Name That Band!


Something I had in mind after making the piano scene for “Nothing”.

The first try was this:

And I was like… “Hum… Not enough of one, and too much of two.” which means that I had to modify it for this:

Yes. More bondage and less freedom. Better.

Now, some close-ups and different points of view to satisfy most of my kinky friends.

So… How would you name that band?

“Karen’s Rubber Band”?

Let me know in the comments. And I wonder what they would sound like… Squeaky?

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14 thoughts on “Name That Band!

  1. “Rubberphonics”
    “Restrained Sound Box”
    “Sound of Latex”

    Catch phrase:
    “We don’t flee the stage early, we stay and play until the end”

    1. Hm as idea maybe something like
      “Karen and the missing keys”
      Or just the “missing keys”

      However it looks Ike you already have some great ideas and I just want to let you know that the digital art is awesome again

  2. I’ll throw in some if mine – have a list of about a dozen…
    Mostly word plays on famous groups.

    “The Kinksters” (similar to Mr. Bee suggestion)
    “The Bondagettes”
    “The Squeakies”
    “The Spikes Girls”

    1. Nice! Didn’t know that one.

      Wanna know a really silly one? Looking at the song list… I have that album. Just not the pocket.

      Somehow, when I was (way) younger, a few of the old LPs from other members of the family ended up in my starting collection, including a Rolling Stone album with two LPs in it. The Rolling Stone one and an LP from the Beatles with “Michelle” on it (ironic, I know. The two rival groups in the same pocket). Not knowing much English at the time, I played Michelle over and over because I could understand a few words… I don’t know if I still have it, all my LPs have been long stored in boxes.

      So, maybe my little self, now loving rubber and latex, was influenced by hidden messages within the songs of an album titled Rubber Soul…

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