Karen – The Latex Side of the Moon



The Latex Side of the Moon was a series in a “sitcom format”, originally posted on Deviant Art in 2018. Never extended for lack of interest.

WARNING: SCIENCE CONTENT. It is a SCIENCE-FICTION story with a fetish twist. The S-F aspect of it is bold. If you don’t like S-F stories, don’t read it and then rate “2” because you don’t like S-F. Just plain don’t read it… (or don’t rate it)

This is a revamped version. Some parts of the story have been rewritten to include more details or different points of view from the characters. The 3D art has been renewed and (I hope) improved. Some new images have also been added.

© 2018-2023, monsterp63

TLSOTM: Pilot Episode


The human skin can survive without air. The best example is of someone swimming. One can stay underwater for a long time, provided air to breathe, and he won’t die. The skin gets whitish and soft but it doesn’t die. (at one point it becomes bad, but, well, this is fantasy)

It’s the atmospheric pressure around the body that needs to be maintained. Our own body pushes outward at 1 atmosphere to counteract the regular atmospheric pressure. In the vacuum of space, you don’t have that pressure, and the body explodes. Well, actually, the blood boils off before; the lower the pressure, the lower the boiling point, but we’re getting too technical here. The only “spacesuit” needed is something to keep the one-atmosphere pressure around the body. It could be achieved with a compression suit, something currently being developed by NASA and MIT for forthcoming Mars missions. (just Google it)

In my opinion, a couple of layers of latex and a carbon fiber corset would do the job. At least, Karen would volunteer for it. In her own style.

Part 1: Suiting up

The room was white with a rather cold atmosphere. The only color was the NSLA logo, standing for New Space Lunar Association. The doctor, a woman, was browsing a file on her computer, while another woman, was silently waiting, sitting on a rather straight chair, her tight stretch jeans seams ready to rip open from her crossed legs, and her tight leather jacket creaking with every breath.

She was casually dangling her high-heeled shoe.

The doctor raised her eyes off the monitor and looked at her.

“Very well, Miss Karen. I understand you passed all previous selection criteria. This is the last one, and, I must emphasize, many turn back here. Not a lot had undergone the full procedure.

“I understand, doctor Lynda.” said the soft-spoken brunette, sparkles in her eyes, and a killer smile.

“I know I’m repeating myself but I’m gonna ask you again and again if you want to proceed. And again, you just have to say stop, no, enough, I’m out, anything that could be interpreted as a refusal, and we’ll stop there. You’ll be sent home. No more questions asked. Is all of this clear, Miss Karen?”

“Yes. All this is clear. I really look forward to the whole procedure, actually.” she said, with a devilish grin on her full lips.

Dr Lynda raised her eyebrows.

“Yes… of course,” she answered thinking she heard that a lot of times before. “Please, follow me,” she said, leading Karen into what looked more like a medical examination room. “Could you please go behind the curtains that are behind you, and undress? Completely.”

Karen smiled and struggled to get back up, strutting on her high heels, wiggling her tightly encased butt. Dr. Lynda couldn’t refrain from looking at her walk and entering the examination room.

A few minutes later, walked a tall woman, completely naked, revealing a worked-out body, curvaceous, with voluptuous breasts and a well-defined butt, standing on her toes.

“You… you can put your heel down, Miss Karen.” said the Doctor.

“Oh, it’s just… well that’s silly, but I can’t.”

“Oh, and why is that?”

“Well, you see, I wear high heels 24/7. I even sleep with heels on. My tendons have shrunk to the point that I can’t lay my feet flat on the ground without them hurting.”

“Oh… wow… Really? I’ve heard of such things, but on people that had been wearing heels for a very long time. How long have you been doing that?”

“I began to wear heels when I was in High School, so…”

“Wow… I see. So the transition between teenage and adult body was made with…”

“High heels,” answered Karen, giggling.

“Interesting. I never saw that in your file,” said Dr. Lynda.

“Well, it’s not one of the questions,” answered Karen.

“Yes… yes. You’re right. But I think I will alter it to take that into account. Might save us a few problems.”

“Problems? Will this affect my selection?”

“Yes, it will, but in your favor. You’ll see later,” she answered to Karen’s inquiring eyes.

Now, if you please go to the shower booth.” she said.

Karen proceeded but Dr. Lynda could already see that the hair removal procedure, which was to take place next, wouldn’t have much work to do, except for her long brown curly hairs.

“It’s such a shame to get rid of those beautiful hairs,” said Dr. Lynda.,

“Oh, I already took care of that,” said Karen, pulling on them, revealing a wig, and underneath, a smooth shaved head. “It’s already donated to cancer patients,” she said, carefully handing her wig to Dr. Lynda who took it in amazement.

“Wow. I’ve never had someone so prepared. Although it’s written in multiple places and the procedure is explained again and again, I usually get strong reactions when it’s time to get the head shaved. Most are very reluctant, even if they know, they do understand, that having hairs wouldn’t matter after the procedure is over. The shower is in four steps:“ she continued. “Rinse, hair removal cream, rinse, and skin conditioning. After that, you will be able to get out. Understood?”

“Perfectly Dr. Lynda,” said Karen, closing the door, closing her eyes, spreading her legs, and putting her arms away from her body.

“Please spread… err… okay. Just remember to take a deep breath before the hair removal cream is applied, if you don’t want to breathe it,” said Lynda, initiating the procedure from her computer station.

Karen was sprayed with warm water. She turned around and moved her arms to make sure that everything was rinsed. After the rinsing was done, when the spray of hair removal cream began, she took a deep breath and held it. Again, she turned around and moved her limbs to make sure the cream was going everywhere.

The spray stopped. She knew it was to let the cream work. She used hair removal cream before.

After a few moments, the rinsing of the cream took place. Again, Karen made sure that every part of her body was rinsed.

When the conditioning cream was applied, she even rubbed it to make sure there was a generous coat everywhere.

When she got out, Dr. Lynda was looking at her with wide eyes.

“Usually, people just stand still, as if they were afraid that, if they moved, it would ruin the procedure. I have to tell them to but with you… I feel almost useless… Done that before?”

“No, but it’s not difficult to figure out,” answered Karen

“Yes, of course… it’s just that… no one has done it before. Anyways, please approach the exam table.”

On her tiptoes, Karen walked to the examination table where a few sealed, sterile-like plastic envelopes were waiting.

After putting on latex examination gloves, Dr. Lynda opened the first one. It was a pack of skin electrodes. She applied a bunch of them about everywhere on Karen’s body, each linked with a thin flat ribbon that would reach her back, ending between her shoulder blades.

She then took another sealed plastic envelope to retrieve what would look like a tangled lump of plastic wrap. As Karen approached, she untangled the lump to reveal a very thin and rather tiny catsuit, almost totally clear.

“This is the skin conditioner layer.” began to say Dr. Lynda. “It will keep your skin alive, add a protective layer, and prevent any hair from growing back.”

“This fragile-looking thing? It’s so small, it will rip the moment I put it on,” said Karen, perplexed.

“Oh no, it’s not what it looks like,” said Dr. Lynda, pulling on it, stretching it at least twice its length. “It’s very resistant. Only a very sharp knife would poke through it, and even for that, it would have to be stretched to the breaking point.

To put it on, you stretch the neck opening, like that, and you go feet first. Come, I’ll help you.”

Karen didn’t add a word. She put one foot in the narrow opening, which Lynda pulled up to her knee before she inserted the other foot. It glided easily on her freshly conditioned skin, which was left a little greasy. From then, they worked the suit until the feet were in place into the attached socks and then they pulled the suit upward.

Each time Lynda was about to give directions, Karen was ahead of her, getting one arm in, then the other one, pulling on it at the right place, at the right moment.

Karen fed her arms through the tight sleeves, worked the attached gloves then gave it a last squirm to pop everything in the right place.

The smooth suit slid into every crevice, every fold of her body. There were just two small holes in her crotch. Karen smoothed the suit, rubbing her hands over her firm breasts and sensitive nipples.

“I would bet it’s not your first neck entry catsuit,” said Dr. Lynda.

“No, it’s not. Does it show that much?” said Karen, giggling. “Yes, I wore neck entry latex catsuit before, but this thing is a breeze to put on. It’s so stretchy. And it feels great. I barely notice it.”

Lynda could only approve. Earphones were put in Karen’s ears with a small pad that was glued to her skull above the ear. They were antennas as well as non-contact charging ports.

Flat ribbon cables were run under the suit to her back, where they met with the rest. Lynda carefully put them through the suit by way of a small slit. She then approached with the hood, which had two tiny nose holes, a tiny mouth hole, and two larger holes for the eyes. It easily slid on Karen’s shaved head. Lynda carefully placed the rather large yoke inside the neck opening, making sure that there were no visible wrinkles.

“The two will fuse together in about 12 hours. After that, taking it off will be a lot more difficult,” said Lynda, taking another sealed plastic package, this time retrieving a neatly folded latex catsuit. The rubber appeared dull, like a matte finish.

“Okay, the first catsuit. As I said for the skin conditioning catsuit, this one will fuse with it in the next 12 hours or so. Two more layers are to come. Each one will fuse with the previous one. At the end, you’ll have 4 layers on, and it will be practically impossible to take them off before the end of the study, in 8 to 10 years. You still want to go on?”

Karen smiled and literally ripped the black catsuit out of Lynda’s hands. The answer was obvious.

Expertly, she began to put the suit on, the inside of which appeared to be pre-lubricated. The rubber was thicker than the clear suit, and thus less stretchy, but more than what she was used to in her fetish sessions.

Lynda helped her with smoothing everything, getting all the air bubbles out, and removing all the wrinkles, before putting on a black rubber hood, again with small holes at the nose and mouth and larger ones at the eyes.

“Please, approach the gynecologist chair for the insertions of the catheters. You’re aware of the procedure and the purpose of all of them?”

“Yes I am,” said Karen, with a very firm, affirmative tone.

“Good. You also know that, once more, in about 12 hours, going back will be more and more difficult. Still want to carry on?”

“Yes I want to carry on.” answered firmly Karen.

With that clear answer, Dr. Lynda proceeded with the insertion of the catheter into Karen’s urethra, then filling the hole with what some would consider a huge inflatable dildo, feeding the hose through it. She inserted an equally large inflatable plug up her rectum.

Lynda took what looked like a caulking gun, and began to pump its content in the inflatable dildos, making them go bigger with every squeeze of the handle.

“It’s rubber paste. It will slightly expand while it cures but will retain its shape for eons. And since it’s foam, it will adapt to body movements.” she said, looking at Karen after a small squeeze. “Okay or more?”


Dr. Lynda gave a slow squeeze, awaiting the word to stop from Karen.


“More… Do you mind?” asked Karen, extending her arms to take the caulking gun.

Surprised, Dr. Lynda gave her the gun and watched her give another full squeeze, wiggling her butt a few times to move everything in place, then give a third one.

“That’s quite a lot. Most asked to stop after one squeeze. You know it will expand, right? It’s still time to let some of it out.” said a concerned Lynda.

“Nah, it’s perfect this way. Would you, please, plug the butt one?” asked Karen.

With a stunned expression, Dr. Lynda did what Karen asked and looked at her in awe as she put almost four full squeezes in the rectal insert. Once the shock was over, she approached Karen’s head.

“Time for the breathing and feeding tubes. Those are a lot less enjoyable… Still want to go through?”

Karen gave another firm affirmative answer, and Dr. Lynda proceeded with inserting flexible tubes up her nose, that were stopping at the back of her throat, then a larger tube she pushed down her throat until a red line reached her lips. Karen endured the procedure without twitching, even helping with the feeding tube.

“Don’t tell me… Done it before?”

Karen answered with a nod of her head and a crooked smile from the tube.

Dr. Lynda slid a loose sack around the feeding tube and pushed it in Karen’s mouth, then took the caulking gun again and plugged it before stopping.

“I would guess you want to do it yourself?” she said, offering the gun.

Karen took it and slowly squeezed the trigger, working her mouth, her tongue, her jaw, feeling the bag expand, filling her mouth, pushing her tongue down, inflating at the back of her throat, forcing her mouth to open. When she stopped, Dr. Lynda could see her cheeks begin to bulge

“Wow. I’ve done about a dozen of procedures and you’re the first one to go this… full. I just hope for you that you won’t get into too much discomfort, because time will go on much slower.”

Karen, now mute, answered with two thumbs up.

Lynda helped Karen to stand up, and indicated her to grab a hold of a suspension bar over her head, while she applied the two halves of carbon fiber corset around her waist, then used a ratchet strap to bring them along. The corset was getting tighter. Karen’s breath was getting shorter and shorter. That waist was going to be really thin, almost a 12cm reduction. Lynda stopped and went to face Karen.

“This is getting quite tight. I already have difficulties to ratchet it down, and there’s still a 2cm gap. I think there might be a mix-up. Did you ask for it to be that tight? Do you want to continue?”

