Karen – The Visit


Thanks again to chastitygirl90 for the wonderful inspiration for this story.

Author’s notes:

1- Renders vs. story: For quite some time now, I’ve been writing the story to match the renders. I would often modify the story to match what I was able to do with the rendering instead of writing the story my brain had come up with. Basically, I was “choking” my creativity with the renders.

Well, this time… I didn’t. I wrote the story the way my mind was seeing it and only once the story was completed, did I make the renders the way I could (with the props I had) and concentrate on the moods instead. So it means that the renders do not match the story 100%. The cuffs might be different, the setups, etc. So, the images are not “the story” but illustrate it with some “dramatic liberties”. And I feel I nailed both of them pretty well.

2- I KNOW that there are no seatbelts on trains. Work with me here πŸ˜‰

She looked outside. She looked at the weather app. Things will be just perfect.

She took her bra to put it on. It was a very special bra. It was made of hot pink latex but there were small steel buttons on the inside, going on each side of her nipples. Paper-thin wires were embedded in the latex shoulder straps and linked to four larger steel plates in the center back of the chest strap. A thin rubber strap was hanging from the back of the chest belt, all the way to her waist.

Followed her hot pink latex panties. Those panties were special as there were… holes at the crotch, one for each orifice. They were small but latex is stretchy. On the edges of each hole, there were small steel plates with embedded wires running to the back of the waistband.

She took the thin rubber band hanging from the bra and linked it to the back of the pantie’s waistband.

She then proceeded with her beloved black latex catsuit. It was thick and tight. The manufacturer told her that with this thickness, she would have trouble taking it off by herself, if she’s even able to, but she didn’t care. Well, in fact, she cared. She wished for it.

She carefully pulled the tight catsuit over her feet, putting her toes into their separate compartment of the attached toe socks, then she carefully pulled it up her legs, feeling the cold latex creeping up, warming quickly.

Her breath shivered as the suit reached her thighs. She could feel how tight it was over her legs and getting the latex on her crotch was always a very enjoyable moment.

Carefully, stretching the neck, she pulled it over her hips, up to her waist, making sure the thin strap running down her back was staying in place, before pulling more of the latex along, then she stretched the suit over her chest, over her breasts.

Her breath was shaking with anticipation. Oh yes. It already felt so good.

Using all her yoga flexibility, she pulled one arm inside, through the neck opening, and carefully pushed it down the tight sleeve, down to the attached glove, feeding her fingers in, putting them into their own sensory deprivation chambers, although, for her, it was a very well felt sensory.

She folded her other arm and reached inside the suit, putting it down the sleeve. As she did so, the neck of the suit took its place, pushing the last remaining air out of the suit, making a funny fart sound.

She stretched her arms to don the latex catsuit to perfection. The molded cups were just perfect, gently squeezing her ample breasts. She looked in the mirror and ran her hands up and down her tightly, shiny black skin. There were no loose spots anywhere! The fit was perfect. Perfectly tight. Perfectly sealed. Perfectly latex.

From the bed, she took a long red latex corset and wrapped it around her waist, tightening the lacing, more and more, until she couldn’t anymore. She knew she had to allow time for her organs to find their new room. She had squeezed her waist 10cm, there was still 2cm to go and she absolutely needed them.

In the meantime, she walked to her closet and came back with two large lumps of shiny steel. She took a T-shape belt and reached for a box in her nightstand to retrieve two large plugs. She snapped the plugs on one of the steel straps of the belt.

She did a little more stretching, bending and twisting before giving another go at tightening the corset. She managed and with a devilish smile, she knotted the lacing. She took the belt and wrapped it around her waist. Its tight fit proved that the corset had been properly tightened, otherwise, it wouldn’t go in.

She reached for the strap hanging between her legs, strap which was holding the two large plugs. Carefully, she lubed them and gently inserted them, one by one, as she closed the strap, pulling it tight on her belly, meeting with the waistband.

She was softly moaning and biting her lower lip as the invaders stretched her holes, gently sliding in. She pulled on the crotch strap, pushing the toys deeper, until it reached the locking knob. She put it in and with a devilish smile, snapped it shut.

With her latex-gloved hand, she reached for a button on the front of her belt where a little display was lilt. She then took her phone and called an app. She pressed a few keys and she jumped. Yes, the link was completed, with the belt, the crotch toys and the bra. She closed the app. That was to be for later.

She took the last chunk of steel lying on the bed and wrapped it over her breasts, squeezing them inside the steel cups. She fed the chain over her shoulders and linked them with the large strap circling her chest right in the middle of the two cups, on her chest, until she heard a click.

