Karen – Locktoberfest


Karen entered the manager’s office and casually sat down on that Friday afternoon. She was dressed professionally, like any office worker: pencil skirt, high heel pumps, and a dress blouse. It was no business to anyone else that she was wearing latex underwear. Sometimes she would wear some toys too. Silent, fixed toys. She was kinky, not dumb.

She wiggled a little bit on the soft chair to adjust her latex panties and waited for the manager, currently on the phone, having gestured for her to enter and take a seat.

A few moments later, he hung up.

“Oh, Karen. How are things going?” he asked, mostly out of politeness.

“Just about to finish the Thomas project, which should be done by mid-week, and then I will submit it to the QA team to fully test it. After that, I’ll be out on vacation for the next three weeks.”

“Yeah…” he said, trailing off, “about those vacations…”

“They have been submitted and approved over three months ago, sir. I have things planned. I have reservations made. I’m going on a trip to Germany.”

“Yeah, yeah… I know,” he said with a gesture to brush it off, “and that’s where things might get… uh… interesting?” he said, raising his eyebrows, looking at Karen.

“In what sense, sir?”

“Well, we have a new customer. Named: Müeller. They want a full-fledged website, with inventory, e-commerce, automatic customer survey, etc., and a lot of extras like employee log-in for agendas and stuff.”

“Wow. The whole package?”

“Yes, and we must deliver it on the second week of November at the latest.”

“Well, with all due respect, sir, Brian is the most experienced to do these sorts of websites,” said Karen.

“Yes, but he’s completely booked until next February. You’re the only one with… availability,” he said with pleading eyes.

“Sir.” said firmly Karen. “I’ve been planning that trip for three years now, setting the necessary money aside, planning my visits, making reservations. Everything is booked, some are non-refundable. I’m sorry but the answer is no.”

“Well, here’s the interesting part, Karen. The Müeller Corp is in Germany.”

“Really? Why the hell did they hire a Canadian company? I’m sure they have competent web designers in Germany.”

“I don’t know, Karen, but we have the contract, they’re paying for the plane fare and the hotel for you to stay the whole time. Listen. You work from the hotel room and when you have your… activities, you go, on company time.”

“It means that… my vacation days won’t be used? I’ll be on company time all the time?”

“Pretty much, Karen. Except for the weekends, unless you clock in, of course.”

“Gheesh… Let me think about it.”

“Well… better make it quick, your plane leaves tomorrow at 09:00. We managed to find you a nice Bed and Breakfast on the edge of Munich. You’ll have peace and quiet… and that was the only room available in the area. That Oktoberfest thing is pretty popular.”

She took the binder containing the brief for the client, walked back to her office, and browsed through it. It was a lot of work to be done in a relatively short time. She wouldn’t have much time to visit. She would have something like close to seven weeks to do it. She figured that she could have it done in three, maybe four weeks, leaving her with the equivalent of three weeks of all-expenses-paid vacations. in the heart of Oktoberfest! Way better than the room she had reserved two hours from there.

The next day, she was in the air, heading for Germany. She got there at the end of the evening, thanks to the seven hours of travel and the six-hour time zone difference. The taxi cab dropped her off in front of a large, two-story timber and stone house that had the typical “German” look. She smiled. She will love it there.

She entered and was greeted by a petite blond woman.

“Hallo. My name is Sandra, I’m your host. How may I help you?” she cordially asked, in German as well as in English, obviously spotting Karen’s Canadian flag patch on her luggage, but with a puzzled look.

“Hum. Yes. Hello. My name is Karen and I have a reservation.” she said, putting her luggage down and struggling with her phone to find the confirmation mail her boss had sent her.

“A reservation? For tonight?”

“For… seven weeks, actually,” said Karen, finding the e-mail on her phone and showing it to Sandra.

“SEVEN WEEKS?” repeated Sandra, stunned. “but…we’re fully booked…” she mumbled as she looked into her computer “Oh. Uh… The B&D room… Really? For seven weeks? Well, that’s a first,” said Sandra with a low voice.

“Is there something wrong?” asked Karen. “My boss told me he had found that nice Bed and Breakfast on the edge of Munich and…”

“Oh, he’s right. This is a nice Bed and Breakfast but we offer… more than that. Please, come with me.” said Sandra. “Obviously, he hadn’t been made aware of the B&D room he had booked. I’m sorry, I was out of the office for the last few days for personal matters so whoever took the reservation should have inquired more about the stay. ” she said, mumbling “Romy du bist so ein nutzloser idiot” as she led Karen to the room.

“Why? What’s wrong with that room?” asked Karen.

“Do not worry, I will help you find a suitable room for your stay. In the meantime, you get what your reservation called for, which is the only room available,” said Sandra, unlocking the door, pushing it open, and flipping the light switch, which lit up the room in a strange reddish light.

She made a few steps in and turned around to a stunned Karen, standing by the door, holding her luggage, mouth open. She slowly entered.

Yes, there was a bed made out of heavy timber. And there was also a cage nearby. There was another sort of bed or rather a cushioned table upholstered with red leather, a large timber post in the middle of the room, and all sorts of other devices.

“Like I said this is the B&D room… The Bondage and Discipline, or Bed and Dungeon room. I can try to hide most of the stuff with bedsheets if that makes you too uncomfortable and I’ll help you find a proper room tomorrow.” said Sandra.

“I… see…” said Karen, eyes wide. “It’s not really a problem. I mean… I’ll just use the bed and that other stuff doesn’t really bother me,” she said, looking at each device, feeling her heart beat harder. Was she repulsed or aroused? She couldn’t even tell it herself.