Karen nodded yes, and gave two thumbs up.

“Do you want me to stop and get you a new corset?” asked Lynda, wanting to have something more than a yes as an answer, confirming that Karen understood the question.

Karen answered with two thumbs down and a no nod. confirming she had heard correctly.

In disbelief, Lynda worked the ratchet strap, pulling harder on it, while Karen was stretching and sucking her stomach in. Finally, the corset merged with a concerto of clicking sounds as the one-way hooks were all linking, permanently fixing the corset in place.

Lynda removed the ratchet strap, while Karen let go of the suspension bar, and began to feel it with her hand. The corset was reaching from below her breasts down to her hips, locking her in a rigid straight-up position with an incredibly tiny waist.

Dr Lynda looked at Karen’s incredible figure and hardly believed it.

She then invited Karen to sit down while she fitted the carbon fibers pointed-toe boots. They were knee-high. Their fit was perfect. She closed both halves together with ratchet straps until all the one-way locks, setting them permanently.

“Those boots might seem weird,” said Dr. Lynda “but in a near-weightless environment, your feet will tend to take that position. We’re only enforcing it and giving it proper support. We don’t feel there’s any need for the whole foot resting on the floor, giving you less risk of pushing yourself out of control.” she explained.

In front of a stunned Lynda, Karen stood up and took up a few strolls, perfectly at ease: Those boots were made for walking, slowly, while rocking her hips, running her hands along her constricted waist, feeling her smooth buns, stopping at her crotch, then noticing the stare of Dr Karen, stopped.

“Don’t tell me. You wore ballet boots before,” said Dr. Lynda, shoulders down in disbelief.

Karen giggled.

“I… I think I better have a word with Professor Phil. I’ll be right back.” she said, leaving the room.

Karen was left alone. She walked around, in circles in the preparation room, stopping to read the many diplomas and certificates hanging on the walls. She was walking slowly, in small steps, living every one of them, feeling the latex move on her skin, enjoying the restriction of the corset, sexily twisting her hips with each step. She couldn’t refrain from rubbing her hands over her arms, on her tight waist, on her legs, enjoying every cm of this outfit. She liked how her shiny skin reflected the harsh light of the room.

As she turned around near Dr Lynda’s desk, she hit the pen holder, and all its contents spread on her desk and on the floor. She began to pick the items up, having no problems although her fingers were coated in rubber, and finally crouched down to pick up the few items on the floor. As she was getting back up, she was playing with one pen, making it jump from one finger to the other.

“Astounding.” she heard. She turned around and Dr. Lynda was standing there with a man, smiling and with wide eyes.

“Hello Miss Karen, my name is Professor Phil. I’m the head researcher for the project,” he said, extending a hand to shake Karen’s rubber hand. “Lynda told me about your… extreme setup and how you reacted to the procedure,” he said, all this time, smiling, and looking at Karen from head to toe, obviously enjoying the sight. “So, you’re a… fetishist, right?” he asked, boldly.

Karen opened her arms with her palms upward, in a “Yeah, isn’t that obvious?” way.

Professor Phil turned to Lynda.

“Well, we’re afraid that…” she began to say but the way Phil stared at her, she stopped and stuttered. “that… well… we… I. I mean I am afraid that, being a … fetishist… you would alter the results of the study.”

In a concerto of creaking rubber, Karen sat on the edge of the desk, took the pen she was holding, and grabbed a piece of paper to write on it.

“Really? How? Why?” she wrote.

“We… I mean, I, believe that, in order to achieve what you… aim to, you would alter the data, like you did for your corset size. The form said to give your exact waist measurement. The corset was to barely be tight. It was there to protect your waist in the space environment you’ll be in, not crush it beyond reasonable. The filling of the plugs was to be just enough, not extreme. Already, the data are altered, and….”

Karen stopped listening. She took the paper and began to write and turned it toward them while Lynda was still talking.

“Because you believe that sending people who don’t like being confined in a rubber catsuit will give you better results?” she wrote.

“They will be true.” answered a convinced Lynda.

“True that they will say, right off the start, that the suit is uncomfortable, the boots are impractical, that the plugs should go, because they don’t like them in the first place.”

Lynda opened her mouth to answer but could find nothing to say. She just looked at Professor Phil, who was simply smiling.

“I believe, Dr. Lynda, that you can go on with the rest of the procedure,” said Professor Phil.

“And you should recruit your candidates in the fetish community.” wrote Karen in big, bold letters.

“That is out of the question…”

“For how long have you been searching for volunteers?” wrote Karen.

“Three… years. But the right candidate is hard to find. Not a lot are willing to be encased in latex for 10 years or wear…” she said, trailing off, stating exactly what fetishists are looking for.

“How many candidates have come this far?” wrote Karen.

Dr. Lynda looked at Professor Phil who nodded affirmatively.

“You’re the… first one.”

Karen opened her arms in a “See why?” fashion.

Professor Phil had a quiet chat with Dr. Lynda before she came back to Karen.

“Okay. As you wish. We’ll go on with the rest of the procedure.” she said.

Karen was glad. She wanted to be part of that experiment. Who wouldn’t want to be sealed in rubber for 8 to 10 years, sent into space, on the far side of the moon, for a deep space exploration study?

Dr. Lynda led Karen to a table where a lot of bands with four steel rings each, were laid out.

“Those will add, erm… attachment points. They could be used for pretty much everything. It’s easier to embed them in within the suit than having to add cuffs or belts each time you have to do an EVA in low gravity since your suit is your do-it-all suit.” she said, stretching the first band to go over Karen’s head.

The bands were snug but not tight. More bands were pulled up her arms to reach her upper arm and wrists.

She took another one and had Karen slip both feet in it. It was aiming for her waist. But her waist was so small, compared to her hips that the strip stopped there.

“I… seem to have a problem, here,” said Dr. Lynda, puzzled. Your ratio hip to waist is too large.”

Karen took the strips by the steel D rings and began to pull them up as she wiggled her hips and worked her butt muscles before an amused Lynda, and it finally went through, taking back its narrow shape once over her tiny waist.

“That’s one way of putting it,” said Dr. Lynda, amazed at Karen’s expertise.

Karen couldn’t answer but it would have been along the line of “wear extra-tight jeans long enough, and you’ll get anything past your hips.”

More bands were put on her legs, way over her thighs reaching her crotch, over her knees, and the last ones around her


“They are made of carbon fiber and the resin will set within the suit, eventually fusing with it and will become rigid, so as not to tear the suit if tug hard when in use.”

Karen nodded that she understood.

From a box, Dr. Lynda retrieved two circular lenses that looked like vintage motorcycle goggles.

“These are your multimedia screens. On them, you will have all the information you’ll need. Plus, they will protect your eyes.” she said with a wink.

Lynda applied a generous coat of sealant around the soft edge of the goggles and applied each one carefully over Karen’s eyes. She ran the flat cables to the small computer on her back.

The hoses at her nose and mouth were cut flush and an insert with a flange was added and glued. The seal had to be perfect.

Another matte, but a lot thicker, black catsuit was added. It added pressure on her arms and legs. Karen liked it. It was carefully aligned with the D rings so they would go through thin slots.

Followed by another latex hood over her head, this one having two large openings for the goggles but molded so that they were raising all around them, ensuring a good seal. The same procedure was repeated at her crotch.

Karen’s breath began to shake as she felt that tight layer slip on, compressing her everywhere. She could not forget she was getting tightly squeezed by layers of tight rubber. Even her breasts, although the suit has molded cups, were getting squished. That suit too was rather dull, but Karen loved the feeling of it.

“Okay, the last layer, the one we call the diamond layer, because of its permanent shine and its very hard coating. This one is what makes this suit so resistant,” she said.

That one too was a tight fit, including the hood. Once all in place, with the D rings trough, Dr. Lynda inserted steel fittings into every tube. All of them went easy except for her nose. Those fittings stretched her nostrils. It was uncomfortable, but she indicated with two thumbs up, that she would manage. Damn! It turned her on!

For the final step, Dr. Lynda took the numerous flat ribbons coming through the slit in her back, that would seal with time and plugged them all into a black box, the size of a USB hard drive, which she slid into a pocket built into the suit behind her shoulder blades, where it wouldn’t interfere with her movements.

The lights gradually lit. Karen saw some glitches in the lenses then a status bar appeared, indicating the health of the microcomputer as well as the battery level, external temperature, and a few more status information. The goggles were following the position of her eyes, and any staring at one function displayed its information.

Lynda, who was watching the same display remotely, was about to give instructions to Karen but had to conclude that she already got the hang of it, especially the speech synthesizer. Karen was quick to select the command with her eyes, then browse the different words and build a basic phrase before selecting the speak button.

“Feeling fine.” said the speech synthesizer, as she made 2 thumbs up.

Lynda smiled.

Karen turned around and began to walk expertly on her ballet boots, swinging her arms, and rocking her hips in a very sexy manner.

“Wow,” said Lynda. “I never expected anyone appear to move so easily after the whole procedure.”

Karen answered with two thumbs up, before slowing down.

“Did you?” asked Lynda, in disbelief.

Karen nodded yes.

“That’s… disturbing, and a point that it may alter the data. I still don’t think this is the way to go,” she said. “But Professor Phil is okay with that, so…”

She could see Karen giggling. She was stunning: a tall, very slim, woman’s body, covered in a pitch black, shiny catsuit, walking on pointed heels.

“On the contrary,” said Karen, followed by a long pause while she was assembling more text. Dr. Lynda could see a blinking light in her goggles, indicating that she was typing. She waited.

“I think those results will be much more accurate. If moving your arm, triggers pain or discomfort, you will not be inclined to use it. You slow your work down because you have only one good arm.” said Karen in the first burst of speech.

If, on the other hand, whatever you do either has no pain or is pleasurable, you won’t have any problem bending down, reaching for stuff, or walking. I will be able to do the tasks at hand because I will like doing them.” She said in the second burst of speech.

“I’m… not sure I understand completely, but I see your point,” answered Dr. Lynda.

Part 2: Training

Karen walked and moved along for quite some time: she was required to. The four layers as well as all the over-inflated inserts needed to settle down before everything fused and hardened together, making one very sturdy suit.

They would wear this suit, day in, day out, for 8 to 10 years. It had to withstand the wear and tear and protect them. One puncture in the vacuum of space and you die.

Why 8 to 10 years? That was the shortest they could make the compound to last. Three to five would have been acceptable, but the resins only began to break down after eight years. So, the suit, as well as the inserts, would slowly dissolve after that time, making them removable only then. That was a commitment as well as a design limit.

As the suit fused together, the freedom of movement created by each layer sliding on each other was gone. The suit became one thick layer of latex, with rigid inserts here and there: the cuffs, the boots, and the corset.

She just loved it. It was a dream come true. Spending 10 years in that? You betcha!

For the training, she had to be moved from the main office and medical center, located in the city, to the actual space launching and training complex in the Nevada desert.

She was sent by plane, her real outfit hidden, because it was still an industrial secret, by a loose-fitting jumpsuit and a motorcycle helmet. Only her gloved hands and her strange footwear were attracting attention. Well, seeing someone wearing a full-face helmet take a plane, even a charter one, was attracting attention.

When she arrived at the center, she was received with mixed responses: some were in total disapproval of the “new spacesuit”, finding it totally inappropriate. Others didn’t give a damn, and some were simply drooling all over her.

Karen had to prove that she was more than just a show. She had to prove that she could do the work and that the results she would generate, would be meaningful, otherwise, this whole program would be canceled before a single lift-off. There were, after all, billions of dollars at stake.

Of course, she had many diplomas and had knowledge in different fields. She was foremost, a microbiologist.

She had to show that she could get around a computer and work the keyboard, touch screen, etc. Everything worked fine. She actually found typing with her latex-covered fingertips amusing, and she loved the reflection of the harsh lights of the lab on her arm when she extended it to touch the screen. That was easy, although the I.T. guy sitting next to her, seemed to have a hell of a lot of trouble concentrating.

He was constantly looking at the shiny curvaceous creature, looking lost in his thoughts… or he was simply looking at the screen through the reflection on the stretched rubber covering her breasts.

She was put quickly through her paces, moving stuff around, installing and removing equipment, all while her bodily functions were closely monitored. They often saw peaks in brain activity and body temperature, but they just couldn’t comprehend them. The timing, the speed they happened, nothing seemed to fit.

They called Dr. Lynda, inquiring about the sensors’ placement, and if, for any reason, the sensors could be at fault.

“The next time a peak like that happens, just ask her…” said Dr. Lynda, pausing to choose her words, “if… if she… you know, experienced a rush of… hormones…”

“A rush of hormones?” asked Viktor, the training manager, a puzzled look on his face. “You mean she… orgasms in there while doing normal tasks?” asked a stunned Kim, the resident nurse, eyes wide.

