a baby-pink wetsuit on his own, evidently as tight as Karen’s who had the help of two to three people to put it on.

Lady Lynda scolded him and roughly pulled the suit up and zipped it shut.  Then she noticed Karen who was staring at them.

“This is none of your business and you had no authorization to look. Yes, there are consequences.” she coldly said.

Karen quickly turned away, afraid and aroused at the same time. Consequences? Oh, darn! She couldn’t wait to see her punishment.

She had a glimpse in the mirror at what she looked like and she was a sight to see, tightly encased in this shiny neoprene suit, she could see the contour of the corset and the chastity belt. That’s how stretchy yet tight that material was. She could also see that Derek was eyeing her quite intensely. She would have personally chosen the pink suit over her plain gray one, but she was not the one to decide. And she probably put that very girly pink su it on slave just to humiliate him.

After what seemed an eternity, slave was finally all suited up and in high heels. Blocky heels but high heels nonetheless. Karen was puzzled:  he was having a hard time walking in heels on a hardwood floor, how is he going to cope with walking on uneven soil? And more! His feet were shackled as well as his arms tied in his back! Wait! Would that be her punishment too?

“Karen, come!” ordered Lady Lynda and Karen had literally no choice. Her brain just had to obey that cold voice.

They were led outside, Karen and slave made to walk in front of them. It wasn’t the easiest walk. Oh, yes, she was in wedge boots, but high heels and her arms in her back were awkward for balance.

The sun hit her and she immediately felt its power, even though her suit was not black.

‘I’m gonna be cooked alive in this thing’ she thought as she was already sweating and they were just in the back lawn, they hadn’t reached the forest yet. But when they did, the shadow created by the large trees was a welcome break. Slave seemed to have taken it harder.

The trail was well defined, although evidently not used a lot. There were a lot of bushes, some plants and even some small trees growing in or very near the path. Long branches from close by trees were in the path and were brushing against their suits. Neither of them could move the branches away and she understood the need for those thick suits. She was glad, though, that her ankles were not restrained like slave was. At least, she was less struggling but, because of him, they were walking slowly. Too slowly for Lady Lynda’s taste.

“At this pace, we won’t be back before tomorrow morning. I have stuff to do.” she said as she took a length of chain she had in a fanny bag Karen hadn’t noticed before. She snapped one end on Karen’s collar and the other end on slave’s collar.

“We’re about a third of the way in. Me, Sandra and Derek are going on. You will finish the trek by yourselves and you will NOT turn around to save on the distance. If I ever see you walk out from this end of the trail, you’re gonna wish you’ve never met me.” she said, her voice freezing Karen’s blood.

She bowed slightly, acknowledging the directives. Lady Lynda, Sandra and Derek walked past them and didn’t look back. Karen and slave looked at each other. Slave was evidently panicking but Karen was keeping her cool. One step at a time.

She tried to show to slave how to walk in soft soil by putting his weight mostly on his toes. He tried, with more or less success. He was definitely not a high heel wearer. Slowly, they progressed, slave often tripping on raised roots or bumps, or losing his balance because the ground was suddenly one centimeter lower. The chain between them was rather short and was impairing both of them. They were about two-third in the trail when slave’s foot folded under him and he collapsed on the ground, pulling on the chain, pulling Karen along. They ended up rolling on the dirt. Karen felt quite a few sharp branches poke on her neoprene suit and was really glad she was wearing it.

She laid there, frustrated. Slave was not moving. She couldn’t ask him if he was okay, if he hurt, thanks to the gag, something they obviously didn’t think of. He was simply laying on his side, not moving, panting. She struggled and managed to bring one of her legs under her and raised herself on her knees, but she couldn’t get up without him also getting up.

She looked at him and nodded a slow yes and then a slow no.

He gave a slow yes, as if he was tired, that she could understand. She was used to tight clothes and corsets and with this thick neoprene suit it was hard even for herself, so if he was new to all of this, including the heels, that might be quite overwhelming.

He tried to kneel but because his ankles were linked, he couldn’t. He managed to sit, his legs straight, his back held straight with his hands in her back pushing on the ground. That gave Karen an idea. She positioned herself with her back against his back, then they slowly pushed, getting their body to raise at the same time. This time, he had the advantage: his heels were getting a firm hold on the ground while Karen’s wedges were slipping. She slipped and they fell back. They tried again but this time, Karen changed her position a little, able to grab a root with her heel and they slowly worked themselves up until they were both standing up. They almost lost it but they regained their balance.

They were panting and giggling at the same time. They finally walked out of the forest, Sandra, Derek and Lady Lynda all lounging around the pool!!

Karen stomped up to them, pissed off at the fact that they were left to themselves.

“Do you really think we didn’t know that?” asked Lady Lynda, showing her phone with live images of the trail. “I have cameras everywhere.” she said as she took the chain off their collar.  

Sandra laughed at Karen’s reaction. Karen was acting very frustrated.

“Oh wait, Lady Lynda. Shouldn’t they remove their wetsuits first? I mean, they’re all dirty, including their shoes.”

“Darn! You’re absolutely right, Sandra. I had that pool installed just a few weeks ago and I’m not used to all the stuff I have to think about. Yes, we should clean them first. I suggest hosing them down.”

“Ha, ha ha. Yes, what will be fun.” said Sandra. “Derek, can you grab the garden hose just to your left, please?”

“Garden hose?” Said Lady Lynda as Derek got up. “No. Don’t take the garden hose. Use the pressure washer!” she said with sparks of joy in her eyes. “Just a little farther, yes, that one. Bring it here, please.”

Lady Lynda got up and grabbed the hose, aiming at slave, pressed the trigger and. Splash! Slave was actually thrown backward and had a hard time keeping his balance. Lady Lynda, Karen and Derek were all laughing. Karen wasn’t. Slave really seemed to struggle and she was not looking forward for her turn.

