Karen – Wasp.


Author’s note: This summer, I had an unfortunate encounter with a wasp nest behind my house. Was stung three times. Fortunately, I didn’t have an anaphylactic reaction, but my hand and my thumb got swollen. I was telling the mishap to a friend (chastitygirl90) and she came up with that brilliant idea for a story. How could I say no to inspiration?

She carefully pulled down on her sundress, making sure it hid the steel belt circling her corseted waist and secured the toys inside her. Well, you’re kinky or you’re not.

She hopped on her wedge platform sneakers, because, well, stilettos high heels in soil isn’t the best.

She added a hat and sunshades and headed out to her garden, to clean the weed off her wonderful flowers and vegetables.

It was on a rather small lot with a tree in the middle. She reached the area where she intended to work, just under the tree, put her knee pad down and kneeled, getting to work while humming, because she was happy and because her toys were also gently humming.

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighb… ouch!” she said as she looked at her arm and sees a wasp. She slapped it off.

“Shit. That hurt.” she said, rubbing her arm. “Ouch! Ouc… What the fuck?” she yelled as she got back on her feet in a hurry and walked backward while looking around and gasps.

All around her, a swarm of wasps was attacking her. She got stung two more times before she was far enough that they would stop attacking her.

“What the hell?” she asked, then looked up to see that huge wasp nest in a branch right over where she was working. “Shit! That wasn’t there two days ago.” she said, rubbing her hand. “And no, I’m not giving you my garden! You want war? You’ll get war.” she said, stomping out of the garden and straight into her car.

She drove to the nearest hardware store and headed straight for the bug spray aisle.

“Oh, hello, may I help you.” said the clerk.

Karen turned around.

“Oh, you’re new here, right?”

“Yes, ” said the short blond woman. “My name is Sandra. I started four days ago. Brand new in town.” she said, giggling.

“Oh, well. Welcome. Uh, how rude of me. I’m Karen, I live by the edge of the town. Erm… Listen, I’m looking for, say, any good wasps killing juice? I got a wasp nest up my tree and I got stung big time this morning, so… they looked for it.” she said, showing her red hand.

“Oh damn. That sucks. Well, you’re at the right place. All the wasp stuff is there,” said Sandra, pointing out where Karen was standing.

“Yeah but I don’t seem to see the stuff for my wasps. Their nest looks half inside the tree and the other half hanging for a branch.”

Sandra’s eyes got wider.

“Do… Do they have a small red dot between the wings?” she asked.

“Yeah, I think so. Why?”

“Those are red dot wasps. They are… protected.”

“Yeah right. Anyway, will any of those do?”

“I can’t sell you anything. In fact, I even have to report the nest to the authorities.” said Sandra.

“You don’t really have to do that, don’t you? They are in the middle of my garden. If they stay there, I’ll lose everything.”

“Sorry, Karen. I have no choice. If the authorities hear about it, I will go to jail.”

“But… but… my garden?”

Sandra went on her computer.

“It’s the fourth one in the last three days I have to report. They are a pain, very aggressive and well protected. I’m really sorry, Karen. Perhaps there’s one of those protective suits, like the ones worn by beekeepers, you could wear, but we don’t carry that here. The wasps will usually be gone by winter and all you have to do is plug the hole they used to make their nest inside the tree and you won’t be bothered next year.” said Sandra as she took Karen’s information to log it in. “I think that if you make a search for red dot wasp protective catsuits, I mean suits…, you might get what you need. But be very specific: red dot wasps protective CATsuits.” she repeated.

“CAT suits? Whatever. Yeah. I’ll look for that on-line. Thanks Sandra.” said Karen, disappointed.

Once back home, she sat at her computer and looked for beekeeper suits. However, all of them had that little warning: will not protect against red dot wasps. Those specifically for wasps were looking like bulky hazmat suits.


She remembered that new girl, Sandra, putting an emphasis on red dot wasps protective catsuits, so she modified her search text. This time the results gave only one website. She clicked on it.

“What the…?”

At first, she thought it was a neoprene wetsuit.

“That’s an idea.” she thought, until she read further.

It wasn’t neoprene but latex. Very thick latex. Her eyes widened. She always wanted to try latex. She had a corset, a chastity belt and high heels, but that was about it. She wasn’t seeing herself spending money on a latex catsuit she would only wear indoors. She wanted to live her fetishes, not hide them. This protective suit would make the best excuse!

It was expensive but, hey, it takes what it takes.

