Karen – Hole Digger


“The first thing to do, when you realize that you’re digging yourself into a hole, is to let go of the shovel” – Unknown.


She put down another thick folder on top of the already high pile with a decisive gesture.

“There! Done. Now… where was I… Oh. Hi boss!” she said, forcing a smile as the man entered her office.

“Yes, hi,” he said, cold, as usual. He didn’t give a shit about her. “Here’s your Christmas bonus. Thank you for all your work,” he said walking out just as fast as he had come in, distributing his so-called Christmas bonuses.

She put the small envelope down.

“Probably another gift certificate to his brother’s fast food joint,” she mumbled with a sigh.

She didn’t really care. She was a good worker and would do the job that had to be done. She just wished she would be rewarded with something other than more work because she was efficient. Well, he was in for a surprise.

As always, even as this was the last day before Christmas break, she was the last one to leave the office. She gathered all her stuff, filling a duffel bag with personal items, then left to tape an envelope on the boss’s office door before heading out, smiling.

She had already her two weeks of vacation approved and it was her two-week notice of leaving. That’s all that jerk deserved.

An hour later, after multiple bus changes, as the sun had set, she was home. She changed from her business-appropriate outfit to her beloved relaxing outfit: tight jeans, high heels, and a tight spandex leotard. The tighter the better.

The leotard was a task in itself, being a little too small, it was stretched to its limits. She just ran her fingers along the silky smooth fabric. It was high-quality spandex and it was actually very slippery. She admired the shine of it under the lights of her bedroom, slightly rubbing her hands over her extended arms.

She went on with her jeans. Those, she struggled to put on. They were not really stretching and she had to pull them up, cm by cm, feeling her legs being squeezed little by little. When they reached her hips, her breath was shaking. That tight feeling on her buns, on her hips, on her crotch was just awesome.

Laying on her back on the bed, she sucked her stomach in and used a pair of pliers to pull the zipper up. Tooth by tooth, she felt her stomach being compressed, until she reached the waist button.

She let her arms fall on her sides, panting, smiling, gently squirming to enjoy the very tight feeling on her hips and on her legs. She ran her hands on her hips, lifting one leg, bending it at the knee, toward her torso, until the restriction of the tight jeans limited the movement. Damn good feeling.

She took a deep shaking breath and struggled to roll out of the bed.

Good thing she had already put on her high heel sandals otherwise it would have been impossible for her to bend down to fasten them.

She more or less leaned back as she put her feet on the floor, feeling the tight denim squish her knees in the process, then with a very carefully rehearsed maneuver, she got up, putting her hands at her crotch. Damn! She just loved that tight jeans feeling.

She walked to the living room, putting both her hands over her buns, extending her index finger, feeling the crease created by the tight jeans. She smiled. That was her life. She wished. Being encased in tight jeans, tight spandex, in high heels, day after day after day, instead of having to put on those boring loose-fitting business-appropriate clothes.

She had to twist her hips to walk, as they were pretty much locked together by the tight denim. Awesome!

Passing by the kitchen, she grabbed the Christmas bonus envelope and headed for the leather-covered sofa in the living room where she let herself drop in, welcoming the pinching feeling of the tight jeans. She grabbed the remote control, turned on the TV, and stretched her high-heeled feet on the low table,

She picked up her laptop, logged into her favorite streaming app, and selected the show she wanted to watch.

She put the laptop down on the sofa and played with her hair while the show started. She phased out, thinking about her next steps, her next job, and what she would do in the meantime.

She snapped out of it when her stomach grumbled. Picking up the laptop she logged into her favorite comfort food restaurant and ordered some takeout, noticing the envelope still unopened.

“That wonderful bonus should pay for it…” She said with a sarcastic tone.

She tore the envelope open.

“What is this? A voucher for a spa? Wow! He really went big this year!” she said, all surprised, almost ashamed to have given her two-week notice “Ah… yes. Of course,” she said with a giggle, “good for one hour of sauna with the purchase of a full weekend of pampering. Go figure… What a moron.”

She put everything aside and watched her TV show until her food delivery arrived. It was a twisting show to get up from the sofa with her tight jeans, and the stunned look of the delivery driver was a reward.

After her meal, she sat back in the living room, and seeing the voucher, she decided to have a closer look.

“Hey, perhaps that weekend of pampering would do me good… Oh shit!” she said as she saw the pricing. “Those prices are outrageous! A thousand dollars for a weekend? Bullshit” she said, nodding in disbelief as she looked at the different options.