She instructed slave to turn around then aimed it at Karen. It was a shock at first, feeling that pressure pushing her but she regained her balance quickly. Then, things changed in her mind. Yes, she was feeling the push, the temperature of the water but not the water itself. Her brain knew it was water but at the same time, couldn’t identify it as water. And that pressure, through the thick neoprene suit, felt like a massage, on her chest at first, then on her breasts, then moving back up to her upper chest, going to each shoulders, back to the chest, going down. She lost the most of the feeling except the pushing when it reached over her corset, but she could still feel the difference in temperature as the water seeped down to her lower body and as soon as the water pressure exited the corset, hitting her upper thigh, she felt it, and in the right way. That was actually pleasurable. She could feel when she hit the chastity belt, again blocking the washing effect but keeping the pushing effect. 

That was weird. That was fucking her brain and that was awesome.

She loved the tingling-like feeling of the pressure running down her right leg then up her left one. It was like a massage. Once Lady Lynda had reached her shoulders again, she made her turn around and took care of slave again.

It left Karen just standing there, feeling the water, trapped in her neoprene, quickly warm up, by her body heat and by the sun’s. But only her front side. Her back side was still dry and making a high contrast.

When Lady Lynda was through with slave, she handed the pressure washer to Sandra.

“Here. She’s your friend after all, so, have a ball.” she said with a smile.

“Cling your legs together.” said Sandra as she took the nozzle and fired it at Karen’s feet, widening the waterjet so that both legs would be hit at the same time.

The jet was softer but she was feeling a line of pressure, or water, going up her legs, from her ankles, greatly softened by her boots, to her knees, then up her thighs and her buns, where Sandra seemed to have some fun, aiming the water on the crotch strap of her belt, then to one bun, then the other, down to the inner thigh.

Karen couldn’t help but squirm. She was feeling it and it was disturbing in a weird way. It wasn’t agreeable but not painful, and somewhat agreable at the same time.

The waterjet went up, over her corset, following her bound arms up and down a few times, the aiming changing to reach between her bound arms and the back of the suit, then to her shoulders.

When it reached the back of her neck it was something different. Oh damn! That felt so good, like a good neck massage. She moaned and slowly moved her head. She giggled, realizing she was acting like a cat being scratched. Then the jet went higher, at the back of her head, which also felt like a relaxing massage, then a slow trip back down to her feet before stopping.

“She’s clean enough.” said Sandra, making Karen realize that the main goal of that pressure wash was to clean their dirty wetsuits.

“Okay, now both of you into the pool. Now.” ordered Lady Lynda with her cold voice.

Karen and slave stood there, looking at each other and at Lady Lynda: they were tied up.

“I know that.” she said with her cold tone. “Stay away from the deep end.” she said.

Karen slowly went in. It was weird. This was actually the first time she was entering water in high heels. Well, in everything, actually. Her wedge heels wanted to float but her steel ankle cuffs helped them stay down. It was also strange to feel the water enter the wetsuit all around at the same time, not one line at a time like the pressure washer. She knew it was water but she didn’t feel it. Only the change in temperature. But that water was good, and feeling pretty much bouyuant was a nice sensation. Slave seemed to be enjoying it the same. Karen even went on for a few dives, swimming to the end of the pool and down then back up, a little bit like a dolphin since she couldn’t use her arms. Even though the water was warm, it was cooling her down.

She had no time reference but she would have stayed there after Lady Lynca called the session off. Getting off the pool proved to be another challenge. Her boots were light, even helped with the steel cuffs and she was struggling trying to get her feet down to get up. Slave was having the same issues. Finally, after laughing at them for a while, Lady Lynda and Sandra helped them out. 

“That wet suit will be a hassle to take off,” said Sandra.

“Don’t worry, we’ll just hang them to dry for a while.” she said, leading Karen and slave to frames near the pool. It was obviously not the first time she ‘hung’ people to dry off.

There were four of those frames, a simple square arch made from large timber, with a spreader bar hanging from the center of a large circular steel block making the center of the frame wood main beam. At the push of a button on the side of the arch, the steel T-bar was lowered, being linked to the steel box by a steel wire.

While Sandra linked Karen’s ankles to it, Lady Lynda was untying slave’s arms and putting them on the spreader bar, adding another one between his ankles.

Then the winch was activated and they both got raised in the air until the T-bar linked with the circular part of the steel box. Then with the push of a last button, they both started to slowly rotate, exposing their whole body to the wind and the sun.

That wasn’t the most comfortable position but, what choice did she have? She couldn’t complain much and after all, it was out of her control. Wow, such a sudden rush of pleasure! But it quickly faded away, being upside down and tightly cocooned in layers of rubber and neoprene, head tightly encased and almost deaf from the earplugs, latex and neoprene layers.

Her eyes were closed, she was slowly drifting away while sometimes squirming, pulling on one leg or the other, bending her hips, raising and lowering herself, just to feel the bondage.

And her toys woke up. She opened her eyes and saw Sandra, holding a tablet in her hand, smiling while playing with the controls. Karen moaned and twisted within the confine of her suspension, welcoming the toy’s movements in a new way: she’s never been inverted-suspended before. Heck! Everything about this situation was new.

The toys grew more powerful. She was moaning and squirming when she saw a shadow approaching from behind and crouching down at her head… to apply a blindfold.

Shit! Now she had no clue who was controlling what or…


She felt a hard slap on her inner thigh.


A hard slap on her butt. Yes the neoprene was dampening the blow but whoever was slapping wasn’t holding back.


On her butt, on her inner thighs. Outer thighs. Stomach. And a few hits directly on the crotch band of her chastity belt, hits that were duly transmitted to her intruders, jolting her. Her instinct was to move away but all it did was make her swing more from her suspension.

She could hear laughter, giggles after each slap, depending on the sound it made or how she reacted. She had the feeling that they were hitting her in turn. Sandra, Lady Lynda and Derek, each one competing between each other as who had the best reaction.

Then a series of sharp and powerful hits on the front of her chastity belt, on the crotch strap and on the back. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!!!

Mixed with the vibrations and her humping of the toys, it sent Karen into sub-space fairly quickly. She was moaning, twisting, barely realizing what was going on but her brain was happy, enjoying every second of it, pleasure hormones flowing through ehr body, emphasis her bound arms, the pull on her legs from the suspension, the tightness of the suit, the corset, the gag, everything seemed to be amplified ten-fold, creating yet another powerful orgasm.

