Things to come


Well… not much, actually.

I’m currently studying for a special qualification at work, so all my free time is spent reading technical manuals and following (online) courses.

Although I do have some active projects, I don’t work on any of them because my mind is NOT into anything kinky – although I’m dressed kinky for the online course. What did you expect?

Rate my setup??… Yeah, I always have “inspirational wallpaper images” on my PC, changed every 20 minutes or so (DisplayFusion app)

Things should go back to normal in a few weeks.

In any case, it’s not like there’s nothing to read on this site. Why don’t you, folks, go back to “History Lane” and read again some of my earlier work? You might become addicted to them…


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10 thoughts on “Things to come

  1. This website is free. It’s up to you to update it anytime, and your story quality is very high! Wishing you a smooth exam!

  2. When I have more money in my hands in the future, I will sponsor you. I’m sorry I can’t sponsor you now that I’m unemployed!

  3. Take your time, and best of luck with your course/exam.

    This is your hobby and you offer your (awesome!) stories for free – there should be zero pressure for you.

    I’m convinced that, as always, not rushing or forcing things will result in a better outcome.

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