Dr. Lynda blushed. “Yes. Something like that.”

Viktor and Kim looked at each other, and, at the same time, “That explains…”. with wide smiles.

Knowing that, they would smile at each other, each time Karen was taking a break and standing still for a few seconds, in the middle of doing a task. Kim even began to count them.

“Having fun?” they asked Karen one time.

“You have no idea!” was the answer.

Of course, she had something to learn, but the geek guy was impressed. Now, knowing computers and microbugs is not enough. Could she get out of a crappy situation? Would she be able to fix something? Yes, she was smart, the pre-selection written tests and interviews were thorough, but there’s nothing like the real thing.

She was asked to assemble basic mechanical devices. It was all new to her. Not the mechanics, she had a brother who had shown her how to get things done with the right tools. Plus she was maintaining her own motorcycle.

However, doing those tasks, no matter how basic they were, all clad in this tight latex, with the vision slightly impaired by the lenses, was another challenge, and one she loved, because with each movement of her arm, she could feel the tight rubber having to stretch over her elbow to allow it to bend. She could feel the rigidity of the carbon strap holding the steel rings that were themselves, banging on the housing and parts of the device, giving her interesting sensations.

She was breathing hard. She had limited lung capacity and all that air had to go through the two small tubes going through her nose.

When she would be searching for a solution, she would instinctively reach for her head to scratch her scalp, only to have her sleek latex fingers slide on her shiny head. She didn’t feel any scratching. It felt weird, but her brain was assimilating more and more the fact that she was sealed.

Next came bigger challenges, of moving boxes and fixing things on the mockup of the habitat they would live in. Kim and Victor were always coming up with new challenges. Sometimes, strange challenges. Karen didn’t see the goal except for… arousing her.

Finally, for the weightless training, she was dipped into a large pool. A special mask was fitted over her nose, allowing her to breathe bottled air strapped on her back. Like if it was the real deal.

Entering the water with her latex skin was a wonderful feeling. Damn, it was awesome. Then, moving in the water and touching things with her rigid boots to find footholds was fun. And even more: she had to fix herself to anchor points, using cables and snaps on the multiple D rings lining her suit.

Feeling the tug of a rope on her hip, waist, or anywhere else was simply wonderful.

After one month, she received her results: she did better than expected for the period.

Professor Phil had flown all the way to the Space Center to tell her that.

She was sitting in a soft leather chair in his temporary office, her rubber skin creaking on the leather from her slightest move, even when breathing. That seemed to amuse Professor Phil.

“You seem to be getting along well with your… environment,” he said, with a smirk.

“Absolutely” answered Karen from her synthesized voice. “I’m loving every minute of it.”

“That’s perfect. And the results of all the tests are way over the ideal requirements. You’re practically off the chart.”

“Thank you. I’m doing my best. I really want this to work. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in this here on earth.”

Dr. Phil looked at her raising his eyebrows, as if he was saying “Really? I don’t believe you.”

“Well…” continued Karen. “I wouldn’t mind being stuck in this, but, going to the Moon is much better.”

He laughed it off.

“Don’t worry, preparations are underway,” he said.

“But… I’m all alone. The team needs 5 more people. Where are they? It’s been a month. I’m getting worried.”

“Yes, sorry for the delays, but your comments, your reaction to the suit, and your performance to the tests made us… humm… revise… our selection process. New members of the team should arrive within a week or two,” he said with a smile.

TLSOTM: Season 1, EP 1

The New Two… Three… Five…

About 10 days later, Karen was called up for a special meeting. She squeaked her way along the long corridor of the spaceport complex, her boot clacking on the hard tiled floor, humming in her mind, feeling the extra-filled plugs dancing inside her. She just loved that new life.

She entered the room. Professor Phil was there, along with Dr. Lynda and two more people, obviously new members of the team. A woman, and a man. The only thing differentiating the man was the lack of… breasts.

He was clad as tightly as Karen, corseted, ballet boots, the whole gig. Inside her latex-coated head, Karen smiled ear to ear. He had to be a fetishist, with his waist crushed like that, which means that the woman was too.

“Karen,” began Professor Phil “I’d like you to meet Joanne and Pete. The newest additions to the team.

Karen extended a hand.

“Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Karen,” she said.

“Joanne is a medic and has also degrees in microbiology and botany,” said Dr. Lynda, “and Pete is an electrical engineer, process control, and life-support systems technician..”

The rest of the meeting was to keep her up to date with the mission status. The moon base was on its last leg of tests and should be ready for delivery within a month, meaning a departure for their new life in about 2 months.

“That’s kind of a short notice,” said Karen.

“Nothing to worry about. Everybody will be ready by then,” said Dr. Phil.

“No, I mean, for us. We’re now 3. I’ve had a lot of training, but there’s still 3 more to gather and…”

“Nothing to worry,” said Dr. Phil again, turning to Dr. Lynda.

“Err… No… Nothing to worry.” she said as if he had dropped her a hot potato. “We have another man in the final testing phase, he should join you next week, as for the remaining couple… something… something is in the works,” she said, kind of evading the question.

“Well… You’re the boss.” said Karen, then turning to the new members, “Follow me. I’ll give you a tour of the facility. We’re gonna use the silent mode, like a text message, so as not to disturb anyone with questions and details.” she said, putting herself in between them and grabbing their arms to come along.

The first message Karen sent them privately was quick and simple.

“You’re fetishists, right?”

“Yes” was the answer. She couldn’t see them but she “saw” a puzzled look.

Even under the layer of rubber coating her head and the large gag filling her mouth, anyone could see the large smile forming on Karen’s face. They all relaxed.

“Great! You’re gonna have the time of your life! Okay, here we have…” began Karen, happy to not be alone, and even happier to be with her own… kind.

As she continued her visit, she asked random questions. Turns out that they didn’t know each other before getting all suited up, and that suit was an answer to many of their fetishes.

That comforted Karen. They will appreciate the outcome, instead of whining about it.

They were put through their paces rather quickly, and they showed natural abilities to perform tasks while in bondage, err, I mean in fetish gear… I mean in their unique spacesuit.

Four days later, another newcomer: Lukas, mainly a chemist but with degrees in astrophysics and geology.

A few days later, Karen was called for a meeting with Kim and Viktor.

“We’ll be away for a couple of days. Could you take over the training of the new personnel?” asked Kim. “You know pretty much all there is to do. We’ll give you access to the simulator control and you can put in some challenges.”

Karen agreed.

She had fun with the simulations. She knew what was “fun” and what wasn’t, and she made sure to end every un-fun simulation with a really… fun one.

Five days later, Karen was called to the main office. There were Professor Phil, Dr. Lynda, and two newcomers. Karen stared at their names and then at them, awaiting some kind of confirmation.

“Kim and Viktor? Really?”

“Yes,” answered Kim. “You seemed to be having so much fun, we wanted to try it by ourselves And you need someone to maintain the computers and do the programming.”

“And someone to maintain this station,” added Viktor.

“Ah… yes we do. And? How does it feel?”

“So far, so good,” answered Viktor with a happy smile.

“I must point out that I strongly opposed this,” said Dr. Lynda. “I do not believe they will be able to perform their duties.”

“That’s the whole point of sending them to the Moon, to see if they can,” answered Professor Phil. “I’ll take control of the operations until the launch. It is set for May 11. Be ready everybody. Karen, you’ll be the leader from now until you’re on the Moon. Ready for the challenge?”

With the best military salute she could perform, rubber creaking, she answered “Ay, ay, sir.”

TLSOTM: Season 1, EP 2

The Launch.

They had done it a hundred times. They knew the drill. But this time, it was different. It was real. They would not laugh at each other’s mistakes. They would not goof off. They would not go outside for a walk after the simulation.

This was real. They were launching into space. The standard route would be to launch to low earth orbit, actually, to the ISS, from where they would board the weekly ship going to the moon to the extensive mining and exploration complex located in Mares Tranquillitatis.

However, they were a stand-alone mission, aiming to test the feasibility of pretty much everything. So they would launch and head straight for the moon, to the far side, to land in the Korolev crater, where their base, currently deactivated, was waiting for them.

They will have to activate it prior to entering. It will be a very rough test of their environment suits and their capacities to execute tasks. Life-saving tasks.

At the time, they were stepping down from the bus that had driven them to the launch pad. Karen stopped at the door of the bus to look up, her last view at what would shoot her to the moon. Shoot them to the moon. They all stopped and looked up. It was a strange feeling.

They took place in the elevator and traveled the distance from the ground to the capsule in silence, each one deep into his or her own t thoughts, before entering the spacecraft, installed on top of the new privately owned rocket Canary-9 Fat. (yes, I know, poor joke…)

They all took their places in a circle, all facing the exterior wall, with each one of them having two touch-screen displays, side by side over their head, to see and control their different components. Technicians were there to strap them in.

Using the available D rings of their suit, they were linked to their body-molding seat with strong steel cables, including their arms.

Right now, they could move, pulling on the spring-return mechanism of the wires, but as soon as the ship would launch, they would be pinned down, and unable to move unless there was an action requiring manual input.

Karen had them modify the seats. Officially, it was to make it more comfortable for the ride.

As she took place in her rubber-covered seat, she felt the new hard lump at her crotch. She smiled internally. The ride would have been more “enjoyable” but the words she chose were better suited for an official request. Efficient was the chosen word. It was… efficiently enjoyable…

She squirmed in her seat, sending chills along her spine. That suit and that seat were made for each other. She put her arms in the molded armrests. She actually had to push herself in as the seat was wrapping around her body to provide a very strong support, which was in fact, a modification requested by Pete.

Even her head had to be squished in place. In the end, they looked like bodies buried under expanding insulation foam.

For an outsider, those six astronauts, wrapped in rubber, taking place inside tight fitting rubber coated seats, must have created a hell of a rubber symphony. One good thing: they couldn’t hear any of the moans they were making as they took their places. They could feel it, tho, and it was awesome.

Followed two hours of checklists and verifications, to make sure the ship was up to specs. Then, for the last half hour, they had nothing to do but look at their display and live the moment, alone with their thoughts, tightly confined into their seat.

Then, 60 seconds before engine ignition, all the steel cables were pulled taut, pinning them down, pulling them hard against the cushioned seats. They were unable to move. For the first time, they really felt the power of their space suits to reduce them to immobile bystanders.

Their adrenaline rushed, their heartbeat pumped up. Oh, the danger of the launch was not causing it. Not at all.

5, 4, main engine starts.


They all realized what the modification asked by Karen was for. Darn! The vibration of the rocket was transmitted to it. They were being vibrated by rocket engines! What on Earth could top that?


Zero. Lift off!

The rocket and its capsule, engines powering up, cleared the tower in a few seconds, the rocket fighting the air as it accelerated, the engines pushing hard, getting higher and higher in the sky.

That lift-off was followed by six other lift-offs, confined inside the capsule, as one after the other, each one of the six astronauts had their brain launched by the extreme sensation of the lift-off. Some had more than one. Multi-lift-offs.

As the engines stopped to enter low earth orbit, in preparation for the T.L.I. (Trans-Lunar Injection), they felt, for the first time, absolutely nothing. They were in a weightless environment. They were still immobile, firmly held in their tight seats, but, they weren’t feeling the pull of the gravity or the acceleration. They couldn’t move, yet felt no weight.

That was one heck of a strange and arousing feeling. A few of them tried to wiggle on their seats, to get something… moving, but nothing did anything. And it would be like that for the 2 hours needed to do a double check on all the systems and set everything for T.L.I. For two hours, they would be in total denial.

Karen opened a private channel to the crew.

“I don’t know about you, guys, but I want to experience this to the highest level. I’m gonna cut all inputs, sight and sounds, except the emergency channel and Control,” said Karen.

“That… that’s a very interesting idea,” said Viktor. “I’ll do the same.”

In a short time, all agreed to cut off everything, to put themselves in total sensory deprivation of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell or… gravity.

All hell broke loose when, one hour later, the engine fired for a course correction. It wasn’t a long blast, merely 30 seconds. However, that sole sensation changed their mind from sensory deprivation to sensory overload.

“Moon-One, the flight surgeon is noting a sudden increase in heart rate. Was there something wrong with the course correction?”

“No… Nothing wrong. We just didn’t expect it to have this much… effect. We were kind of… dozing off… awakening. That’s all.” Said Karen, not wanting to inform Control that they all orgasmed at the same time.

“Ah, okay. Yes, the surgeon reports everything coming back to normal. We’ll begin the pre-TLI checks in about 20 minutes.”

“Roger, Control,” said Karen, holding herself from giggling.

Then on the private channel, “I’m sorry guys. Maybe that bump was not the best of ideas.”

“Toto? Is that you? Are we back in Kansas? I don’t want to go back to Kansas,” wrote Kim

“Some are already out of this world,” added Pete.

“I vote for that bump to be standard.” said Joanne “Fucking standard!”.

