TLSOTM S2 Promo Poster


Deception, Suspense, Action.

Romance, Life, and Death.

Earthlings, Lunarians and Nagusians.

All fighting for one thing:

SURVIVAL. And something a little kinky here and there…

The Latex Side of The Moon – Season 2. Coming later in 2024.

I wanted to try an exaggerated, suspenseful, analogue cleaning compound-theatrical number, large informational image (an overly dramatic soap-opera-like, promo poster)

Hi-res version, without text, below.

LARGE 2500 X 3235 pixels image.

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4 thoughts on “TLSOTM S2 Promo Poster

  1. It seems that I am about to meet it! I noticed a detail that Karen’s boots are different from her companion next to her

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