Karen – Subscription


For the countless times, Karen looked at the delivery app. She was eager to receive her new toys: a full set of steel cuffs, a chastity belt, and toys. All brand new and with a new service: a subscription service.

With that service, she would be able to control everything from her phone or computer, set timers, etc. That would allow her self-bondage fantasies to be fulfilled with full safety as all the devices are directly connected to the Internet, and in case of a lost connection, they would automatically unlock.

Foolproof system, mainly aimed at the self-bondage enthusiasts.

‘Delivery should be made within the hour’

“Oh come on,” said Karen to the computer, “it’s been twenty minutes already with this status. Sure you won’t have me wait for the full hou…. oh!” she exclaimed as the doorbell rang.

She rushed to the door and opened it so fast that the poor delivery driver made a step back, stunned by the apparently harsh door opening and… the sight.

It’s not every day a woman dressed in full shiny black latex, corset, and high-heeled boots opens the door.

“De… Delivery for… Karen?”

“Yes, yes, yes! I was waiting for it!” she said, grabbing the package and closing the door in the face of the driver, only to re-open it two seconds later. “Uh… sorry… I need to sign for this, right?”

“Euh…” said the delivery driver, his brain still trying to process what was happening…” Yes… here,” he said, handing her the electronic pad. Karen quickly scribbled her signature with her latex-coated fingers.

“Thank you!” she said all smiling, closing the door but more slowly this time, leaving the stunned driver to his own imagination.

She quickly walked to her bedroom while tearing the box open, throwing the silk paper all over her shoulders along the way. She quickly found what she was looking for: the toys!

With a devilish smile, she inspected the toys and mainly the charge level: she had paid extra to receive the toys fully charged, and to her pleasure, they were! And the good thing, they were charging using Wi-Fi energy!

She laid down on the bed, raising her hips in the air and she lubed the toy and gently inserted the large dildo, even playing with it a little, going in and out, making her moan, rolling her head. This thing was huge and had ribs that were just… Awwwww!… do good.

She pushed it in, moaning some more before rolling on her stomach, taking the doggie position, raising her butt in the air, and gently inserting the large buttplug. She felt it go inside her and get literally sucked inside.

She giggled. She was so horny.

She quickly closed the crotch zipper of the suit then rapidly unwrapped the chastity belt and wrapped it around her corseted waist. Again, paying extra, she had ordered it pre-adjusted. It was also pre-charged and when she closed it, the display showed a 60-minute time-trial period. At the same time, she felt a small jolt of movement of her toys, connecting to the now powered-on belt.

Hands shaking with anticipation, she quickly added the ankle and wrist cuffs as well as the collar, all fully charged and paired with the belt.

She grabbed the box, which seemed to still have some devices in it, walked to the computer, and sat on the chair, which pushed the belt in, which pushed the toys in. She set the box on the table next to the computer.

Giggling, she wiggled her butt a few times on the seat of the chair, just to tease herself. Just for the fun of it. Well, wasn’t all of this exactly for that? Fun?

She logged into her account. It was time to activate the subscription. She paired them to her Wi-Fi and allowed them to connect from any free hot spots or through her phone, meaning that she could go pretty much everywhere and they would still be all connected!

She entered her credit card information and waited for the activation to take place. About a minute later, she heard a series of clicks coming from all her cuffs and belt and the box. The lights were green!

That was it. She could now lock herself for the time she wanted. She reached into the box, retrieving padlocks. They had no keys, just a digital display, fully controlled by the app!

The ultimate self-bondage enthusiast solution!

She grabbed her phone and logged into the app.

“Ohoooooo!” she yelped as the toys began their job.

She played with the intensity and the patterns. The possibilities were pretty much limitless. She set up a program then grabbed a harness ball gag and tightly tied it over her head, locking it with one of the smart padlocks and, after some careful thoughts, traded her platform boots for ballet booties.

She put a spreader bar between her ankles and locked it with more padlocks. She took her phone and pressed a few buttons before putting it on the nightstand. Finally, she put her arms in her back and locked the cuffs together with another padlock. She still had about 5 padlocks from the package of 10 she had ordered. There will be occasions to use them later.

She waited and counted. 10… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… nothing. She frowned. And just as she was about to unlock her wrists to check on her settings, she heard the beep and the clicks of everything locking on.