However, they were made to measure with three months manufacturing leading time. Sucks! In three months, it might be too late to really use it. Then again, she can order it and leave the nest there for next year.

With a devilish grin, she began to fill the custom ordering page when she noticed the small “in stock” button. She clicked it. There were a few items, hoods with imperfect finish, gloves, and there, one, only one, full catsuit.

The description stated that it was a canceled order, and they gave out all the information and measurements. It was extreme. Very extreme. The heaviest rubber it could be made with, full hood with lenses over the eyeholes, micro punctures for nose holes and a plug-gag to seal the mouth. It had attached gloves and feet and included… pointed toe boots? What the heck!

She looked at the measurements. Lengthwise, it was perfect except whoever ordered it was skinnier than Karen, which would make the suit extra-tight.

The price? 60% off! However, no refund or exchange.

She looked again at all the accessories, and there were a lot. Looked like this suit was made for long-time wear with enemas and urethral plugs! She carefully re-read the measurements and all the information and put it in her shopping basket. Hand shaking she clicked the ‘proceed’ button. Three minutes later, she had the confirmation that the item will be shipped within 4 hours and she should get it the very next day!

She was surprised and puzzled. The box was larger and mostly heavier than what she thought it would be. She opened it with some anxiety.

She pulled the large garment out of the box, frowning. It was thick, with attached gloves and toe socks, obviously non-removable contrarily to what she thought, and even the hood was attached to the suit, hanging in the front of the collar.

“Shit.” she said, holding the catsuit at arm length, having second thoughts, seeing how thick this thing was and also how slim. “Oh well, only one way to find out.”

She browsed the instruction sheet, got completely naked and coated herself with the provided silicone oil before pulling the long back zipper which was made like those sandwich bag closure but higher end, leaving the closure seamless. She slid her legs into the suit. Already, this would prove a very tight fit.

She had to pull and tug really hard for her legs to go down, to the attached toe socks. She shivered. At first because the latex was cold to the touch, but it didn’t take long that the shivers were caused by the anticipation of being tightly squeezed into that tight rubber enclosure.

Slowly, the foot, the calves, the knees and the thighs were tightly wrapped in the thick rubber. There were lumps at the crotch. Of course, the enema and urethra options. She didn’t really need them so she just tucked them away, making a weird feeling lump at the crotch. She then pulled the tight suit over her butt, squishing them in.

That she liked.

As well as the tight feeling as the suit rose up her body. She slid her arms into the sleeves down to the attached gloves. As for the legs, this also proved to be quite a workout. Finally, the suit was in place. All that was left was to pull the zipper up using the pull strap.

She grabbed the long strap and put her arms over her head, to stretch the suit and her body, and pulled. The closing went up slowly. She had to suck in her stomach real hard to be able to close the suit.

That she liked.

When the closure reached her chest, it compressed it heavily. Good thing there were molded cups for her ample breasts otherwise they would have been squished flat. She pulled the drawstring, the collar tightening around her neck, then she heard a click as it stopped.

She tried to pull it down but couldn’t.

“What the…?” she mumbled as she reached for the zipper bit, feeling some sort of hole in it.

Then she remembered she saw a set of keys in the box, wondering what the use was for. It was small keys.

She took the keys and with her hands at the back of her neck, tried to fit the key inside the hole. It took her a few attempts but she managed. She turned the key and was able to pull down the zipper. With some relief, she put the keys down to pull the latex hood over her head. That’s when she realized that the hood would have gone under the shoulders of the suit as it sported a very large yoke.

So again, fondling with the lock, she pulled the zipper down to below her shoulder blades, then pulled the tight hood over her head. It had a molded face and dark lenses over the eyes. The mouth was closed by a flap holding a long tube going at the back of her mouth, surrounded by a loose sack. Over the nose openings, there were long tubes obviously made to go up the nostrils.

No way she was going to put those on. She bundled the nose tubes around her face, seriously thinking about cutting them off but reluctant as the suit was nonetheless brand new, and, who knows… She might try it. She was kinky after all and being enclosed in rubber was a fantasy.

She pulled down the back zipper of the hood. Once at the end, the handle came off, much to her surprise!

“Oh well, I’ll see to fix it later.” she thought as she pulled on the suit zipper until she heard the click of the lock. “Of course, this makes sure the zipper would not ride down by itself.” she thought of removing the drawstring by the way of the quick clip it had.