Her body was taken by strong convulsions as she  heard the protagonists laugh.

“Oh man, look at her go! She’s having a big one.” she heard Sandra. Or was it Derek? Under the neoprene, the latex and the earplugs, all the voices sounded the same.

Anyway her brain was elsewhere, in a fantasy world, filled with colors as her crotch was on fire, like a rocket. Except, she was upside down. If she launched, the would go down, boring a hole in the ground, reaching the hot center of the Earth (sorry again Flat-Earhters), and she felt she wouldn’t be burned by it but she would ignite it even hotter!

Gosh, that was so wonderful, so powerful. Instinctively, she tried to get out. That was too much, even dangerous, but she couldn’t. She was tied up, locked, suspended and she didn’t have any control out of it, no chicken button. All her worries of “can I get out of this” vanished. She was in someone else’s hands. Her fate was out of her reach. Someone else was watching her, taking care of her, ensuring she was not in danger but rather enjoying every minute of it.

That’s when she let it all go. The worries of being able to get out of a self-inflicted predicament were suddenly all gone. She stopped worrying about her arms slowly getting numb in their awkward position, or thinking about the timer, worrying if she had set it up right or forgot one of her multiple self-safety measures. All this stress, all those worries had suddenly vanished. She was experiencing the orgasm, living the moment right then, right there.

She couldn’t tell if it was the strongest orgasm she ever felt, but for sure, it was the one she enjoyed the most, living only the orgasm within her situation. Nothing else. Pure pleasure. And when the orgasm subsided, she didn’t have to worry about how to get out, someone else was taking care of that. She just had to enjoy it and let it go.

She was smiling ear to ear – well okay, the large gag was also helping – and she was happy, relaxed, satisfied, fulfilled.

“I think we made her brain overload.” she heard as she felt being lowered on the ground.

“Well, that was bound to happen… yes pun intended.” she heard someone else say.

She wanted to laugh, to giggle, but she was just too tired. She tried as much as she could to help them take the suit off by pulling on her arms and legs but she was mostly out of it.

She didn’t realize much of what had happened after that. She came back to reality some time later. She was floating, like a leaf in the wind. She could feel the neoprene suit had been taken off, but that was about it. She was still gagged, this time with the panel gag and blindfolded. Her arms were held high above her head while her legs were crossed in front of her, right knee against left ankle. When she tried to move her legs, she realized that her knee cuff was linked to her ankle cuff and thus, unable to move. And more, her ankle cuffs seemed to be linked somewhere else.

In short, she couldn’t move much but she felt she was floating, probably in a cage or something like that, although where she was sitting was quite comfortable.

She moaned as she tried to shift her body feeling her toys slightly move inside her, but she quickly felt the end of her allowed play area. Obviously, her chastity belt was also linked somewhere. She couldn’t move much. She moaned louder to attract the attention to the fact that she was awake, as well as squirming.

“Ah, good. You’re back with us.” she heard Sandra nearby, then a few moments later, her blindfold was removed.

She was still outside on the patio, tied to a suspended ball chair, apparently, which explained everything. She could see the pool and the two frames where she and slave were hung to dry. To her right, three pool chairs where Lady Lynda, and Derek were laying down, nonetheless looking at her, and one empty chair.

The sun was getting low. Karen looked at the sun then at Lynda.

“Yes, you were out for quite a while but Lady Lynda assured us that all was fine, that your brain was simply resting after that overload of emotions. Are you okay?” she asked.

Karen nodded a small yes.

“Good. Now, listen carefully. I know nothing of this has been discussed with you and we might have gone a little heavy on you.”

Karen raised her eyebrows, hidden under her hood. ‘ A LITTLE heavy???’

Sandra giggled, apparently the eyes conveyed the expression.

“Yeah okay, a lot heavier than you probably expected,” said Sandra. “I’m going to remove the gag now.” she said as she reached for the strap. A pool of drool fell from Karen’s mouth, flowing on her latex coated breasts, dripping on thighs.

“Shit!” was all Karen was able to think of once she regained the right to talk. Lady Lynda laughed.

“Yeah, that’s usually the first thing they say.” she said.

“I’ll get right to the point.” said Sandra, still giggling at Karen’s reaction. “We still have about forty-eight hours to go. Do you want to continue or do you want to go back home?

Karen had to think for a moment, to gather her thoughts. She felt no pressure from Sandra who simply smiled and walked back to her chair as she expected that time of silence.

“Honestly,” began Karen, “I never lived anything remotely similar to this. I had my share of fears, of questioning your goals, that it was overley dangerous at some points, but it was only part of the experience, that you were always there, ensuring my safety.”

“Our goal is not to harm you, Karen, but to make you live the most fantastic inner journey there is.” said Lady Lynda, using her soft comforting voice.

“Yeah… and I did live stuff beyond my wildest fantasies. Now… Do I want to go through with it for the whole weekend?”

After a few moments of introspection, her face lit up with a large smile.

“Absolutely, YES.” she said

“Good,” said Lady Lynda while getting up and walking to face her. “We have just one detail to settle and Sandra here, along with Derek asks as witnesses. What are your limits? Are there things you think about that you don’t want to be done, to try? Like breath play or getting intubated?”

“I… I don’t know,” answered Karen. “I… Well… Just… Don’t hurt me… permanently?”

“Well, I can promise you won’t get hurt permanently but I can’t promise you won’t get addicted permanently.” said Lady Lynda with a smile. “Any special requests?”

Karen looked at Sandra with a devilish smile.

“Yes. I want her shackled.”

“What? What for?” asked a surprised Sandra.

“A payback for this,” said Karen.

“But… but… It’s your birthday present.”

“Consider this a thank you card,” said Karen. Derek Giggled.

“Oh, and him too.” added Karen.

“What? Why? I didn’t know what she had planned. She just told me she needed a hand moving something heavy.”

“Well, it’s your birthday. Your wishes are granted.” said Lady Lynda amidst the protests of Sandra and Derek. “You better shut up or I will add gags. My place, my rules.”

Suddenly, there was silence, except for Karen who was now giggling.

“Okay then. Time for you to go back to your inner world while slave prepares dinner.” said Lady Lynda, putting back the panel gag and the blindfold. Curiously, Karen was happy to be fully restrained and isolated again.