“Okay, copy that, guys. The bump stays. What I would do to see the flight surgeon’s face right now…”

Everybody cracked up. Twenty minutes later, they were back to business, to science, ready to pilot this thing if something wrong happened. Ready to go to the moon.

“You know, Karen, I had a thought”

“Go ahead, Victor.”

“That bump and stuff are… well… very interesting, but is there a way to turn it off?”

“Turn it off? Why the fuck do you want to turn it off?” asked Lukas.

“Well, it’s all fun until something bad happens. I mean, if something goes wrong, we will have to figure it out ourselves. Ground Control will have no power to help us. We will have to pilot this ship. We will be in control. How could WE keep a cool head to figure out how to survive while we are… distracted at the same time.”

“Viktor,” said Pete. “you are sealed in rubber, corset, ballet boots, gagged and plugged. And you are worried about a bump in the seat?”

“Err… yeah… right…. Never mind. Let’s keep the bump.”

[General laugh]

TLSOTM: Season 1, EP 3

Moon Trip

T.L.I. Trans-Lunar Injection

Tremendously Long (and) Insane would have been Karen’s chosen words when the three engines lit up and pushed them down their seats, against the darn bump, for six minutes. Six minutes where they got really vibrated by the powerful engines of the rocket. Karen could pretty much mentally hear them as the orgasm engulfed them. She knew. She was engulfed in one herself.

One, two, three… four? or was it the third that never ended? She couldn’t tell. She couldn’t move, the seat restraint system holding her still, compressing her, almost pushing her against the lump. She could do nothing to stop it. Nothing but enjoy it, again and again.

As hard as it began, everything stopped. There was no winding down, as well as there hasn’t been a power-up. It was either on or off.

With the rocket engine off also stopped the acceleration. They were back at zero G, weightless. Panting, they tried to relax, to calm down, letting their brain cope with all the sudden change in sensory inputs.

Privately, Karen asked for a status check.

All answered they were good. Only Kim was slow to answer.

“You’re sure you’re okay, Kim. You got me worried, there.”

“Well. You guys are all fetishists. You somehow live for that. You even probably experienced something like that bef…”

“HELL NO!” quickly cut in Joanne. “THIS can’t be reproduced… Oh, gawd!! That was… I’m speechless. I think my brain melted.”

“Yeah… something like that.” said Karen, “And you were saying, Kim?”

“Well… What I mean is that you all already lived something like that, you wanted that. For me, it’s all new. It looked like fun to see you play around in training, and now…”

“Are you trying to tell me that you didn’t like it? There’s no shame, you know. I honestly thought that you had some… experience. I mean, I didn’t believe someone would commit itself to 10 years of… this, without having an idea of what was going to happen.” said Joanne.

“What? Get out of it?” asked Kim. “No fucking way! I want more!”

They all laughed.

“And about you, Viktor?… Viktor?” asked Pete.

“Vic? Are you alright?” asked a concerned Karen, getting her belts off and pushing herself out of the chair, quickly reaching the end of the steel wires holding her from every D-ring of her suit.

As she practiced in the large pool, she twisted around and removed the clips in record time and she floated over to Victor while the rest of the crew were struggling just to get out of the restraint chairs, all in a slight state of panic.

“Victor, look at me… “ she said “Karen to Control. Victor doesn’t seem right, how are his vitals?”

“There was a peak in his heart rate… well, every one of you had that peak during the whole burn. Over here, he’s quite normal, I would say, abnormally relaxed as if he’s… asleep. Did he pass out?”

“Just reaching him,” said Karen, floating around the cabin, now being joined by Kim.

She couldn’t yell at him. There was no “yelling” function in the speech synthesizer. He looked calm, resting. Karen smacked him on the helmet. He startled.

“Heartbeat peak.” said the flight surgeon.

“Yeah, apparently I woke him up.”

“What? He was asleep?” asked Control.

“Everything is normal here,” said Karen. “We are a go. We are all go,” she said, smiling internally.

On the private channel, Victor was explaining.

“I never felt anything like that before and, well, when it all turned off, I just wanted to… sleep.”

“You wanted to sleep????” asked Kim.

“Well… that was good…” he answered. “What do YOU do after sex? Play racquetball?”

“So, do you still want the bump removed, Victor?” asked Joanne.

They helped Victor get out of his seat. He never answered the question.

They were all free, floating around, experiencing moving in their unique spacesuits, into a weightless environment.

“Oh! That changes everything,” said Lukas. “Way different from the pool simulations”.

For two days, they floated around, enjoying the views, enjoying the weightlessness, enjoying the new experiences.

The only resistance there would have been to them floating around would have been their clothes, but, as tight and sleek as they were, nothing was slowing them down.

The stiffness of the corset proved a little problematic. On Earth, the gravity helped them bend. In weightlessness, they simply couldn’t. It commanded a whole new way to move.

They brushed against each other from time to time. Sometimes accidentally, and other times… You know, a hand there, a foot there, even your face between someone’s boobs could be… accidental. Up to a point.

To use the on-board cleaning and feeding station, they had to be strapped down on the wall. There were two stations. Nylon straps with tightening buckles had been installed, and some people took great pleasure in pulling the straps… very tightly.

Pete did it to Karen, hoping Karen would want revenge. And she did, even enlisting the help of Lukas, where they were able to pull it so tightly that the brackets partially tore off the frame! Pete couldn’t move. For two hours…

After two days of teasing each other, they had to set themselves up for their arrival on the moon.

It was time to strap themselves back into their seat for the Lunar Orbit Insertion.

Another burn.

Another heavy vibrating session.

Another joy ride.

Karen was starting to regret the bump. That had added up to way more orgasms than she had anticipated.

And they hadn’t landed on the moon yet!

As soon as the orbit had been achieved, their minds were set for the task ahead, for the moon landing. After 10 orbits, they received the OK from Command to land. The only thing was, they would be alone. There was only one communication satellite orbiting the moon meaning that communication was intermittent and only lasted for a few minutes at a time.

Karen knew that she, as well as the rest of the crew, following the recent experiences, dreaded the next burn to slow them down and land them.

She began to think that Victor was right. What would they do if there was something wrong, while they were vibrated to ecstasy? “We would die happy” was her only thought.

The reality of being isolated was real.

They had to check everything. The whole sequence was automatic and it has been simulated countless times.

Everything should be fine.


TLSOTM: Season 1, EP 4

Moon Landing

The ship was steady in its orbiting speed around the moon, but it needed to be slowed down for landing. Everybody was tightly tucked and secured in their seat. Some were nervous about the procedure. Others were nervous about other things, mainly hard things at the bottom of their seats between their legs.

The sequence was automatic. It would start as they were still in contact with Earth, but the rest would be done blinded from Earth. They would be alone, without any kind of backup possible.

Five… Four… Three… Two…

The ship shook hard. Having not been heavily gagged, most of them would have let out a loud groan as the hard lump began to shake, vibrating them. That put some of them out of their mind, out of their tasks.

“Pete.” asked Karen “What’s the status, temperature, pressure? My indicators are going crazy. How about yours?”

No answer

“Pete? Are you there?”

There was still silence and Karen began to feel worry.

“Yes… I’m here… Damn, that bump… It’s Oooo…..”

“Yeah, sorry about that. It was a bad idea. What do you see?”

“My indicators are also going strange, but this is a strong deceleration. Give them a few moments.”

Karen looked at the indicators and a few moments later, all their readings stabilized, as the ride became a lot smoother the deceleration becoming more steady, and the ship aiming for its target.

“Time to touchdown: 2 minutes. Fuel reserve at 60%” said Kim. “Landing legs deployed and secured. Trajectory is nominal. We’re still go.”

Two minutes later, with 40% left of the landing fuel, they softly touched down on the landing pad.

“Okay,” said Karen. “Engines shut down, awaiting for grabbing clamps confirmation.”

Those clamps were located on the pad and were there to secure the legs of the ship upon landing to prevent any oscillation that might make it tip over.

“Clamp One, green,” said Kim. “Clamp Two… green….”

“Clamp Three?” asked Karen.

“Still no answer from clamp Three…. Do we abort the mission?” asked Kim.

“For one fucking clamp?” asked Viktor.

“ We need 3 clamps. The rules say that…”

“Yes, I know. Lukas” cut in Karen. “Okay, give me a stay, no-stay for everything but the holding clamp. This is only upon us, guys.”

“We can’t forgo a system because we know it’s defective. The stay, no-stay will give a no-stay. We have 2 clamps secured. The moon is stable. The ship is stable. I don’t see any short-term safety issue here, “said Viktor. “It might be a minor problem, a bad sensor. I suggest I go have a look. I know that system like the back of my hand. If it’s an issue that can endanger the mission, I’ll call it off.”

“You want to do an EVA? Now?” asked Kim. “What if something goes wrong?”

“There’s already something going wrong, Kim,” answered Viktor. “I want to make it right.”

“Currently, Main Control has no… control,” said Karen. “We’re on our own, here. I think it’s safe with 2 clamps out of three. I agree with Viktor’s proposition. But we’re a team. Opinions?”

All were okay with it. After all, the only other alternative was to abort the mission, which means lifting off and going back to Earth, and from then, who knows when they will come back, if ever. An abort that early on the mission could jeopardize the whole project, and they would be stuck in their tight rubber skin for 10 years for nothing. Well, not exactly for nothing, but… you get the point.

Viktor headed for the airlock, snapping an air bottle backpack, and added the breathing mask. His first experience in real one-sixth of Earth’s gravity. He had to be careful, gentle.

The decompression was stressful. Oh, they tested the suit in a vacuum chamber on Earth, but it was not like it was as real as in the vacuum of space. Especially if there was a leak…

He monitored his sensors cautiously, but everything was green. He realized, at the same time, that he had become the first one to do it. His name would be in history books…

A few minutes later, he was walking on the platform, heading for leg #3.

By then, they had all unfastened themselves from their seat and extracted themselves from them, experiencing the low gravity of the moon, and enjoying it. Nobody wanted to go back to Earth. Not right away.

“Okay, I’m at clamp Three. It has not been activated. I’ll go for the manual override.” said Viktor.

“Okay. Any indication why it didn’t work?” asked Karen.

“No, not yet. I’m opening the access panel. I see the reason. Okay, manual activation.” he said, beginning to manually actuate the mechanism, realizing at the same time that it was convenient as hell that the speech synthesizer didn’t convey any emotion in their artificial voice.

“Clamp Three is green,” said Kim.

“Okay. Stay, no-stay everybody?” asked Karen.

All statuses were stay.

A tube rose from the platform and mated with the door of the capsule, enabling a direct and sealed way to enter the moon base.

Donning their breathing apparatus, they each, in turn, had to negotiate the 50 or so steps of the straight ladder within the tube, in low gravity. That was actually fun!

They were basically letting themselves fall down, just controlling the speed of their descent.

“What was the problem?” asked Karen when she joined Viktor.

“A… loose connector.” he simply said, which satisfied Karen and the rest of the crew.

They went to the elevator platform and were taken down to the access corridor. They walked

to the first hub, their pointed boots clicking on the steel floors. Pete went to the auxiliary

power and life support console and turned on the main power to the station.

They waited, as the air went whistling through the station, and while all the systems were verified until he gave the okay. Everybody removed their breathing backpacks and went happily toward their quarters, but Viktor grabbed Karen’s arm and turned on a close proximity communication channel. Only she would get his message.

“Karen. The problem with clamp Three: the hydraulic hose was severed.”

“Really? Why did you say a loose connector then? An overpressure of a hydraulic system is always a possibility and not that…”

“It wasn’t an accident,” he said, producing the piece of tubing, cut clean, with some kind of energy weapon.

“Could it be a… mishap from the departing construction crew or something?”

“The construction crew left three months ago. This has been done no more than a few hours ago.”

“A few hours ago?” asked Karen, puzzled. “But… there’s no one else in the station. We’re alone.”

“Are we?…”

TLSOTM: Season 1, EP 5

First day, first Night

They didn’t have much in personal items: a few books, and pictures they wanted to hold in their hands. Some had some family value items, but since they didn’t need any clothing, footwear, or hygiene products, there wasn’t a lot of stuff to store in their respective lockers.

They did a quick tour of the base, checking their respective equipment. The steel and plastic walls were reverberating with the creaking sounds of their tight latex catsuit, and an occasional steel clinging sound as one of their multiple D-rings would collide with something hard.

The floors were made out of some kind of composite material and had an anti-slip surface, but their pointed boots were still clicking on it.

For an outsider, only hearing the sounds and not having a clue of what was going on, this was actually creepy: creaking and clicking sounds. What kind of weird, spider-like creature was lurking in there?

Everything turned out to be in place and functional. The power plant was stable, as well as the base life support systems.

Only Karen was walking more cautiously, keeping an eye out for… for what? For who? What was the real cause of the broken hose on the platform?