And then, for the first time, she took the whole feeling of the suit. Every breath was a strain. She had to work against the suit to expand her chest to breathe. She liked it. The rubber was thick and less stretchy than the thin rubber garments she tried before, making every gesture a struggle. She had to pull on her arms, exert pressure when bending them. Kneeling proved challenging as it pulled the crotch seam up, which was not unpleasant but she feared it would send her mind away from the task at hand.

She looked at the heel-less boots provided and decided to go with her wedge sneakers instead.

And off she went. The sunshine hit hard on her shiny black skin, making her quickly sweat. That only seemed to add a layer of lubricant between her skin and the suit, making it slide on her body, creating wonderful sensations.

She reached the garden and of course, the wasps attacked her. She watched in amusement at the wasps trying to poke the thick protective rubber over her arm, with their darts simply sliding off. Damn!

“That must be frustrating”, she thought, giggling, thinking how frustrating it is to try to thread a needle.

Kneeling, moving around, stretching her arms, all brought her pleasure. She never thought that a simple latex catsuit could provide such things. It wasn’t any different than spandex or PVC, right? Well, that proved her wrong.

That she loved.

After an hour of tugging on the suit, pulling, twisting, to work on her garden, pulling the weed out, picking what was ready to harvest, she waked back to her home, exhausted, satisfied and hot as hell! The loose devices at her crotch had rubbed more than she thought and she was longing for an orgasm!

She quickly peeled the suit off and laid on her bed, grabbing her magic wand and… nothing. Well, it was fun but the whole orgasmic effect was gone.

“Nah. Really?” she said, looking at the dripping latex suit on the floor by the side of the bed. “Am I now… addicted to latex?”

She put on her corset, faux leather leggings and a spandex shirt to end the day, lounging around in the house and on her patio. She didn’t had to work, thanks from the inheritance from Aunt Clarence.

She made some tasty salad for lunch and some barbecue for dinner, enjoying her tight leggings and wedge heeled sandals.

She headed to bed, wrapping a wide leather collar around her neck and linking it to a ring at the head of the bed. She liked some bondage feeling from time to time and that was just enough. For a regular night, that is.

The next day it was the same scenario, getting into the suit, getting quite horny and losing it all once the suit was taken off.

This went on for a few days. Of course, it bothered her and made her increasingly horny.

Then she had to give a special treatment of fertilization and pest control, but since she was using natural ingredients, it wasn’t a one-time application like most chemicals but twice a day for four days.

She contemplated the idea of putting the suit on and off twice a day for four days, the thoughts were not very appealing.

“Well, that suit is made for long term wear, Karen. Why not give it a try?” she said, grabbing the instructions about inserting the catheters, enema plugs, breathing and feeding tubes.

The butt plug was fun. She wore those before. Same for the dildo, sorry the vaginal plug. The urethra catheter was another story. Not exactly appealing. Then at the last moment, she thought about putting on her corset, UNDER the catsuit.

“Hey, why not?” she thought.

She grabbed one of her tightest corsets and crushed her waist with it, welcoming the squeezing feeling, which is more rigid than the suit. Then she pulled the suit over the corset, arms in the sleeves and pulled the back closing zipper up to mid-torso.

Now, the hood.

Following the instructions, she lubed the tubes for the nostrils and proceeded with them. Nope. Totally disgusting. She would not do it. Then again, she wanted to try them. Eyes closed, she tried again. Four more tries were required for the hoses to fully go up her nostrils and down her sinuses at the back or her throat.

“Interesting.” she mumbled.

She covered her head with the hood and closed both zippers, locking herself inside the tight and thick latex suit.

She took a deep breath, her first one while fully rubber enclosed and corseted. She liked it.

Now, the feeding tube. Again, she read the instructions. She almost puked at the first try but she managed. After six attempts.

The feeling was overwhelming and she was almost panicking. The tight latex, the full enclosure, the sensory deprivation, the corset, she can live with, but the tubes? Not really for her. At least, at the moment.

She turned around to put on her wedge sneakers and looked at the lace-up over the knee pointed boots that came with the suit.

“Since you’re going extreme, Karen, why not?” she said to herself.

And so, she put on the extreme footwear, lacing them tightly. And there was even a small lock, at the smallest portion of the ankle, which would lock the boots on. Since the suit itself was locked, why the hell not? And thinking about locking herself, she walked to her closet and picked her beloved chastity belt.

“You either go for it all or not at all” she thought,

The belt, which was adjusted to fit over that corset, closed without incident except for being a little tighter, thanks to the thickness of the latex of the suit.