There. She was securely locked into her chastity belt. Well, more appropriately locked in her toys.

She added loose-fitting jeans,  loose-fitting, high-neck shirt, leather gloves and a jacket, all of which should hide her steel belt and bra, although, if someone knows what to look for, someone would ‘see’ it.

She completed her outfit with high heels booties, looked at the time and smiled. Perfect.

She grabbed her backpack, put it over her shoulder and confidently walked out, taking the bus to reach the train station. The bus was packed and she had to stand up. On many occasions, she was bumping against the vertical pole, her hard belt bumping against the steel pole. Also, each bump made the heavy toys inside her move a little, so, from time to time, She was pretty sure that a young woman noticed. Well, she did have that puzzled look while looking at Karen.

After many more stops and bumps, she reached the main train station and walked out. She could tell that woman wanted to ask some questions. Karen simply looked at her did a small nod raised her shirt to show a hint of latex and smiled, sort of answering her questions. The young woman’s face lit up. She gave a discrete ‘thumbs up’ and went on her merry way.

Karen was smiling as she entered the train station. Walking moved the toys and it wasn’t a bad feeling at all.

She found a bench and carefully sat, feeling the tight latex of her catsuit stretch as she bent down. She had begun to sweat and the latex was sliding over her skin. A wonderful feeling. She felt the belt lightly hit the steel mesh of the bench then push the toys in.

She looked around, at the passengers arriving and leaving, passing by her, not knowing what they actually had before them. Hiding in plain sight very aware of all she was wearing, the toys, the latex, the corset, the chastity belt and the bra. Her face suddenly changed and she hurriedly grabbed her backpack, frantically looking into the multiple pockets.

“No… no… no!! Please! Don’t tell me I forgot them! she mumbled, the man sitting beside her turning to see what was the commotion. She grabbed a red little velvet box and opened it, letting out a sigh of relief.

“The big proposal?” whispered the man beside her, looking at the velvet box, smiling.

“Oh, no.” said Karen, turning the box so he would see what was inside. “Keys… They are for my girlfriend, tho.” she said with a warm smile.

He looked puzzled. Karen could feel that the question was burning his lips “why keys?” but the departure of her train cut it short, as she quickly put the box back in her backpack and walked away, leaving that man perplexed with a lot of questions.

She walked to the train, her heels clicking, her latex creaking and her toys… toying, and got on board. She found her seat, next to a window, and slowly sat down on the firm yet comfortable seat. She would be there for 3 hours. Still better than the 5 hours ride that was the alternative.

Also, that particular train didn’t have the smoothest of rides. Almost like if she had chosen that one on purpose. No, really?

She wiggled her butt in the narrow seat. She was a little cramped with her high heels but it only increased the pressure on her hips which are connected to the pelvic bone to the… you know the song.

She fastened the seatbelt and pulled it tightly. Very tightly, increasing the pressure on her lower hips, pushing her deeper into the seat, which pushed back… on the crotch strap of her belt.

She didn’t care that the passenger next to her, an older lady, looked at her with a puzzled look.

“I just don’t like the feeling of being tossed around, that’s all.” said Karen, giving the belt one last yank, at the same time repressing a moan of pleasure.

The train gently rolled out and accelerated. Three hours of ride. Three hours of regular, slight humping from the tracks. Three hours of gentle teasing. She tried to squirm quite a few times, but the tight belt kept her in place. And more, it increased the pleasure. She slept most of the way. Well, she made believe she slept, eyes closed, the best way to avoid small talks with a stranger who would undoubtedly ask why the gloves, why the high heels, why the tight safety belt. Might even ask where that strange rubber-like smell is coming from.

Every time the train had to slow down, it pulled her forward, against the safety belt, pushing on her steel belt. She groaned and tried to hide her smile each time. Each time it was accelerating, pushing her deeper in the seat, she would tighten the belt. After the last slow-down to stop, while everybody was leaving, she was staying in her seat, breathing deeply. If she was to get up right now, she would have an orgasm on the spot.

She had a little problem when it was time to release the belt. Problem. It was too tight! It was stuck. One of the attendants came to see why she was still in her seat and appearing to struggle.

“The belt is stuck.” said Karen with a giggle.

“Let me see th… damn! Did you really tighten it that tight?” asked the attendant, obviously puzzled.

“It… it didn’t feel that tight, sir. I must have bloated or something.”

For a moment he stopped and looked at her to see if she was joking or if she was serious. He was finally able to unfasten the belt.

“There you go, miss. Next time, just try to go easy on the tightening.”

