TLSOTM: Teaser 3


Someone got a new “skin”.

TLSOTM Season 2, as of January 27, 2024.

  • Number of episodes (plotted): 10. The plotline is dynamic, meaning… it changes…
  • Episodes written (first draft): 4. (subject to change… with the plotline)
  • Currently writing: Episode 5.
  • Stats: 115+ pages, 20+ 3D renders
  • Energy/time invested: A lot.
To give you an idea of the work involved in writing something like that.

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A zillion thanks to all of those who contributed so far. (2)

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6 thoughts on “TLSOTM: Teaser 3

  1. It looks like a really big project from my few. Thank you really much that you spend your time for us creating such excellent pieces of fetish art.

  2. From the preview, it appears that you have adopted the new skin from the first preview! I already know Karen’s new latex suit! I look forward to the new plot and what changes she will encounter! Last year you wrote Karen Another Wrong House, and this year you will bring us a new ultra long collection! This is great!

    1. Thank you saber.

      Yes, pretty much the new skin from the first preview.

      I hope it will be up to everyone’s expectations.

      Currently writing Episode 7. Things are taking a very twisted turn…
      It’s crazy how my brain can come up with so many new plot points.

  3. It’s great that you also show this side of the your work.

    It’s nice that you also show this side of the work and how much work is already necessary for the development of the stories.

    P.S.: Nice piece of software you use.

    1. Thank you Mr.Bee.
      It’s called “Living Writer”.
      There are different software of this kind available. I tried some others and chose this one.

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