Karen as a Disney-Pixar Character?


Yeah, I know. I stated loud and high that I wouldn’t use A.I. to create art or stories.

But… I just had to see what Karen would look like as a Disney-Pixar character. So, I swallowed my pride, opened Microsoft Edge and called Bing A.I. Image Creator. Yeah, I still have an upset stomach over that. (I hate Microsoft. That’s all…)

And so I tried. Gheesh, that thing is a prude. Don’t put “Bondage” or gag or even “corset” (yes, corset) in the description, because it is immediately flagged as “inappropriate”.

So I had to limit myself to a plain shiny catsuit and high heels. (brown, shoulder-length curled hair).

This is the best result. Actually, not that bad.

Here’s the other results. No specific order.

That last one didn’t have the “Disney” tag, so it was somewhat real-looking. I would totally see that one as the real Karen tho! Ooof! Mamma!! Tie me up and spank me!

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