Creating with A.I.? NO!!!


Hello folks. I’m back.

Just to make something clear. Not that I had pressure or anything about it, but someone casually asked me if I was using or going to get help writing using A.I., ChatGPT, or something like that.

The answer is simple: No Fucking Way.

I might write less, because inspiration is more difficult after 400 stories, although I have people feeding me ideas like crazy, (yes, I’m looking at you chastitygirl90, and also at you Nicole), but I will never get help from some artificial being to create my universe, my Kareniverse.

You can be sure that those stories are genuine, and except for grammar/syntax help from Grammarly (non-AI, not paying for that shit), Google Docs, and the like, they are all imagined and written by my humble self.

And when I’ll be unable to write, I’ll stop writing.

I have a few stories in the oven right now and one will be posted in a couple of days. (Wasps)

I also have another project in the oven which is a pure S-F story, – yes, a little fetishy with the outfits but it’s Science-Fiction – which asks that I spend some time on it.

I am also renovating my home. Yes, lots of stuff going on.

Thank you for your patience.

Writing tools:

By the way, for those of you who would like to write novels, I found a very helpful tool: LivingWriter. I wish I had this app years ago. Not really helpful for Kareniverse stories, but for a 19-chapter S-F novel? Damn! It’s fantastic. If your cup of tea is more stories in the DnD style, then I suggest WorldAnvil. Those are NOT A.I. writing software. They help you organize things, characters, objects, and worlds, straighten the plotline using different tools, etc. They do not write for you. I just thought I could share that.


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3 thoughts on “Creating with A.I.? NO!!!

  1. After reading so many of your stories, I definitely don’t think it was written by AI. AI can’t write such a story! Those who question you are not true fans! As long as you take it seriously, it’s easy to distinguish the difference between AI and real person writing, isn’t it?

    1. Thanks.
      They each have their pros and cons. I checked a few and I chose LivingWriter based on the reviews. I’m sure every user of every writing software (there are quite a few of those available ) would say that theirs is the best. You learn to use/appreciate one.

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