She was slowly balancing in the wind, daydreaming, feeling the flow of air push against her rubber skin and feeling the heat of the sun filtering through the branches of the large trees, making some places hot as a red iron while other areas were cooled by the shadow. That felt so great.

She squirmed, feeling the restriction of her links, of her bondage. She wondered what a life of constant bondage would be like. Never being in control of your action, never being free to move, to go around, always feeling the restraints, the global restriction of a corset, collars and chastity belt.

She was brought out of her daydream shen she felt someone grab her leg to unlink her ankle from the opposite knee. The leg was moved slowly. As soon as her other ankle was free, she felt her legs being brought together and to her pleasure, the ankles were linked together as well as the knees. She would not be able to run away – as if she wanted to in the first place – but that ‘always in restraints’ thing is what she wanted, what she wished. Her wrists were freed and as soon as both of them were free, they were brought in her back, one wrist linked to the opposite elbow, putting them into a well made box tie.

She moaned and squirmed within the limits of her bounds. A leash was snapped to her collar and it was pulled up, instructed to get up.

When she put her feet on the ground, she realized she was back into her beloved ballet boots. Still blindfolded, she followed the lead from the tug on the leash, making steps no bigger than the short hobble chain allowed her. 

That was a challenge and a thrill. For a moment she had thought of what would happen if she tripped, if she fell down. Would she be able to… ‘Oh, Karen. Just shove it and enjoy the moment’ she thought to herself as there were people around her worrying about it for her. All she had to do was enjoy the predicament and live the most out of it.

And she did. She tried to figure out where they were leading her. For the dining room, for sure, but something felt odd. She walked the concrete patio to the large sliding doors where she was to be careful to step over the door frame. Then some ceramic tiled flooring she remembered taking to go from the dining room to outside. Now, she should feel the carpet of the dining room soon but the floor was still hard, although different, like vinyl flooring or something like that. She didn’t remember walking on any vinyl flooring while coming in. Then something hard again she easily recognized as a hardwood floor and finally, hard tiles again, but the whole room sounded like echo, as if everything was tiles. A bathroom? Well, she was due for some relief.

She was pretty sure she had made numerous turns and one thing for sure, those little steps stimulated her toys, so to speak. Finally, she was made to turn around and backed up until her back hit something. Sets of hands grabbed her arms.

“You’re going to sit down slowly.” she heard Lady Lynda’s cold voice say.

She executed, bending her hips, folding her legs, her body held by those hands. She felt something soft, a seat and she relaxed. She was pushed backward until her back hit the backrest. Something was wrapped around her corseted waist and tightened holding her to the chair. Her legs were brought up by some sort of footrest being operated electrically. She was in some sort of recliner chair! Wow. Comfy!

Her ankle and knee links were separated then her legs were spread. She tried to fight it but they were tied up to whatever legs of that chair were.

At the same time, more straps were wrapped over her upper torso, securing it with her arms in the back to that chair. Finally, a strap was wrapped around her forehead and tightened, freezing her head in position. She couldn’t move much. That would provide for an interesting meal time. She figured that slave was going to feed her, after all, that’s the task of a slave, isn’t it?

Her panel gag was removed. She was about to ask a question where a latex gloved finger was put over her lips in a ‘shush’ manner, instructing her to keep silent. Something metallic was inserted and cranked, forcing her mouth wide open. A jaw spreader? What for? Force feeding?

“That won’t be a really nice feeling but it will just last a moment. Just swallow and everything will be fine.” she heard Lady Lynda’s cold voice say before something was sprayed down her throat. Shortly after, it felt numb like when you suck a lozenge for a cold or something, but stronger.

Something was put inside her mouth, something rather hard, rubber or plastic then pushed down her mouth, down her throat.  She choked on it.

“Swallow. Just swallow. Don’t think about anything else or what it is. I’m sure you’re figuring it out by now.” said Lady Lynda as the tube went down her throat. She kept swallowing. That was NOT something that turned her on. The tube pushing stopped but she kept swallowing. Her reflex was to swallow, that she had something stuck in her throat and she had to swallow to get it down.

“Don’t panic, you’ll get used to it in a few minutes. Your body will adjust. Now, up your nose we go.” said Lady Lynda as she felt more tubes being inserted in each nostrils up her nose, past the sinuses until she felt them go down at the back of her throat.

“That’s very good. Don’t panic, everything is alright.” she said.

Karen felt the crotch strap of her chastity belt being released and the zipper of her suit open. She felt the rush of cold air inside her very moist crotch. The toys were removed.

No, she didn’t want the toys removed! She loved those toys. She squirmed as a protest but tied up as she was, it was pointless.

“Don’t worry, different toys will be inserted.” said Lady Lynda as if she had read her mind, or rather her struggles.

Some more anesthetic spray, and more tubes were shoved up her urethra Immediately, her bladder got released and she felt a sudden loss of pressure in her bladder. That was welcomed.  then a large plug was put on, larger, bigger than her original toy. She moaned. That was  unexpected and not a bad feeling. Her butthole was also filled and she heard a pump and the pressure inside her rectum increased. With all the tubes, she figured this was for enemas, and she was right. Right then, right there, an enema was performed, again much to her relief.

Once the ‘cleaning’ procedures were over, the zipper was closed and the crotch band of her chastity belt put back in place, pushing those two new intruders deeper.

Karen moaned. She just hoped her jaw would not be kept wide open by that jaw spreader because she was pretty sure she wouldn’t last long.

Some kind of soft rubber bag was inserted into her mouth and inflated. She could feel her tongue being pushed down. The jaw spreader was removed and her mouth closed… A little. Enough to be more comfortable. She could feel the soft rubber inflatable gag inside her mouth. It was a first for her as all her gags were either hard balls or silicone plugs. This was quite comfortable actually and she might just end up liking it.

But for the moment, all those tubes were distracting her and she was still tied up to the chair. Something was hooked to the mouth tube and she felt something warm being inserted, filling her stomach.

“There you go. All fed and watered.” said Lady Lynda with a devilish tone in her voice.