Walking on the heel-less boots was a challenge. She had worn ballet boots a few times, mainly for play, but now she had to work with them.

As she was cleaning the mess she had made dressing up, gathering the instruction sheet and stuff, a small red colored paper fell off. She grabbed it from the floor and read it.

“Auto-Expanding Foam Warning.

These sealing pouches contain vials of auto-expanding foam. To activate them, just give them a sharp blow to break the glass. The foam will expand and the specially formulated glass will be dissolved by the foam.

The foam will expand for as long as there is room to expand. The hardening process takes 12 hours during which the seal pouch can be removed. After that, the foam will become solid. The seal is now permanent.”

“Sealing pouches?” thought Karen. “Where? Probably a paper that got misplaced.” she thought.

She walked out to the garden and to her surprise, it went relatively well, walking on her extreme footwear. Until she reached the soft ground of her garden, when they began to sink.

She was humming as she worked, her body and her mind, having accepted the dreadful setup. She was getting hotter by the minute and, honestly, not wearing her belt, she would have had a go at it right now, moving the plugs with her hand as best as she could have.

Once inside, she rushed for the keys, removed the belt and applied her magic wand on it. Oh yes. It didn’t take time. She exploded. The most powerful orgasm she ever felt.

So far.

The mix of the breathing restriction, the compression of the latex, the feeling of the latex on her fingers holding the magic wand, her feet in the pointy toe position, the constriction of the corset, the breathing restriction, all of it made for a wonderful orgasm.

She was slowly calming down, ready to get out of it after such a wonderful time. And the thought came back: she couldn’t. Well, yes, she could, but she put on everything to keep the suit for four days! She was not about to get rid of it at the first orgasm.

That thought made her hot!

She did her regular house chores all dressed up, even keeping the pointy boots. She felt as if she was daydreaming and actually made the chores a pleasant activity, thanks to the plugs but also to the tight latex.

She wanted more. She put back the chastity belt, grabbed her collar and added steel cuffs to her wrists and ankles, linking them with short chains, then resuming her chores.

Damn! She shouldn’t have! She was now even hotter than before and it wasn’t long she was back on the bed, ready to take her belt off but, with all her mental strength, she refrained from doing so. Instead, she took the keys of everything and put them in her timed safe for five days! That should do it!

Now, trying as she might, she would not be able to vibe herself to orgasm before five days.

Oh, how devilish and how pure pleasure torture! She was already foreseeing the orgasm she would have later on!

In the afternoon, she was back in the garden, enjoying her setup. The bondage made the task more difficult and much more enjoyable and a heck or a lot more arousing!

And that was frustrating as hell because she knew she would not get the reward she so wanted.

She slept with her neck linked to the head of the bed. Sleep didn’t come easy. She was used to being neck bound but not fully tied up and certainly not intubated and coated in tight rubber. She wasn’t hurting, she was just constantly hot! Every movement, every breath was reminding her she was tied up and was making her hot. She tried countless times to reach her crotch with her fingers but was blocked by the belt.

Her second day was as hellish, in an arousal sort of way, as the first one, although she was getting accustomed to the whole setup. In the middle of the afternoon, while she was giving her garden another go at the fertilizer, she heard voices.

“Ehm… excuse me?… EXCUSE ME! MISS??”

Karen turned around. A man in a suit was standing there, holding a tablet and looking stunned by the sight. Karen waved back, since she couldn’t talk.

“I am from the City Wildlife Preservation Committee. I’m here about the red dot wasp nest you have reported?”

Karen nodded a large yes and pointed, using her bound hands, to the nest, clearly hanging from the tree behind her.

“Oh, yes.” he said, approaching but Karen waved him to stop, gesturing to show her own protective outfit, but he continued, getting closer and closer. Already the wasps were flying around him.

“That’s a huge specimen. It’s actually the first one I see. Those are rare in the area.” he said, somewhat oblivious to the heavy gear Karen was wearing. He seemed fascinated by the nest.

Karen could see the wasps trying to sting him but his formal suit was probably too thick. He grabbed his tablet to take a few pictures, getting even closer. That’s when the first wasp found a nice tender spot on his hand. And another. And they found his neck. And his face.

He yelled, dropping his tablet and turning around, waving his arms in the air, trying to have the wasp go away, which only pissed them off.

On his run away from the nest, he stepped on the head of the shovel that was there, making the handle swing in the air.

Now, you expect the handle to hit him in the face. But that’s not what happened. There was a garden glove on the handle. That glove flew in the air and, now you guessed it, hit the wasps nest head on.

