The Latex Side of The Moon: Season 2, EP1



Also known as TLSoTM, it is a science-fiction story with some kinky/latex spices. It is not a kinky story with a S-F side. The Science-fiction storyline is very heavy and is the main thread of the story. It was developed first with a S-F story in mind, then the “fetish” was added to it. If you’re not into science-fiction at all, I suggest you skip this story.

Important note: this story is 10 episodes long, totaling 140 pages.

Previously on The Latex Side of The Moon (Season 1)

An asteroid was heading directly for the moonbase. Already, chunks, preceding the biggest rock, have slammed all over the moonbase, wreaking havoc, destroying some modules and critically damaging the nuclear reactor providing power to the station.

In a heroic gesture, Pete climbed the power plant tower to close a valve shutting down the reactor. However, by doing this, he exposed himself to a deadly dose of radiation.

The rest of the crew of the moonbase had run away, hoping to be far enough to survive. Then, out of nowhere, a huge alien spaceship materialized, hovering over the station. The Aliens offering their help

And now, on with Season Two of The Latex Side of The Moon.


Season 2

Episode 1: The Rescue.

Scene 1-1 Nagusian Rescue.


Nobody was talking. Nobody was saying anything. Their brain was shocked by the surprise.

There, in front of their eyes, materialized that huge spaceship, almost as big as the crater they were in, putting itself between the approaching asteroids, the projectile debris, and the stranded crew of the Moonbase.

“We… WE ACCEPT YOUR HELP!” yelled Karen. “YES! HELP US! WE WANT YOUR HELP. PLEASE!” she yelled as she waved her arms in the air.

They all looked at her in disbelief, although they all agreed with her statement. Help was welcomed. And needed. They all pitched in, asking for help and waving their arms over their head.

They could see the fragments of the asteroids, hitting the ship, or rather bouncing off of some invisible shield, many meters above its surface, being transformed into dust, like leaving a puff of smoke.

“PETE! LOOK!” yelled Kim breaking the silence.

Everybody looked where she was pointing, on the walkway of the power generator tower. Pete was stumbling backward, hitting the guardrail and plunging backward toward certain death. Yeah, the Moon’s gravity is 1/6th Earth’s but falling from 30m high, on more debris, would not make for a soft landing.

“Oh my gosh!” said Karen.”He’s gonna die!”

“He’s already dead from the radiation,” softly said Lukas. “I’d like to think it’s better this way as he won’t suffer too long.”

“That’s not a nice th… What the f…?” said Joanne.

They looked in disbelief as some sort of semi-transparent blueish bubble appeared around Pete, slowing its descent, stopping before it reached the ground and hovering there, about a meter off the surface before smoothly changing direction to go… upward, toward the ship.

They witnessed the sphere bring Pete up, to the ship, sort of like disappearing as it became the size of a grain of salt within the giant vessel. A door seemed to open as one spot was suddenly brightly lit and the sphere disappeared inside the belly of the ship before the door closed.

“Damn! What the hell was that?” said the pilot from the rescue ship.

The giant ship moved, turning around while they could see something move, like a canon, aiming at the station.

“Shit! They’re going to blow us up!! EVERYBODY DOWN!” said Lukas, letting himself drop to the ground, protecting his head with his arms, the one-sixth gravity making appear as if he was gently taking a nap.

The rest of the crew followed more or less, kneeling, mostly wanting to see what was coming at them.

A greyish light, or more of a greyish foam was fired from the cannon, aimed at the power generator, coating it. Within a minute, the whole reactor was coated with this bubbly-like substance, quickly hardening into a wet concrete appearance.

Lukas has stood back up, acting as if he had done nothing ‘wrong’, looking in disbelief at his readings.

“Radiation level is back to normal. That… coating blocks everything. They should go to Chornobyl with that thing.” he added.

Then another bubble materialized, greenish, this time over the crew, as the giant ship moved, seemingly taking a position to face the asteroid. Then a powerful jet of energy was shot from the alien ship to the asteroid, wrapping around it. The asteroid gleamed orange and seemed to expand, to inflate before it exploded, turning black in the blink of an eye as the energy ray disappeared.

The once deadly asteroid had been reduced to a fluffy ball of black powder, slowly falling on the moon like very light snow on Earth. But black snow.