There, she was set, tied up, unable to release herself for the next hour! Oh yes. That would be something but… something was missing. Her toys were silent. They should be running now. Yes, they were set up for a random firing, or rather computer-controlled firing but, nonetheless, shouldn’t they be working now? Like right now? She needed it. She wanted it!

She moved her hips up and down. She tried to turn to her side to have a look at her phone but the spreader bar made it very difficult and the phone was too far on the nightstand for her to see, thanks to the annoying strap from the head harness going partly over her eyes.

She had no choice. She was locked in for one hour. That will be frustrating. Oh well, isn’t this what bondage is all about? Restrain, tease and denial? Well, she was restrained for sure, and denied. The teasing was missing.

She moved her hips. She tried to squeeze her butt. Thanks to the chastity belt, it didn’t do much except… tease her frustration. Well, come to think of it, it worked.

But this was boring. She turned to her back, to her left, to her right, to her stomach, to her left, to her back again. She was moving the plugs alright but that teasing was so lame. She was pissed off. She was sure she had set that thing correctly. The toys should have… oh… What was that? A jolt? Did she feel something move or not?

It seemed so… oh, there it is again. Longer this time. Yes, her front toy vibrated but merely for a second.

Nah, don’t tell me this thing is broken already, she thought.

Another pulse. Longer, then a pause. Then her butplug vibrated.

“Oh, I get it. That’s the teasing part!” she said, rolling on her stomach, gently rocking her hips up and down, teasing herself, awaiting the next impulse, which came, longer. And longer. Sometimes it was the vaginal plug. Other times, it was the buttplug. The pattern was different each time: longer but weak, short but very strong, then longer and stronger, then a series of pulses, a long pause… Damn! This was really screwing her mind because she couldn’t anticipate anything.

It was screwing her stroking. She was turning again, to her left side, her stomach, her right side, on her back, turning sideways on the bed, trying to sit.

Her brain was becoming a mess and she realized she needed restraints! A lot more restraints!

The pattern grew stronger. Her crotch was on fire. It was about to explode and when she reached the edge, everything stopped, like those damn things were sensing it and stopping right before she plunged into the pool of pleasure. It stopped long enough for her to start to relax then it started again, stronger, more powerful, as the orgasm built up, she was expecting it to stop, preparing herself to go down the slope. She almost lost it as she was so convinced she would be denied that when she finally orgasms, her brain couldn’t cope with it and short-circuited, sending sparks everywhere inside her head as her crotch was exploding, sending pleasure hormones everywhere, from her toenails to her hairs. Her heart was pumping hard, her breath was short, and her body was shaking violently as the toys wreaked havoc inside her body, inside her mind.

Everything blurred around her as the toys seemed to embark on a cooling down mode, slowly powering down, getting her back to earth, to reality, before stopping.

She was lying on her back, panting, her lungs on fire, her brain a mushy mess of pleasure and frustration. Oh damn! That was good. Almost too good to be true.

Fatigue had the best of her. She closed her eyes and fell asleep, all tied up, all restrained, all rubbery. She didn’t give a fuck. She was keeping them all to herself. (Sorry, bad pun. – Pete)

When she opened her eyes, the sun had set. The locks had released her ankles as well as her wrists. She fondled at the head harness to find the lock opened. She took the gag off, her face soaking in a pool of drool. She gently brought her legs close to her, knees to her chest, softly moving as her toys moved a little.

The chastity belt was still fastened but unlocked. She could take it off at will. She looked at her alarm clock and realized that over six hours had passed since the delivery.

It was just a few minutes past 21:00. She just slept six hours. She was in no hurry to go back to sleep, even in an hour or two. What to do on a Friday night, so early, fully awake? Go clubbing. But… she would have to take off everything. Unless… She picked up her phone, tap on the app. A few moments later, she could hear the locks operate. She smiled.

She pulled a pair of jeans over her ballet heels and latex-coated legs and picked up a tight leather jacket to cover her upper body and out she went.

At the club, she was noticed for her height, thanks to the ballet boots. She saw a table with a few friends. She joined them.

“I wasn’t expecting you here tonight, Karen,” said a redhead who seemed unfazed by Karen’s outfit.

“Me neither, Kate,” yelled back Karen to cover the loud music, “but things happen so… here I am!”. She pointed at the dance floor. “Who’s this with Lynda?”