“Ja. I will see what I can do. People usually rent that room on short notice, that’s why it’s not officially reserved for the following weeks, but I will have people wanting to use it.”

“Oh. Of course,” said Karen, sort of snapping out of her daydream. “I understand.”

“Well, I’ll let you unpack your things… Uh, well… There isn’t really any dresser or anything in this room. You… you might find some free places in the closet but… yeah…” said Sandra, hesitating.

“Don’t tell me: more kinky stuff,” said Karen.

Sandra only smiled.

“If it’s for tonight only, I’ll be fine out of my suitcase,” said Karen.

Sandra softly closed the door and left Karen alone inside. She looked around. Oh, it was not expected but she wasn’t finding any of this disgusting or anything. She was wearing latex underwear after all and she had brought a pair of police handcuffs in her luggage. She was kinky herself but she never experienced it to that level.

She walked around, approaching the bondage table, then walking to the X-frame, gently gliding her hand along the frame, feeling the soft leather. The hardware clunked when she touched it, sending strange vibes down her spine. She turned around, looking at the numerous rings on the ceiling, some with chain lengths hanging from them. There was even a hook that looked like it was linked to a winch but she couldn’t see the actual winch, just the steel cable going through a hole in the ceiling.

She approached another device looking like a sawhorse. She touched it, a shiver running from her fingers to the back of her head. She looked around to make sure nobody was looking and she softly climbed on it, resting her weight on the central bar, stretching her tight jeans, pushing it against her crotch.

She refrained a moaning, biting her lips as she gently wiggled her crotch, her feet barely touching the floor from the tip of her shoes. She put her hands on the bars, as if she was tied up to it, her mind wandering. What if… How would that feel?

She thought she heard a noise outside the door and snapped out of her daydream quickly dismounted from the sawhorse. But nothing else was heard. Maybe just one of the other residents returning to his room. Judging by the weight of the door, it was well insulated against sound. Looking around, she bet that room could become quite noisy at times.

As she headed back for the bed, she noticed the door of what she assumed would be the closet. She stopped. She hesitated. This wasn’t her room so she had no right to snoop around. Then again this was her room. She opened it.

Her nose was struck by the strong mix of odors coming from the closet, a mix of the musk scent of the leather along with latex and vinyl. She entered the large walk-in closet which was divided into sections.

The front section, on both sides, was filled with two rows high of clothes. Latex, spandex. PVC, leather, neoprene, and some other fabrics: shorts, leggings, dresses, skirts, leotards, coats, jackets, catsuits, and every possible type of clothing seemed to be represented. The rear section was filled with, on one side, hoods of leather and latex as well as an assortment of gags, while on the right, different restraints, collars, and cuffs, from latex to steel were hung there. She was totally stunned at the selection. In front of her on the back wall, were rows of shoes and boots of all styles and apparently of different sizes, from flat riding boots to extreme crotch-high ballet boots. She knew them all. She had seen them all… on the Internet. Well, it was a dungeon-for-rent so it had to be well-equipped.

She took a pair of ankle ballet boots, feeling them, and smiled at the size: hers. She put them back on the shelf, looking at thigh-high platform boots with what looked like a 15cm heel! She turned around and slowly walked out, stopping to look at the hoods, one even included a gas mask. Some had steel studs or spikes, and some really looked like torture devices. She looked at the restraints, picking a leather cuff and wrapping it around her wrist, tightening it, her breath shaking as she drew it tighter. Why?…

As she walked out, she couldn’t resist touching the spandex, the leather, and especially the latex.

She closed the door of the closet, her mind wandering while looking at all these devices, suddenly seeing people on them, a woman who looked strangely like herself.

She walked again past the bondage table and stopped. She slid her hand over the fine leather covering it, turned around, and gently sat on it, trying not to make any noise as if she would awake some sort of automatic device hidden inside the table that would trap her in. She softly laid down on it, on her back. She slightly pulled her legs apart and put her arms on her side. Eyes closed, she imagined being tied up on it, unable to move. What would happen next? How would that feel?

“Need any help?” she heard a voice.

She jumped off the table faster than a cat getting caught where it was forbidden.

“I… I… I….” stuttered Karen.

Sandra laughed.

“It’s okay. It’s in the room it is expected for people to… try it. Anyway, I was just in to tell you that I’ve got a reservation for tomorrow afternoon.”

“Oh, that will be fine. After all, I’ll be rebooked elsewhere by then… Right?” asked Karen.

“Oh, ya, ya.” said Sandra, a little look of panic appearing in her eyes.

“Well, I’ll try to find some sleep and wear off the jet lag, if you don’t mind,” said Karen.

“Aber sicher. Err… of course. Good night.”

Karen walked to the bed and laid on her back, her arms behind her head looking at herself through the ceiling mirror. She was contrasting against the bright red latex comforter. Fortunately, the bedsheets themselves were not latex but satin. Black satin.

She could see the holes in the headboard, awaiting someone’s wrists. Slowly, her arms stretched and her fingers found the holes but she couldn’t slip her hand through the hole. The top of the board needed to be lifted and right now, two large locking steel pins were holding it shut. Heart pounding, she took them off and then resumed her position, slowly pushing her wrists through the holes.

The top board closed down over her wrists, locking her in place. She squirmed a little and realized that, if she fully stretched her body, her feet would get over the footboard, meaning that she could… perhaps… put her feet AND her wrists in the bondage boards. But… could she get out by herself?

She squirmed with her arms and managed to get the board, although heavy, high enough to get her wrists out. Confident with the outcome, she, as silently as she could so as not to attract attention, removed the locking pins for the footboard and sitting on the bed, worked it so she put her feet through the closest holes, keeping her legs just slightly opened. Then she stretched to reach the headboard with her wrists.

