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Season 2

Episode 2: Learning.

Scene 2-1 Meeting Everybody.

The alien entered, definitively a woman by her figure. She approached carefully, apparently looking at readings on the side of each slanted table the Lunarians were rigidly held to. She returned to the door, turning around to face the group, then took a small device in her hand. Karen thought of a cell phone-like device. She punched a few keys.

Suddenly, Karen felt a soft vibration coming from within the table. The vibration was moving, like searching. Was that some sort of critter that would enter her body, eating her? Making her a symbiote? Or worst! Devouring her from the inside?

Her anxiety grew as the vibration approached her crotch. She was scared, but at the same time, the vibration was good.

“Fucking fetishist!” thought Karen. “It’s not the time to think about that,” she said to herself, trying to wipe away her urge to welcome the vibration. She struggled, trying to get free, but whatever was holding her was very strong.

But it was almost as if the vibration was intelligent, that it knew what it was doing, that it knew where it was heading.

Of course, if it was heat-seeking, it aimed for pretty much the hottest part of the human body, or at least Karen’s.

The vibration grew stronger. It seemed to invade her private parts, like… going inside her. Her body tensed. She tried to move away but the rigid coating prevented it. There was no way she could escape the… the… teasing!

And the more she struggled, the more her brain realized how confined she was, and that made her even hotter. Hornier.

“Shit, Karen! In a life and death situation, all you think about is sex? Snap out of it!” she tried to tell herself, her brain. Her crotch!

The alien was still there, looking at them, looking at her, apparently smiling. Satisfied.

But the stimulation, the appeal, no, the call of the orgasm was too strong. It was like it wanted to release all the tension she had accumulated in the last hours. Or was it days? Since the asteroid arrived and the Aliens saved her, and the wreck the station was and… Ohhh… So be it.

She let herself go. She let herself be invaded by the… device, whatever it was, somewhat entering her body although she was fully plugged, sealed in thick layers of rubber. The pleasure grew, immensely, and rapidly.

The orgasm came, hard and powerful. She struggled and again, the more she struggled, the stronger the orgasm, the pleasure wave, engulfed her.

It finally subsided, slowly. She opened her eyes. The Alien wasn’t there anymore.

The vibration has stopped. Everything was calm. Everything was back to normal, including her heart rate.

The door of the room opened again. Someone else entered.

“Hello Moon People,” said a softly, feminine voice.

“PHYAE!” screamed Karen in her head.

The rigid cocoon holding her in place seemed to dissolve slowly, allowing her to move, to get down from the platform.

“Phyae? That… what… Is that you?” asked Karen.

“Yes, it’s me, Karen.”

“What with all… this?” she asked, struggling to make a few steps in an almost normal gravity, after so much time in the Moon’s gravity and especially difficult after that recent powerful orgasm. She could hear the rest of the crew slowly getting out of their bed, or table, whatever those were.

“Oh… I thought a Thank You would be first, but…”

“Yes, I mean… Thank you for saving us, and… the… gift… but… Why are we restrained?”

Phyae looked confused.

“But… isn’t it how you sleep? I saw you get into these strange beds where a vacuum holds you in place and you seem quite to enjoy it, especially you, Karen. We don’t have anything similar so I thought… Was I wrong?” said Phyae, her tone conveying her honesty. “I was the one who asked Trimaii to set up the vibration device and… Oh… I’m sorry if I did something wrong.”

It took a moment for Karen to process that information, that setup, the meaning, and the whys. She giggled. Obviously, it also had the effect of calming her crewmembers, especially Nicole who was probably not even aware of their vacbeds.

“Oh, that… well… yes, it’s just that this…”

“We like it! Thank you!!” said Joanne, equally unstable on her pointed boots, struggling to walk toward them.

That was something new. The vacbed was allowing for some play, with the elastic force of the latex pulling them back in place. This rigid… thing was firmly holding them in place, totally motionless. That was another level of bondage she just discovered, and she didn’t dislike it.

Even Nicole, who had never experienced bondage before, had this weird grin on her face.

“That’s… how you sleep? For real?” she asked.

“Well… sort of,” said Lukas, arriving behind her. “It’s… that… not the same. No. But similar.”

Nicole was puzzled, looking in turn at each one of them, hating those featureless faces. She wanted to see their face, to have some sort of proof as if this was real or just a prank.

“Who was that woman who came and… turned on… the… the thing,” asked Karen.