“That’s Derek. Lynda’s… current boyfriend,” said Kate.

“Another one?” said Karen, eyes wide. “What’s his number? Five?”

“No, Six,” said Kate, giggling. “It’s her second of the night.”

“Damn. Six guys in three weeks. That must be a record.”

“And I would guess that you haven’t had one yet unless you count whatever is inside this… oh, that’s a new one,” said Kate, pointing at the chastity belt control peeking out of the top of the jeans. “And so are those cuffs… Are you locked in?” she asked as she looked at the small display on the steel cuff.

Karen showed her the app. Kate had a satisfied grin.

“Impressive. But I prefer the real thing, you know… flesh,” she said, giggling, mimicking stuffing something large in her mouth.

Karen laughed and her face suddenly changed to a stunned expression, then she giggled.

“I must have set this thing for some random firing,” she said pointing to her crotch.

“You have toys on?” said Kate at the same time as the music suddenly stopped for a pause within a song, and she said it so loud that the table next to them turned around and all started laughing.

Karen grinned.

“I guess the whole neighborhood knows now,” she said.

Lynda waved at them and they joined her on the dance floor. On many occasions, Karen’s knees seemed to let go as she made some weird move, already impaired by her ballet heels. Something was wrong with her toys. She never set up some random firing. Her app showed that, except for being locked, all was silent.

She collapsed on her bed past 03:00, exhausted and well aroused as the “teasing” had never stopped, firing at random, sometimes at fifteen minutes, sometimes at 45, or 20 or 6 or 60 minutes. Every time the burst was quick yet powerful, lasting merely one second. The thing is that she had set the unlock for 09:00.

Finding sleep was hard.

Finally, at 09:00, she heard the devices unlocking. She took off everything and headed for a much-needed shower.

While having some breakfast, she browsed the device website for others having the same issue, and there were plenty. The proposed reason was the app was losing connection with the devices, just the time of a status update, which triggered them to turn on for a second or so, to advise the wearer that the connection had been lost. Currently, that feature couldn’t be turned off, apparently, but the technical support was working on a fix.

That was annoying, but there was nothing she could do except wait for an update from the manufacturer and live with the teasing.

Of course, the bug affected only the toys as they were the only thing vibrating. Wearing the belt and/or the cuffs without toys didn’t create any problems.

She fixed the problem by wearing the remote control toys when in full bondage sessions, and for the lighter sessions, or for example, sleeping in the belt and lightly tied up, she would put on her own toys or no toys at all. She longed to be awakened by the gentle vibration in her crotch, a feature she loved, but she was awakened too often to be really fun.

She was regularly browsing the help forums for a fix. Someone suggested one. Of course, it was not approved by the manufacturer but the new app was available from some hacker’s sites. It made the devices connect directly to the phone instead of through general Wi-Fi signals. Since the signal with the phone was not lost, the bursts were not generated. It also disconnected her from the Internet. Of course, it meant that the phone had to be nearby at all times, but an option allowed it to switch back to full Wi-Fi mode.

Karen installed the app and managed to have good nights of… sleep…, tied up all night long, to be awakened by a soft hum in her crotch, growing in amplitude until the cuffs were released.

That proved to be one heck of a way to wake up in the morning!

It was a couple of months later, a three-day week-end where she was living, thanks to a National Holiday. She was prepared for it.

She put on all the toys, her full catsuit, her most rigid corset, ballet boots, the chastity belt, and all the cuffs, all of them locked with the app. She would be locked in for 72 hours, starting Friday early evening and ending at the same time on Monday evening.

However, she couldn’t do 72 hours without natural breaks. That’s why she enlisted the help of Kate, who was a registered nurse.

“You really want to do it, Karen? You want the full intubating procedure? Nose, mouth, urethra, and enema?” asked a stunned Kate.

“Yes. It is a fantasy of mine of not being able to get out of my bondage at all. Can you do it?”

“Sheesh. I knew and accepted you had that weird kinky side but that is extreme. I will do it but you’re signing a discharge.”

“Sure, no problem. I take the responsibility for it,” said Karen, overwhelmed by the prospect of spending three days in a full enclosure, bondage, and stuff.

On that Friday evening, Kate stopped by Karen’s home, still in her nurse scrubbers, carrying a box of tubes and lubes and stuff.