“Damn!” said Joanne, the rest of the crew silently agreeing.

Then the ship moved slightly away, like retreating, clearing the Lunar station as if to let the black powder burry it, as it became thicker by the minute. Karen slowly began to walk toward the station.

“Where are you going?” asked Kim.

“Where do you want me to go, Kim? The only place we have is the station. It’s not much but it’s the only thing we have until we are… brought back to Earth.”

“Shit! I don’t want to go back to Earth,” said Viktor as he followed Karen. “We might be able to salvage something. Maybe they will send us a new power plant and we… we can rebuild the base,” he said with a sudden burst of enthusiasm.

“That’s the spirit,” said Karen, not really believing in it herself.

They walked toward their base, or rather what was left of it.

“Shuttle Newton… Err… Rescue Shuttle to NSLA Moon Base. Do you want me to bring you somewhere? I can transport you to the ESA Moon Base.”

“I… We…” began Karen as she looked at her crew, “We don’t know yet. Do… Do you see any area that is less damaged? Where we could go?”

“From up here, I would say the module near the large rover looks fine, although powerless.”

“Yes, we figured,” said Karen, we sort of expected it.”

“Yeah. Sorry for the obvious. Just… Just stay where you are, I’ll come to pick you up and bring you there. I’m staying with you for as long as you need to decide if you stay or if you leave.”

“Thank you very much… Shuttle Newton.”

“Yeah. Call me Nicole.”

They could finally make out the rescue shuttle aiming for their direction and landed not very far from them. They struggled to walk on the regolith, fighting the low gravity. Again, their suit felt different. They were used to the easy life, not this life-threatening situation. What was fun was now an inconvenience. The restriction was becoming life-critical. Yet, somehow, it was still agreeable. Strange, really strange feeling.

They noticed that the alien ship was slowly getting farther away from them, getting higher in altitude, but still hovering over the station.

They were still walking. Although they were used to the regolith, it was still not easy to navigate that uneven terrain, often falling on their knees, helping each other out.

“It’s still protecting us from asteroid debris. I think,” said Lukas, looking up at the alien spaceship and seeing small chunks of rock being vaporized by their protective shield.

“That’s very considerate for them. I wonder what happened to Pete?” asked Joanne.

“Yeah, me too,” said Karen. “Me too.”

They got to the shuttle and climbed on board using the side access door. Nicole was there, and from what they could tell, this was a shock.

“This is fucking real? I thought it was just some silly prank or something,” she said, looking at the group of dirty but shiny rubber-clad people standing before her.

“Yes, it is. And yes, we’re all okay with it,” said Karen. Oh, she knew those questions and observations would come but not in a situation like this.

Nicole sat back at the piloting console, took off and hovered, over the moonbase, still at a safe distance under the massive Alien ship.

“Forget the main module,” said Kim.

“Yeah, looks pretty damaged. And it’s too close to the reactor anyway. We don’t know how radioactive it is. The women’s hab looks fine,” said Lukas.

“Yes, I think it’s our best bet for now. Can you land us there, Nicole?”

“Sure,” she said, “I can but… why do you want to stay here? I mean, the place is mostly destroyed and out of power. You would be better off at the ESA Moon Base,” she said while nonetheless piloting her ship toward the module.

“I know that, we all know that,” said Karen, turning around to englobe her crew, “but this is our home. We want to see if we can salvage anything. And more, we need…” she said, looking down at herself, “… some special equipment to deal with this,” she added, slightly opening her arms.

“Ah, yes. I figured,” mumbled Nicole. “How… how does it really feel like?” she stuttered.

“Look at Rover 2. It doesn’t seem too damaged, if any,” said Kim, cutting short for Nicole to get an answer.

“Yeah, it will be useful to go to the building material renovation center, two craters down, right after the traffic light,” sarcastically said Viktor.

“Yeah, funny Viktor. All joking aside, you think you can hook up the rover’s emergency generator to the hab?” asked Karen.

“Damn! Pete would know for sure,” he said, an eerie silence filling the gap. “I think I could manage. I… I have to,” he said. “If everything works, we could use it as a lifeboat for now.”

“I don’t care if it doesn’t drive. As long as we can get some basic heating and shelter, I’m fine with it,” said Joanne.