Breath shaking, heart pounding, she pushed her wrists through the holes, and a few moments later, she was well secured, stretched on the bed. She slowly squirmed, feeling her bondage, the restriction, realizing that whoever would come in would be in total control.

That made her hot. But… how come? How could being tied up be arousing? She looked at herself in the ceiling mirror, gently squirming, and found it… sexy. She imagined being all covered by one of those shiny suits, like those pictures she occasionally saw on the Internet or in some movies.

She closed her eyes and began to struggle. Oh, she was struggling a lot, in her mind, that is. She imagined her waist being crushed by one of those corsets she saw in the closet. She was seeing herself, her whole skin being that shiny tar-like black. With her tongue, she tried to imagine what it would feel like to have something stuffed in her mouth, unable to push it out.

Her crotch was on fire and just rocking her hips up and down, enclosed in their tight stretch jeans, was enough to arouse her, to tease her.

Her mind drifted away and she slowly fell asleep, stretched out on the bondage bed.

She awoke startled. The room was still filled with that eerie red light, and she was still on the bed, still stretched. She giggled that she had been actually able to fall asleep like that. She pulled on her wrist to get free but… the board didn’t move.

Helped with the mirror, she looked up. Nothing was preventing it from moving, the pins were hanging by their little holding chains, out of their holes. What could be holding the board?

She tried again, but she didn’t have much leverage force with her body really stretched out. Her ankles were pulling the footboard inward and her wrists were doing the same to the headboard.

“Shit, it’s stuck,” she mumbled, witnessing the board move but it was as if it was stuck in its grooves. “No, no, no!” she mumbled, trying harder to free herself but the more she tried, the less the board seemed to move.

“Why was I able to do it before and not now… yes, of course, stupid. You’re pulling on it now,” she said, answering herself the question.

She tried to relax one wrist but to do so, she had to pull hard on the other one. After many attempts, she had only one conclusion to draw: she was stuck until someone came to her rescue.

She didn’t sleep well, then she heard her alarm clock from her phone. She had to get up. She tried again but to no avail. Of course, since she couldn’t turn it off, it kept ringing and ringing.

After a good 10 minutes, she heard someone knock at the door.

“Hallo? Karen?” she heard Sandra’s voice.

“Yes. I’m here… I need… I need help.” she said, lowering her voice.

“Okay, I’m coming in…” Oh verdammt!” exclaimed Sandra, giggling. “What happened?”

“I… I don’t know… I just wanted to see what it would feel like and… I… I didn’t mean to…”

“Ja… of course, It happens all the time.” said Sandra, “those boards are meant to be moved up and down. If some side pressure is applied, they get stuck,” she said, easily lifting the boards over Karen’s hands then at her feet.

Karen took her phone to turn off the alarm.

“Damn! I barely have the time to shower and get ready for my first day,” she said, putting her suitcase on the bed and quickly opening it. “Oh… where can I take a shower?” she said, realizing that the dungeon room didn’t have a shower. Or did it?

“Yes, it’s hidden behind this panel,” said Sandra, pointing at a large bondage frame on the wall. Karen pulled on it and discovered a full-fledged bathroom with a classic bathtub, a whirlpool as well and a large shower cabin. There were steel rings attached everywhere so someone in full bondage could get… cleaned. “Some people also like water play,” said Sandra. “If you need anything, I’ll be downstairs,” she said, heading out, leaving Karen to do her tasks.

“Oh… You know it’s…” began Sandra but Karen rushed to the shower and was out of sight in a flash, so she simply left the room, figuring out she could warn her later.

Twenty minutes later, she rushed past Sandra at the entrance, dressed in a more professional way with dress pants and shirts, literally running out of the door, Sandra trying to stop her. But she didn’t listen. She nervously tried to understand the bus schedule and somehow, the bus seemed not to be following the schedule. Also, there were a lot fewer people than she expected on the bus.

Finally, she reached her destination, oven an hour late. She rushed to the building and squished her face against closed doors.

“What the hell?” she said trying to open the door. She banged on it and tried to look inside, making a cone of shadow with her hands.

“Is this a joke?” she asked, shaking the door even harder, then turned around to see if there was some side entrance or something.

“Diese büros sind sonntags geschlossen,” said a man passing by.

“I… I have a meeting and I’m late,” said Karen.

“Oh… amerikanisch… Err… Sunday. Closed.” said again the man in broken English.

Karen stared at him for a moment and he repeated.

“Sonntag… Sunday. Closed. No Building.”

Karen took her phone and it dawned on her as she picked it up to look at the date and day. Thanks to the jetlag and the sudden change of plans, she didn’t realize it was actually Sunday. She looked at the man and gently made a facepalm.

“Sorry… Err… Flugzeug… Zeit” she tried from the little German she knew to explain the jet lag. (airplane, time)

The man laughed.

“Guter Tag,” he said, making a goodbye sign as he continued on his way.

Karen let herself lean against the closed doors.

“That explains everything…” she mumbled, thinking about the bus schedule and the few people walking down the street.

Well, she might as well enjoy that beautiful Sunday. She resumed her walk, passing in front of a restaurant, the smell of coffee filling her senses.

She entered and took a seat. Hopefully, the menu had some English translation. She went for it and tried the Weißwurstfrühstuck and was stunned to see a beer coming along!

“Oh well, it’s Oktoberfest, after all”, taking a sip.

And she loved everything.

Having nothing else to do and since she was, after all, on “vacation” she walked around, visiting Marienplatz, marveling at the architecture, she even booked a sightseeing tour. The next thing she knew, it was the middle of the afternoon. She figured Sandra would have found her another stay and she would have time to move to it before the end of the day. She took the bus back to the B&B.