Karen got up and walked out, blushing a little. She was sure he had felt the steel belt under her jeans, but he didn’t comment on it. Yeah, he probably knows.

That incident helped her cool off, taking the sexual pleasure out of her thoughts for a while, but as soon as she walked, the teasing resumed. She was heading for the exit, looking for her girlfriend. And she spotted her. Easily.

She was standing there, in tight jeans and… a red latex shirt, including gloves! Sandra waved at her and when they got closer they hugged, Sandra squeezing Karen hard, and carefully pushed her away, looking perplexed.

“What the hell?… ” she asked.

“I wanted to surprise you. I got myself some steel.” said Karen smiling.

Sandra’s eyes lit up. “You little pervert. And you wore them for the trip?”

“But of course.” said Karen, smiling. “Wouldn’t you do the same thing?”

Sandra didn’t answer. She didn’t needed to.

“And you look daring yourself.” said Karen.

“Daring?” she said turning around to show that it was her neck entry catsuit. “Yeah, coming here in a full catsuit and belt would have been too much. How was your ride?”

“Pretty fun,” said Karen with a wink, noticing that Sandra appeared way taller than usual. She looked down. “Really, And in ballet heels?”

“Yeah. I’m actually locked-in the keys are in my timed safe.” said Sandra.

“Oh! Right.” said Karen, grabbing her backpack and dipping her hand into one of the pockets, retrieving the little red velvet box and handing it to Sandra.

“Fuck, Karen. You know what I think about… keys?”

“Yes. You’ll have your set. Mine are at home.” said Karen.

“You mean that…”

“You are in control.” said Karen with a smirk.

“You know I’m not really a dom, Karen.” she said, leading their ways out of the train terminal.

“Oh, it’s not that I want you to Dominate me, it’s just that I don’t want to have full control, like you, and I, do with the timed safe.

“Yeah, that’s a nice idea. That kind of make our relationship… official, right?”

“We could say so.” said Karen with a smile as they hopped on the bus for the last leg of the trip. She stayed up, grabbing a pole.

“Don’t you prefer to sit down?” asked Sandra.

“I’ve been sitting for the last 3 hours. I’m enough… worked out… for now.” she said with a wink.

Half an hour later, they got off the bus and walked to Sandra’s flat. As soon as they got in, Sandra pulled her jeans down and Karen took off her jacket, shirt and pants, revealing her full outfit.

“Wonderful” said Karen.

“Wonderful too.” said Sandra, slowly approaching Karen placing her hands on the steel cups of the chastity bra, then running them down slowly over her corseted waist then to her chastity belt. She tried to put her fingers between the belt and the suit and she frowned.

“Toys? You already have toys? And what’s this thing?” she said, noticing the display.

“It’s the power pack for the remote control.” said Karen.

“Remote control?” asked Sandra.

Karen showed her the app on her phone.

“If you install the same app, you will be able to control the toys from everywhere.” she said, “To make sure I don’t cheat on you, of course.” she quickly added with a smile.

“I’m not sure I get it.” said Sandra.

“Well, the locks can be overridden by the app, meaning that, even with the key, I won’t be able to open it.” said Karen.

Sandra looked at the app, then ran her fingers on the screen. Karen twitched and reached for her crotch as Sandra clearly heard the humming.

“Oh… Hummm.” said Karen, slowly squirming. She had teased herself for the past many hours, this real stimulation was welcomed.”Ohmmmm… Ouch!” she said, grabbing her steel covered breasts. “That’s the tens unit on my breasts. Go eas… Ouch! That one is the tens unit on my buttplug.”

“Oh sorry.” said Sandra, giggling. “But you know, a slave shouldn’t complain…. Where is… Ah, there it is!” she said, reaching for her dresser, picking up a panel harness gag.

Karen rolled her eyes. She knew the drill and she knew that, when Sandra was in charge, she better obey. The gag was put in place, silencing her with its built-in large penis shaped silicone gag. Sandra added leather cuffs to Karen’s wrists and ankles before gently pushing her toward the bed, making her fall on her back.

“You’ve been teasing yourself for the past 3 or 4 hours. You need a change of mind and the best way is to go all the way.” she said as she tied Karen in the tightest spread eagle she ever experienced. “And it’s even better when one doesn’t know what the other will do.” she added, snapping a blindfold over Karen’s eyes.

For Karen, this was overwhelming. She was totally tied up, unable to move, =unable to release herself, far from her usual self-bondage sessions, with someone else in control. And she had no idea what would go on as t hey haven’t even put down their ideas or anything.

She waited, anticipating, expecting some vibration, some jolt. Something. But all was dead silent.

