Holiday Break 2023


That’s it for 2023.

Unless I have a sudden burst of inspiration for a Christmas-themed story, this is it for 2023. Some people gave me a few ideas alas it didn’t create any viable storyline, so I’m closing the books for the year. – Told ya all before, I don’t want to rush or force myself to create.

Everybody from “the gang” was okay with this decision as they, obviously, already had plans. Well… Most everybody. Karen, as usual, had a tantrum that I had to take care of the only way that works… for her. She does make a nice-looking tree ornament, doesn’t she?

My next goal is to see if I can make something up for TLSOTM2.

Another reader suggested I do a Jumanji-like kinky story. That’s an interesting challenge, but also another big and time-consuming project.

I want to thank you all for your continual support. It is greatly appreciated.

If some of you want to support me financially, you can do so with:

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Si vous êtes du Quebec, j’accepte avec plaisir les cartes de la SAQ 🙂

Have a safe Holiday period everybody! Don’t drink and drive and don’t text while drinking… or you may send the wrong thing to the right person…

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11 thoughts on “Holiday Break 2023

  1. I mean you do know she played you right? I mean Karen clearly wanted to be hanged and wrapped like a tree ornament. You really should stop feeding her desires man, she won’t learn her lesson otherwise.

    Merry Christmas and thanks for all the smut.

    1. Jakob, I hope she will NEVER learn her lessons.
      Otherwise, I would have nothing else to write about!
      Think about how boring live would be with a behaving Karen.

      Thank you! I’ll try to make more smut again next year…

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