When she entered, Sandra wasn’t at her desk, so she headed to the Bondage Room to gather her suitcase. She opened the door and was welcomed by a yell.

“Du bist spät! Und nicht einmal richtig gekleidet!!”

Karen was stunned. A tall woman, dressed in black leather and holding a riding crop from her leather-gloved hand, was staring at her and yelling at her in German.

“Uh… Oh… I’m sorry, I just…” began to stutter Karen as she pointed at her suitcase.

“Do not talk back, slave!” said the woman with a severe expression and a strong German accent. “You will get proper suit NOW, and you suffer consequences,” she said, pointing to the closet.

“But… I…” tried to intervene with Karen, but that mysterious and very dominating woman walked straight to Karen, almost touching her, staring at her eyes to eyes, and fiercely pointed at the closet with the riding crop, without adding a word.”

Karen lowered her eyes. She just felt compelled to obey, to follow the orders, even if in the end, she was not whoever she was waiting for. She just wanted her luggage.

She browsed the rack of clothes. What should she wear? What was the right outfit for that… Mistress?

“Beeil dich!” she heard her yell. She knew a little of German and she knew that meant to hurry up. She grabbed a black catsuit and aimed for some wedge sandals but her eyes caught those ballet boots again. She never wore anything like that. That looked so extreme. Then, she wouldn’t be wearing them for long as when the Mistress understood the mistake, she would let Karen go. So… she picked them up, walked out of the closet, and headed for the bed.

“Schnell! Schnell!” said Mistress.

“Ja, ja… I’m getting to it,” mumbled Karen as she took her jeans off, hesitating. Should she get totally naked? That Mistress would tell her if she was not to, so she totally undressed.

She took the catsuit and looked at it from all sides, searching for a zipper, for an entry point.

“How the heck do you put this on?” she asked, showing the suit to Mistress.

“Dummer Sklave…” mumbled Mistress, putting her hands in the neck hole and stretching it wide open. “

“Füße zuerst!” she said, giving Karen’s feet a sharp riding crop slap.

“Ouch. No need to do that!” said Karen, putting her feet down the latex catsuit. She understood why it felt oily. That thing needed lubricant to put on. She wondered if what was inside was enough.

Struggling, she pulled the suit up her legs, then her torso, stretching the neck opening with amazement. However, it was taking too long for Mistress who grabbed the neck and pulled harder. Karen tried to follow the best she could, feeding her arms in the sleeves, down to the attached gloves.

When Mistress released the suit, Karen had a shock as her body was enclosed in the tight and smooth latex. It was cold at first but it quickly warmed up as she moved to make the suit fall into place. During that time, Mistress had walked to and back from the closet and before Karen could react, her head was encased into a latex hood, leaving only her eyes and mouth to poke through. Her brain was overwhelmed by the overload of sensations as well as the lack of sensations. All she could feel was the latex. All she could think of was the latex.

“Wow, this is neat,” said Karen, rubbing her rubber hands over her rubber-coated arms, and down her body to her crotch where she pulled a little on it to get comfortable.

She bent down and put on the ballet boots. It was a total first for her, having her feet pointing down like that. She laced them tightly and tried to stand up, only to fall back on the edges of the bed.

She gave it another try and managed to stay upright, legs shaking, but unable to make one step. Mistress gave a sharp slap of her riding crop on Karen’s waist.

“Korsett?” she asked.

“No, no corset,” said Karen, nodding.

“Ja! Korsett!” said Mistress with a firmer tone and seeing that Karen couldn’t walk much in her heels, she walked to the closet and returned with a red leather corset and threw it on the bed.

“Das Korsett tragen!” she said with a firm tone. Karen understood what she wanted. She could have simply walked out of the room, after all, she had no business being there, but she just felt compelled to obey, and… she liked it so far. She didn’t consider herself a sub or anything. Well, she never experimented with that Dom/sub thing but so far, it wasn’t bad. And she could try things she never wore before!

For free!!

She wrapped the heavy leather garment around her waist. Having never put on a corset before, she didn’t really have a clue of how to tighten it. Mistress had to intervene and she was apparently pissed off.

She tightened it. Tighter and tighter. Karen felt her breathing range vanish as the corset grew smaller, each breath requiring effort. And she liked it. she loved the compression. She loved feeling her body becoming rigid, enclosed, encased in the rigid garment. she even helped the tightening by sucking her stomach in and emptying her stomach as Mistress pulled hard on the lacing.

When Mistress finally tied up the laces, Karen’s eyes were bulging out! With her hands on each side of her very small waist, she smiled.

“Feels great,” she said, smiling.

But mistress wasn’t. She walked to the closet and came back with a bunch of hardware: lots of leather belts and a harness with a large red ball she put over Karen’s head.

“What is all that for?” asked Karen.

“Silence!” she ordered as she pushed the ball deeply inside Karen’s mouth.

She moaned. She was, at the same time, surprised and… aroused? She stayed passive as Mistress tightly wrapped and locked the leather straps around her wrists and ankles. Even the collar was drawn tight, making her struggle to swallow. But somehow, she liked it. She liked all of it: the tight catsuit, the corset, the cuffs, being at the mercy of… come to think of it, who the hell is that woman?

She didn’t have time to think about her more. A sharp blow of the riding crop brought the attention back to her. Mistress was pointing to a wooden frame, evidently ordering Karen to go to it. She did. It was easy to figure out what was the purpose of that device: to have someone bent on it, with its butt sticking out.

Slightly shaking, her brain on fire, she took place. Her anxiety grew when the device was lowered over her neck and wrists, locking her in place, and her legs spread as Mistress added more locks, as if she could free herself anyway.