But that whole trip had been quite a ride and nobody really slept, or slept well. They had, without talking to each other, one idea: get to bed.

For one, to take some rest, and for two, they were all eager to try to sleep in one-sixth of Earth’s gravity.

The station was divided into two gender-divided bedrooms, one for the men, and one for the women. Within those rooms, there was little privacy as the beds were set up one beside the other. A thin divider wall could be extended between the beds, but that was about it.

They each took place in their bed, most of them, laying on their back, feeling as they were almost floating.

Sleep came quickly.

Sleep also went out quickly and with a bang. A few bangs to be exact. The bangs caused by them falling off their bed.

Their body was used to twist and change position within Earth’s gravity, but on the Moon, those usual, regular body jerking motions, sent them floating around, and falling off the bed.

“We’re gonna have to find a way to restrain ourselves to the beds until our minds adapt.” said Karen, getting up from the floor, gently rubbing her shoulder.

At about the same time, the three men walked in from their common bedroom and began to laugh as they saw two of the women lying on the floor or getting up, while Karen was standing up.

“Problems?” asked Viktor.

“Yeah, and I would guess you have the same,,” said Kim.

“How are we gonna sleep? Someone has to tie down the others, but then, who’s going to tie down that last one? Do we have a… self-bondage device lying around?” asked Pete.

“Sort of,” said Kim, all turning toward her, including Viktor.

“What are you talking about? There was never a discussion about self-bondage devices in the station,” said Viktor.

“Because it’s not considered a… self-bondage device,” answered Kim. “You see, I have thoughts about you guys having trouble staying in bed, and I came across something while doing research on beds with restraints, and I figured it would be just down the road for you, guys,” she said approaching Karen’s bed. “Karen, would you, please, take place on your bed?”

Karen complied, not really sure, but anticipating. Being tied down was always a good solution. She was eager to know how it would be done. Some kind of threading spider that would pull a rope on all their D-rings?

She was resting, arms by her sides.

“Okay, now, you have to make sure your eyes are directly under the red dot here on the moving bar,” she said, pointing the bar with lights over their bed, toward the wall. “Very good, Karen. Now stretch your right hand on the side of the bed and feel with your fingers. There’s a square that appears to be empty, but you can put your finger in it. Reach for the bottom and press until you hear a beep. then bring your arm back on your side to be comfortable.”

Karen complied. Finding the square was easy, but reaching the bottom was apparently hard. She mentioned it.

“Yeah.” said Kim. “It’s somewhat of a failed-safe function to prevent accidental activation. It was requested by the engineering team.”

Karen pressed the button, then placed her arm to her side.

“Then what?” she asked as nothing happened.

“Oh, there’s a 10-second pause to give you time to set yourself comfortably,” added Kim, as the moving arm began to move along the length of the bed, spreading some kind of black rubbery sheet over Karen, securely being held on the side of the bed.

Karen saw a small hole coming toward her and instinctively aimed for her breathing hole to align with it. When the arm reached the foot of the bed, it stopped. Karen was now covered with a thin black rubber sheet.

Then some vacuum kicked in action, sucking the rubber sheet on her, effectively sealing her, immobilizing her.

“A VACBED!” exclaimed Joanne. “I want in. NOW. What do I have to do again? okay, look at the red dot…” she said as she quickly took place.

“Stop for a moment,” said Kim, as everybody was almost racing back to their bed, Pete even tripping and flying off in the low gravity. Viktor seems to be somewhat reluctant. “The basic setup is for 8 hours of sleep. If the system detects an emergency, breathing problems, raised blood pressure, etc, it will release you. Otherwise, it’s 8 hours unless you set it up otherwise. Of course, someone from outside can always stop the process.” she said as she pushed another button from the side of the bed, which caused the vacuum to stop, and the arm to retract, freeing Karen.

But as soon as the arm had retracted, Karen reached and pressed the button again.

She wanted in. For 8 hours.

“What the hell is that?” he asked Viktor, evidently concerned.

“Just try it,” said Pete who had managed to stand back on his feet but was eager to run to his bed. “Just try it.”

“Oh, man! I’m in heaven!” said Lukas as rushed to his own bed.

Viktor watched them getting vacuum packed, apparently enjoying it, enjoying being restrained that much.

He took place and activated the device.

A wave of panic engulfed him as the rubber sheet tightened around his body, immobilizing him. He tried to relax, but he was compelled to try to move. He twisted his arm, and bent his knee so slightly, trying to make a fist with his hand, but some kind of invisible force field drew everything back as soon as he let go.

He didn’t feel confined, held rigid. He felt well-wrapped, almost being cuddled. Sleep came.

They would love to sleep. A lot…

TLSOTM: Season 1, EP 6

First Day’s Work

After their much-needed nap, it was time to get down to business. There was a general meeting in the level 1 meeting room of Module A, each one listing what they had to do according to the already prepared schedule to put the station up and running.

While Karen was starting up all her different instruments in her lab, Pete was making a tour of all the power relays of the station, Johanne was having a look at Med Bay, Viktor was making a general scan of every device, Lukas was with Karen in the lab, and, finally, Kim had to do an EVA to go check on the rover status.

She put on a breathing backpack and mask and went to the airlock. She was experiencing a true vacuum for the first time.

Like in the experiments in a vacuum chamber on Earth, she felt as if the suit was getting tighter on her, something that felt eerie the first few times, but now, it felt… good. She even thought, if it could get tighter, it would be even better.

She climbed down the ladder down to the ground. Another first. And a first for all: working on the dusty soil of the moon in pointed boots.

It turned out to be a rather good solution. One thing for certain, with the point sinking, they were sure not to slip.

She hopped her way to the rover, making long strides, not because she wanted to, but because she was pushing too hard in the low gravity.

She reached it in no time and began her inspection.

Stretching one arm, trying to twist against the rigidity of the corset, all those proved that she had made the right choice. Somehow, the struggle was… Was it… arousing? Could it be?

She was doing the first inspection of the outside. She extended a hand to grab an analyzer from her toolbox, and her hand hit something. She turned her head around, well turned her whole body around as she was too stiff, to find… nothing.

“Wow. My imagination is acting.” she thought to herself, grabbing the analyzer, without anything in the way, and plugging it into the rover. Everything was normal. She unplugged it and made a sudden jump to reach higher, to another port, but she hit something.

She turned around: nothing.

“What the hell is going on, here?” she said, looking frantically around, slowly spinning on herself as she slowly got back on the ground. “It felt as if I hit someone as if someone was looking over my shoulder… Hey! Any of you playing hide and seek?” she asked on the general com channel.

“Is there someone else outside, besides myself?” she asked.

“Err… No. You’re all alone. Why? Seeing ghosts?” asked Joanne. “Let me have a look at your vitals… Your heartbeat is a little fast, but there’s nothing really wrong. Did you have blurry visions, disorientation, dizziness?”

“No… I… I just hit something and it felt as if I hit someone. I’m not really used to working in space. It might be just my imagination, or the suit acting strange.” said Kim. “Never mind.”

“Well, if the suit is acting strange, better to know it now. Just keep an eye out for any special weird sign: getting stiffer, or softer, tightening or loosening. Your life, and ours, depends on it.”

“Copy that, Lukas. Anyways, everything is fine here. I’m going inside the rover.”

“Roger that, Kim,” said Karen.

She easily reached the ladder which would put her over the large tires of the rover, to access the door. She more pulled herself up than used the ladder. It wasn’t very practical. Someone seemed to forget that with pointed boots, ladder rods are pretty much useless.

She commanded the opening of the main access airlock near the driving section and entered the rover, without bothering with pressurizing it, leaving both doors of the airlock open, in override mode.

She took her place on the pilot seat, feeling the rubber pinch her thighs as she sat down. She switched on the power, which turned on all the lights. Her rubber suit was gliding on the rubbery seat cover, and she thought that restraints would be welcome. And more since she felt something hard, strategically placed within the seat.

“Karen, are you there?”

“Yes, Kim. What can I do for you?”

“Say… do you have something to say about the rover’s seats?

“I don’t know what you mean, Kim. What about those seats? Something wrong?”

“Well, they have a very similar, ahem, feature, like the capsule’s seats.”

“You had hard bumps put there also, Karen?” asked Lukas.

“What? No! I asked to put them in the capsule only, knowing it would only be for the ride, then, theoretically, we wouldn’t touch them for 10 years. I never said anything about the rover’s seats. Why?” asked Karen.

“Well, apparently, someone decided to add the bump. Whoever is going to drive this thing around is here for a… double ride,” said Kim.

“Oh! Well. Who’s the first scheduled to take it out?… Let me check.” said Karen. “Oh, darn…”

“What? Who is it?” asked Kim.

“Apparently, the first task is to take it to the Doppler Crater, south from here, to sample a strange formation spotted by the survey satellites, and the users will be… Lukas and myself,” said Karen.

“HA!” said Viktor. “You’re being served! Let’s see how steady your driving will be.”

“I will have to find out who came up with that idea,” said Karen. “Well, it might actually be quite fun!”

“Okay then, guys. Talk to you later. I have to finish the power-up checks.” said Kim, turning around to go to the main corridor, giving access to the different science and storage modules making the bulk of the rover, when she hit something as if it was someone.

Instinctively, she said “sorry” but, she saw no one. Panicking, she waved her arm in the air and hit something soft, like… someone, a person, a human, but she couldn’t see anything.

There were some banging noises, her toolbox fell on the floor, and for a brief moment, as the dust lifted with the struggle, she saw something, a human shape, quickly getting away.

Kim ran out of the rover, not taking the ladder, literally flying off, and landing hard on the ground. Good thing the Moon had low gravity.

“Oh my gawd! What the hell was that?” she said, as she looked frantically through the door opening. But she saw nothing. “Guys, there’s a ghost here. I’ve seen it. I even touched it.” said Kim.

“Kim? Please come back to the station. I would like to run some tests.” said Joanne. I’m not implying anything. I just want to run some tests.”

“On my way,” said Kim, walking fast to the station, or was it away from the rover?

She entered the airlock in no time since she had left the outer door open. A small oversight on her part, not used to these procedures.

She closed the door and commanded the pressurization.

This time, she felt as if her suit was loosening, and was somewhat disappointed. She punched in a few setup data, having the strange feeling of being watched, but each time she looked over her shoulder, she saw nobody, or, nothing. Yet…

TLSOTM: Season 1, EP 7

A Ghostly Touch

It had been a long and productive day.

It had also been a positive day, with everything working like it was supposed to be.

Except for the main rover, as it hasn’t been thoroughly checked by Kim who had some problems.

Joanne had given her some pills to relax, her heartbeat and pressure being off the chart. Officially, The cause was put on too much stress. In reality, it was too much stimulation for a first-timer.

Everything was a first for her. Totally.

They shared a common meal. Funny scene when one has to think that all of them are hooked to their respective cleaning/feeding station for an hour.

Next was two hours of leisure time, where they could answer emails from their relatives and friends, play games, or watch movies. They did that in the main common area, where some of the stuff, mainly console games, were set up. Joanne and Viktor turned out to be quite challengers at the game console.

During this period, Karen did feel that, at times, she was being watched, although she saw no one. Is there really a ghost? She began to question Kim’s illness. She might be right after all, especially after Pete told her he had the same feeling while at the feeding station. He even got the impression that someone, or something, had touched him.

But now, time for bed. Karen wasn’t exactly expecting a restful sleep, especially the first half of the night. She loved so much being encased, immobile in a vacbed – she had one at home, actually – that she would feel quite stimulated. Pete also had the same apprehension, for the same reasons.

The beds were set up, and, one after the other, they were sealed under the rubber cover, being sucked in place, confining them by the air pressure pushing on them.

Karen welcomed the embrace, the tightness, the quick loss of mobility. She especially loved the fact that you were allowed to move, somewhat, but the rubber would spring you back at point zero, like a force field.

She was enjoying her session, just relaxing and trying to move her hips up and down, when she felt a gentle touch on her left thigh, just above her knee.

She moaned. Inside her head, since no sound came out of her gagged mouth. The touch was soft, slowly moving upward, toward her crotch, where it stopped for a moment, barely touching.

Gawd! That was exciting. She tried to move her hips higher, to make stronger contact with whoever was playing with her, but the vacbed was holding her back. The touch went back, feeling her crotch, her lower stomach, and ran across the center of her torso, up to her encased breasts, where the touch circled them, stopping at her nipple, before going down in the middle, followed by two touches, gently circling each breasts, before slowly following her arms, down to her wrists before riding back upward to slides, back down, one touch on each side of her corseted waist, down to her thigh, where they slowly danced over her crotch.

The touch was subtle. Some pressure, but not too much. It was just enough to feel, enough to tease. But not enough to go further. That was devilish.