“Oh, that was Trimaii. She’s our, how do you say that… our medical doctor. She’s the one who studied your anatomy and came up with the pleasure device idea.”

“Well… thank her for us,” said Kim.

“Yes, sincerely,” added the others, nodding.

“Now… if I may change the subject,” said Karen, “can we know what’s going on? Why block the transmissions, why prevent Nic…”

“In good time,” said Phyae, raising a hand to ask for silence. “Captain Grimash would like to meet you.”

“Captain Grimash?” asked Karen.

“Yes. The Captain of the Corrreus,” she said. “That’s This spaceship,” she added, following Nicole’s perplexed look. “Just follow me, please,” she said, leading the way.

They walked out of the circular room inside a closed corridor, probably buried down the huge spaceship. They were expecting to see people and personnel, but they were alone.

“Is this a ghost ship, or something?” finally asked Karen.

“No. Captain Grimash simply ordered the corridor cleared. He doesn’t want unnecessary contact between the Nagusians and the Moon People, or Earth People for that matter,” casually said Phyae, this directive apparently very normal. “Do not worry. It’s not because of you but standard procedure for a first contact.”

“Yes, I think I understand,” said Karen.

They were all walking like drunk people, of course, their bodies still feeling the pleasures given in the beds or whatever those tables were called, and the higher gravity, which seemed odd.

“Say, Phyae, said Lukas, I know we’ve been used to the Moon’s gravity for quite some time, and getting used to Earth’s gravity again might take a while but… is this really 1G?”

“Well, technically speaking, it is 1G… for us. Which, in Earth’s units, would be 1.2G. So, yes, you might feel a little heavier here than on Earth.”

“Ah, that explains,” said Lukas.

They reached a void. The corridor they were in, ended on a vertical tube, about 4m in diameter. The walls were lined with bumps, which, someone from Earth, would identify as climbing wall hold-ons. Phyae turned to face them.

“This is a gravity well. You thrust yourself where you want to go. We’re going all the way to the top. Just give yourself a push and use the handles as needed,” said Phyae, giving herself a strong push backward, doing a back flip and then, as she went up, grabbed a handle and pulled herself even faster upward.

Karen followed, giving it a try. She hit the opposite wall rather hard but grabbed a handle and pulled herself up, remaining close to the wall.

She looked down, and the rest of the group was following, Kim doing a few summersaults, and Viktor ending up entangled with Nicole.

They all reached the top level, many evidently laughing, but it all stopped when they saw the scenery.

It was a circular observation deck, From there, they could see the Moon, but also the Earth in the distance, and even farther, Lucas pointed to Mars.

They could also see the huge extent of the ship from above.

“Wow…” managed to say Karen.

“Welcome abort the Corrreus. My name is Captain Grimash.” said a voice from behind them.

They turned around and they were faced with what they would describe as a reptilian. He was dressed in a very well-fitted uniform and was approaching slowly.

“I must say that you are quite a surprise. You are not like the other Lunarians and Earthlings we encountered. Your way of life, your… dress, your… oh, you are different.” he said, looking directly at Nicole.

“Ahm… Yes… “stuttered the young woman. “I am not part of the NSLA Moon Base team, I was there for the rescue effort, and I was apparently… transported here with them,” she said, blushing.

“Ah. I see. Well, if you were transported here, it means that you were desired here. I have full confidence in Phyae’s decisions on this matter,” he said making a slight bow toward the woman, who responded with a similar honored bow.

“Now…” he said, looking at the group and focusing on Karen, “You’re the leader of the group, I was told.”

“Leader? Well… yes and no. We’re pretty much all equal. I was the first in the program, but I don’t consider myself as…”

“Yes you are the leader, Karen,” said Lukas.

“Absolutely,” added Joanne.

“But… No. We take the decision together and…”

“I vote for you,” said Kim.

“I… I… We decide as a group. Okay, I might be the leader but we are one group, and I intend to keep it that way,” said Karen.

“That’s the way a leader talks,” said Grimash with a broad smile, which quickly faded to a more serious face. “We do have a serious matter to discuss.”

“Yes…” said Karen. “The base is a mess and we need…”

“No,” cut in Grimash, “I was referring to the injured member of your group. Pete, I think you call him. That’s what is printed on his… skin.”

“Yes, that’s Pete. How is he going?” asked Karen.