Mistress disappeared for a moment to slowly come back.

“Zeit, deine Strafe zu erhalten” said Mistress as Karen received the first hard blow of the whipping paddle.

She screamed but her gag muffled the sound.

It was a pain as well as a surprise. She actually didn’t know what to expect. She played along without a clue of what it implied. Somehow Mistress seemed pissed off and she was paying the price.

SLAPP!! Another blow. Then another. Each blow brought more pain and also more… pleasure? Could she really like being spanked? Well, she was getting what she deserved. After all, she was late… oh. Hey, she wasn’t late, she’s the wrong person!

She suddenly snapped out of it and squirmed in her bondage. Mistress only took it for a normal struggle and continued with her punishment.

However, the more she struggled, the more she got slapped, the more aroused she got. What was wrong with her?

Finally, Mistress had enough and released Karen. She was kind of lost, not knowing what to do, where to go. She was just following Mistress’s orders who pointed at a large X frame. Karen walked to it, surprised that she could walk on those extreme heels. It was as if she had always worn them. She walked to the cross. Mistress had her turn her back to it and spread on the X frame before being tightly secured.

Mistress opened Karen’s catsuit crotch zipper and produced two very large toys. Karen’s eyes widened as she saw Mistress approach with the huge devices and aim for her crotch. She squirmed, which didn’t faze Mistress from her goal: shoving them up Karen’s crotch.

She lubed them profusely and firmly pushed them inside their orifices, totally ignoring Karen’s complaints and squirming and even her high-pitched noises as the long intruders went further and further in.

She closed the zipper which only pushed the toys deeper in. Karen’s mind was a mess. It was overwhelming and arousing at the same time.

Then Mistress began to gently tease her with gentle taps of her riding crop over her now overly sensitive breasts. Tap. Tap. Tap-tap! Then another tap on her left thigh, on her right thigh, inside her legs, inside her hips, getting closer to the crotch, to the toys but never reaching them before returning to her breasts.

Karen was squirming. The more she was squirming the more she felt the restraints hold her in place and the more excited she became. She was hot. Very hot.

After more teasing, Mistress slapped on the crotch, directly on the dildo. Karen jolted. It was as if she had received an electrical shock! And it was fucking good!

Another slap produced the same effect. More slaps on the inside of her thighs seemed to have similar effects. Her muscles were reacting like they were receiving an electrical shock although it was none of that. It was just her brain playing games with her. A game of pleasure.

And the pleasure grew, stronger and stronger. And it reached a level she never knew possible when Mistress pinched her nipples through her latex catsuit at the same time she slapped her crotch with the riding crop.

Mistress watched Karen’s eyes turn upward as the orgasm engulfed her. She witnessed her drift away, into another dimension as she continued to tease her.

Karen’s mind was in a place she never knew existed. A pool of pure pleasure. Of pure orgasmic joy. She wasn’t on Earth anymore or in this universe. She was in a different dimension, and all she could feel was extreme pleasure, from her heart to the tip of her fingers. From her crotch to her brain. From… every cell of her body. At that moment, the tight latex, the crushing corset, the ballgag filling her mouth, the extreme position of her feet, her restraints, all added up into the final explosion of a one-of-a-kind orgasm, short-circuiting her brain.

Mistress saw her drift away and frowned. That was not what she expected. Not from her slave. Knowing what she was doing, she slowly stopped her teasing, leaving time for the slave’s mind to come back to reality.

Karen was panting hard, impaired by the corset crushing her lungs, her head bobbing in all directions, her mind trying to find its way back to reality.

There was a knock at the door. Mistress turned her head, a pissed-off look on her face. She hated being disturbed while in a session.

“Hallo Mistress,” said in German a woman in a red latex catsuit and ballet heels entering the room, “your slave just called stating that she will be late, the train she was on encountered some mechanical problems and… Oh… You’re with someone else?” said the young blond woman. “I… I’m really sorry. I thought that your slave…” she said, gesturing toward the entrance…

Mistress’s expression changed from pissed off to confused, looking at Sandra and the woman hanging on the X-frame then to Sandra…


“If this is not my slave, who is it?”

“I don’t know, Mistress. Where did you find her?”

“She just entered the room, unannounced and dressed in a business… I thought… Oh…”

“You didn’t recognize that it wasn’t your slave?” asked Sandra, puzzled.

“Well…” began mistress, evidently not so proud of herself, “I actually never saw that slave’ face. She always came in in full latex and… oh dear… Who is this?”

Sandra carefully approached the woman spread-eagled on the frame, realizing what may have happened.

“Karen? Is that you?” asked Sandra in English.

Karen nodded a small yes, her head still feeling heavy and unsteady.

(back in German)

“Oh darn. That’s the woman who rented the room…”

“Rented the room?” asked Mistress, puzzled.

“Oh, it was a mistake made by Romy, I had to find her another room as we’re fully booked and… oh darn. Let… Let me get you out of this.” said Sandra, approaching Karen to free her, but Karen made a swift move that can only be interpreted as “Don’t touch me”.

“What… You want to stay as is? To continue?” asked Sandra in English.

Karen thought for a moment. What the hell was she thinking? Yes, she wanted to be free. She had no reason to be there. That was a mistake of identity. She was there to do a job and she needed to be free… but it was Sunday and, she liked it there she… She nodded yes.

“Uh… I will go… low… Err… Easy.” said Mistress in her broken English. “Okay?”

Karen slowly looked at Mistress. Thinking. She just had the most out-of-this-world orgasm and that woman wanted to go easy on her now? Hell…. She looked at Mistress right in the eyes and slowly raised her middle finger. Well, both of them.

