It’s a Legitimate Question (TLSOTM2 Teaser)


The sound of hard steps echoing in the room draws their attention. A tall… woman entered. Her skin looked like white glossy porcelain, the gaps between her outer shell panels were lit by soft blue lights, her eyes were a luminous green, and her bright light red lips looked luminescent, and… was that a robot? And in high heels? It casually walked to Phyae and spoke in a series of sounds, like a different language.

“Oh. I have to attend to something,” said Phyae. “You stay here. Andy-One-Six-Three will keep you company. You can ask her any question, she will answer.”

“Andy?” asked Nicole, getting up with the rest of the Lunarians to welcome the new host.

“It is short for Android,” said the robot with a quite melodic voice. It sounded mechanical but just a hint. Enough to know it wasn’t spoken by a human. “I’m here to help you and to answer your questions,” she said, like waiting for something. Anything.

“Yes, I have a question.”

Andy -One-Six-Three turned and faced Viktor.

“Yes? What is your question?” asked Andy.

“Yeh… Hum… Do you know… Data?”

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3 thoughts on “It’s a Legitimate Question (TLSOTM2 Teaser)

  1. Well, the speed of the preview is much faster than I imagined, with at least one illustration each time. This is an update for me, and the illustrations have given me unlimited imagination! Looking forward to new previews

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