Then, from the lower corner of the page, something grabbed her attention. A little detail that the common user would not notice, but she did.

Here’s the thing: Karen was a computer programmer and… amateur hacker. And this little thing she saw told her enough. Enough to know the operating system of the web server, the software they were using, and also that this version of said software had a safety weakness.

A command prompt was quickly opened and after a few administrative commands, she laughed.

“So stupid! They even kept the default admin login credentials!” she said as lines of codes began to scroll down on her screen. “Okay, let’s see… customer database?… why not?” she said as she created herself an account. “Hum… member since… Well, let’s make it bold. How about seven years? Nah, nine years, going on ten. Looking forward to that ten-year reward,” she mumbled with a devilish grin, “status? Well, VIP or course.”

She refreshed the web page and suddenly, she was logged in as a VIP.

“Okay, now, let’s see the package list… Oooo! you get interesting choices as a VIP, don’t you?” she said. “basic package, economy, standard, luxury, limited edition?… feels like I’m shopping to get a car… now, what’s this? X Program?” she said as she clicked on it.

She was greeted with a restricted access warning that only the X-level members were allowed to see the X-Program.

“X-program? Didn’t see that option in the database,” she said, returning to her coding window. “Where the heck is that… What if I forced it in? “

After she refreshed the browser, her new status was “X”.

“Good! Now, what is this thing?” she said, browsing the new menu.

“Uh… X for eXtreme package: personal sauna suit, access to a gym, a pool, hot springs, wow, yes, I’ll take that… Damn! $5000 for a weekend? Oh well, let’s put a credit for $5000 in your profile, Karen… Better make it an uneven number,” she said, entering $5425.

“There, all set. Now… okay… package… select package… X… oops, I entered my level instea… wait! What is this? Another superior package? V??? How much is this one… Shit, doesn’t give out the pricing… Hum… okay… Enter it is… Ah, leave me alone with all your fucking pop-ups… I have read and underst…. fuck, yes, yes, yes, I agree, and whatever…”

She began to laugh.

“I can’t fucking believe it. I’m in, for a $5000+ package. Damn, Karen, you’re so clever.” she said, still giggling, as she received the confirmation e-mail. “Just perfect! Well, better start packing your stuff, Karen. You’re leaving tomorrow for a weekend of pampering! Thanks, boss!” she said, laughing and humming a happy song as she headed for the bedroom.

The next morning, her ride-sharing driver dropped her at the entrance of that huge mansion-like property. Getting out of the car in her extremely tight jeans was not easy nor glamorous looking, but she didn’t care. The driver seemed to enjoy the view, tho. She wiggled her way to the massive door and entered the building, her high heels clicking on the polished granite floor tiles. She presented herself at the reception desk.

“Hello, Karen, VIP number…” she began as she told all her credentials. The receptionist looked at her, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, of course, Miss Karen, welcome back. It’s always pleasurable to see such long-time members.” said the receptionist while frowning.

“Yep. Nine years, close to ten now. It’s a wonderful life.” said Karen, full of herself.

“Yes, astounding. And you’re in for the… oh… XV Program? Even…. better.” said the receptionist as she furiously typed on her keyboard. “I’m sorry, that e-mail just popped up and I have to answer it right away.”

“No sweat, sweetheart. It’s not like I’m in a hurry,” answered Karen, trying to look as cool as she could.

“Thank you for your patience,” said the receptionist as she typed more after waiting a few moments. “Apparently, there has been a little… snag…”

“Oh, really?” asked Karen, suddenly anxious. Has she been spotted?

“Nothing critical, Miss Karen, it’s just that one of the items for the package hasn’t been set up,” she said, extending a hand with a tablet. “If you would please complete your registration on this, It should take between half to an hour to have everything ready. You’ll just have to give the tablet to the associate who will come to get you at the lounge. I’ve credited you three cocktails at the lounge while you wait. Would that be satisfactory?” she asked, this time with a broad smile while handing her an access card.

“Absolutely, dear. I’ll be at the lounge,” said Karen, picking up her little suitcase and then looking back and forth. She had no damn clue where the lounge was.

“That way, Miss Karen.” said the receptionist, hiding a giggle.

“Yes, of course, I know the way. Sorry, I was in my little bubble here,” lied Karen, walking away, rocking her hips tightly encased into her ready-to-split-open jeans.