“Mmmmfff?” she risked

No response. What the fuck? What kind of game was Sandra playing?

Then she felt a presence on the bed. A hand touched her lower leg. She could feel the heat through her latex skin. The hand was sliding, slowly, going upward, passing her knee, to her lower thigh, slowly going up.

Karen squirmed. Well, she tried to squirm but she barely moved. She was as taut as a bowstring.

The hand reached her inner thigh, close to her crotch, fondled with her belt before going up, where she pretty much lost the feeling as the hand rode over her corset. She felt it again on her chest, going for her shoulder, her upper arm, before sliding back down to her neck, moving to the other side.

The weight that was on one of her sides moved, to become more balanced as now two hands were working her upper chest, pulling on the chastity bra. Then the whole weight of Sandra descended on her, squishing her. She felt their belt bang and she felt a small vibration. Sandra’s belt was humming but not hers, and she was feeling Sandra’s toys through her belt.

How devilish.

She felt some latex over her nostrils, blocking them, blocking her breathing. She squirmed, thrusted her hips upward, but she still couldn’t breathe.

She got even more aroused!

Her breathing was restored. She moaned. Sandra was sitting on her crotch, belt against belt, transferring the little vibration. Sandra was evidently enjoying it, gently rocking her hips forward and backward, moving her own toys inside her.

She too moaned and groaned loudly. If Karen didn’t know better, she would say that Sandra was orgasming.

Oh, the brat! She’ll pay for that.

At the same moment, her own toys became alive. Sandra was still sitting on her, now slowly leaning forward. Belt against belt, toys vibrating. Sandra has chosen some kind of random pattern for Karen’s toys involving all the devices. But it felt weirder, as if… steel was hitting her chastity bra.

“Gheesh!” thought Karen, “I didn’t know the app could do that!” as her yelp was muffled by the panel gag.

She had been very aroused for some time and the orgasm didn’t take long. The more she pulled on her bounds, the more intense it became.

Her crotch, her mind, her body exploded in a frenzy of pleasure fireworks and solar flares as Sandra was literally jumping on her, belt against belt, hitting, banging, creating more jolts for the both of them.

Karen screamed. Sandra screamed. Both at the same time, both loudly as they both reached the peak of the orgasm at the same time before slowly subsiding as the toys, like if they knew their jobs were done, stopped, leaving the two women panting, Sandra laying to the side of her tightly bound friend.

“I love you” she whispered between two breath.

“mffff fmooo.” answered Karen. It was followed by a loud banging from the upper floor, like a broom handle hitting the floor five or six times.

“Looks like our screams disturbed the old geezer upstairs.” said Sandra, giggling as she undid Karen’s blindfold and panel gag.

“Talk for yourself, I was gagged, remember?” giggled Karen.

They laughed and they kissed.

“Hey, where did those come from?” said Karen, pointing at Sandra’s chest.

“Well, I wasn’t about to let you have all the fun.” she said, putting her hands on her own chastity belt. Karen realized at the same time that she had added steel cuffs on her wrists and ankles.

She released Karen and they both cuddled on the bed, gently kissing and rubbing each other’s latex-coated skins.

“Do you care for some dinner? I’m starving.” said Sandra.

“Yeah, sure.” said Karen, getting up on her elbows. “Do you need help with something?”

“I don’t need any help. We’re going out.” said Sandra, jumping out of the bed, on her feet. “Coming?”

“What? Like that?”

“Why not? It’s not like we’re doing anything indecent. We’re fully clothes and… nobody can access our private parts.” said Sandra, knocking on her steel bra.

Karen didn’t know what happened. Something in her mind simply snapped and for the first time, she didn’t care what the other people would think.

“Fuck, yes. Let’s go.” she said, grabbing Sandra’s arm.

There was a restaurant two blocks away. They entered and after the initial shock, the hostess showed them a table, slightly away from the main area. Karen was puzzled.

“They know me. I come here often and not necessarily dressed… vanilla.” she said to answer Karen’s silent question.

They were stared at by a few patrons with a mix of reactions, but they were not disturbing anyone. They were minding their own business.

They casually ate and had a bottle of wine.

It was the first time Karen was eating out, in full gear, in a public place. She still had thoughts “what will they think” but it vanished as nothing more happened.

“I wouldn’t dare go to the Schlosshotel Kronberg dressed like that.” whispered Karen. “They would turn me around at the gates.”

“You’d be surprised.” said Sandra with a wink.

Karen stopped chewing for a moment.

“You’ll never cease to amaze me” she said, smiling.