Karen was already in full latex gear, corset, ballet heels, and all the cuffs and collar already locked on. The last things missing were the belt, the gag, and of course, the toys.

Having seen the toys before, Kate knew that they all had the necessary holes for the tubes to go through. Karen took place on her bed, legs spread on piles of cushions while Kate performed the insertion of the urethral tube, feeding it to the center of the large dildo and gently inserting it in. She couldn’t refrain from toying with Karen a little, pushing and pulling it a few times, making her moan and squirm in the process.

“You’re a little pervert,” said Kate, giggling.

“Yeah, right, as if you’re not enjoying it yourself or imagining that you’re the one getting stroked,” answered Karen.

Kate giggled even more. Karen was right.

A similar procedure was performed for the buttplug then, with Kate’s help, Karen got up on her feet and put the chastity belt on, feeding the tubes in the pre-drilled holes of the belt before locking them in place. Kate cut flush the tubes with the belt and inserted the little flanges making them flush and part of the belt.

“That’s a very neat setup. I actually don’t see any sanitary issues for long-term wear. This is very clever. I don’t see how 72 hours or even longer would pose any health problems.” she said, giving a gentle tap on the belt as she turned around to pick up the other tubes. “These ones will be a lot less fun for you,” she said with a devilish smile, “but I would guess it is part of the pleasure, right?”

Karen nodded. Yes, the discomfort was part of the pleasure, and real discomfort was brought when the breathing hoses were pushed up her nostrils, up to her sinuses, and down at the back of her throat, Karen monitoring the progress.

“Now, just… swallow, you know… the thing you usually do with… meat…” said Kate with a devilish smile as she inserted the feeding tube down Karen’s throat until it reached her stomach. “How does it feel? Does it hurt?”.

Karen raised her shoulders. That was something new. All the tubes were something new she needed to get accustomed to. She understood it would take some time.

“So, what is next? Need any more help?”

Karen nodded yes, feeling the tube down her throat move with her neck, then picked up the gasmask attached to a second thick rubber hood. She showed the inside of it to Kate.

“Uh… okay… This lump here goes over the feeding tube and the breathing tubes should mate with the holes here, right?” asked Kate, confirming her comprehension. “This is extreme, Karen, and really, really weird,” she said, a little concerned.

But Karen gave her two thumbs up, confirming that this was what she wanted.

Kate turned the hood inside out to have full access to the gasmask portion, fed the tubes in the appropriate holes, and slowly put the gasmask in place, feeding the large rubber plug inside Karen’s mouth. That plug was so big that at some point, both of them wondered if it would fit in, but once the larger part went past Karen’s teeth, it filled her mouth and even allowed it to close. A little.

Karen’s eyes were frantically looking everywhere. She should have tried the gas mask BEFORE the whole setup. She would have to cope with it, like a little punishment. That suited her.

Kate had to pull very hard on the hood to feed it over Karen’s head, down to her neck, and under the collar of her neck entry catsuit.

Karen took the collar and handed it to Kate so that she could fasten it in place. The collar was fed into special loops in the neck of the gasmask hood, which would make it impossible to take off with the collar on. She would be thoroughly locked in her whole setup without any possibilities of getting free, until that dreadful 72 hours, that is.

“Okay, Karen. how is it? Do you want me to stay here for a while to ensure all is fine?”

Karen nodded no. She’s had experience with extreme setups before and she felt she was all right.

“You do have a chicken button, right? A quick release in case something goes wrong, right?”

“Karen nodded yes. There was.

It was for self-bondage after all so a safety protocol was in place within the app. Of course, using it had to have consequences so that the user would not abuse of it. If activated, it would burn a component within the locking mechanisms of all the equipment, a component that needed to be replaced, at a high cost, and by the manufacturer only.

So, there was a way out, but a costly one. To be used as a very last option. Karen showed the button on the app.

“Good. I’ll be calling you in one hour then at the times you gave me to check on you. If I get your voicemail, I’m coming back. That’s okay?”

Karen nodded and gave two thumbs up. She was just eager for Kate to get out so she could have fun, which she did as soon as Kate walked out the door. She picked up her phone, disconnected the app from the Internet, and set the timer for 72 hours with a completely intermittent and auto-controlled setup for the toys, which included some more options within the gasmask, including breathing control and darkening of the lenses.

