Dystopian World


Not sure if I would consider it a dystopian totalitarian world or a dream world…

I was creating an image for a story I’m working on, where the scene takes place in a train station. Of course, a train station means lots of people around. Me being myself, I would have put everybody in the scene in some fetish fashion, but for the story, it was not an option.

But who knows? What would a Dystopian totalitarian train station look like? I had to see it.

Then again, is being “forced” to wear latex, high heels, corsets, and gags, and be in constant bondage really Dystopian?

You tell me. In the meantime, here’s the resulting image.

Yeah, the guy tied up on the wall didn’t wear regulatory clothing, I mean, he’s bare-chested and wearing jeans. What a shame! You must OBEY MISTRESS!

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