“Stark ist es,” said Mistress with fire in her eyes as Sandra looked back and forth between Mistress and Karen to make sure everything was fine before slowly walking out of the dungeon room.

“Where do you think you’re going?” asked Mistress.

“Back to my desk?” softly answered Sandra.

“Really? If you had been at your desk when she entered, we wouldn’t be in this situation. You deserve some punishment for it. ” she said, looking around.

“To the rack!” she ordered, pointing to a spreading rack.

Sandra was shocked. She knew that device. It would be fun and not fun at the same time.

Slowly, as if she was hoping Mistress would change her mind, she first sat on it and then took place, placing her legs into the V shape part of the frame, then lying down with her arms straight out in a “T” shape position.

Mistress walked by the walk-in closet and when she reached Sandra on The Rack, she threw a black latex hood at her, non-verbally ordering her to put it on. While Sandra was doing so, she linked her ankle cuffs to the attachment on the rack, each one linked to a large screw. By this time, Sandra was done putting the tight latex hood over her head and Mistress linked her wrists to the hooking devices. She then slowly cranked each screw, stretching Sandra more and more. She was squirming, trying to find the most comfortable position as her limbs were getting stretched. This was once used as a torture device and could, without proper care, literally rip the limbs off a body. Sandra began to grin and slightly complained.

Mistress would have none of that. Quickly, Sandra was fitted with a panel gag hiding a very long penis-shaped hard rubber gag, effectively silencing her.

“There. Think about how bad you have been. I’ll be back for your real punishment.” she said with the coldest voice Sandra had ever heard. That was both frightening and arousing.

Karen, who had witnessed the scene from her vantage point was both curious and apprehensive. That rack seems too inviting yet at the same time, Mistress seemed to be really pissed off. She might have gone a little too far with her finger gestures.

“Now, young lady, you need to learn the proper etiquette,” said Mistress, but since all of the previous dialogue happened in German, Karen didn’t have a clue of what Mistress just said, but just the tone of her voice sent her cold shivers down her spine. She was suddenly genuinely afraid.

Mistress took her down from the X-frame and linked her wrists to her back before leading her to a cage hanging from a hidden winch in the ceiling in the middle of the room. She removed the cage and set it leaning against the wall.

There, she put a long spreader bar between Karen’s ankles and linked her wrists to said hanging steel cable then, operating the hidden winch, pulled the cable up, forcing Karen to bend down at the hips so that her bound wrists would follow the upward pull of the cable. She had no clue it was called a strappado tie but she learned that it would become uncomfortable in a very short time.

And while she was struggling with the extreme position, Mistress was slapping her butt with her riding crop and that was hurting a lot more than the teasing while she was on the X-frame.

It wasn’t long before her shoulders were aching and her legs were shaking. Her ankles were getting weak. Damn, she never wore extreme boots like that and now she was forced to stand up on them in this extreme position.

After many hard slaps, Mistress let her suffer while she went to take care of another punishment: Sandra’s.

She slowly walked to her, her leather suit creaking, her heels clicking in a very sinister manner, and although Karen was concentrating on her own difficulties, she couldn’t help but think that this was almost a Halloween horror scene.

Sandra was gently squirming, somewhat enjoying her little stretching session. Mistress stopped, looked at her and as her face seemed to change to the Wicked Witch of the West, she walked on and grabbed a device stored by the wall. She then returned to Sandra, putting something between her legs.

Karen was trying to see but couldn’t, impaired as she was with her head movements and especially, position.

When Mistress walked away she saw the device. It was a motor on a stand. On the spindle of that motor were three spokes, each one sporting a riding crop. The device began to turn, slowly at first, as Mistress adjusted the position of where the riding crops were hitting: right on the tip of her steel chastity belt.

She was hit about once every half-second. Each time, Sandra jolted as the crop slapped hard on her belt. Karen was puzzled. She would have thought that the belt would shield the hits but it seemed to amplify it because Sandra’s reaction was just too much.

Unless… She didn’t know much about chastity belts but, could a toy be linked to the belt? If that was so, it meant that each hit was jerking the toy a little, perhaps giving a sensation similar to having a finger flicking at her crotch… two times a second. Relentlessly.

One thing was for sure, she was struggling a lot more in her restraints than she did before the slapping device was installed.

The sound of creaking leather and clicking heels getting closer got her out of her thoughts. Mistress was back to take care of her. Whatever that meant.

Karen moaned and slowly squirmed in her bondage. It was hard. Her rs shoulders were now pretty numb and her legs, still shaking, were on the verge of giving up.

To her relief, Mistress lowered her arms but as soon as they were down, she linked the cable from her wrists to the top of her head harness and operated the winch again, stretching her neck up, releasing a little bit of pressure on her legs but not her neck was taking all the strain. Mistress walked to face her.

“You… not… angry… Mistress,” she said in broken English. “You… Erm… Brestrafung… Punish… Bad… Ja?”

That was enough for Karen to understand that she must learn to behave for Mistress.

“Mistress… Stronger… This,” she said, shaking the chain linked to Karen’s head.

Yeah, she bet she could be a lot more harsher than this punishment and she was not interested in testing it.

Karen blinked in acknowledgment and nodded. She would behave.

Mistress brought a chair for Karen and unlinked her head harness from the overhead cable, helping her to sit down as her legs were practically useless by then. Once the spreader bar was removed, Mistress pointed to the bondage table.

“Dort! Jetzt!!”

Karen figured she wanted her to go there on the double. Legs still shaking she wobbled her way to the bondage table, not waiting for any instructions, she laid on her back on it, resting her legs, resting her minds, wondering what would be next.