You can imagine what that did!

A slew of wasps flew out attacking anything and anyone in sight. Karen was surrounded by a cloud of angry and aggressive wasps, trying to sting her. Panic first sets because of the instinct to flee a swarm of wasps. She was waving her hands in the air when she realized that the wasps were only sliding on her suit. She was totally protected!

The city inspector was running for his life, hands flapping in the air, until he reached the other side of the street where he stopped, panting, rubbing his hands, neck and face.

“I just hope he’s not allergic!” thought Karen as she picked up the tablet he left behind on the ground. As she slowly walked toward him, the wasps leaving in defeat, she typed something on the tablet.

“Shit! Those are… nasty! I was told about them but never thought… ” he began to say as Karen handed over the tablet with the message.

“Why the fuck do you think I wear this? Are you an idiot or something? Those are WASPS! by nature, they are aggressive and nasty.”

He read the message.

“I… I… It’s my first day… and…”

Karen grabbed the tablet back.

“Go see a doctor, just to make sure. And if I may suggest, stay away from wasps nests in the future.”

She then turned around and casually walked back to her garden, the wasps gathering around her, still pissed off. After all, a large chunk of their nest was crushed by the glove.

By the fifth day, The wasps were kind of used to see that black human rummaging under their nests, never bothering them, and also, they knew that it was no use to sting her, although they still tried, but less and less. She was basically left alone.

That suited her. Perhaps she would be able to go back wearing standard clothes and not be stung. Not that she didn’t liked wearing latex, just the hassle to put it on and take it off every time.

But after five days of teasing and tormenting, she was eager to have a good one.

So much that in her last work at the garden, her mind was elsewhere, she was careless, and her pointed feet slipped. She fell backward, falling hard on her butt and hitting her head on the tree.

“Ouch!!” she mumbled as she heard a crack in her mouth. “Fuck, I broke a tooth… What the…?”

Something was moving inside her mouth. Something was inflating: the expanding foam vial had broken. And the same for her crotch where she felt them being filled, and it was growing LARGE!

She recomposed herself. She needed to get out of the suit. She rushed inside, hoping the safe was ready to open. Yes, she had 12 hours to free herself but still!

The countdown was at the 16 minutes mark. The more she waited and looked at the timer, the more aroused she was. Oh fuck yes! She would get an orgasm. A big one!

She grabbed the keys and immediately reached for her collar, fondling the locks, but for some reason, the key wouldn’t turn. Of course, she couldn’t have a good look at the collar to figure out what was going on so she went for the wrist cuff.

There she saw that the key was not fully getting in.

“What the hell?” she said, looking at the keys, making sure she had grabbed the right one, having a funny thought that she had locked herself in with the wrong keys in the safe.

Yes, those were the right keys. But why wouldn’t they go in? She tried the other lock: same thing. Ankle cuffs? Same! She was starting to panic.

She knew she had the right keys for her belt as there was only one. She was able to put the key in but it wouldn’t turn.

She was largely impaired by the tinted lenses of the protective hood and couldn’t clearly see, so she went outside, in the bright sunlight to have a better look.

She approached the wrist locks to her face and had a look. A good look.

“What the fuck is in that thing?” she asked as she said weird things filling the keyhole. She rushed back inside and took a set of tweezers and tried to pull whatever was inside it. She took out a thin black spike with something mushy and gooey at the large end of it.

“Darts! Fucking wasp darts! The bastards filled the locks with them!” she exclaimed.

She rushed to her computer to know more about them, and the more she read, the more reality sank in: the darts were known to have a strong venom which is known, when present in large quantities, to … eat brass.

All her locks were made out of brass!

Of course, the easy solution would have been to cut them off. Easy said, easy done. If they were padlocks, that is. But they were not. The locks were part of her steel cuffs and thus, it meant cutting the cuffs and the belt off and it also meant cutting the suit zipper off too.

The only padlocks were the ones holding the chains to the cuffs.

She laid on her bed, wondering what life would be like, permanently enclosed in tight latex, pointy heels and fully intubated.

Damn, that made her hot! Hell, she had 12 hours to get free. She grabbed her magic wand and pressed it with all her strength against the chastity belt.

The vibration her crotch received was faint but she was so horny, it was enough.

Enough to tease her to the max, enough to set off her brain, enough to… make her climax like never before!

Her brain turned into a hormone paste, all her thoughts were merged into one messed up mass, and the result was pure pleasure.

The more she pushed on her belt with the magic wand, the more intense was the pleasure.