Karen moaned. That was it? She didn’t taste anything. Wow. That was a boring way to eat, but quick and she would not make a mess when tied up. She would have to think about it in her fantasy about being sealed and tied up for life.

Her legs were brought back together, linked and she was released from the chair, helped to get up and led somewhere else within Lady Lynda’s large mansion.

Part III

She was instructed to sit down again. Her legs were spread open as well as her arms. She was secured in place and couldn’t move much.

“Open your hands.” Lady Lynda ordered.

She complied.

“Now close them and hold that,” Lady Lynda instructed.

Karen complied, feeling something through her latex coated fingers. A glass. A wine glass to be precise. One in each hand.

“Since you want to be all tied up all the time and I have no need for a useless piece of fetish gear right now, you will serve some purpose by holding our glasses. But be careful. Every drop that falls off earns punishment.” said Lady Lynda.

Karen moaned. ‘Every drop that falls off? How the heck am I supposed to prevent this while blindfolded?’ she said but what came out was some unintelligible mumble to which Sandra giggled, probably figuring out what she was saying.

“It’s for you to figure it out,” said Sandra.

So yes, they understood her concerns but didn’t exactly address them.

They were picking up the glass and putting it back down. Most of the times, she had a hard time figuring out if the glass was full or not because they were trading their glasses which were different. Either that or they had a bunch of different glasses in front of them, with different levels of liquid in them and they were playing with her.

At one point, she realized that some of their giggling was that they were playing cards! Fuck, and she thought it was because of the way she was holding the glass or that she had spilled something, prompting her to move the glass in the opposite direction… which probably made her spill something.

On some occasions, she felt the liquid drip in her gloved hands.  Those times, she knew she had made a mess but most of the time, she could barely notice it. Assuming she was spilling something.

The hard part was staying awake. She was dozing off. She had nothing to concentrate on, not even music. It was silence except for the occasional faint – thanks to the earplugs – giggling or expression of one of the three of them.

The last thing she remember hearing was:

“Do you think we should now?”

“Oh yes. Definitely. We should now!”

And all hell broke loose. Her two new toys took a life of their own, with a hard blast that made her drop the two glasses she was holding. Shit! That for sure made a mess she will have to pay the consequences.

Then the tapping began. One tap from a paddle on her left breast, one tap from a paddle on her right breast, one tap from a paddle on her chastity belt. And it started again and quickly went out of sync. What were they doing? And who? At first, she thought only one person was doing it but when all three hits were given at the same time, the only explanation she came up with was that all three of them were playing with her!

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap. And adding the vibrating toys was getting her totally out of her mind. She was squirming. She was screaming. She was fighting her bonds. At one point she wanted the spanking to stop, but she wanted it to continue. It was like saying ‘no’ but meaning ‘yes’.

And then she couldn’t breathe. And she could. Oh shit! A few more hits, a few more vibrations, a few more breath blocking and she was out. The orgasm exploded inside her crotch, inside her mind, inside every cell of her body. She was shaking, jumping, feeling the restrains doing her job and the more she felt the restraints, the more intense was the orgasm. She craved for teasing. She craved for restraints. Bondage. Heavy bondage. And sex!

Her mind filled with a kaleidoscope of colors, bright, powerful, explosive, and every color brought its flavor of pleasure. At the same time, the spanking intensified, harder, stronger, faster. It was like a jack-hammer was linked to her chastity belt, and it was extracting more orgasmic pleasure than she thought possible.

The teasing, the spanking slowed down. Her toys’ power lowered. The orgasm slowly subsided. She was there, panting, her heart still racing full blast, slowly calming down.

“Do you think she liked that?” she heard a man’s voice, probably Derek.

“Yeah. Pretty sure. Happy Birthday, Karen.” said Sandra, laughing.

She was let there, in her own little world, still totally unable to move. After some time, after everything calmed down, died out, she felt her restraints being loosen. Her arms fell on her sides, lifeless. She was untied from the chair but she would not run away. She simply had no energy left. This had been a very exhausting 24 hours.

“Let’s get her to bed,” said Lady Lynda.

She was carried in Derek’s arms and put down on a soft mattress. Immediately but calmly, Karen rolled herself into a fetus position. She felt something click on her ankles, her knees and on her collar. For a short moment, her wrists were taken away from her body, for the time needed to link something to them and released.

She rolled back into her fetus position. She was happy. She was exhausted. She wanted to sleep. Something was put over her to cover her body then nothing. She quickly fell asleep.

How long has she been sleeping? No clue. But her body wanted to stretch, and she did… try. Her legs only partially unfolded before she felt a tug on her collar. The more she pulled to extend her legs, to unfold her knees from the fetus position, the more she was pulling on her collar. She tried to reach her face but she felt a tug on her knees before reaching her face. 

She tried to roll on her back, or on her stomach, but for one, the pose she was stuck into was not allowing it and she felt more tugging from  her collar and her ankles.

Obviously, she had been tied up in a near-fetus position and she had been tied up to the bed. She smiled. Wasn’t that exactly the life of a bondage slave?

Slave. That word resonated in her head. She always thought of herself as a bondage fetishist, but now she was a slave. Or was she? Was she a slave to Sandra and Lynda and Derek, or was she a slave to her bondage, craving to obey her restraints, to please them.

She managed to get back to sleep, or was it half sleep, being constantly awakened by trying to move, to stretch, but being denied each and every time. She tried to move her gag. She could usually do with her regular ball gags and even with the panel gag, but this inflating thing? Nope. And that hosed down her throat, and these tubes up her nose were all disturbing. Would she get used to them?

She felt a hand touch her. She moaned in response. The links forcing her into the fetus position were removed and she was allowed to stretch for a few moments then her arms were quickly grabbed and linked to the sides of her chastity belt. She was made to stand up. Her legs were spread about 30 cm apart and something was linked to her ankles and knees. A tug on her leash told her she had to walk.

She executed only to quickly realize that she had been fitted with some sort of spreader bar. She couldn’t close her legs and thus, walking was difficult, but she absolutely loved the challenge. She liked to be impaired and she had no choice. She couldn’t say, after a few steps ‘well, I know how it feels now but it’s too slow’ and take them off. She. Had. No. Choice! Damn, that was arousing.

