Help Needed: Cargo Ship


Is anyone knowledgeable about sea-fairing cargo ships?

Based on the following image:

Now, imagine someone is waving at you from the second walkway from the top (lower level of the white section), how would you call that level?

I did some research but apart from learning that the control room is called the wheelhouse, I don’t have a clue how to name the other levels of this control tower. Would this be called the 4th floor? The D-Deck? Or the C-deck (The A-deck being the wheelhouse).

Of course, how would you call the other levels? How are named the “below main deck” levels? Sub A, B? -1, -2? Or are all the levels identifications start at the bottom of the ship?

And you know what’s odd? That person waving at the camera looks just like Karen… Nah, can’t be. She’s… Ahem… That… That must be just a coincidence.

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5 thoughts on “Help Needed: Cargo Ship

    1. Thanks.

      I think you are correct from one point of view: the back of that level seems to correspond to the definition of a weather deck: the uppermost deck exposed to weather, according to the infos from the link given in the first comment.

      My question was probably misleading. I wanted to know how to call that whole “level” of the building where Karen is standing, not exactly the “deck” by itself. And yes, Karen is standing on the walkway… Is it part of the deck? Is a deck the floor or the whole building level?

      Again, according to a drawing within the link in the first comment, from top to bottom, that would be the navigation bridge, the Officers Accomodation (level), the Crews Accomodation (level), and the lower “levels” would be the Galley, Laundry, Offices, etc. (I put “level” in “” and () because it doesn’t state the particular name in the description…)
      Which means that Karen would be standing on the walkway of the Crew Accomodation (level? / deck??).

      What’s the difference between a level and a deck? Your guess is as good as mine… Ships have this weird naming convention, like port, starboard, bow, stern instead of left, right, front and back. Fortunately, up and down are named the same… I hope.

      1. Same anon as above again. i think levels are form the bottom to the top. and decks would be level 1 on the cargo deck and minus 1 under the cargo deck, so she would be on deck 4.

        i think ships use either one but not both.

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