She reached the lounge, took a seat at the bar and ordered a cocktail, handing out her access card to pay for it. She then looked at the tablet, filled in the information, clicked on a few more “warning” pop-ups, and put the tablet down.

About half an hour later, a tall woman, wearing high heels and a leather outfit approached Karen.

“Hello, Miss Karen, and welcome back to the SPA. My name is Annie and I’m the new manager here. If you’ll follow me, we’ll go to the prep room.” said the woman, showing Karen the way.

Karen happily complied. A new manager! It means that her stunt could work.

Karen followed. She was led down a long corridor to exit into a medium-sized room, covered in white tiles, from floor to ceiling. In one corner, a small leather-covered table and what looked like a bathtub, filled with an amber liquid. A young woman wearing scrubs was there, preparing some items on the counter.

Karen did a double-take at her scrubs. They were… shiny. As if plastic coated.

“Annie, here, will help you with your setup. I know you’re familiar with the X Program but for the V-level, it is required that you take a skin-conditioner bath first. Just undress completely and let yourself dip down into the bath, from head to toe. It is recommended that you stay underwater for at least fifteen seconds for the full effect,” she said with a smile. “I have to attend to some other matter. Annie will take care of you,” said Annie, as she left the room, only to come back a moment later.

“I’m sorry. Annie? Can I see you a moment, please?”

“Sure, Madam,” said the young assistant, leaving Karen. “‘ll be right back with your personal sauna suit,” she added as she left. Karen stood there, not exactly knowing what to do. She probably shouldn’t have chosen that level for a first visit. She had no clue about what usually happened there.

She undressed and felt the amber water. It had a faint perfume but smelled a little weird, but it was warm and inviting.

She slowly slid into the bathtub, letting out a pleasurable sigh. That felt good. She held her breath and dipped her head underwater for about fifteen seconds before pulling it out. She ran her hands on her face, on her hair and her face suddenly changed from pleasure to horror. Her hands were full of hair. HER HAIR! What the fuck?

She quickly jumped out of the bathtub. She was fully naked… no more hair. Nowhere! At the same time, the door opened and Annie entered, carrying a cardboard box.

“MY HAIR!” yelled Karen.

“Yes, that’s perfect,” simply said, Annie.

“But… but…” stuttered Karen. She knew that if she said that she wasn’t expecting that, she would uncover her fraud… but she lost her hair! That was not part of her plan, but in a split second of thinking, she figured that if she exposed her fraud, she would be thrown out and would have to face justice… still hairless. Better make the best of it. “I’m… I’m sorry. I just didn’t think that… that they… hum… would get off that way,” she managed to say to save her situation.

“No problem, Miss Karen, we get that reaction almost every time,” said Annie with a smile. “Here, apply this skin conditioner and then we’ll put on your first layer,” she said, picking up what looked like a black lump of rubber and stretching open a quite small opening. “Just sit on the table,” instructed Annie.

Karen proceeded, not knowing where this was heading. Annie stretched the opening and put it over one of Karen’s feet then inserted the other one, lifting that narrow band to mid-thigh, then fed each leg up until her feet popped into the attached toe socks.

Karen giggled. That was not expected but she liked it. She had seen people in latex catsuits before, she just never expected that it would be put on this way.

Once all the catsuit gathered over her legs, Annie asked her to stand up as she pulled the neck of the catsuit higher, always gently pulling the lower portion higher until it reached her breasts, making sure the legs were wrinkle-free and the holes at the crotch were aligned.

Annie opened another bag and produced some sort of short jacket with a hood. She pulled it down over Karen’s head. It was a very tight fit but it glided smoothly over her shaved head, and the feeling was awesome. Karen was speechless as Annie put Karen’s hands into the short sleeves shoulder portion of the hood, then, stretching wide the collar of the catsuit, fed her arms through the sleeves, down to the attached gloves, the catsuit rising up, covering her entirely in rubber, from her toes to her head, except for holes at the eyes, nostrils and mouth.

It then dawned on her that she couldn’t remove the hood without taking the catsuit off first.

Karen’s mind was overwhelmed by the feelings. The latex was rather thin but still quite tight, and the full encasement seemed to enhance her senses. She was sensing everything yet sensing nothing. She was feeling naked and fully dressed at the same time. The smell of the rubber was overwhelming. Every slight move brought the feeling of the strange material on her skin.

Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest, she thought she would have a heart attack!

“How does it feel?” asked Annie.