She was led forward, to the right and to the left. Well, she thought, she had no clue and her sense of direction was completely wiped off. Finally, her wrists were freed and she was guided by a pair of hands to sit on a chair, which was not easy with her legs tied that way.

Her wrists were brought forward at about waist level and she felt them being locked to some heavy ring. She also felt a tug on her ankles, the spreader bar being linked to the floor. Obviously, whoever was fixing her didn’t want her to go away. Finally, her collar was linked to the back of the chair and her blindfold removed. She was in an office, alone with Lady Lynda.

She took place in her own leather chair, her leather catsuit creaking as she did.

“Well, Karen, how do you like your experience so far?” asked Lady Lynda.

Without an ounce of hesitation and even before the end of the question, Karen had both hands as high as the wrist chain would allow with both thumbs up. Lady Lynda giggled.

“I’ll take that as a resounding yes.” she said, giggling. “Your friends had to go for the day as they had prior engagements and they left me in charge of you, if you don’t mind, of course.”

Karen shuddered then raised her thumbs up. As long as she was tied up, she was okay with it.

“I’ll take that as an agreement. Okay now, they didn’t leave me specific instructions, you know, the written contract between you and them. Yes, I know, I asked you yesterday if you were willing to continue and stuff, but… legally… I need a signed authorization. Do you have, I don’t know, a copy of the contract on the cloud or something where I can get it?”

Karen turned her hands to show her palms and move them right to left as a ‘I don’t have anything’ ad then mimic typing or writing.

“Yes of course. Sorry, the coffee hasn’t taken full effect.” she said, turning her laptop around where it was already opened on a document app.

Karen typed. She was used to typing with her wrist cuffs and chained to a table, so it was not really a hassle for her. She typed for a long time, enough to get Lady Lynda so curious that she got up and stood behind Karen to read as she was typing.

She was explaining how she was in the middle of a self bondage session when Sandra and Derek, whom she didn’t know were kinky or knew about her kinks, entered her home, and stuffed her into the travel chest to bring her here. She never signed any consent form nor discussed with them her limits, her wishes, etc.

“Uh! I see. That’s quite embarrassing. Would you mind signing a contract with me, so I would know… more precisely… what to do and not do with you? That will protect us both at the same time.” she said.

Lady Lynda quickly retrieved some sort of universal document with pretty much every possible outcome, predicament, from clothing to torments to pleasure, to denial or forced orgasm, to duration to medical concerns. While Karen read it, Lady Lynda returned to her chair and played with her phone, leaving Karen all the time she needed.

Karen checked all the boxes she felt she liked. After some time, Lady Lynda got back up to see where Karen was as she had stopped typing. She was at a field titled: any other special thoughts or situation you want to discuss.

Karen began to type.

‘I am a bondage fetishist and…’ and she stopped, then backed up to erase “fetishist” and resumed typing, ‘bondage slave. I want to be constantly restrained, tied up, impaired, by whatever means necessary. I don’t have any specific choices of restraint or setups. I just want to be tied up, impaired. I want the overkilled setup. I want to be…” she paused. Lady Lynda took a step back, giving her room to think. “I want to be… tied up, mummified in shrink wrap then in tape, put into a body bag, strapped down, put into a cage suspended in mid air inside a locked cell inside a locked dungeon. If that makes any sense or it might just be my mind playing tricks with me.’

She re-read it a couple of times, browsed back the document and put her name in the signature field, adding the date. That date she knew very well: her birthday. She turned the laptop toward Lady Lynda who took it back to her place on the other side of her desk. She browsed it, smiling.

“That is not usual for a dom as people usually come to see us to be dominated, like slave… oh shit! Slave! I have to get him out of the vertical vac-cube!” she said, leaving the office in a hurry.

She came back fifteen minutes later as if nothing happened, resuming the document.

“Yes, I believe I can do something that would suit you, especially since you’re all intubated, which will make things easier.” she said, unlinking Karen from the desk.

Her wrists were tied back to her chastity belt and she was slowly led to the kitchen where slave was waiting. Her collar was linked to the wall facing Lady Lynda and she stood there for the time she ate. She heard some grinding noise and slave walked out with a large syringe linked to a long tube. He took position in front of Karen and looked at Lady Lynda.

“You didn’t mention any food exceptions so, I assumed eggs, bacon, ham and roasted potato… all blended into a nice past, liquified with some coffee, that you won’t taste anyway would be okay” she said with a devilish smile, then nodded to slave to proceed.

Karen was fed. She felt full and content. 

“Bring her downstairs.” she ordered before leaving.

That was quite a challenge for Karen: getting down stairs with a spreader bar? And no hand to hold a handrail or anything? But when she saw the staircase, wide and with the stairs steps way smaller than regular staircases, she figured that it had all had been conceived for someone in her situation.

One step at a time, she got down to the basement, which was weird. On one side, a finished basement, almost looking futuristic. On the other side, brick walls give it the look of a century old cave or prison. Only one room seemed to be lit and the slave brought Karen to it. Lady Lynda was waiting with a bunch of cardboard boxes by her side, and a large padded table in the middle of the room. She could see a vertical cage to the left and what looked like a thick leathery sleeping bag or something similar suspended on the right corner. The grilled door was closed and locked. Karen would not walk out of there. She liked it.

She removed all of Karen’s restraints and replaced the collar by a wide leather posture collar. She then ordered Karen to stretch her legs and her arms and she took the first of many plastic wrap rolls and began to carefully wrap Karen with it, tightly wrapping each limb with multiple layers of the plastic wrap.

Karen’s breath was shaking. She never explicitly described her fantasy, how she wanted to be wrapped, mummified but Lady Lynda was up to a good start!

She felt her body being encased into that layer of stretched plastic, getting tighter with each layer, and Lady Lynda was not sparing any expenses.. Five layers! By then, her vision was quite blurry, her head having been wrapped in those five layers too.

Even tho it wasn’t technically restraining her, she could feel how rigid she was becoming. Once this layer of plastic was done, Lady Lynda took out what Karen could only describe as an industrial hair dryer and blew the hot hair over Karen’s wrapped body. She could feel the plastic shrink and fuse together into one single ungiving layer of tight plastic.