Nicole expertly landed her ship close to the rover and the station’s module. They disembarked, Karen leading the way. They walked slowly, stopping, looking up and around, at the desolation, at the destruction. They were speechless.

Viktor walked to the rover.

“Looks fine!” he said as he got closer, looking for obvious signs of damage. “Not even a scratch or a broken window. Very dusty, tho,” he added as the rest of the group was slowly walking away from the shuttle, thanking Nicole.

She watched them walk away, admiring the harsh reflection of the sun on their suits, now quite dusty, thanks to the asteroid dust covering everything. She turned around and realized that the dust covering their suit got everywhere on her ship.

“Fuck,” she mumbled, knowing that she would have one heck of a clean-up to do. “Hey, group… Karen, I’ll get in touch with the base and Earth and keep you posted on the incoming help.”

“Perfect, Nicole. Thank you. Hey, Lukas. Am I dreaming or there’s light in the hab?” asked Karen.

“No, I see light too. It means that the emergency generator is working on the module, meaning we have basic life support, which is good news. We still need more power and the rover’s generator will be just enough to allow us to survive,” he answered.

“Newton to Karen?”

“Karen, here. What’s up, Nicole?”

“I don’t know what’s going on, I can’t seem to be able to communicate with anybody but you. I have no contact with the satellite or anywhere else. Usually, I’m able to get a relay station or something but I get nothing,” she said.

“The asteroid might have created more damage than we thought. The satellite might be down,” said Karen.

“Yeah, I thought that too, but I get a lock-on signal. But the communication doesn’t seem to go through.”

“Is the Alien spaceship in the path?”

“No, not really. I don’t get it. I mean, the Russians should hear me without the satellite but they’re not responding either.”

Suddenly there was some static noise in all communication equipment.

“We … help. Not… do… Earth… Moon People.”

They looked at each other, puzzled.

“What the heck does that mean?” asked Joanne.

“I think I… They are helping us but they don’t want Earth involved, so they are blocking all communication outside the base… Is that it… Nagusians?” asked Karen, looking up at the ship. “Is this what you’re doing? Phyae? Are you there? Do you hear me?”

“Who’s… Phyae? What’s a… Nuganian… or something…” asked Nicole. “You… you know them?”

“I’ll explain later, Nicole, if you don’t mind,” said Karen.

She waited. They waited for an answer, but nothing came. They resumed their tasks, constantly looking up at the huge ship that seemed to have stopped about 100km over the surface of the Moon, keeping its position.

They all worked together, bringing the rover as close as possible to the hab, plugging the power cables between it and the hab, and disconnecting the rest of the base from the power lines to make sure the power wouldn’t be wasted elsewhere.

“I wonder why we do all this?” said Viktor. “It’s obvious. They’ll send someone to pick us up and return us to Earth within a few days, a week perhaps.”

“Yeah… But I don’t want to go back to Earth. I like it here.” said Lukas. “Anyways, we need the hab, even if it’s only for a week.”

“Yeah, me too, we all do,” said Karen, but we’re powerless. Literally. All we have is the emergency rations, which would last us for 10 days. After that…

“We die…” let out Kim. They all knew it was true.

“Don’t worry, we won’t let you down,” said Nicole.

“Yeah, it’s easier said than done, Nicole,” said Karen, “but our… unique suits require unique apparel supplies and equipment which were mostly destroyed and I doubt that Earth has some ready to ship.”

“Ya… well… I’m sure they’ll find something,” said Nicole, not really believing it herself, knowing how they were treated by Earth.

They made their way to the women’s hab, working hard to lay down the heavy power cables from the hab to the rover. And once again, their suit either helped them or was an obstacle. This was very far from the everyday life they were getting used to. A little chore here, some work at a console, maybe a lab test here, a rover ride, taking a few samples, were all fun and there were no real deadlines.

Things were now different. Their lives were at stake. Every struggle was real, felt, lived. They couldn’t ignore the pinching in her buns the stretching of the material over their shoulders, their pointed feet lessening the grip they needed to pull the cables.

They were panting, they were sweating and soon, their backpacks began to alert them of low power or low air supply.