She heard noises, complaining noises and she turned her head. She could see Mistress working over Sandra, tapping her breasts with her riding crop, slapping them, sometimes hard, sometimes softly, while her crotch was relentlessly whipped by the device.

By the deep throat screen that came through Sandra’s gagged mouth, Karen figures that she just had one heck of a powerful orgasm!

Mistress stopped the slapping device and loosened the stretching without letting Sandra free before returning to Karen.

Without a word, she began to strap her down to the bench, pinning her head down, squishing her shoulders, her breasts, her chest, her waist, her hips, her thighs, knees, and finally her ankles. Once done, Karen couldn’t move. A blindfold was added and she was left to her own inner world.

She heard nothing. She saw nothing. She felt nothing except the tightness of her situation. With each breath, she was smelling the latex, feeling the constriction of the corset. Each time she tried to move, the restraints were reminding her that she couldn’t. She was allowed to just lay there and stay there. And think. And dream.

She felt something pressed hard against her crotch, like a large ball. More straps were added, securing the device on her crotch. She moaned. She liked it. But she wished it would…

Oh damn! Yes, it vibrated. Shit, no, it stopped. Then it was on again, but on a lower setting, getting stronger… no, weaker, followed by a few very powerful jolts, then nothing. She quickly figured out it was some sort of vibrator in some random firing setting.

She moaned, she squirmed but she couldn’t get either closer or farther away from it. It was on her. Period.

That was relaxing and arousing at the same time. That was fun. She could do that. Oh yes, she liked it there.

Mistress had taken Sandra out of the stretching frame and put her into the stock, her butt well positioned for an extensive spanking session. Again, with her toys, it became a mix of punishment and pleasure.

They could hear Karen’s intermittent moans as the vibrator was gently but surely wreaking havoc in her crotch, in her mind.

And it was. She never felt an orgasm built up so slowly before but the device never let her rest. Every teasing just increased her arousal level without allowing it to go down. She was aroused. Constantly aroused. Slowly getting up. She wondered if it was like when a man had a constant hard-on.

To her it seemed like hours, or constant teasing, constant arousal before, finally, the orgasm exploded. She lost track of reality. She was no longer tied up on the table. she was free. Her mind was free, swimming in a pool of pleasure. Every cell of her body felt it. Even Sandra and Mistress felt it, looking at her body shake and move within the confine of the restraints.

“Damn, the next time I’ll put her in a full fiberglass cast, she is literally moving the bondage table across the floor!” said Sandra who had been freed by then, in the two hours since Karen had been tied up to the bondage table.

Mistress was looking at the table move in disbelief.

“I never saw anyone having an orgasm that powerful. I… I didn’t know.” said Mistress, almost sorry.

Sandra giggled.

“Don’t be. I’m sure she doesn’t mind,” she said as the orgasm slowly subsided and Karen’s body became limp. “I think she’s in her happy place now. Better let her rest for some time.”

“I’ll stop the magic wand but I think it’s best if she’s kept restrained. For now,” said Mistress.

“Totally agree, Mistress. Care for some tea?” said Sandra, inviting her out of the room.

Karen was left to her dream. She was floating. Everything she touched was giving her pleasure. Every smell was giving her pleasure. Every thought was pure pleasure. She was looking at her body, floating in this sea of pleasure, admiring her black shiny skin shining over the omnipresent light, as colorful as the rainbow. She liked it. She liked the look. She liked the sensation. Damn, she should have tried that before. This is so marvelous.

The dream slowly faded and she found herself back on the bondage table, very well restrained, unable to move. She was only able to work her butt muscles, able to give a gentle push of her crotch against the dead vibrator head. Damn, she wanted more!

Nonetheless, feeling that restrained, the corset, the gag, the helplessness feeling of the blindfold, of the semi-deafness, of her latex skin. Yes, she liked it.

Her mind wandered. She saw Sandra’s chastity belt and she wondered how it would feel to be locked into steel like that. She may try it. Why not?

She was dozing off when she felt the restraints being released. She patiently waited for her blindfold to be removed to slowly sit on the edge of the table. Mistress was there, watching Sandra take care of Karen.

“How do you feel? Are you okay?” asked Sandra as she removed the gag, a pool of drool flowing out, dripping from her chin onto her latex-covered breasts, slowly dripping off.

“I… I’m not sure,” said Karen, still half-dreaming. “What the hell happened?”

“You discovered your happy place,” giggled Sandra, “what we call going to subspace, a special state half-consciousness, half-unconsciousness, where the pleasure is absorbed.”

“Uh… wow. I… I want to go back there.” she said.

“We all do,” said Sandra with a smile. “Are you ready to get out of your outfit?” she asked.

“My outfit?…” asked Karen, looking down at her latex skin, her corset, her ballet boots. “Oh… well… Not really. I sort of… like it in there,” she said with a grin. “Does that sound… silly?”

“Not at all,” said Sandra, “but it’s been quite a few hours. It’s almost 20:00 and if you want to be ready for your real meeting tomorrow, you better get out of it, take a shower, and have a good night of sleep. Oh, I unfortunately wasn’t able to find you an alternative place to stay so, for the next few days, you can stay here.”

“I… well… after what happened today, I would be lying if I said that I don’t want to live in a dungeon,” she said, smiling, but with a pleasure smile. “But before I change… I… I don’t know if I can… Ah, forget it.”

“Karen, there’s nothing taboo here. You can ask anything.”

“Well… I would like to try that,” she said, pointing at Sandra’s crotch.

“A chastity belt? Really?”

“Yes, and with all the toys and stuff.”

“But it’s late and…”

“I don’t mind. I want to try it today.”

“What is it?” inquired Mistress who hadn’t followed the conversation between Karen and Sandra, in English.