Lady Lynda, from another box, took a large roll of gray duct tape and instructed her to cross her arms in front of her, her right hand over her left breast and vice-versa. Karen complied. She knew what that meant!! And she welcomed it!

The first turn cinched her arms tightly against her torso, getting tighter and more rigid with the more turns and the more layers. She wrapped up, her thick leather posture collar ensuring that she would not get strangled by the tape. Her head was wrapped, tightly, leaving only the feeding tube and the breathing tubes out. Soon, her eyesight was completely taken away from her as the tape covered her eyes as it completely engulfed her head. She could barely hear now. Blind, deaf, all her senses were concentrating on her feelings, and she did feel. She felt the tape being wrapped down her torso, then bringing her hips together. Damn. Such a good feeling, like being hugged. Tightly. Very tightly hugged. 

When it reached her knees, she was gently laid down on the large table and the wrapping continued, engulfing her lower legs and her feet before coming back up to her thighs. She was raised up again and the wrapping continued up to her neck before going down again, to her feet.

Three layers of duct tape! That was more than she had imagined, but the feeling was even more extreme! She could only breathe. She couldn’t move her head at all. She couldn’t move her arms at all. She could still move her legs, bend her knees a little but those three layers were rendering her rather stiff. She was completely immobile. No hope of getting free as her fingers were totally useless.

She laid there on the table for a moment before her legs were picked up. She was getting fed into something. Could it be the leather sleepsack she saw when she entered the room? Oh shit! And there was the cage. Damn! She was getting her fantasy realized! ALL OF IT.

She moaned and she felt someone patting her gently on the head. She couldn’t feel much under her layers of plastic and tape but she could sense that another layer was added and she could feel the straps being tightened around her body, securing the bag in place.

She was picked up. She couldn’t do anything. Nor resist nor help. She was totally at their mercy. She had no recourse, no turning back now. And if something went wrong, she didn’t have to worry: someone else was taking care of her. Good care of her.

She was standing up and moved. Something hard was pushed against her back and on her sides, and finally on her front. If only she knew the struggle slave and Lady Lynda had to deal with to fit her into that narrow vertical cage. One thing for sure, she wouldn’t fall and she wouldn’t move. The cage was a tight fit for someone thin and naked. With her layers of plastic, tape and leather, there was no wiggle room left.

She felt moved again then it was as if she was floating, slightly balancing. Was she suspended now? Oh darn! And then nothing. Did they leave the room? Did they lock the door behind them? Was she alone, all cocooned and confined in her little world?

Panic reached her. Oh shit! What did she do? What did she ask for? Why? She couldn’t move, she could barely breathe. She had no way to communicate with the exterior world. That was totally unsafe, inherently dangerous. Life threatening!

She squirmed! She screamed! But from the outside, only a slight balancing from the suspended cage was seen.

Then her toys fired and all her doubts disappeared instantly.

In a flash, her predicament, her fears vanished, remplace by pleasure. The pressure all around her that made her panic a few moments prior was now arousing. She was no longer struggling to get out but squirming to get the best effect from the toys.

And that was where it became frustrating: she couldn’t move! She couldn’t shift her weight. She couldn’t squeeze one thigh more than the other. She couldn’t even compress her breasts although her hands were resting on them. She was at the total mercy of the toys, as they were at that moment.


She had an orgasm. Another. And then. Silence.

She spaced out. How long has she been there? Something was poking her, at her crotch, and she felt something warm entering her belly. At the same time, her feeding tube was moving. Something was pushed down. She felt full. She felt clean. Then… nothing.

The emptiness. She was alone with her thoughts, her fears, her breathing and her pounding heart. Her muscles were aching. She wanted out. This was no fun anymore. She squirmed, she struggled and at the end, she fell asleep. From exhaustion? From fear? From…  Boredom?

She suddenly realized that, yes, it was her fantasy but did she even put an end to it? Did she mention to Lady Lynda, well even to herself, how long that fantasy should last? Does she even have an idea?

Again, panic engulfed her. She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life in a cocoon like that. Then again, maybe that was the best life. No responsibilities. No decisions. Nothing to worry about. Yes, that’s what she should do. That’s why she wanted this predicament in the first place. Someone else was worrying for her. Someone else was taking care of feeding her. Someone else was taking care of cleaning her. She had no goals, no sales target, no project deadline, no… tax returns to file. Why couldn’t she simply enjoy the moment. Enjoy herself.

Suddenly, everything had changed. She was no longer a victim or a machiavellian mistress but a beneficiary. She should simply enjoy it.

She slept or phased out or maybe she was all awake and time went fast, or slow. She was totally deprived of any time reference. That was so weird.

Oh, yes, the toys. Alive again. She moaned, accepting their invitation to play, to torment, to arouse her. This was more than pleasure. This was more than an orgasm. she embraced it like she never did before, feelling new heights of pleasure, the only sensation she felt was her own.

She screamed, she twisted, she squirmed, she fought and she launched.

From the outside, a slight swinging of the cage was visible.

Her whole body was shaking like being hit with something. What was going on? Was she falling. Oh damn! The cage was falling. This will hit hard. She felt… being leaned on her back. She was expecting a hard drop but… nothing. Damn, this was all so disorienting. She squirmed and even her toys were silent, she had another one, another orgasm.

Oh damn. Will this stop? Does she want it to stop? Heck, no! She welcomed the orgasm as she felt her body being released, the pressure on her legs getting weaker, then something cold against her thigh, running down, toward her feet. Same thing on the other side, on the side of her head. The pressure was being released. She was being unpacked.

But she was happy in there! She wanted to go back.

“Close your eyes.” she heard.

She complied. The blindfold was removed and she opened them, only to close them back. The light was hurting. This was too bright.

“We dimmed the lights as much as we could while we could still see what we’re doing, but it’s going to be harsh on you. Keep them close and open them very, very gradually. Let your eyes adjust to the light.” said Lady Lynda from a soft comforting voice.

She moaned as she regained control of her arms. They were hurting. They were lifeless, barely responding, as well as her legs. Was this what the astronauts feel when they come back from space? She wondered.