“Uh… great. I love it,” honestly answered Karen, feeling her jaw having to work hard to counter the tightness of the latex hood. She wiggled her shoulders, helping the suit slide in place. The torso seemed a little short as the crotch seam was pulling hard between her legs, like a pair of tight g-string panties.

“Good, this is only the first layer. Now, let’s take care of that waist, shall we?”

“First layer?… My… waist?” asked Karen, rubbing her already thin waist, compressed by the tight latex of the catsuit.

“Your corset, of course. You always demand your corset when you choose the X-V level.”

“Ah, yes… Of course,” said Karen, more and more concerned. Something was odd here. But what could she do? Saying anything would be acknowledging she’s guilty of fraud. And honestly, she always wanted to try a corset. Weren’t her tight jeans what they called the modern-day corset?

Annie picked a black, heavy-looking corset that looked made out of very thick rubber. She opened it and wrapped it around Karen’s waist, hooking the busks on the front. She then went behind Karen and began to tighten the lacing, pulling hard.

The garment was getting tighter. And tighter. It was pretty much as tight as her jeans, on her waist that is. The compression on her hips and especially on her upper torso, her rib cage, was more than she had ever experienced, even with her tightest leather jacket. Her breaths became shallower.

“Must be close to tying this thing down, right?” she asked in some sort of way to figure out if she would be crushed in half or not.

“Almost, Miss Karen, about only 2cm to go, which is the perfect time for the inserts.”


“Of course, Miss Karen. You wouldn’t be sealed in rubber without them, as you always say.”

“Ha, ha, yes, of course,” said Karen, intrigued. Who was this Karen she had mistakenly taken the identity. Or are they toying with her, trying to force her to admit she forged her entry?

Her eyes widened when she realized what the inserts were and especially their size. They had a huge flange that would cover the holes of the suit.

Annie applied a generous coat of lubricant before stuffing the first one gently through her vagina, twisting it to enter it, and even playing with it in and out a few times. Karen closed her eyes and moaned. Yeah, she could live with that.

The butt plug proved more challenging, especially since it was a first for her. That was quite a strange feeling.

Their large flanges appeared to be stick-on as they stayed in place, holding strong against the latex catsuit, after Annie gave them a firm rub, teasing Karen even more.

“Let’s try that corset again, shall we?” said Annie, placing her knee on Karen’s lower back and pulling hard on the lacing, forcing Karen to expel all the air she had in.

“Oh gosh! This is tight!” she said as she rubbed the tight garment as Annie was making the not, before apparently fondling more around the lacing edges. Karen then heard a series of snipping sounds after which Annie put down a bunch of small steel cable strands and a wire cutter.

Touching her back, she could feel, through her latex-coated fingers, that steel wires had been crimped, holding the corset shut.

“Yeah, remember the last time? The laces undid themselves, so as a safety precaution, I’ve closed them with steel wires. No way this thing will loosen by itself!” said Annie, giggling.

Karen copied her giggling but in reality, she was scared. Things were getting way farther than she had anticipated. She was far from a relaxing hot tub session…

“Okay, how about we put on that second suit, now?” asked Annie, producing a clear or slightly amber-tinted catsuit.

“Ah… yes. Sure,” said Karen with mixed feelings. Things were escalating, and she ought to come clean but… so far… she liked it.

The second set of items was clear, or slightly amber latex. The first one was a hood. And it was rather extreme with dark lenses and a large lump entering her mouth as well as tubes going up her nose.

No, nothing was fun, especially the tubes up her nose.

However, the hood added another layer of compression over her head, which she kind of liked. It rendered her also totally mute and made her hearing even more problematic. The dark lenses made her feel even more distant, and isolated.

Following was the second catsuit, clear, with attached toe socks and gloves. That suit appeared even thicker and/or tighter than the first one. She felt restrained and every movement demanded effort. It was a constant massage as she moved.

It was too late for her to ask how all this was necessary for a sauna suit. Wouldn’t be simpler to just go into a sauna?

But the feeling of all of it, although strange, was also interesting. Oh well, she was there to relax. Even if she was totally immobile in a hot tub, what difference would that make? Right?

“If you could sit down back on the table, I’ll put on the ballet boots,” said Annie.

Karen was stunned for a moment, and not being mute, she would have yelled “Ballet boots???”.

She loved high heels and she was always admiring those who could cope with ballet heels but she never even fantasized about wearing them.