She heard, or rather felt, her hearing greatly impaired thanks to 2 layers of thick latex, all the locks closed: wrists, upper arms, knees, ankles, the collar, the belt, the gasmask, everything, followed by a two-second burst of her toys, indicating that they were connected to the phone app. Oh, she had programmed a two-hour “grace period” which allowed her to call it quits without penalty if she felt something was wrong, like a bad pressure point somewhere. But after that, she was on her own.

She began with a simple hobble chain at the ankles and the knees as well as linking her wrists together. That would be enough to figure out if her setup was bearable in the long run which proved it was as, two hours later, breath shaking, she watched the app indicator turned to red, meaning she had no way out without destroying the devices for the next 70 hours.

For the night, she tied her legs together and linked her feet to the footboard and her collar to the headboard, leaving enough slack to move around a little, and linked her arms in her back, wetting up the padlocks for half an hour after the wake-up call.

That proved quite devilish. She was already hot and awakened when the wake-up call went through her toys, gradually increasing in intensity. She couldn’t stop it, press any snooze button.

The problem was that she desperately needed to pee because the increased pressure on her bladder from the toys and the space occupied by the catheter made it all smaller. She couldn’t focus on an orgasm. All she was thinking was to get out.

Devilish and somehow a little bit of a torture. She liked it.

On Saturday, she put herself in a hobble chain, linked her wrists to her collar, and went on about the usual weekend chores: mopping, vacuuming, laundry, bathroom cleaning, the whole nine yards. Impaired as she was, it took her most of the day.

Of course, she enjoyed it, especially the random setting of the toys which made her drop the broom or the mop or even fall face-first in the shower.

In the evening, it was time for her reward. She put a spreader bar between her feet and linked it to a ring she screwed on the floor. She linked her wrists together to a chain she hooked to a ring on the ceiling.

And she waited.

Damn, it’s amazing how ten minutes can feel like ten hours when waiting, especially when you’re not sure all the setup had been programmed correctly. Did she press the start for her toy settings? Did she start the countdown for the padlock mechanisms? Did she… oh, there it is. The padlocks were now locked. For two hours.

Now, if she had programmed the toys correctly, they should start teasing her… now… or is it now?… okay, let’s count to 10… and… now. Uh? It should be on. She could feel something. Are they dead? Did they discharge?

She squirmed in her bondage position, pulling on her wrist chain, pulling on her legs until they barely left the floor, already at the limit of the chain.

She grunted. She couldn’t have set up herself suspended for two hours for nothing. She tried to look at her bed clock. She could barely see it but she felt it showed that fifteen minutes had elapsed. She tried to have a better look and that’s when everything turned to black. Her lenses had shut off. Was it part of the setting? She didn’t remember setting the blindfold mode. Then, out of the blue, she couldn’t breathe.

Panic engulfed her. She squirmed in her links, pulled on her wrists, twisted, turned, and jumped as much as she could.

No, it was no way to die it was…

All of a sudden, fresh air rushed in and her toys turned on at full power. It was both a shock, a surprise, and a jolt of pleasure! Damn, that app was good.

Or was it? Because almost as fast as it happened, it stopped.

She grunted. That couldn’t be it. It couldn’t be just that. That was the extreme pleasure setting? This piece of shit? She would leave one hell of a nasty comment on the forums as soon as she would… Uh. Vibrations. Vision restored to one eye, then gone. The other eye. Gone. She was getting totally disoriented. Toys on, breathing off. The games continued, throwing her totally off balance, psychologically speaking. She didn’t know what to expect. She was getting hot and the more she struggled, the more intense the pleasure became. Building up.

Gradually, constantly, the pleasure built up. The orgasmic engine was powering up, charging up, fueling up, whatever it was doing, it was up-pinging it.

Her shoulders were aching from the pull, her feet were aching from the standing up. The toys fired up, powerful, like in sequence, each one building on the other, in total darkness, and then her air supply was cut off. The launch was almost brutal. She felt she was bringing the whole building along with her in her adventures in the Pleasure Hormones Fantasyland. Every cell of her body was run by pleasure sensations from her fingernails to her hair.


And again.

She was flying, tied to some magic carpets, floating in the middle of color strands, and each time she hit one, there was another burst of pleasure or orgasm. She felt she was on the verge of passing out.