Karen was jolting up and down. Damn! That was good. Whoever was doing it knew how to tease her. She was twisting, twitching, trying to move as much as she could, but, still, the vacbed was holding her tightly in position. The touch slid slowly down her legs, then back up, again, spending time on her crotch.

Then, for a moment, one of the touches disappeared to being felt again at her breasts, teasing both areas at the same time.

Karen’s breath was getting shallow, fast. Damn! The orgasm was building, and it would explode inside her like she liked them.

The touch became more present as her orgasm grew. Whoever it was, was somehow, feeling it and was increasing the pleasure by applying more pressure, using more fingers, squishing her breasts at the same time, pushing on her dildo.

And exploded, she did! Her body was rocked and thanks to the vacbed, stayed on the moon, otherwise, it would have flown out of orbit.

Then, as the hormones subsided, everything became silent. No more touch.

Then, she found sleep. A nice, deep, relaxing, sleep.

She was awakened in the morning by the sudden release of the vacbed, allowing her to move.

She stretched and plugged herself into the feeding station, shortly followed by Kim. Apparently, Joanne was already there.

They all met in the main common room.

“Damn! I know we’re all being taken care of, but what I would give for a coffee, right now!” said Karen. “Oh, by the way, thank you very much, Pete. That was awesome.”

“Oh… Thanks,” said Pete, somewhat puzzled. “But… what did I do that was so awesome?”

“Ah, come on,” said Karen. “You know what I’m talking about.”

Pete stopped what he was doing at a computer console and turned to Karen.

“Seriously, Karen. I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

“Then it must be you, Viktor,” said Joanne. “Your sweet revenge for losing the game yesterday. If you think I will go easier the next time, you’re wrong.”

“Oh? Really? Are you trying to hide what YOU did? Was it your excuse for cheating?” said Viktor.

“Oh really! Then it must be Kim, then. She wasn’t under the vacbed when I was,” said Joanne.

“Woh! Ho! Wait here! Are we all talking about the same thing here? Each and every one of us felt it?” asked Karen.

Everybody kept silent.

“The touching, damn it,” said Karen. Yesterday, just after I went to bed, someone… touched me. And I will be honest, it was good as hell!”

“Yes! That’s it” said Lukas. “Who was it? I must admit that it was darn good. But let’s be honest, who did it?”

“Not me!” said Pete.

“I was in bed before you,” said Joanne.

“Wait just a minute here. Everybody got touched?”

They all nodded yes.

No one of us did it? asked Joanne.

They all looked at each other, nodding no.

“Then, one or more people are lying,” she said.

“Or… it’s the… ghost” said Kim, looking at Karen for support.

“The ghost?” asked Viktor, puzzled.

Pete laughed. “A ghost. Year, right.”

“Well, people died on the moon since the first colonization,” said Kim, not letting go of her ghost thing.

“Okay, people. I’m the head of the group,” said Karen “but I’m not the one to administer discipline measures. It was fun, it was enjoyable. Now, I would ask the author or authors to come forward. No hard feelings.”

Nobody moves. They just looked at each other.

“Okay then, you leave me no other choice. Let’s have a look at the security camera,” said Karen.

She commanded the main screen and searched the database for the previous evening.

She began with the women’s dorm. They could see Joanne getting to bed, followed by Kim and Karen a short time later. The vacbeds were sealed and everything stood still, apart from Karen’s apparent rocking of her hips. Pete laughed.

“Well, mister, I’m eager to see your video,” she said.

“Oh, no secret here. I did the same. I just love vacb… what the hell?” she said, as he stared at the monitor.

There, something fuzzy was hovering over Karen’s body. It was moving, along her left thigh, then went over her whole body, as Karen was jerking more and more.

Karen didn’t say a word and accelerated the video, which showed that same foggy thing going from Karen to Joanne to Kim, before getting out to enter the men’s dorm and doing that same thing. Pete’s reaction had Karen repress a laugh.


“No comment necessary,” said Pete. “But… what is that?”

“The Ghost!” said Kim.

“I admit this is a ghostly figure, but I don’t believe it’s a ghost,” said Joanne.

“How did he get in? The only one who went outside was… Kim.” said Lukas. “Saw anything suspicious?”

“No but… I had forgotten the airlock door open. He might have gone through it.”

“And you didn’t see… anything suspicious while in the airlock?”

“No, nothing. Then again, I was still shocked by my encounter.”

Everybody looked around, searching.

“If he’s here, we should see that foggy cloud somewhere.”

“I don’t see anything… unless…” said Karen, switching the surveillance recording to the live broadcast of the common room. There, in the corner, just beside the monitor, the cloudy shape.

“How come we don’t see it and the camera…” began to say Viktor, but he was cut short as Pete, Joanne, and Viktor were quickly walking toward that corner, arms spread, trying to catch it if it ever wanted to escape.

“NO STOP” yelled Karen, stopping them dead in their tracks. “We don’t know who or what it is. Do you think that cornering it like that would not trigger any defense mechanism he may have? Let it go. Come back to the table. Now!” said Karen, still looking at the screen. He hadn’t moved.

“Listen,” said Karen, raising her hand in a peaceful manner and slowly positioning herself in front of the ghostly figure. “I don’t know if you can understand me, but we mean you no harm. We just want to help you. And now you know that we can track you down. I believe you mean no harm, otherwise, you would have all the time in the world to do it while we were asleep. Instead you….. Can you show yourself? Please?”

In front of them appeared a humanoid, obviously a female, with greenish skin, purple hairs, wearing a shiny grayish suit, high heels booties, and a large belt around the waist, from which she seemed to have pushed a button with her right hand. Her face conveyed softness as well as fear.

She raised her left hand, in a peace gesture.

“I mean you no harm. I’m just an observer. My name is Phyae.” she said as she put her right hand to her heart and made a small bow.

TLSOTM: Season 1, EP 8

Lunarians, meet the Nagusians

“Oh my gawd! Close Encounter of the Third Kind!” said Pete.

“So you’re… not a… ghost?” asked Kim.

“No, I’m not a dead entity. Kim” softly answered Phyae. “I’m from the planet Nagusia.”

“You… You know my name?” asked Kim, surprised.

“I know all of your names. They are written on you. It’s weird that way you have to write your name on yourself. It was the same for those who built this station.”

“Hello, Phyae,” said Karen getting closer. “Why are you here?”

“My mission is to study your people. I must say that you are you’re quite intriguing,” said Phyae.

“Well, the human race is a weird one.”

“Oh, the Earthlings are well understood, and we’ve been watching them for many centuries. It’s… you. You’re different. All the other Earthlings working on what you call the Moon, wear some sort of hard shell to protect them from space. But you seem to have enclosed your body in some kind of soft shell. Very intriguing, especially since, compared to the hard shells, you do not take it off.”

“Well, it’s a… complicated story I’ll be happy to discuss it with you, but for now… I don’t think I have the authority to make official contact with you,” said Karen. “I should talk to my superiors back on Earth and…”

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that,” she said, reaching for her belt.

“But… We’re unarmed!” said Joanne, backing off, arms raised.

“Oh, you will not be hurt.” said Phyae “I will just erase your memory of our encounter. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt.”

“But… why?” asked Karen. “We mean you no harm.”

“Not everybody is ready for it. Earthling must be kept unaware of our presence,” said Phyae

“Can you make an … exception? I promise, we won’t tell,” said Karen.

“Well, the very presence of this base is a threat to us,” said Phyae. “We tried to stop its construction, but it was getting too hard not to be discovered. Don’t worry,” she said, picking a metallic red box on her belt and taking it into her hand as to aim it at the Lunarians. “It won’t hurt. Your memory will be erased and you will seem to suffer a strange illness that will force Earthlings to bring you back. Everyone coming here will suffer the same illness. Do not be afraid, no symptoms will be real. It’s like hypnotism. As soon as you’ll be away from the Far Side of the Moon, the symptoms will disappear. Only coming to the far side is forbidden.”

“But wait. I have an idea. I have an offer.” said Karen. “What if… let me think… What if WE become your first contact? We won’t talk about you to the rest of the world. It will be our secret. We will be able to better make you understand Earthlings, and perhaps, in a short future, make official contact with Earth.”

“I must admit that you seem different from the other Earthlings I met.” said Phyae “I will confer with my people,” she said, reaching for her belt, before beginning to talk in a strange language, very different from anything on Earth.

“Err… Karen?”

“Yes, Viktor.”

“I’m just receiving an error message from the surveillance and communication equipment.”

“What is it?”

“Well… Everything is down. It’s not recording, and we can’t store, transmit, or receive any communication outside of the base.”

“She’s probably blocking it, to make sure we are not attempting something. Let it go,” said Karen, trying at the same time to show her good faith.

Phyae stopped talking and looked at the latex-clad group. She let out a sigh. It was as if she was half relieved, but at the same time, half afraid.

“They will discuss it. It shouldn’t be long,” said Phyae

“I would have a ton of questions to ask, but since you’re probably going to wipe out our memory, why bother, right?”

Phyae looked uneasy.

“Yes… I guess,” she said.

There were sounds coming from her belt and Phyae began to talk in that strange language again, giving quick, furtive looks at the Lunarians. She seemed to argue, even getting angry, as if she was trying to push her point on.

There was silence and Phyae looked down, at her feet, evidently waiting for some answer, but refrained from looking at anyone from the group.

Viktor was getting impatient, and it showed. He was dancing from one foot to the other, looking alternatively at Phyae, at Karen, at the group, ready to kick into action if the order was given to capture here or… flee.

Nobody was talking. It was silence, only cut by the beeping sounds of the equipment in the room.

Finally, the silence was broken and Phyae talked some more, before letting out a sigh.

“They agreed. All your communications will be monitored and any mention of us is going to be dealt with… with…” she said lowering her head.

“With?….” asked Karen, as everybody else was suspended to her lips.

“With… the annihilation of the base and everybody on it. They don’t want to risk being discovered.”

“That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?” said Kim.

“It’s either that or immediate memory erase with the illness.” said Phyae.

“Honestly, Phyae,” said Karen, “this is totally stupid on your part. If we all suddenly fall ill, they will send someone else, then someone else, until they figure out what’s wrong, and if they find out that your people are doing it, they will interpret it as an act of aggression and retaliate. Is that what you want? All out war?”

Phyae looked afraid.

“I… I believe there’s a saying on your planet, along the line of: don’t kill the messenger,” she said, raising her hands in a don’t-shoot-me manner.

Karen turned to the group.

“Well, group? What do you want? Keep a secret or go back to Earth to spend the next 10 years stuck in this for nothing.” she said opening her arms.

The decision was unanimous and very quick to get: they will take the risk and keep the secret.

Phyae looked sad.

“I was hoping you would leave. I would hate to see you… die.”

“Yeah. Me too. But we already took a risk of dying by coming here, to this base, so, for us, it’s no big deal.”

“I will go now,” said Phyae, pushing a button and disappearing again.

“Kim? Wanna go get some fresh air? You know… end the rover inspection?” said Karen.

“Why, now?” she asked, but seeing Karen making an obvious back-and-forth motion between her and where Phyae was standing, she understood that she needed a way out.

“Oh, right. I’ll be right on it, Karen,” said Kim, heading to the airlock. On the surveillance cameras, they could see a blurry shape following her.

“All coms are back online,” said Viktor. “They’re gonna want to know what happened.”

“You’ll think of something. Just don’t mention any… ghosts,” said Joanne.

TLSOTM: Season 1, EP 9

New Neighbors

It was a quiet day. After over a week, the routine has rooted. Everyone knew what there was to do and was performing it efficiently.

On that ordinary morning, Lukas and Kim were away on a three-day exploratory mission with the Main Rover. They had last reported that they had reached the destination and were beginning drilling to get core samples, with, so far, nothing out of the ordinary to report.

Viktor was at the console, coding new routines, when an alarm, heard for the first time, broke the otherwise plain routine.

“Something is approaching. It’s on the ground,” said Viktor.

“Fast?” asked Karen, puzzled.

“Not really… Okay, I.D. received. That’s a Russian rover. It’ll be here in about 20 minutes.”

“Call him,” said Karen.

Viktor set up the communication. “NSLA Moonbase to incoming Russian rover, do you read, over?”

“Yes, I’m reading you loud and clear, NSLA Moonbase. This is RM-4 ( Exploration rover / Razvedochnaya Mashina) Can I come in?” asked a man’s voice with a very strong Russian accent.

“This is Karen, the commander of the base. May I inquire the nature of your visit?”

“Oh… Just a neighborly visit..” he said

Viktor looked at Karen, puzzled. She shrugged.

“Very well, RM-4. Proceed,” she said, before cutting down her microphone and addressing Viktor only. “Guide him to airlock 2. You will practice your Russian, apparently,” she said with a wink, but nothing showed under the dark lenses of their permanent helmet.

Viktor guided the Russian visitors to the airlock, while Karen headed for it, her suit creaking with every move, walking lightly on the low gravity, her feet barely registering landing on the floor.