“That’s the point we want to discuss with you. Life, death, and everything in between. We need someone to decide for him, as he is unable to do it right now. That would be you, right?”

Karen turned to face the group.

“I… I don’t think I’m able to take life or death decisions for Pete by myself and…”

“We all know you will make the right decision, Karen,” said Viktor.

“Okay, woah. Wait a minute here. What is about Pete?” she asked Grimash.

“He is in critical condition and his chances to survive are weak,” said Grimash. We have the technology that could save him, based on the research we made on your anatomy but, to administer the treatment, we need to take the… skin off.”

“You mean our environment suit?” asked Joanne.

“Yes, your environment suit. But it seems to be attached to the skin,” said Grimash.

“Yes. The process kind of glued the suit with our skin. The bound should break in six to ten Earth-years.”

“But we don’t have that much time. We have three, maybe four of your days.”

“But it would be like scorching him alive!” said Joanne. “The bond between the polymer and the cells is made at the molecular level, through the cell membrane and…”

“You are the medic, right?” cut in Grimash. “Judging by your understanding of the bound process to the skin.”

“Yes, Yes, I am the medic, the physician.”

“Then, come with me, You will understand,” he said, making a gesture to invite her to walk with him.

Joanne turned around.

“You come with me!” she more or less ordered to Karen.

“Yes, you go. We’ll wait here for the news,” said Kim, with the others nodding, as she gestured her tu hush away.


Season 2

Episode 2: Learning

Scene 2-2 Universal Learning.

Grimash, Karen and Joanne walked away to see Pete while the rest of the group stayed there with Phyae.

“So… group. I’m sure you have a ton of questions. I’m here to answer them.”

“You know what’s strange, Phyae? Your language seems to be more fluen… shit! We’re not speaking English here, are we?” said Kim, suddenly realizing that she was talking in a different dialect.

“Yes…” said Phyae, lowering her head. “When we scanned Pete’s brain, we extracted his language protocol. That’s how we learned your language. We made a translation into our language of it and we implemented it in your brains while you were unconscious. It’s not perfect, but it will get better with time.”

“Implemented in our brain?” asked Lukas.

“Do not worry. It’s harmless. And no, we didn’t search your memory for anything… embarrassing, or anything at all. We are not the Temengis, for Hobhura’s sake,” said Phyae with a definite disgusted tone.

“The Temengis?” asked Kim.

“Yes. You know? You’ve seen drawings of them everywhere on Earth: Tall, skinny, wide triangular head, large black eyes…”

“Oh. The Area 51 aliens,” said Nicole.

“I… I have no knowledge about that place,” said Phyae.

“Yeah, right,” said Nicole, giggling.

“In any case,” said Kim, “you seem to have a lot more knowledge about us than we do about you. So… Who are the Nagusians?” she asked while taking place in one of the numerous seats making the inner circle of the observation deck, taking a very relaxed position, her rubber skin creaking against the seat, soon imitated by the other Lunarians.

“Well… Where to begin,” said Phyae, evidently not prepared for it. “Okay, hum… Nagusia is the fourth planet of the Skhana├╝ star, a yellow sun, like yours. It is located in the outer region of the Topia arm of the Galaxy, and…”

“Excuses me,” said Nicole, the Topia arm? What arm is that?”

“That’s the… oh, right. You do not name the arms of the galaxy the same way we do,” she said, quickly grabbing what we would call a cell phone and looking at it for a moment. “Ah… okay. The Solar system is within the, erm… Sagittarius arm. Nagusia is located on the outer edge of the Centaurus Arm.”

“That’s… far!” said Viktor.

“Yes, about 80 thousand light-years,” said Phyae.

“And how long does it take you to come here, to Earth?”

“About ten of your months,” said Phyae.

“Wow…” was all Kim could say.

“And is Captain Grimash also from Nagusia?”

“Yes. Well, he’s actually from one of the Nagusian Moons. We have three moons, two of which are inhabited.”

“Oh, that explains the differences…” began to say Lukas, but stopped, afraid to create a diplomatic incident.

“Races. They are called races, Lukas. Yes, we have different races, like you do, but we are all Nagusians.” said Phyae.

“And… What about the Earth? Why come here?” asked Viktor.

“We are explorers. We ought to understand the universe, so we travel and encounter other people. We… You are not alone. There are countless civilizations, some which are barely off the stone age, while others are advanced like you are, or better more advanced than us.”