The pleasure was intense, powerful, wonderful. She never thought she could be in such a state of pure lust.

Under her heavy gasmask, under the large gag filling her mouth, she smiled. A genuine, real, heartfelt smile. She was in her happy place.

As the toys wound down, she was taken by short convulsions, the muscle fibers looking for the last drop of dopamine, wanting it and exploiting it, much to her pleasure.

She felt the weight of her body on her wrists. She struggled to get back on her feet, to support her weight. All she wanted to do was lay down and sleep it off, digest the last remnants of that orgasm. She heard the padlocks unlock and she pressed the release button, collapsing on the floor. Eyes closed, although the lenses of her helmet were back to clear, she reached for the spreader bar and removed it from her ankle cuffs then, on all four, she dragged herself to the bed and laid on it, on her stomach, gently rocking her hips up and down. Yes, there was still a little bit of orgasm hanging there.

She fell asleep.
Of exhaustion, of pleasure, of total peace, of total fulfillment.

Sunday. Rest day. Sort of.

Kate had been very reluctant but Karen cut off all check-ups for the day. She wanted to be alone with her setup without having to answer Kate’s calls every few hours. That was the official reason.

The real reason is that she programmed the app for total random firing of all the devices, for 24 hours, meaning that she could put the padlocks on and they wouldn’t fully lock for the whole time, or they would lock for an unknown amount of time. She would be putting herself in totally unknown predicaments meaning she didn’t know if she would have been able to answer Kate’s calls.

She also used another hack on the app, which locked it for a fixed amount of time.

She configured the app, triple-checked her options then totally locked it for twenty-four hours.

She had little chores to do as all had been done Saturday. It was a rest day anyway. She took place in her lawn chair on the patio. She would be exposed to the sun most of the day, which should heat up really well, but no sunburn possible, thanks to her latex protection…

She took place on the long chair. It had been modified before and it wasn’t the first time she was using it for bondage.

She put her feet so that the footrest tube of the chair was through her high heels and linked her ankle cuffs to that same tube. She couldn’t take her feet off. She linked her knees together then the outside rings of the cuffs to the side-tubes of the chair. Chains linked the side rings of the chastity belt to the sides of the chair.

She added links to loops on the top of her corset and linked her collar to the top of the chair. Finally, she linked her upper arm cuffs to the sides of the chair and linked her wrists together, while linking the center link to her chastity belt.

She was not only well secured but she couldn’t move much.

She was able to grab the e-reader she had put on her lap and bring it closer to her eyes. That’s where the full setup really dawned on her: she couldn’t bring it too close and thanks to the collar being linked to the chair, she couldn’t bend her neck forward much, add the restriction of the gasmask lenses. Basically, reading was a struggle. A real struggle.

She simply loved it!

Of course, at the moment, all the locks could be opened, meaning she could get out of the setup and rearrange it but she preferred to let fate do its work.

And she began to read. It was a story Kate had sent to her, saying that she found that on some weird internet site where there were a bunch of stories of someone tied up in all sorts of predicaments, and the main character shared her name: Karen. (Does anybody know if that website really exists? Let me know in the comments…)

She began to read, and the more she read, the more she pictured herself in those stories. She became hotter.

As the Karen of the story she was reading was going full orgasm, she heard the locks clicked, meaning that they had been locked by the app, and her toys became alive. She continued to read which aroused even more. She was suddenly THAT Karen. She was living her predicament. She was feeling the orgasm built up and pretty much at the same time it was happening in the story, everything stopped, leaving her frustrated. For a moment she stopped reading and only struggled and squirmed in her bondage to try to get the pleasure flow again.

It worked. It wasn’t very powerful but enough to keep her aroused, a little bit like the other Karen, as she continued reading.

Her toys came back alive at the same time she was reading it and she really wondered if the app was reading her mind. That was just too weird.

Then, all of a sudden, her visor turned black, her breathing was cut off and her toys fired at full blast. Her body tensed on the chair. She felt it creak under the strain as she was squirming harder and harder. Her air was restored and the toys began some kind of dance, playing with her, toying with her, teasing her. Her air was cut a few more times, each time making her hotter. The harder she pulled on her links, the stronger the build-up of the orgasm was becoming.