After their meal, they walked downtown. They were looked at quite a lot. They were giggling.

“Wanna go to a club?” asked Karen.

“Not unless you want to be toss around, groped, pinched, grabbed by the belt, pulled…”

“Understood. No. You lived the experience?”

“Yes. Once.” said Sandra. “That was enough.” she said turning around, grabbing Karen and putting her knee against her belted crotch. “What do you say we go back to my place instead, to listen to our own music.” she said with a soft, sultry voice.

“How can I say no to that.” said Karen with the same voice.

And that’s how, half an hour later, Sandra was spread-eagled on the bed, gagged and blindfolded, with Karen on top of her, who had gagged herself to spare their upstairs neighbor their noisy playtime.

The biggest surprise was when Karen unlocked Sandra’s phone: she had the same app.

“You have the same toys?” she asked.

Sandra giggled and nodded. That’s all she could do.

“You brat! You’re going to pay for this.” said Karen, moving the controls.

Sandra’s body arched on the bed, pulling on the bounds securing her to the bed. Karen laid down on her, belt against belt, bra against bra.

The orgasm was powerful. Or rather, the orgasms were powerful. Once they were both exhausted, they simply cuddled together and they sleep off the rest of the night.

The next morning, they prepared breakfast. Karen’s train to go back home was early.

“I wish I could stay one more day, but…”

“Hey, We’ll find a way to work/live at the same place. In the meantime, lets enjoy our long-distance relationship the best we can,” said Sandra, giving Karen a set of keys.

“But they were yours to keep,” said Karen.

“I know and I have them in my safe. These are mine. You keep a set. And I guess we can share our apps too.” she added with a devilish smile.

An hour later, Karen was ready go to, her backpack ready, waiting for Sandra to accompany her to the train station.

Sandra walked out of her bedroom in full vanilla and stopped, staring at Karen still in full latex, chastity gear and cuffs.

“Are you serious? Really?”

“Well, why not? It’s not I’m doing anything indecent.” answered Karen with a wink.

“Having known… it’s too late now. Come on. Let’s go.”

She draws some attention at the train station, leaving her goodbyes to Sandra and boarding the train. She got to her seat and took place, wondering what her co-passenger would do or say. She thought for an instant that it might have been a bad choice to go full fetish all by herself.

A young woman sat next to her and did a double-take before smiling. Karen blushed at first and looked puzzled. Yes, she recognized her. That was the young woman from the bus, the day before!

“Hello, I’m Ingrid.” said the young woman. “Mind if I ask you a few questions?”

Karen smiled. She didn’t mind at all.

Half way through, Karen had dozed off as well as Ingrid. She suddenly opened her eyes wide. She was feeling a faint hum coming from her crotch.

“Fuck, Sandra. Not now…” she mumbled.

(C) monsterp63

3rd of September 2023.

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8 thoughts on “Karen – The Visit

  1. Hi, I’ve read a lot of your stories but I’ve never written a comment… (Only give hearts).
    Really very nice story! I’m looking forward to the visit at Karen’s home πŸ™‚
    Love greetings LatexSandra1990 from Bavaria (Germany :D)

    1. Well, thank you very much for taking the time to comment. Glad you liked the story.
      Surely Sandra will visit Karen one day, but I don’t know when.

      Germany… Again… I think, with my fetishes, I was born in the wrong country.
      Hallo to everybody from Germany!

  2. Man, you really make my day, every time I see you publish something new.

    Another absolutely beautiful work!
    As you can probably imagine, the parts of Karen and Sandra in public are my absolute favourite. Also, the exchange of the controls is another thing that makes the story really wholesome.

    Instant archive, the moment I saw it:

    Thank you so much for these amazing works.

    1. Thank you very much. You make me blush!
      Glad you liked the little “perks” of that love story because yes, it is more a love story with a kinky side than a kinky story with a love theme.

  3. I think your decision to write the story as you like it, and not exactly as your renders is good. You make excellent stories, (and renders) it doesn’t really matter if the render is not 100% matching your storyline πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you very much hattfot.
      Note that the “render-to-story” thing hasn’t been made conscientiously but happened somewhat naturally. As my renders became more precise, I started to use them for inspiration, hence describing the render and then I made the render to follow the description. What “triggered” the change in this story is that I don’t have a chastity bra, meaning that would have had to change the story.
      Once I decided that I would NOT change the story to fit the render, things went on smoothly. I’ve recently completed another story and again, the render won’t follow the story (actually, I don’t know as there’s no render done yet…), and the same thing for the story I’m currently writing… about Oktoberfest which happens the same month as… Locktober. What could go wrong?

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