After the recompression, Karen commanded the inside door of the airlock to open. In front of her was standing a man and a woman in classic EVA spacesuits, white with red trim. She extended a hand.

“Welcome to NSLA Moonbase,” she said.

They stood there, staring at her.

“I… I thought this was… just a joke. You really are like… that?” he asked, making a broad gesture to scan Karen’s unique suit.

In the meantime, Viktor arrived. the Russian went wide eyes when he saw him, almost in disbelief.”

“Hello, I’m Viktor. We talked over the radio,” he said in Russian, extending his hand.

“That is so… weird. You’re not robots or anything?” asked the woman back in English.

“No we’re not,” said Viktor. “What can we help you with, mister…”

“…Maksim. My name is Maksim, and this is Darya,” they said, removing their helmets, revealing a well-rugged Russian man, and a very feminine and quite young woman.

“Welcome Darya, Maksim. Would… would you like a cup of tea?” asked Viktor.

“Err… No, thank you,” he said, looking at them, still puzzled by the sight and the synthetic voice. “Why… the voice? Sure you’re not robots… or cyborgs?”

“Well, maybe deep down we are cyborgs,” said Viktor. “Seriously, we are intubated for breathing and feeding, so we can’t talk. We are pointing at words from within our special helmet, and a speech synthesizer takes care of the rest. Now, to what do we attribute the honor of your visit?” he said, inviting him deeper inside the base.

With Karen leading the way, Maksim and Darya had eyes only for her tightly encased wiggling butt. And if he didn’t know better, Viktor was sure that Karen was wiggling her butt more than needed. If they were to pass nearby some top secret device, the Russians would not notice it, so concentrated they were on Karen’s behind, his senses overwhelmed by the constant creaking sound of the tight latex, walking easily on their extreme boots.

Darya turned around a few times to look at Viktor, her eyes dropping to his crotch, kind of searching for… something.

They reached the main area where Viktor and Karen sat down, joined by Joanne and Pete, in a rubber-creaking symphony.

Maksim didn’t know where to land his eyes, on their butt, their tightly encased waist, or their wrapped breasts. Darya seemed to be struggling with the same dilemma in addition to the man’s crotch.

They were all staring at each other, no one speaking.

“Maksim just thought we should say hello since we are… close neighbors,” said Darya, sort of getting Maksim out of his daze at the same time.

“Da, Da. We’re just on the North rim of the Korolev Crater. I thought we should meet, should we ever require… erm… assistance.”

“Oh, yes, of course, I mean, it’s just… 300 km away…” she said thinking that their little visit was a 5 to 6 hours trip. One way. “It was in our plans to contact all the nearest bases,” she continued. “I mean there’s yours, the Chinese, and the ESA base, a little bit farther, tho. It’s good to know your neighbor, just in case.”

“Oh, so… you’ve had them too?” said Maksim.

“Have them… what, who?” asked Pete.

“Well, you know, the weird events, stuff getting disconnected or damaged.”

“Well, we had a malfunctioning clamping mechanism on our landing pad caused by a ruptured hose, then our main rover had battery problems, but, I mean, we can’t expect everything to go without a hitch.”

Maksim and Darya looked at each other, smiling.

“The prizraki,” they said in a single voice.

“The what?” asked a concerned Joanne.


If they hadn’t been isolated behind their rubber coatings, he would have seen all their eyes getting wider, and quickly looking at each other, fully knowing what, or rather, who, he was talking about.”

“Ghosts?” asked Karen. “Are you… serious? Ghosts? On the Moon?”

“Yes. I mean, we have no explanation so far, so we call them prizraki, ghosts, but we’re sure it’s someone invisible. Could be from another dimension, for all we know. We hope to catch one very soon.”

“But…who… what are they doing? How do you see them, if there’s invisible? Things moving by themselves?” asked Pete.

“No, not exactly. We have been sabotaged a few times. I’m sure they will come for you too, sooner or later… Damn. I just hope there wasn’t one stuck to my rover when I came here… “

“Stuck to your rover?” asked Karen. “Like… they… piggyback rides”?

“No. Said Darya. “We don’t know how they travel. We only know they’re… there.”

“How do you know there was someone in the first place, that it was a sabotage?” asked Pete.

“Because we saw the footprints. And we can see, in our safety camera footage, footprints being created in the soil, the device being opened, tampered with, and then whoever, or whatever it was, walking away, erasing the footprints in the process.”

“Wow,” said Karen. “And their goal would be… What are they targeting?”

“The prizraki are very specific: they target life support, energy, food supply, but in a way that… well, they’re almost telling us to get out of here.”

“Are… are you telling us to get out of here, Maksim?” asked Viktor.

“Yes and no. For your safety, of course.”

“Yeah, right,” said Lukas. “Better say that you want us out because we are…”

“Okay!” cut in Karen. “You said yes and no. What do you mean?”

“We need your help.”

“Okay. I’m willing to help. The Moon is an international community.” she said, looking at Lukas. “What do you need?”

“We believe we are able to make a device to capture the prizraki.”

He began to describe an array of sensors and lasers that would detect slight density changes and turn on.

“And then?” asked Viktor.

“The laser box will imprison them.”

“But a ghost will simply pass through, not?” said Joanne.

“Technically, it would be vaporized. But if it’s biological…” said Maksim.

“They will be cut in pieces unless they stay within the rays.” cut in Pete.

“That’s a little drastic, don’t you think?” asked Karen.

“What they sabotaged was also drastic,” said Maksim. “They cost us a lot of time and money.”

“I… I see your point,” said Karen. “I do not share your methods, but I see your point?”

Maksim described what he needed. During this time Pete was in private communication with Karen.

“We can’t give them what they want. They will hurt the Nagusan” said Karen.

“Yes, I know, but in the name of good cooperation, what can we do?.” said Viktor.

“We have to play straight,” said Karen.

As Maksim ended his description of the device and the parts he was missing, everything was silent. Maksim and Darya looked at each other and then at the strange rubbery creatures in front of them.

“I’m sorry, but I will not, we will not contribute to something that could hurt or kill something or someone we don’t know. It might be an alien lifeform that…”

“But it’s sabotaging us,” said Darya.

“It’s trying to kill us!” said Maksim, slamming his fist on the table.

Karen startled and raised a hand.

“Hey. No need to get violent. If… …” she said, searching for what to say, trying to defuse the situation.

“If a rat chews on your cables, would you say that it was trying to kill you?” interjected Pete.

“Well… No.” said Maksim “But we will kill the rat without hesitation.”

“Yes, you’re absolutely right. We would kill the rat…”

“Yes, we should kill the prizraki,” said Darya.

“No. You would kill the rat because you KNOW what it is because you KNOW that it will cause damage and that even itself is not realizing it. Rats are a nuisance. Ever met a prizraki? Ever really seen one? Ever find out why it’s doing what it does? Can you assure me that the prizraki knows that what they’re doing is harmful to you? If you can answer clearly to all of those, and that answer is that prizraki are nothing more than space rats, then I would back you up 100%. Otherwise… sorry. It’s no.” he said, crossing his rubber-coated arms in a creaking concert.

“Have you thought that they can be, I don’t know, like a beehive?” said Karen. “That killing one will only bring more.

“I… I didn’t think of it that way, Maksim.” said a stunned Darya. “They have a point. Maybe… just maybe we should give them… sugar… away from the station.”

“Sugar?” asked a puzzled Maksim.

“Well, they seem to target mainly power units, power hubs. Maybe they’re like bees, going from one power hub to the next to get more power to bring to their… oh my god… QUEEN!” she said with wide eyes.

Under the (hidden) amused looks of the rubber-clad crew, Maksim seemed to slowly back away from Darya, wide-eyed, stunned.

“Do… do you have strange products in your atmosphere?” he asked.

“No. I can assure you that. “said Karen. “We do breathe the same air.”

Darya seemed to be lost in her thoughts, probably imagining a Prizraki Queen.

“I… I think I’ll take that tea now if it’s still available.”

“Absolutely,” said Viktor, getting up.

“And… can you add something STRONG to it?”

“Ah, no. Sorry. We don’t have anything… strong.” answered Viktor, laughing.

They did small talk for a while, comparing their technology. Karen offered them a small tour of the base before they left.

“That’s quite a long trip,” said Joanne. “I mean it’s what, five hours from your base?”

“Da,” said Maksim. “About five hours, but we have a small relay shelter about halfway from here. We can rest there and continue our trek tomorrow.”

“You have a… relay halfway to us? You come here often?” asked Karen.

“No. Not come here. It’s not in a direct line.” said Darya. “It’s a little to the east and more toward our base than yours, on top of a small hill. It was a great vantage point set up many years ago.”

“Strange that it’s not on any maps,” said Pete.

“Oh, no. It has been abandoned for many years. We restored it when they began the building of your base, thinking it would make a great relay.”

“Ah. Very fine then,” said Karen as they reached the airlock.

Maksim and Darya put their helmet back on, checked each other’s suits, and walked into the lock.

They watched them as they got in their small two-seater rover and headed back to their base.

Karen was heading back to the main room.

“You forgot the outer door opened,” said Pete. “No worry, I’ll take care of it.”

“It’s no mistake. Let’s expose the airlock to the vacuum. Isn’t it the… test you wanted to do, Pete?”

“Work with me here.” wrote Karen on the private channel.

“Yes. Of course. I’ll check on it in an hour or two” he said, walking back with her.

Transmitting in private mode, but to the group “Now we have to get in touch with Phyae and warn her… them.” he said.

“How?” asked Karen

“They’re listening to our communications. We just have to cleverly ask Phyae to come.”

Ten minutes later, Viktor was sending a message to the Rover.

“Rover one, I need to get in touch with the ghost of the main airlock, and it’s quite urgent.

Can you do without it for a few minutes?”

“The ghost? What are you talking about?” answered Kim.

“Ghost? I mean host. The host computer of the airlock, not the ghost. Sorry. Typo.”

“Oh. I see. Not really, I mean not now. We are out for at least two more hours. Lukas also says there’s no problem.

“Okay, now we wait,” said Viktor, back on the private channel, hoping the message was received.

“How will we know she’s there?” asked Pete.

“She will find a way. I’m sure,” said Karen.

They waited. About twenty minutes later, Pete received a strange signal.

“Karen, we better go close the airlock. The outer latch seems to be acting funny.”

Karen commanded the closing of the outdoor hatch, pressurized the airlock then opened the indoor hatch, all from the remote console, hoping the Ghost was there.

Suddenly, the monitors displayed static, as if malfunctioning and a greenish woman appeared in front of them.

“Oh! I’m so glad to see you!” said Karen, giving a hug to a surprised and unexpecting alien who didn’t know quite how to react.”

“I… Thank you. I think. What was that?”

“Sorry. That was a hug. A… show of appreciation.”

“I see. I interpreted the message as if you wanted to see me. Was I right?”

“Yes you were,” said Karen, then explaining what they had learned from the Russian cosmonaut.

“That’s problematic,” said Phyae.

“Yes, it is. I fully understand why they are pissed off and are willing to kill whoever or whatever is causing them these problems. We do the same thing on Earth: we put rat traps where the rats are eating our wiring.”

“But we are no rats.”

“No, but you do create damage.”

“You are interfering with our studies.”

“Phyae. The moon is not yours. It is not ours. It does, however, orbit our planet. We are here to explore, to study, to learn, to experiment, to prepare ourselves for a wider exploration of space. Our next goal is Mars. We are peaceful, but we will defend ourselves, and our bases are our possessions. You may erase our memories, create false illness, but we will be back. One day or the other, you WILL be discovered. Think how you would react if, after years of your devices being sabotaged, and false illnesses being thrown on you, you finally find whoever is responsible. Will you be eager to shake their hands, or kick their butts?”

“Well… I…”

“Tell your people that you have two choices: leave us or join us. But you will not drive us out of here.”

She put her hand on her belt, ready to retrieve her memory tool, and was talking in her strange language, to finally walk back toward the airlock.

“I will leave now,” she said.

That’s all she said.

TLSOTM: Season 1, EP 10

Meteorite pt1

From the outside, she wasn’t moving much. However, from the inside, even more from the inside of her brain, she was struggling like hell, straining against the restraining force of the vacbed, pinning her down.

She just loved those sessions. She loved the restraint, the bondage, the total out of control of the situation. Slowly, but surely, she was building yet another orgasm.

Just one more squirm, just one more thought just one more… what the fuck?

The vacuum released instantaneously as her visor was filled with alarm messages. She got out of her vacbed, puzzled, like the rest of the crew, suddenly awakened in the middle of the night. They all gathered in the command center, their suit reflecting at the same time, the cold light of the displays as well as the walls’ red lights of the general alarm status. It was creating a strange yet beautiful scene.

“What the hell is going on?” asked Lukas.