“So, you have a multi-planetary crew?” asked Kim.

“No. We are only Nagusians. We do not want to mix ourselves with other beings. We greet, we meet, and we part.”

“Boring,” said Viktor.

“Well, you never know who you’re going to encounter, so better stay on the safe side,” said Phyae. “Like for the Earth People. We don’t want to get involved. We were watching from the moon, inquiring about your space travel capabilities, and since faster-than-light travel is not within your reach for at least a century, we saw no need to make first contact.”

“And… what made you change your mind with us?” asked Lukas.

“Your group is… different. We were intrigued. We usually don’t intervene but I urged Captain Grimash to get you on board, that you were no threat. And also quite intriguing.”

“Intriguing?” asked Kim.

“Well, your group acts differently than the others, your way of living is different, your… skin is quite puzzling,” said Phyae.

“Well, let me tell you that you are quite puzzling yourself to us,” giggled Kim.

The sound of hard steps echoing in the room draws their attention. A tall… woman entered. Her skin looked like white glossy porcelain, the gaps between her outer shell panels were lit by soft blue lights, her eyes were a luminous green, and her bright light red lips looked luminescent, and… was that a robot? And in high heels? It casually walked to Phyaeand spoke in a series of sounds, like a different language.

“Oh. I have to attend to something,” said Phyae. “You stay here. Andy-One-Six-Three will keep you company. You can ask her any question, she will answer.”

“Andy?” asked Nicole, getting up with the rest of the Lunarians to welcome the new host.

“It is short for Android,” said the robot with a quite melodic voice. It sounded mechanical but just a hint. Enough to know it wasn’t spoken by a human. “I’m here to help you and to answer your questions,” she said, like waiting for something. Anything.

“Yes, I have a question.”

Andy -One-Six-Three turned and faced Viktor.

“Yes? What is your question?” asked Andy.

“Yeh… Hum… Do you know… Data?”


Season 2

Episode 2: Learning

Scene 2-3 Skin Details.

Karen and Joanne were walking alongside Captain Grimash in this well-illuminated corridor. Karen noticed that the Captain was often glimpsing at them, just a quick glance before looking forward while explaining some things about the items they were passing by, like to keep the conversation alive.

“Is there something you want to know?” finally asked Joanne, sensing that the Captain had something in his mind he was hesitant to say.

“Hum… well…” he said, hesitating, “it’s your… skin, or suit, whatever you call it. It gives out strange… vibes. Like I have to look at it, but there’s nothing to see.”

Karen giggled.

“Yeah, we know. There’s something strange about latex, or anything shiny for that matter. I thought we were the only ones but apparently, we all have cat genes.”

“Cat genes?” asked Captain Grimash.

“Yes, you know? attracted to anything that sparkles.”

“Oh, yes. And I just learned that Earth’s cats and Nagusian’s cats are very much alike,” said Captain Grimash.

“Cats rule the Universe. Everybody knows that,” said Joanne, walking faster to walk in front of him. “Suit yourself. Have a good look!”

Karen was sure she saw the man blush, but he did take a nice long look at the gleaming body reflecting the numerous lights of the corridor. Each step of her long legs reflected the light, the rubber keeping smooth yet at the same time, molding every crease of her body, especially her firm behind. And that sound. The regular creaking sound of rubber stretching and rubbing.

“It’s the door to your right,” he said, indicating to Joanne where to go.

Joanne stopped and waited for him. After all, this was his ship. He ought to go in first.

They entered what would be described as a very modern medical facility. There were a bunch of computers and electronic equipment. A man and woman, definitely wearing some kind of modern scrubs were there. On one wall, there was a large window, and Karen immediately saw what was on the other side.

On a table, inside a protective glass enclosure, was laying a man in a similar suit, his chest under some sort of instrument panel. On a display, numerous yellow and red lights were blinking.

Another woman entered from behind some equipment. Karen recognized her. She was the one who looked at her while she was on the rigid table.

“Trimaii, I present you Karen, the leader of the group, and Joanne, their medical technician,” said Grimash.

“Hello… Karen and… Joanne,” she said, reading the names off their suits. “Do I say that right? I am Doctor Trimaii, but you can call me just Trimaii,” she said with a genuine smile.

“Yes, you got our names right, Trimaii,” said Karen.

“How about him? How is he?” she asked, pointing at Pete.

“You are the doctor, right?” asked Trimaii, looking at Joanne.