“She wants to try a chastity belt,” said Sandra in German.

Mistress’s face lit up.

“Of but of course, absolutely!” said Mistress with a large smile, walking to the large closet and coming back with the device, including all the toys, vaginal and butt.

Sandra was frowning but Mistress seemed to know where she was heading with it. She helped Karen remove the previous toys and insert the new rigid steel toys and wrap the belt around her waist but before Sandra was about to close it, to lock it, Mistress took her hand away. She looked directly at Karen.

“Es ist Locktober. Wenn Sie diesen Gürtel schließen, werden Sie für den ganzen Monat eingesperrt und erst am letzten Tag im Oktober freigelassen. Treffen Sie eine kluge Wahl.” said Mistress with a stern look.

Karen looked at her, puzzled then at Sandra, hoping for a translation.

“I… I can’t help you on that. It’s between you and Mistress.”

“But… I don’t understand. What Should I do?”

“It’s your choice, Karen. You do what you want,” said Sandra.

Karen looked again at Mistress, frowning.

“Es ist Locktober. Wenn Sie diesen Gürtel schließen, werden Sie für den ganzen Monat eingesperrt und erst am letzten Tag im Oktober freigelassen. Treffen Sie eine kluge Wahl.” repeated Mistress.

Again, Karen looked at Sandra who only shuddered. Karen looked down at her belt. She was already enjoying the hard toys inside her crotch. She could feel the latex belt through her gloves, screaming to be locked on. And she did. She brought the ends of the belt together and with a firm gesture, she locked the belt on.

Sandra had a long sigh, along with wide open, stunned eyes.

“I never thought you would do something like that without looking through it first. Do you realize what you just did?”

“Not really. I heard October or something. I figured it was something special for the month, that I would become her slave or something. Damn, if being her slave is living what I lived today, I want to be her slave for the rest of my life.” said Karen, half humorous, half serious.

“What?… What did I do? Something wrong?”

“Ever heard about Locktober?”

“Oh, locktober! That’s what she said, right? Locktober. No… what is it?”

“It’s a tradition in the BDSM community where people would be chastized, locked, for the whole month of October. You just agreed to it. You are locked in for the rest of the month.”

“Uh… OH!” said Karen, realizing what it implied. “Well… I can live with it for a month… I hope.” she said, gently caressing her steel belt. “So, I just need to get ready to go to bed and…” she said, putting her hands on her back, ready to grab the lacing of her corset, when she stopped.

“Oh…” she said, eyes wide, realizing her predicament. “I… I can’t take off the corset with the belt on… and the suit… but the cuffs?” she asked, pointing at the locked leather cuffs while looking at Mistress who nodded a clear “NO”.


About an hour later, she was squirming in her bed, feeling her latex skin, her corset, and her chastity belt, wondering what she had done. That may be the end of the contract. Hopefully, Mistress let her take off the hood, but still.

The next morning, she put on her sharpest business suit, with long pants and a high-neck shirt, trying to hide her latex outfit as much as possible to meet the client.

He frowned at her latex-coated fingers but in the end, he said something along the line that, as long as the job was done in time and within the budget, he didn’t care how it was done, and that from now on, although he wanted her to stay in Germany for the time needed to complete the project, video calls or even phone calls would be enough.

When she entered the dungeon room that day, she saw that gasmask on the bondage table, probably left there from another session with Mistress or some other master who rented the room.

She took it. It had a large gag attached inside and was attached to a thick latex hood. It had a back zipper to seal it in place, a zipper that had a locking mechanism. She looked left and right and saw no one. She carefully put it over her head, gently pulling it down. Her breath was shaking as she felt the latex engulf her head, her face, as the gasmask took its place and the gag filled her mouth.

Slowly, she pulled the zipper down, being careful to not pull it so that it would reach the locking point.

She closed her eyes and ran her hands all over her head, feeling the pressure of the thick latex, enjoying the dim view through the tinted glasses, hearing her loud breathing through the filters of the gasmask, her mouth full, unable to make a sound.

Then Mistress appeared at the door opening. She leaned against the door frame. She pointed at Karen, at the gas mask.

“LOCKTOBER” she said, firm and loud, a devilish smile on her face.

Karen pondered her alternatives. She reached for the back of the hood and with a swift move, pulled the zipper down until it locked. She then looked at Mistress straight in the eyes, extended both her arms toward her, gently folded her hands into a loose fist, palms facing up, and… raised her middle fingers.

(c) monsterp63

October 14, 2023.

Yes, I know, this deserves a sequel. I’m working on it.


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6 thoughts on “Karen – Locktoberfest

  1. Okay, in my opinion, if Karen were to be a slave forever, her latex suit would also be upgraded to permanent, wouldn’t she? Looking forward to the sequel!

      1. As compensation, I will provide a equipment idea! Karen’s head equipment can be transformed into an egg shaped skull, closing the entire head in, using a plug to plug the mouth, leaving a small hole in the middle. When eating or drinking, use a special key to reach in and pull out the plug, and the color of the plug matches that of the skull! You can use lenses in the eye area that match the color of the skull, which can give Karen a smooth and featureless curved face! I remember you wrote something similar in your early works!

  2. Glad to read another story taking place in europe from you. The setup, the introduction of the characters and the surprising twists are a pleasure to read and heat up my head cinema.
    Bravo! Thank you for such a great and detailed story and I wish Karen and every one else visiting Germany the very best.

    Kind Regards

    1. Thank you Nicole.

      I usually leave the “place where it happens” rather vague so anyone can imagine it taking place near where they live, but since Oktober Fest happens in Germany, I really didn’t have a choice.

      Thank you for your kind words. More to come.

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