“I don’t know. Pete! Kim! Any idea yet?” asked Karen, still groggy, trying to figure out the meaning of all those alarms. “It doesn’t make sense…”

“I’m on it, Karen,” said Pete.

It was weird that, as their mind was in a complete state of panic, their synthetic voices were still quite normal and courteous sounding, making it strangely eerie.

“Major leak in the power reactor,” said Pete. “It’s trying to shut down, to go into safe mode, but somehow, the controls are not responding. Switching to manual… Damn. What the hell is going on?”

From the security cameras, they could see a brightly lit hole, at two-thirds the height of the reactor towers.

“We also have a pressure leak in interconnecting corridor sections I-11 and I-14. The doors are closed.” said Viktor “as well as power loss on Pad 2.

“Radiations levels?” asked Joanne.

“Err… A little high but we’re still okay. So far.” Answered Viktor.

“I just hope Phyae has nothing to do with this,” said Karen.

“We haven’t heard from her…or them, for close to a month now. Even the Russians say that they haven’t captured any prizraki, and haven’t had any strange sabotage lately,” said Lukas while looking at his screen, showing the moon and the sky, right now fully lit by the Sun. He moved the camera away from the ball of fire. “None of this makes sense, how… Oh shit!” he said, staring at a monitor.

All stopped breathing as they watched the view from a telescope that was automatically following a moving object: an asteroid heading straight for them.

“We have to take cover. Where will it strike, Lukas?” asked Karen. “can you compute anything?”

“Yeah, yeah, computing. It… might just skim us or… hit the power generator dead on. It’s too unstable and too close to pinpoint the trajectory more precisely. Time of impact… less than two minutes.”

“Okay everybody. to the emergency shelter. GO NOW” ordered Karen.

“That would explain the rest.” said Pete.” smaller fragments have already hit us.”

The six of them hopped as fast as they could to module G, where a reinforced room had been built. As security protocol dictates, they all put on breathing backpacks and masks, in the event of a sudden decompression. They reached it and the door closed at the same time the whole station was rocked by the impact, the lighting dimming, and the power switching to the emergency batteries. Viktor and Pete were quick to power up the emergency consoles and look for damage.

“The reactor has been hit hard,” said Pete, joined by Kim. “Module H damaged, corridor I-10 completely wiped out, I-11 badly damaged he said as he walked carrying his electronic pad.

“Damn! And on the radar?” inquired Karen.

“The scope is clear,” said Lukas. “Too clear. It should be picking up debris. Must be down.”

“Reactor?” asked again Karen. “Kim?”

“Sending distress signals now!” yelled Kim back.

“Unstable. Very unstable. Status close to critical,” said Pete answering the answer about the reactor.

“Okay, everybody. The order is: EVACUATE.”

As they were all gathering, the alarm sounded. Lukas rushed to the radar.

“Shit. The radar doesn’t pick up anything, but the proximity sensors do. Incoming, and right on us!”

“EVERYBODY DOWN!” ordered Karen, while letting herself fall on under the 1/6th gravity, to the ground.

The whole section shook, the lights went off and the noise of equipment falling off was heard and felt by a few who received something, but again, at 1/6th the gravity, it’s a lot less damageable. About 10 seconds later, the lights went back on, thanks to the independent battery system of the shelter.

“That was close. Viktor, Pete, Kim, are you able to give me a status report?”

“Hold on,” said Viktor as Pete helped him put a monitor back in place. It was cracked but part of the image could be seen.

“Damage report,” said Viktor “… well, we’re stuck here,” he said, getting away from the monitor so everyone could see.

From the surveillance camera located on top of the main module, they could see that two corridor modules between the shelter and the emergency launching pad had been destroyed, the launching pad itself, badly damaged and their rescue ship dangerously tipping on one side.

“Launch is impossible” confirmed Kim. “And we have no way to confirm if there are any more asteroid fragments coming.”

“Or the big one.” said a concerned Johanne

There was a moment of silence.

“Reactor, radiations…” asked Karen.

“We are safe here, but there’s a major radiation leak. The main module is flooded”

“Better get out of here,” said Viktor.

“Where is the Rover? What state is it?” asked Karen.

“It’s right next to the reactor. It was plugged in for recharge,” said Kim.

“So, it’s radiation flooded,” said Karen.

Nobody spoke. They no longer had an escape capability. All they could do was go as far as they could to the reactor and wait for rescue.

“Send every emergency beacon that can be sent. Advise of the danger, Kim” said Karen. “We’ll keep a look at the radiation levels and stay here as long as we can. Viktor, Lukas, and Joanne go to the landing pads and bring back as many air canisters as you can, also check for water and food supply. We don’t know how long we will have to stay here.” said Karen.

The mood was dark. Their mission was already over.

There was a cracking noise over the radio.

“NSLA Moon Base. This is Korolev Base 2. Do you need assistance? Any injured? What is your situation?”

Karen smiled. She began to explain the situation.

“We’re coming. Are your suit… radiation protection?” asked a woman she recognized as Darya.

“A little better than standard spacesuits, but not much,” she answered.

“We’ll be there in about 6 hours. Can you wait that long?”

“NSLA Moonbase, this is Hertz Station.” cut -in another voice. “We could be there in about an hour. Do you have a landing pad available?”

“As far as we know, Hertz Station, Pad 2 is still intact, however, the access corridor is destroyed. We have no rover capabilities, our is within the radiation contamination zone. We can’t reach it. It will be a 50-meter walk.”

“We’ll do what we can. On our way” said the member of the ESA/CSA team.

Bases from China, Japan, India, USA, all called in, offering support, as best as they could.

Karen had a sigh of relief. There was still hope.

“We should go there,” said Kim. “It’s only 50m, but it’s a long walk under the Moon’s low gravity. It might take us close to an hour to get there.”

“And what if there’s another asteroid shower?” said Lukas

“If it comes from the same asteroid,” answered Kim, “it means that he will have the same trajectory. The moon still turns, He will fall to the east of our position, or might… head for the Earth if we’re no longer in the way.”

“Earth is gonna have to deal with it, then,” said Pete, “we are of no use.”

“I believe Kim is right.” said Karen. “better pack up what we can and head for there.”

As they were packing some survival stuff, an alarm sounded.

“What? Another one?” asked Joanne.

“Nope. It’s the reactor.“ said Pete. “It’s going critical. It’s heading for a meltdown.”

“Fuck.” answered in Karen.

Pete called up on the screen the working parameters of the reactor and pointed to an area circled in red and flashing.

“There. One of the coolant tubes is ruptured. The coolant evaporates in the vacuum. If we close that valve, there, it will stop the leak, and probably prevent a meltdown.” He said.

“But… how to get there? There’s too much radiation,” said Karen. “Everybody to the pad. If the reactor goes into meltdown, we die even if we are in the bunker, and it will be too late to reach the pad. If we reach it before it melts, We might get some more protection from inside the pad. Let’s go. Now!” ordered Karen.

They all quickly grabbed what they could and headed out.

Walking in the loose dust of the moon’s surface in ballet boots was fun, but wasn’t ideal to go fast. They stumbled forward from time to time, but thanks to their very resistant rubber coating, no damage was made to the suit save from some light abrasion. A layer of lunar dust was beginning to cling to their shiny suits.

They never exercised that much in those suits before and a sweat layer was building up,, fast, gliding, making the suit slide over their skin. Also, their inserts were getting quite disturbing. Not easy to cope with sexual stimulation while trying to save your butt. Nobody was talking.

About halfway through, Karen, who was leading the group, turned around to survey the site as they were climbing the hill and going to the landing pad.

“Doesn’t look that bad from here,” she said. “Hey…” she extended her arm and counted. “Where’s Pete?”

“He was right behind me,” said Joanne. “Where… did he go?”

“Pete, come in. Are you receiving me? Where are you?”

“I’m fine, Karen. Just go on and forget about me.”

“What the hell do you mean, forget about you? Where are you.”

“Oh shit”! said Viktor, pointing at the reactor.

They all went wide eyes. There was a black, gleaming figure, slowly walking toward it.

“Pete! Damn it! What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m going to close the valve.”

“But you’ll die!!!” said Joanne.

“Yeah, better just me than the whole group. I looked at the numbers. It will not last until the rescue comes in, and as far as I know, only 4 can take place in their escape pods. Take away the pilot, it means two trips to get us out.”

“But… Pete!” said Karen, but she knew very well the outcome. Anyways, where he was, he had already received a deadly dose of radiation.

There was a bright spot in the sky. Karen pointed at it at the same time her radio came on.

“Rescue pod to NSLA Moonbase. I got you in sight. Should be landing in about 15 minutes. Damn! That looks bad. Hey! Do I see someone near the reactor?”

“Yeah, he’s trying to shut down a leaking valve to… save us,” said Karen. “We’ll be waiting for you. All… five of us,” she said. Her eyes were crying, but her synthesized voice was still joyous as always.

“Damn. I feel for you.” said the pilot. “I see you. Aiming for the pa… Oh hell!… what the fuck is THAT?” he said, his voice trailing off.

Everybody looked up. The stars were disappearing as a huge ship appeared, directly over the base, covering it entirely. That thing was huge!

They heard a strange woman’s voice, her voice raspy.

“We… Offer… Help…”

… Unknown at this time if any sequel will follow.

Your comments and show of appreciation or dislike or no-interest will dictate the future of this series.

I honestly expect the same kind of answer as when posted on DA: no interest. Prove me wrong….

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23 thoughts on “Karen – The Latex Side of the Moon

  1. This is completely a perfect latex fetish novel, where you added many details to the latex suit, including Karen’s feelings later on! I don’t care if its background is science fiction or something, as long as it has a fully enclosed latex suit! I like this story! It already has a lot of latex suit elements, right?

  2. If there is a sequel, I can guess many branches! I think this spaceship can provide more extreme latex suits for Karen and her team to go to some dangerous places to help them! By the end, I believe the people on the spaceship have no malice!

    1. I don’t see any “bad alien” myself. Only Lynda, who from the start is not in “full agreement” with having a bunch of fetishist weirdos up there.
      As for their suits, I don’t see how “stuff” could be added to it by aliens, except for a helmet or something. They are fully enclosed in multiple layers, protected from the vacuum of space, etc. Adding more layers will only make them less able to do simple tasks.

      The aliens could become interested into that “latex” thing. We (well… I…) don’t know their backgrounds, their sex lives. Do more advanced civilizations went through the same fetish period as we’re living? Are they (still) interested in it? (Look for the story “Reverse Fetish” to fully understand my point on that)t.

      And that’s only a small part of what could happen in a second season. What could happen that can be interesting story-wise and fetish-wise. They could, in turn, become invaluable to the aliens as their suit might make them perfect for dangerous (for them) situations and the Lunarians becomes heros. There could be trouble with their latex confinements where the aliens, while helping, end-up sealing them for life. But what for?

      I know I have written Lynda as their nemesis but… how? Why?

      There’s a lot of research, planning, story plot layout, creative backgrounds profiles to create to do something like that.
      That’s a heck of a lot of work. That’s 10 sub-stories within one large story.

      1. I can answer! Karen and they helped the aliens, and in return, they can provide better technology and give Karen better latex suits! Karen is a fetish, isn’t she?

      2. Of course, I’m well aware that you currently have many projects, don’t you? You can do anything I really like!

  3. This is gold! As a (sometimes hard)sci-fi and fetish novel fan! We (I) absolutely wish there is a sequel! It’s sad to be in such a niece that there is not much of a wider audience. I’m really looking forward to see the sequel. I’m also ready to help you out if you need someone for error spotting and writing in general 🙂


    1. Forgot to mention: can I find more of your old (scifi) stories? I’ve found this site not so long ago. Maybe 2 years? You can also reach out to me as I gave you my email 🙂

  4. Great stuff! I do hope you continue this saga. Perhaps the aliens will want to try the Human way?

    1. Thanks.
      The thought-process app for a sequel in my positronic fetishonic brain is currently running.
      The output file is still mostly empty and the outcome is unknown at this time.

  5. On DA some text was not translatable with Google Translator. So I didn’t get any sense in the old pictures. Here the story is clear, good and readable in one go.
    I find many things good, especially that Karen may get out again after 10 years. Ten out of ten stars from me, googel has only five. Thank you for putting it online again!

  6. Absolutely love it!

    Really like the suit they have with all these layers and restrictions.
    As well as the general science-fiction vibe is wonderful!

    Furthermore, when I saw the first illustration of the alien, it looked like she was also wearing a similar suit, and was initially wondering if it was something like a member of a previous mission or something.

    I hope you continue this, even if it’ll take longer ^^


  7. First post!
    I’ve been following your site for a while now and am astounded by the quality of the stories and illustrations, keep them coming!
    Having been prompted by the publication of season 2, I’ve finally got round to reading this, wonderful SF imagination! Will now start on season 2 – I’ve had a skim already but now lets read it properly.
    Thankyou, thankyou!

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