“Yes. On our planet, radiation poisoning is terminal. Can you save him?” she asked.

“Good, so you will know what I’m talking about if I use medical terms. We are trying,” said Trimaii with a dramatic tone, “but we have some problems only you can solve. It’s about the suit he’s, well, you’re all wearing. That rubbery skin. How do you take it off?”

“Actually,” began Joanne, “the bond between our skin and the suit should dissolve by itself in a few years. Any attempt to take it off before that would be like scorching someone alive. According to the preliminary data.”

“Yes, we figured it was something like that although…” she said it as if she was unwilling to tell the other part of what she knew.

“Go on. We can take it… whatever it is.” said Karen.

“Well, our analysis put the dissociation of the skin cells with the suit more in the range of twenty to thirty earth-years.”

“Shit!” said Joanne and Karen at the same time, looking at each other.

“Well… It’s not that bad. I sort of… like it in there, but thirty years is a long time.” said Karen.

“Is that it? That’s the only problem? So, how about his radiation poisoning? Can you help him?” asked Joanne.

“That’s the issue we’re having. Yes, we can save him, we can reverse the effect of radiation poisoning on DNA and damaged organs. However, this very rubber skin of yours is filtering the process, meaning…”

“Meaning he will die if we can’t get him out of his suit… and we risk killing him by getting him out of it,” said Karen, realizing the situation. “We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place,” she said, which made Trimaii and Captain Grimash frown. “Sorry, Earth expression, meaning that we’re facing two paths here, and none of them is what we want.”

“Yes, that’s about it,” said Trimaii.

“So… do you have anything to propose?” asked Joanne, looking at Pete through the window. “How much time does he have?”

“Less than three Earth days,” said Trimaii. “And the more we wait, the less his chance of survival.”

“Okay,” said Karen. “You would not tell us all of that if you hadn’t thought of something else. What is it?”

“You said so yourself, either solution is a bad one. However, we think we may be able to remove the suit with minimum effect on him, but… we have to try it first,” said Trimaii.

“Try it first?” asked Joanne. “How? By removing just a portion of the suit?”

“I’ll do it. I’m volunteering for it,” cut in Karen.

“What? No. That’s not what they meant… are you?” asked Joanne.

“Yes, that’s what I meant,” said Trimaii. “Pete is weak. One wrong action and he dies. If we do it to a healthy person, we are confident that person can pull it off. At the same time, if there are any mishaps, said person has better chances of going through it, and it will prepare us for any reaction Pete may have.”

“But… But… But… You can die, Karen.” said Joanne. “Removing the suit will kill you!” she said as she shook Karen’s shoulder like to scramble her brain. “Don’t do this! We’re already losing Pete. Don’t sacrifice yourself for nothing.”

“Karen stayed of ice, staring at Trimaii, as much as someone whose eyes are hidden behind lenses can stare, but they got the image.

“I want to hear all the details first, but I’m willing to risk it,” said Karen. “I’m sure you realize, because I do, that taking the suit off will destroy said suit. Also, there’s a good chance my epidermis will be ripped off from most of my body, probably including some part of my dermis too. That’s going to hurt like hell! And then I’ll be exposed to infections like the great burned victims are. So, I’m asking, what are the details?”

“Yes, of course,” said Trimaii with a broad smile. “We will do this under anesthesia, of course. We believe that, although there would be damage to your epidermis, we can keep it to a minimum. That’s still damage that has to be taken care of. As you said, it’s pretty much the same sort of damage a great burned victim would suffer, so we already know how to treat those. Next would be a… new suit… which would be slightly different than what you are now.”

“Different? How?” asked Karen.

“Well, we’re not sure how to deal with your… pleasure toys.”

“What do you mean? Don’t you get pleasure from it too?” asked Karen.

“Nothing says that their reproductive system works like ours,” quickly intervenes Joanne.

“Uh… oh! Of course. Silly me,” said Karen. “I’m sorry.”

“It is similar to yours in the action but… we don’t seem to live the same… orgasmic effects. Ours are much milder than what you experienced in the table room,” said Trimaii.

“Well… I don’t intend to pass on that,” giggled Karen.

“What are you talking about? I want all the details!” wrote Joanne on the private channel.

“So… when can we begin?” asked Karen.

“As soon as possible,” said Trimaii. “Pete is dying.”

“I give you full authority on this,” said Grimash. “Do what it takes.”

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