Finally, she exploded. Powerful, filling her entire body with vibrations and pleasure. She was screaming in her head and she wondered if the neighbors would hear her mental screams.

The orgasm slowly subsided. She was still squirming, each tug, each pull, sending another wave of pleasure. Her visor cleared and she looked down at her lap. She wanted to continue the story, to know how it ended, but the e-reader wasn’t there anymore. It was lying on the floor.

“Oh rats!” she thought. And now that everything was locked by the app, she had no way to untie herself to grab the e-reader back.

Oh well. She would rest.

But resting was not on the menu of the app. For three hours, she was confined to the chair, getting teased and tormented but allowed only one other orgasm.

When she heard the locks open, she rushed out of the chair, to her bedroom, grabbing her magic wand, laying on the bed, and applying it to her crotch.

But nothing happened. Thanks to the chastity belt. but it wasn’t nothing. It was totally nothing. She was sure that, somehow, the dildos were feeling the vibration of the magic wand but were canceling it by vibrating the exact opposite frequency. She felt absolutely NOTHING! Total denial.

Damn, that was frustrating!

She grabbed back the e-reader and sat in the living room, only tying her legs together and her wrists, but still linked to her chastity belt to add more restrictions to reading.

In the afternoon, she read countless stories, each one getting her hotter and hotter, but the toys remained silent. She tried again with the magic wand but, again, it was as if the toys were canceling everything, like noise-canceling earphones.

That hadn’t been the setup she was exactly hoping for. That random setting needed some updating.

On her e-reader, she stumbled against the manual for the toys. As she was flipping through it, her eyes caught a little warning:

When in full control, unless turned off at the beginning of a session, the Outside Stimulus Prevention System, or OSPS would prevent any outside stimulus by creating an inverted pattern to the stimulus, canceling it. It is also a punishment if an outside stimulus is detected, a complete shutdown of the systems will be initiated, and the longer the outside stimulus, the longer the shutdown, and that, exponentially. For example, a fifteen-minute outside stimulus might bring one hour of complete denial whereas a thirty-minute outside stimulus can bring three hours of denial.

Karen put the e-reader down.

“Fuck!” she thought, trying to figure out how long she had tried. She could be in denial for quite a long time. That punishment… aroused her.

It was in the evening, as she was pushing some nourishing broth down her feeding tube that her visor turned black and her toys turned on at full blast.

She hastily disconnected the feeding tube, creating a mess, but she didn’t care. She wanted to lay down on her back on the floor, hands at her crotch, knees bent, enjoying the wanted orgasm.

She exploded, hard and powerful! She was squirming so much that when it all calmed down and her visor cleared, the dining room was a mess with chairs tipped over, the table all squared off, and a large stain of broth spread across the floor.

She went to work to clean all of it, but it was as if the app, or the toys, were trying to make up the lost time, the lost orgasm and they were firing again and again, making her collapse on the floor each time.

She finally dragged herself to the bed and collapsed on it. The night was rather restless as the toys kept firing and entertaining her. When the twenty-four hours were done, everything became silent, and only then, did she fall asleep.

“Karen? Karen! Shit!! Are you okay? Karen!!” she heard from her dozy state. She blinked and opened her eyes.

Kate was there, standing over her, looking stressed out.

Karen grunted and raised a hand. Yes, she was alright. Exhausted, her crotch was on fire, but she was alright. But… what was Kate doing here?

“I called you to check on you but you didn’t answer, so I rushed in. What happened?” she asked.

Since Karen couldn’t talk, she dragged herself out of bed, the remnants of the orgasm still nagging her, and she took place at her computer, opened a text app, and began to type what happened.

“Oh, really? Damn. That’s interesting. So, what are you going to do now?”

“What do you mean? Enjoy that setup until this evening, until I get released. What else do you expect me to do?”

“You haven’t heard the news? Online Pleasure declared bankruptcy. All their devices have been turned off. They sent a signal to all their devices to disable them. That’s probably why everything is dead in your toys.” said Kate.

Puzzled, Karen tried to open her wrist cuffs but couldn’t. She tried the belt but she had the same results: still locked.

“I don’t understand,” said Kate.

At that same time, she heard some humming. Karen’s toys were coming back to life.

Puzzled, Karen browsed the Internet. She found the news that the press release was timestamped for 08:00 and it stated that by 10:00, a signal would be sent to all devices to disable them, rendering them useless to the app.

