Why Most Updates are on a Sunday?


It’s no secret for anyone. Since a year or two, I mainly post new stuff on a Sunday.

Why? Well, this is not exactly a choice I made.

Actually, I post stuff when it’s ready. On rare occasion, I will post on specific days, like for a Holiday, but other then that, as soon as it’s ready, I post it.

So, why it’s ready more often on Sundays?

As you know (or should know) I work for a living and writing those stories are not part of that “living” (no $$$ out of it for those who didn’t get the message). I write when I have the chance and the inspiration, which happens to be mostly in the morning. My inspiration is often cut short on weekdays because, well, work… But on the weekend, I can write for a few hours, create art, etc.

So, after a week, or two, or three of writing a story and making 3D art, writing a piece here, a part there, it needs to be proof-read because often, a piece I wrote on Monday doesn’t fit on the part I wrote on Thursday*, and to do a good proof-reading, I have to read it in one shot (or as few readings as possible) to catch those continuity errors.

*I wrote on Monday that Karen had her arms tied in her back, and on Thursday her wrists were tied in front linked to her collar. Oops… Or, as in the case of Happy Birthday, I wrote that Sandra came to her house wearing tight jeans while I did the render in latex. Re-oops. – I changed the story, not the render…

So, proof reading, making some last minute 3D renders and, what do you know, it’s Sunday!

I thought some of you would want to know.

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3 thoughts on “Why Most Updates are on a Sunday?

  1. Okay, maybe due to the time difference, I usually see your update on Monday morning!

    1. What are you talking about?
      Time zones are made up. Every flat-Earthers knows that.

      I’m actually on UTC-5 time zone.
      So, new title: “Why Most updates are on a Sunday UTC-5”.

      1. The local newspaper made a wonderful headline:
        Flat-Earthers from around the world meet in …..

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