Annie tightly laced the ankle-high boots over Karen’s feet. The double layer of latex seemed to offer a nice cushioning. After she laced the boots, she pulled down a third layer that Karen hadn’t seen, covering her lower legs like the leg of a boot, from the lower calf down to her ankle, covering the top of her boots, covering the lacing.

“Okay, time to stand up,” said Annie, extending her hand so that Karen could grab them while stepping down from the table.

She carefully put her feet down, feeling the extreme footwear force her feet en-pointe. Her legs were slightly shaking but, to her own surprise, she managed to stand up. It was like she could feel, for the first time, her whole outfit.

She felt the compression of the latex catsuits, the crushing feeling of the corset, and the extreme position of her feet.

“Ah, perfect. Don’t you think?” asked Annie, taking a step back to admire her work. “I just love how those two layers shine together.

Karen nodded a discrete yes, still overwhelmed by the whole setup, the two layers of tight latex, the crushing corset, the hood, the gag, the tubes, and the toys.

“You can do this,” she said to herself. “You have to…”

“All there is to put on now is the chastity belt and the cuffs,” said Annie, picking a steel belt with a crotch strap from the box.

Karen was wide-eyed, but under the dark lenses, it didn’t show. She took a step back when Annie approached with it.

“Yeah,” she said, giggling, “funny you always have that reaction for the belt, but in the long run, you always like it. Come on,” she said, grabbing Karen by the hip and bringing her closer, expertly wrapping the steel belt around her already thin waist. She struggled to mate the locking mechanism and when she pulled the crotch strap up, Karen moaned as it pushed the toys deeper, something that was not exactly painful…

A series of clicks confirmed that everything was in place.

Next, she added a bunch of cuffs, on her wrists, elbows, knees and ankles, and finally a collar. All made of shiny stainless steel. All… locked! Karen was so stunned that she didn’t even react.

“Fantastic! You look like a princess! A latex princess, of course!” exclaimed Annie, smiling, evidently satisfied with her work.

Karen’s brain was turning at 100km/h, trying to cope with all of it. What the heck was going on? What did they do to her? This was a sauna suit? She should reveal the truth.

On that, Lynda entered and looked at Karen, smiling.

“Splendid. Just splendid. It fits you like a glove!”

Karen had so many questions, but she couldn’t ask them. Sucks… or was it?

“Okay, your room is 156. You can go there while the hot tub is prepared. I’ll send someone to pick you up,” casually said Annie, handing an access card, as if all these procedures, all those suits, cuffs and extreme heels were perfectly normal and regular. That helped Karen to believe that, perhaps, she had won. Her hack worked.

“I’ll see you around, Karen,” said Lynda as Karen struggled to walk out. “If anything is not to your satisfaction, just tell us. Members of your status deserve the best,” added Lynda with a strange tone in her voice.

Unsteady, keeping a hand on one wall, she walked down the long corridor to her room, one small step at a time, getting acquainted with the ballet heels. She could feel her buns being squished by the tight latex with every step. Each breath required effort. Even bending her arm, to reach the wall, was a struggle. She had to fight the tight and elastic feeling of the rubber.

And the toys. Yes, the toys! As she moved, they moved too! That was not unpleasant, but she was not used to getting screwed while walking.

By the time she reached her room, at the far end of the corridor, she was no longer constantly touching the wall and was getting quite hot. In all the sense of the word.

She opened the door and entered. It was a pretty basic room, with one bed and one desk. There wasn’t even a bathroom, and the only window was higher than her head.

“For the price, I thought I would be getting a suite,” she thought as she slowly lay on the bed, moaning. That walk with the toys took its toll. She was horny as hell! She tried to reach the toys with her fingers but the chastity belt did its job.

“Fuck!”, she mumbled.

She gently squirmed, feeling the tight latex layers compress her body, her legs, her arms, her chest. She brought her hands to her stomach, feeling the tight corset under that clear layer of latex. With that, she couldn’t even reach the lacing, so even if it had not been tied with steel cables, she would have been unable to loosen it.

Her body was quickly adjusting to all this equipment, from her eyesight to her breath. She even managed to doze off until there was a knock on the door, a knock she barely heard. She tried to call “enter” but with her gag, nothing much came out. She grumbled, struggling to get up, off the bed, and walk to the door to open it.

That was Annie.

“Ready for the hot tub?” she asked, gesturing for Karen to walk with her.

She followed Annie down the corridor, then up some stairs. They exited the corridor into the central garden of the complex. She was led to a wooden deck where she could make up two hot tubs. Annie pointed to the hot tubs.