They had to know each other’s status, letting the more urgent one reach the rover and use the only docking port to recharge the battery, the air supply and also feed and clean them. It was during these poses that they had the most doubts about their stunts. In the end, those suits were maybe not as fetishy, as kinky as they liked. At that moment, their kinks took over their survival. Now, their survival was at stake.

But, surprisingly, none of them complained. They knew that, deep down, that was what they wanted: live a real-life situation in full fetish gear… I mean, in full new-technology spacesuits.

“Okay gang!” said Viktor, “Let’s try this, shall we? In three, two, one…”

A giant ball of fire enveloped the side of the rover as Viktor flipped the switch, but it was too late. The power unit of the rover was destroyed.

“Oops…” said Viktor. “Sorry, I’m no Pete.”

“Damn! Hey, maybe we can hook the power generator of my ship to your module…” said Nicole.

“You really want to take that risk after what just happened? You want to die with us?” said Viktor. “You see how… good I am with high power.”

“What? No… I… Damn. Well… I have another idea. I’ll fly back to my base and come back with a bigger ship, some supplies and… technical personnel to help you. What do you say to that?” said Nicole.

“That’s a good idea. Nothing to lose here. How long do you think you’ll need?” asked Karen.

“Hard to say. Maybe a day or something?”

“We do not really have the choice, don’t we? Go for it, Nicole and if you’re not part of the group that comes back, I want to thank you for your help.”

“No problem, Karen. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”


Season 2

Episode 1: The Rescue

Scene 1-2 Alien Abduction.

Nicole prepared her ship for departure while the crew of the NSLA Moon Base tried to make the best of what they had left. At least, the emergency generator of the hab was still functioning.

“Nicole to Karen?”

“Yes, Nicole. Ready to go?”

“Yes but… I can’t.”

“Don’t worry for us. You just go and come back with some more help. We’ll be fine.”

“Yes. I want to but I can’t. I go full power but the ship doesn’t move. It’s like some… force is holding it down. Do you think that… Nasumatians have something to do with this?”

“Shit… Totally forgot about them. They haven’t answered our first calls… Karen calling Phyae? Calling the Nagusians? Do you hear me? Is that you? what are you doing? Why?”

“Oh my god! Their ship is approaching, and fast!” said Nicole.

“They what?”

They didn’t have time to exchange more. Strange semi-transparent blueish balls appeared around each one of them and they began to rise, going THROUGH the hull of the hab. They saw Nicole being picked up by one of those bubbles, joining them.

They were floating. They were breathing. They were perfectly fine, but they were also in shock as the alien ship seemed to become larger and larger, and quite fast, as they were flown toward it.

“Hey, look! We can do acrobatics in these things!” said Lukas, doing summersaults. Yes, they were weightless in those bubbles and were gently kept in the middle. Karen thought it was funny, but her mind, her survival instincts was focused on what was ahead: the unknown.

A door seemed to slide open within the belly of the huge alien starship, flooding the opening with bright lights. When their bubbles reached the hull of the starship, the outer shell turned opaque, and whitish, as if the bubbles were filled with thick and heavy smoke as they disappeared from each other’s view. They felt calm, relaxed, as their world disappeared.

+ + +

She had no recollection of what happened after they reached the alien ship inside those bubbles.

Karen moaned. She tried to move but couldn’t. Blinking, she tried to see. She was in a strange, circular room, softly lit. She was lying on some sort of slightly slanted table. She wasn’t exactly tied up, more like covered by some sort of clear plastic sheet, perfectly formed to her body, not allowing any movement. She could see her fellow Lunarians installed on similar tables, making half a circle around the room. She seemed to be about in the middle of the group, from what she could see.

She tried to move her head but it was held immobile by this… thing. All she could see were from the field of view of her visors. And since she couldn’t move at all, she figured that her crew was also in the same position, with the total impossibility to signal that they were okay.

For a moment she recalled those alien abduction stories where people were restrained and probed.

The door opened, flooding the room with harsh white light. Someone entered, tall, slim, with long arms and a large hairless head and… pointed ears.

“Oh damn!” thought Karen.

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      1. Only the members of the NSLA Lunar base are “Lunarians”. The one of the far right, Nicole, is the pilot of the Rescue Shuttle, coming from the ESA Moonbase. Thus, she doesn’t wear the Lunarian Full Enclosure Suit.

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