The Latex Side of The Moon… Reboot?


No not really. (sorry). But…

A follower back from my Deviant Art period sent me an interesting e-mail this week: he had kept the whole story in a word-page format and was sending it back to me to do as I pleased with it.

I was stunned and I’m still very grateful for that gesture.

So, TLSOTM will not be rebooted but… revamped.

I’m currently reviewing it (Grammarly told me there are 500+ typos and errors…) and I will see if I can upgrade some of the images or create new ones. (there were really “only” a dozen images)

And who knows what will happen next? You will tell me.

More about TLSOTM here.

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4 thoughts on “The Latex Side of The Moon… Reboot?

  1. Of course, I think you may upgrade your equipment. You can add some new equipment to this old story, right! Of course, it’s up to you to decide. I just need to wait for updates!

  2. I can see an issue with the astronauts. If they are not allowed to remove their latex suit their skin will need medical care when they return and have the suits removed. Sjin needs to breath, the suits will also trap their sweat and oils. Make sure you add chastity belts. Can’t have them touching themselves while they are gone.

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