“Make yourself at home,” she said, making a broad gesture, before heading away.

Oh well. That sounded great. But… should she enter the hot tub like that? In full gear, even the boots? Then again, she couldn’t remove any of them.

Slowly, she got into the hot tub. It was a strange experience. She could feel the hot water, but not the water itself. She could also feel the water jets, the bubbles, but only through her artificial skin, which removed any direct physical sensation. She knew what it was, she just couldn’t feel it.

That was weird and quite stimulating. That would do nothing to calm her building-up orgasm. She tried to reach her crotch but the chastity belt did its job. It was so tight against her crotch that she couldn’t slip one finger.

She lay there, being gently massaged by the water jets. The water was hot and her suit seemed to become hotter. Nonetheless, it was acting as its name suggested: a personal sauna suit. She felt her sweat build between her skin and the first layer, creating a lubricating layer, allowing the suit to slide, to glide on her body. Every squirm, every move was creating pleasure tinglings.

She had lost track of time when the woman in shiny scrubs walked to her.

“It would be time for a cold shower, don’t you think?” she half suggested, half ordered.

Karen nodded. Those spa treatments usually implied hot and cold, to clean the skin and stuff, although her sweat wouldn’t go anywhere.

She got out of the hot tub, feeling all relaxed, and followed Annie back inside.

She was led to a shower booth where cold water was running. Perforce of habits, she reached to dig her fingers into her hair, only to find her smooth latex-coated skull. It felt strange. Again, she was feeling the cold of the water, her brain knew it was water raining down on her, but she didn’t feel the water. When she began to shiver, she walked out of the shower. Annie was still there and directed her to the sauna room.

Inside the room, were the classic wooden steps, with a few women sitting there. She was stared at when she entered but they quickly turned their head away. After all, she wasn’t the only one.

She headed for one of the benches but Annie led her to the wall. That’s when she noticed the steel rings on the wall. Annie gently backed up Karen against it, linking her wrist steel cuffs to the rings, putting her wrists at about shoulder level. She linked her collar then her elbows, knees, and ankles to more rings. Karen was in such a stunned daze that she didn’t even protest. She was bound to the wall now, with no easy way to get out.

Well, sure those other women in the sauna booth would help her.

“I’ll be back in about half an hour,” said Annie before leaving Karen to her bondage.

After a short moment, she tried to get free. This was not a usual setup and she wondered what the hell was going on. Why that bondage? Why was she tied up? Has she been exposed and this was the punishment? Bound in public humiliation? Well, come to think of it, nobody would recognize her.

Nonetheless, the small struggle only made her hotter. She always fantasized about those bondage images on the Internet, wondering how it would feel to be helplessly tied up. Now she knows and… she liked it.

The more she squirmed, the more she felt the cuffs holding her still. She felt the tug on her ankles, on her knees. She felt the tug on her neck when she tried to look down, and the limits of her wrists when she simply wanted to put her arms down or to… reach her hot crotch.

The heat of the sauna wasn’t helping either. she could feel more sweat build inside her personal sauna, and again, it was almost like the whole thing was getting tighter. And she liked it. She wanted it to become tighter. Damn, she hoped it wasn’t just a feeling, that it was real.

She realized that she could relax somehow, being held in place by the restraints. She was on the verge of dozing off when Annie came in again and untied her, then swiftly turned her around, linking her wrists in her back and putting a short chain between her ankle cuffs.

What the heck? She was a prisoner now? Oh, yes, for sure, she knew. She had been caught. They would probably bring her to the police, in full humiliation.

Annie led her back inside the main building.

And, yes, something had changed in the suit. It was less stretchy. She really needed to fight it with every step, however small they were. She could also feel that her neck was stiffer to move.

She was led into a small room with only one chair and a large TV screen. Her ankles and wrists were unlinked and then instructed to sit down on the chair, which looked like a mix of a recliner and comfy treatment chair, all leathered cover and well cushioned, but she quickly realized that she would be tied up to it, as numerous anchor points were used to link her cuffs to the arms and legs of the chair, and her collar linked to its high back.

She was tied up again. Yet… she was still very much aroused. A prisoner fantasy?

She was left alone for a long moment, able to squirm and to realize that she was very well bound to the chair and that the chair appeared to be fixed to the floor.

The lights of the room dimmed and the TV turned on.

A woman appeared on the screen, standing to the left side. Karen recognized her. Lynda. The woman in leather.