Restrained! She wanted to be restrained! But how could she restrain herself while pressing the magic wand over her crotch.

Then something happened. Something weird. The wasps! Yes, the wasps were in her home, they were grabbing her legs and spreading them out, linking them to the corners of the bed. Then they grabbed her wrists and pulled them on the top corners of the bed, stretching herself in a very wide spread eagle position, and very tightly.

She could have fought them back but it was as if they were hypnotizing her, overpowering her. She let them do what they wanted to do.

Then the wasps entered her crotch! They creep inside the toys, She could feel them vibrating, pulsating.

She threw her head backward as the orgasm engulfed her. Her brain was filled with fireworks, each explosion bringing more pleasure than the other. The wasps were doing an incredible job. And as soon as one orgasm was subsiding, another was building up, rummaging her crotch, screwing up her brain, making her experience pleasure on a whole other level, up to a point where her brain had enough and simply shut down. Everything went black.

Standing on the doorway of her room, was a woman, in a shiny red latex catsuit, waist heavily corseted and a shiny steel belt around her waist and through her crotch. She was holding a remote control in one hand while smiling.

She pressed a button on the remote and the buzzing sound coming from Karen’s hidden vibrating toys stopped. A man walked beside her, rubbing his hands and his neck.

“I told you, Phil, that one day, you would be stung,” said the woman.

“Shut up, Sandra. This is painful enough. So, we take her?”

“Absolutely. The first out of four. Bring her to the mansion.”

“Yes, Mistress.” said the man, bowing, then heading for Karen, who was nothing more than a limped body.

She was feeling stretched, but not on her bed. Like… standing up. She blinked a few times. She was in some sort of concrete room. She was stretched alright, arms and legs well apart although she wasn’t feeling the ground. She tried to speak, to call for help but the tubes in her mouth prevented any sound from going out. She could also feel the whole pressure of the now hardened expanding foam. She couldn’t move her tongue at all.

It meant that… it had been more than 12 hours. What the hell was going on here?”

She pulled on her restraints, trying to get free, but they were too sturdy. She saw something move. A blond woman was approaching, her ballet booties clicking on the concrete floor of the concrete room she was in.

“Hello Karen,” said a voice that sounded familiar. “My name is Sandra but I think you already know that.” she said. “I am your Queen now, the Queen wasp. The RED Wasp Queen.” she said, gently rubbing her red catsuit.

Karen struggled against her restraints. No way she would become a slave. Even for someone believing she was the queen of wasps.

“Oh yes you will. And you know why? No, not because if you don’t obey I will punish you. But because if you obey, you’ll get this.” she said as she pressed a remote.

Karen crotch went alive. The wasps were back, vibrating, pulsating, trying to get out of her crotch while giving her a sexual workout!

She moaned, she screamed and she fought her restraints and the more she fought them, the more aroused she became and the more extreme was the final orgasm, because yes, in a matter of minutes, she was already going orgasmic, but right there, in the middle of that powerful orgasm, everything became silent.

Karen grunted and looked at Sandra, smiling.

“I am your Queen. Will you obey me?”

Panting, Karen nodded yes. She would do anything for her Queen.

A man entered. Karen recognized it as the guy from the city.

“Go move the nest. Here’s the address. I need two more.”

“Yes, My Queen.” said the man, bowing as he walked backward into the darkness.

(c) monsterp63

August 9, 2023

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12 thoughts on “Karen – Wasp.

  1. Oh, I like it! I also have a week for your other science fiction article, after all, it has latex suits, right!

    1. I mean, I’m also interested in your science fiction article, after all, it has a tight fitting element!

      1. A set of wasp protective clothing! This is your first time adopting a new theme, which is very interesting!

    1. Thank you very much, TheSeventhCode.

      Chastity belt within the suit. That would be difficult, I mean it is quite a lump of steel there. Of course, it can always be molded in some kind of hard/thin material.

      1. Mhh, maybe you have some kind of look inside the suit, through which you can pull it through? That way, you would have latex on the inside and outside. This is going a bit far, but maybe one around the waist, and then another one between the legs, connecting the two in the front and back when the suit is zipped up?
        The entire thing would be accessible if the zipper is completely open, but seamlessly disappears once the suit is closed.

  2. Sandra was very clever, leading Karen to get the Idea of using a catsuit for “protection”. I think that Sandra was the one that planted the wasps, lied to Karen about them being protected, and ordered and canceled the catsuit to make sure Karen found it!

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