“Easy, Karen. Take it easy.” Said Lady Lynda’s voice.

She blinked a few times. She was back in the preparation room, where she had been transformed into a mummy.

“We’re going to take the tube out. You’ll feel like puking. That’s okay.” she said.

Karen nodded and barely had time to realize what was happening when the tube was out. She was gagging and gasping for air but everything was fine a short moment later. Her nose tube was removed, not an experience she liked. Her toys with the tubes were also removed.

“How… When?” she managed to say with a very faint, raspy voice.

“A little over a day. How was it?” asked Lady Lynda.

Karen raised two thumbs up. Lady Lynda smiled.

“Derek and Sandra should be here in a few hours to pick you up. You have to be able to move by yourself and everything should be fine after a good night of sleep.

Slave and Lady Lynda helped her get down on her feet. She put her toes down and expected to find some support but her feet just went down, and down. She moaned.

“Heels. Where?” she asked.

“We took your ballet boots off. You have to walk on your feet.”

“No. Heels. Want.” said Karen.

“Okay but I warn you. If you don’t rest them, if you don’t work them back full flat, you’re gonna be stuck in ballet boots tomorrow morning.” said Lady Lynda, lacing the ballet booties back on.

“Okay, take all the time you need. We’ll be on the pool deck.” said Lady Lynda, leaving the room with slave on toe, still struggling in his high heels.

After a few moments regrouping her thoughts, she walked out, rubbing her latex enclosed thighs, feeling her constricted waist, yes, she liked it, but she had to make up her mind: she would never be able to wear this in real life. This was all just a fantasy. And it has been fulfilled. What could she ask next? What goal will be better? What fantasy could it be?

A few hours later, at about dinner time, Darek and Sandra showed up, dressed vanilla, carrying a small suitcase.

“We figured you would want out of this suit.” they said.

“Yes and no. I like it but I think my skin needs some rest. Can you give me a hand? This suit is extra tight for its thickness,” said Karen, knowing perfectly that she had ordered it with that purpose in mind.

Sandra went with her to the bathroom. She got out a few moments later while Karen took a long needed shower. She walked out wearing the tight faux-leather jeans and the wetlook spandex leotard they had brought her in the suitcase.

“Well, we’re ready to go when you’re ready.” said Derek, the keys of the car in his hand, passing the message.

They thanked Lady Lynda and gave their farewell. Karen took a seat in the back of the car. As soon as Sandra closed her door Karen gently coughed.

“Do… Do you think you could… cuff my hands in my back?” she asked.

Sandra shigh.


“Well… it is still my fantasy birthday weekend and if I had been at home…”

“Okay we get it.” said Derek, walking to the trunk and fetching the cuffs from the suitcase.

“Oh… and my ankles too?”

“Uh… Rriiiight…” said Derek, diving his hands in the suitcase to retrieve more cuffs.

“Euh… If it doesn’t sound too silly… perhapgrmmnfffmn…” began to say Karen but Sandra stuffed the ball gag in her mouth while Derek wrapped the collar around her neck, linking it to the child seat restraint at the back of the seat.

“There. Stand still and shut the fuck up.” said Sandra, giggling, getting back in her seat.

As they drove off, she looked at Lady Lynda through her opened window, standing by the car, arms crossed, looking severe. Karen was squirming and smiling. Oh, that was fun. So fun. She thought about it. She had vacations coming and with some banked time she had, she could probably stretch them for one month. She wondered how much Lady Lynda would charge her to live there for a whole month. A whole month of  bondage, of total letting go, of total freedom of thoughts.

Something to think about.

Yes, something to think about.

© monsterp63

29th of May, 2023

No, there won’t be a “one month long” sequel. Just take that story and read it, oh… ten times? (3 days times 10 = 30 days… right?)

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5 thoughts on “Karen – Happy Birthday

  1. Great story, I like her! I didn’t guess the ending this time! I thought Karen would wear a gray tight suit until the end, playing around thinking she would stay!

    1. If I can still surprise a reader, I’m happy.

      For Karen to stay there was never in my mind. It was a weekend game and it had to last three days.
      She was actually supposed to stay alone, doing self bondage all weekend-long, to keep in line with my own birthday fantasy. It was supposed to be a 10-15 pages story. But, oh well, inspiration knocked at the door. That and the fact that it wouldn’t be a good Karen story if she didn’t ended up in some sort of unforeseen predicament.

      If you noticed, Sandra and Derek disappeared from the story at one point. I honestly didn’t know what to to with them. This was my… I mean, Karen’s fantasy, so it had to be her and her alone, as much as possible, living the “dream” of her birthday gift.

  2. Excellent story, and – as usual by now – well supported by the rendered images.l
    Many Thanks – much appreciated.

    Also, I like that fact that there is some consideration for the “plumbing aspects” – it’d be too unreal if that’d be ignored completely.

    Just one thing: Is there such a thing as “shiny neoprene” – I thought it’s always dull as a matter of course of the material…?

    1. Thank you.

      Plumbing: Those are “non-erotic” details but I feel they are necessary so the story is not, as you say, “too unreal”, even if it’s a fantasy.

      Shiny neoprene: There’s basically two kinds of neoprene: nylon coated and smoothskin.
      The nylon coated is the one you see the most on divers where the neoprene is sandwiched between two layers of nylon fabric, to protect the otherwise fragile neoprene, thus matte finish. If not, just kneeling on something hard would tear the surface of the suit/neoprene.

      However, the smoothskin is, well… smooth (duh). It is the outer layer of the neoprene itself, literally the skin of the neoprene, so very thin and very fragile. One could tear a hole through it with a fingernail if not careful. With a little bit of latex shine it could become shiny. Of course not as much as latex but enough to be good to look at if you like shiny things.

      A story being a story, one could enhance it a little.

      Just search for “triathlon wetsuits” in google images and you’ll see what I mean. It’s probably not a surprise if I tell you that I have one (Brand: Synergy), that’s how I know what I’m talking about. – I actually have two, a “Body Glove” that is mostly nylon and the Synergy one.

  3. Yup “Actually Bestie” was the correct assessment. Once again a very sexy little tale you spun here.

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