“Welcome to the resort and thank you for participating in our X-Program.”

On the right side of the screen, ‘facing’ Lynda, text began to appear.




Garment for




(mp63 Note: I spent one fucking hour trying to come up with something for that acronym…)

“The suit you’re wearing will help those affected with this strange disease and could, eventually, help the future colonization of Mars and beyond.”

The woman in a red latex catsuit, corset, and chastity belt appeared beside Lynda. Only her head was free, showing short blond hair.

“Sandra here is affected by rare airborne micro-particles. She’s one of the reasons for this program. And Annie here,” she said as the woman in the shiny scrubs appeared, “will make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible”.

“Of course, you will be submitted to various tests to verify the integrity of the suit or garment you’re wearing, all while you’re enjoying our SPA facilities.”

The image changed to a large “Thank You for Your Help” title screen then went black.

That was it? But why be tied up?

The screen lit up again.

“Hello again. This particular part of our presentation is aimed solely at a woman by the name of Karen. Here are a few insights:”

Karen blushed. Oh, yes, she has been discovered, which explains the restraints. But what could she do to her? Nothing. It would be called abduction and she would rush to the police. The hell with the fine.

Lynda appeared on the screen.

“You enrolled in our X-V ProGRAM. The V stands for… Voluntary. See, Karen, if it’s your real name, we’ve had some problems with our X-Suit: it’s very hard to take off. Now, let’s see here what you agreed to because there have been multiple boxes of warnings and agreements that popped up during your registration. Yes, we know you got them because you clicked on them during your hacking spree.

How do we know you hacked? For once, the X-ProGRAM isn’t available from the regular front end of the site, only from one computer within the facility: mine.

For two, all those warnings are usually very well explained at the time of the registration, and three… nobody ever went through all of it. You are the first.

And oh, our facility opened four years ago. A nine-year member is an absolute joke. But the joke is on you, Karen.”

The boxes she quickly clicked on reappeared, some part of it being animated-highlighted.

– You acknowledged doing this on a volunteer basis.

– You accept all the risks

– You waive any responsibilities against The Spa Resort

– You agree to be completely enclosed and sealed into our experimental suit.

– You understand and agree that, at the time of your registration, we know of NO WAY OUT of the suit once it’s fully cured and has shrunk to its final shape.

– The research program is to find a way to remove the suit. We have currently six subjects who are confined into their suit, none completely sealed in.

“The risks and the agreement forms reappeared six times. You clicked “accept” all six times. And, upon your registration at the entrance desk, knowing that you had hacked the website, we added one more warning, which, again, you clicked without reading, obviously. Here it is, again, for your enjoyment.”

– I have been flagged as a fraudulent customer. By checking this box, I admit my culpability and accept to be kept restrained at all times, for as long as I am within the SPA Resort Facilities.

“And we thank you for your service, Karen,” said Lynda, with a devilish smile. “Oh, of course, you can go to the police. You’ll be arrested and put in jail. Still stuck in this rubber suit without any possibility of getting out, even if we find a solution,” she added, laughing that devilish laugh, just before the screen reverted to black.

Karen squirmed in her chair, but she couldn’t get free.

Two hours later, she was back in her room, or rather her cell. Elbows and wrists linked on her back, knees and ankles linked together, her collar linked to a ring on the wall over her bed. She was lying on her side, thinking about what she had done and how she could get out of it when the lock of the door was operated and Lynda appeared with Sandra. Karen struggled and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Hello again, Karen. Sandra here, is one of the unlucky ones stuck in the suit. I’ll leave the two of you to get acquainted,” she said, smiling, closing and locking the door behind her.

Sandra approached and gently pushed Karen back on the bed, then she gently crawled over her, smiling. She was no longer muted! or gagged…

She kneeled over her hips and began to gently massage her breasts while getting her head closer to her. Karen moaned. That was all she could do. Oh, and she squirmed too. Getting aroused.

Somehow, being totally sealed and tied up was really, really arousing and Sandra’s teasing was the cherry on top of the sunday.

Suddenly, as Sandra was slowly squirming her hips over Karen, their chastity belt touched. Sandra stepped back as if she was shocked and Karen froze, suddenly afraid to move. Something had happened. She felt a jolt. THEY bolt felt a jolt.

“Oh my gosh! They linked us!” exclaimed Sandra.

“MfffFF??” answered Karen.

“Let’s try that again,” said Sandra, gently lowering her over Karen and as soon as their belt touched, they reacted as if receiving a shock, but it was a mental choc! Their toys were vibrating!