“LOL, I know what is happening.” typed Karen, then she explained that the app was actually logged out of the Internet and that her devices didn’t receive the signal, meaning that she still had control over them, that she might be one of the lucky few who would be able to still enjoy the toys, only with local control, but she would still be able to enjoy them. And without any subscription! Even better!

As the vibration of the toys became stronger, Karen took place on the bed, in a spread eagle position, and gestured Kate to tie her up, using the controlled locks.

“You are weird. But you already know that,” said Kate as she tied Karen up, very tightly, stretching her limbs to almost the snapping point. But Karen didn’t complain. She just loved it. Kate decided it was best to leave and let Karen suffer (yeah, right) to her own devices.

“I’ll call you back in two hours!” she yelled before walking out of the room, but Karen was already in her happy place.

The app released her about an hour later and the rest of the day was filled with dead periods as well as happy periods.

Finally, the time was up. She looked at her phone, at the app, and… something seemed odd. The app seemed to have frozen. it wasn’t responding. It was especially NOT releasing her. She turned the internet on but to no avail.

When she tried to troubleshoot the app, she got error messages after effort messages. She was not even able to log back in. Re-install it? The app was no longer available.

What the hell happened?

Shaking and disturbed because, apparently, even without the app running, all her toys were still playing in the random setting, she logged to the forums and searched for a solution. And she found it.

When the disabled signal was sent, all the devices plugged into the Internet were instantly unlocked and disabled. However, those who had the hacked app functioning only received the disable command, not the unlock command.

Now, in all cases, the disable command literally fried the locking/unlocking electronics. The manufacturer did it to prevent anyone from using the devices anymore.

Now, as far as the hacked app developer knew… once the electronic was fried, there was no way to open them again without cutting them off.

“Hopefully, nobody was wearing them locked out of the internet at the moment the disable signal was sent out because… you are now locked in… for life.”

© monsterp63

September 23rd, 2023

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8 thoughts on “Karen – Subscription

  1. I do love the more extreme end of your stories where Karen gets the full intubation and encasement treatment, that part always tingles me in just the right way.

    I wonder if Kate knows how to program? It could be fun if she managed to load new software onto the gear and take control, so as to have her very own Karen puppet.

    1. I do love the full encasement too. The prospect of being totally “sealed” and controlled also hit a special spot for me. Do I have a “drone” fetish? I dunno. That should be explored.

      Thank you for the comment.

      1. > Do I have a “drone” fetish? I dunno. That should be explored.

        I’ll excitedly wait for future content xD

        But to go more into that, is it more into the general direction of drones, or more bane-related like the works of RubberMatt?

        1. If **I** have a drone fetish, I should explore it… myself. Becoming a drone. Being enclosed and “externally controlled”. Then I would know for sure. But I know it’s not going to happen, so… let’s just fantasize about it for now.

          As for the future of Karen’s stories, every outcome is possible. Some prefer “real life” scenarios while others prefer the fantasy ones.

    1. And Man, I love your comment.
      And this is exactly the inspiration behind this story: everything is becoming subscription-based.

      I have a Subaru which came with their “starlink” system, allowing remote starting, diagnostic, emergency calls, etc. (a bunch of totally useless features while those who would be useful are not there). Free for the first 3 years. Well, guess what: I never used a “remote starting” before. Sure it’s fun, but it’s the only feature I would use. Having the “low washer fluid” warning light + a message in the infotainment center + an e-mail is quite redundant. And paying $250/year for that? Screw them.
      So they have all this gadgetry installed that is just now sitting there.

      1. Oh it can get much worse.
        I think it was Mercedes, who for some models are selling seat-heating as a separate SUBSCRIPTION-BASED feature…


        Truly in the direction of:
        You will own nothing and you will be happy.

        1. Mercedes has a subscription-based “fast acceleration” feature for $1200/year. The heated seats were BMW’s idea ($20/month) but they dropped it following poor customer response… Go figure…

          “Some people (marketing) need a big slap in the face… with a chair.”

          Anyway, the biggest scam is taxes.
          You pay tax on your income.
          Everything you buy, you pay more tax.
          You pay taxes to BUY your house, then you pay taxes to live in it.
          And when it’s finally paid off and you can save some money, you pay taxes on the profit you make on your savings.

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