A Christmas Adventure 2023 (Photo Story)


Karen will always be Karen.

Yes, I know, a little “late” but I had this idea at the last minute and, thanks to all the “Christmas lights”, every render took about an hour to complete… and there are 14 of them. Plus the time to make the strip, re-render a few images to correct an error..

Anyway, there you have it. Enjoy.

You can find a follow-up story here: New Year Predicament

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5 thoughts on “A Christmas Adventure 2023 (Photo Story)

  1. Hi Pierre

    As usually the photo story looks really great.

    I wish you a marry Christmas and of course I am interested in what will happen to Karen at the end of this month.

  2. You always bring us surprises! When you announced that you were going to rest, you still brought us a Christmas story!

    1. Thank you saber. Always fun to surprise the followers.

      And… Yeah… I was planning to take a rest… but my mind decided otherwise. I just can’t help it.

      The idea came in a flash. One image with a short story. Within an hour, I had the storyline written down and the “setup” done.
      And my brain went like… “but… what if you do a photo story? It’s just going to be what… three images?”
      So I made the first one… that turned to three, to five to eight to… 13.
      I’m not really superstitious but… some might be so, I added another one to make 14.

      The drawback was, because of all the light reflections – which you can clearly see on Sandra’s arm in the second panel – each render, if left to get 100% iterations, would have taken over 2 hours, but I cut it short when I saw the image was “good enough”, roughly after about an hour.

      So, that little “bah… an hour and it’s done” turned out to take over 2 days.

      And guess what… Have you seen chastitygirl90’s comment above? “.,.. interested in what will happen to Karen at the end of this month”… Well, guess what… I’m interested too…

      It’s hard to ask a kinky mind to take a rest.

  3. It would be nice to know the story of the 4 days Karen spent so tied up, to know her suffering, her thoughts and….

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