Sandra let herself fully rest over Karen, putting her whole weight on the belt. Their toys were vibrating, completing one another pulse, like two twins ending each other’s phrases. It wasn’t long before Sandra was rocking her hips up and down, front and back, making the belt kiss. And it seemed that, after they had been ‘connected’ for some time, they stayed connected even if pulled apart.

In perfect sync, both women orgasmed at the same time, Sandra pounding hard over Karen and Karen squirming, thrusting her hips upward, her heavy bondage seemingly amplifying the pleasure. Sandra screamed while Karen moaned loudly, before they both collapsed, side by side, on the narrow bed, panting, catching their breath.

“That was awesome… Fourteen months! Fourteen fucking months!” said Sandra, her breathing calming down.

“MfffmmfFF???” inquired Karen.

Sandra gently rolled on her side, facing Karen.

“I’ve been stuck in this suit for fourteen months. I was the first to try it. My skin is sensitive to some dust particles and I get rashes. The suit helped me but… I can’t take it off. Once they realized the mishap, they stopped putting the toys and the belt on the new subjects… Yeah, right, let me explain a little.

They can’t research the solution without having someone wearing the suit because it apparently reacts with skin and sweat, so the research subject has to wear the suit. Some only wear pants or shirts and are living an almost normal life out in the city. Others, like me, are stuck in the resort. With you, we are now three. There’s you, me, and a guy named Pete.

Since I’m the only one wearing a belt and toys, they said that they couldn’t activate the toys unless another belt was paired with it. Of course, all the following test subjects rejected the full suit and belt… until you hacked the site and clicked all the ‘yes’ buttons,” said Sandra, giggling.

“So, it appears that we are linked,” said Sandra, letting herself roll on her back, gently rubbing her corseted waist and latex-enclosed breasts.

Karen turned around to show Sandra her fingers. She moaned loudly and made gestures with her fingers. It took a few attempts but Sandra understood the questions.

“Yes, they’ve been trying to fix the problem for fourteen months… So they say. I never saw any of those other test subjects.”

Karen let it sink. She might be stuck for a long time. At least, she has Sandra to keep her company and have some fun with.

Two months later, they were both asked to come to the office. They entered, Sandra walking normally and Karen doing small steps, impaired by her chains.

“Here’s the thing,” said Lynda. “Sandra, we believe we might have a solution, but for it to work, you need to be fully enclosed.”

“Fully enclosed? But why? What would this change?”

“I’m no polymer expert, Sandra but from what I understand is that by matching your suits, they could interfere with one another and get weaker, allowing us to cut it open. All you have to do is to agree to this legal document.”

Sandra did not hesitate one instant. She clicked the ‘Yes, I agree’ button. She had nothing to lose. She would either get free or get fully enclosed, like Karen, a situation that looked more and more appealing.

Two hours later, she entered Karen’s room, fully shackled and chained, not understanding the reasons for the bondage thing, but liking everything about it.

She cuddled on the bed with Karen, their belt linking without even touching.

On a corner of the Dark Web, a new ad appeared:

For sale. A pair of matching rubber dolls, ready to serve you in exchange for sexual pleasure. Easy to take care of and control as long as you keep them believing that they are stuck in their rubber skins and that you are searching for a solution.

The starting bid is at 2 million.

“The first thing to do, when you realize that you’re digging yourself into a hole, is to let go of the shovel” – Unknown

Unless… Unless you’re Karen (and Sandra) and you want to reach the bottom of that hole and even dig further.

(c) monsterp63

January 9, 2024

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8 thoughts on “Karen – Hole Digger

  1. This is a surprise! I thought there would only be updates when the second season was ready, but I found out that there was a brand new story with more descriptions of the feeling of fully enclosed sets. I like it!

    1. Thank you saber.

      What I said is that I wouldn’t post any part of TLSOTM before season 2 is completed. I don’t foresee posting TLSOTM before the end of summer/autumn… I never said anything about NOT posting anything else.

      My brain still comes up with ideas, so… I write them down. That particular story was actually completed at the end of December, but I had to revise it, and I changed quite a few things, and then made the renders, which were delayed because I was working on TLSOTM.

      I had another idea in my mind. As soon as I posted that story, I began to write that other one, which was completed in less than six hours (short story).
      Currently creating the art for it

      I should resume the work on TLSOTM shortly. One story/project at a time is my goal for this year.

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