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Season 2

Episode 3: Choices.

Scene 3-1 Preparation.

Without wasting a minute more, Trimaii led Karen to another operating room, where she was installed on an examination table.

“This is painless. It’s just a scan,” said Trimaii as she initiated the procedure.

The half-circle over Karen’s bed slowly moved from her head to her toes, and back to her head, while Trimaii was looking at the readings, Joanne standing right behind her, also looking at the data, understanding some but not all, as some medical terms were specific to the Nagusians.

Trimaii was nodding, sometimes approving, and other times, disapproving of what she was reading. It took the computers a few moments before displaying the final results.

“Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of,” said Trimaii. It’s good but not perfect. Perhaps you can answer,” she said, turning to Joanne.

She then proceeded to ask very specific questions about the cellular structure vs the compound used with the suit and their interactions. Joanne seemed lost.

“I have medical training, but I’m a general practitioner. What you asking for hasn’t been discussed with me as this was a non-issue, that if something requiring the removal of the suit was to be done, that person would have been flown back to Earth. Doctor Lynda would have that answer.”

“Oh, great,” said Trimaii. “Where is she? I don’t remember seeing Lynda on any of your suits.”

“Uh… No. She’s on Earth.”

“Oh… That makes the matter quite complicated,” said Trimaii.

“Why is that? All we have to do is call her and she will answer. Don’t tell me you can’t communicate with Earth,” said Joanne.

“No, we can, it’s just that we are forbidden to,” said Trimaii.

“Why?” asked Karen who was resting on her elbows, still lying on her back on the examination table.

“Directives from Nagusia. I will have to get Captain Grimash involved. Wait here,” she said, walking out of the examination room to go to an intercom, speaking again, like with that android, in a different dialect, and then coming back into the examination room. “Tamara will be here shortly.”

“Who is Tamara?” asked Karen.

“She’s our communication liaison. She represents Nagusia toward any alien species. She’s the one who authorized your transport here,” said Trimaii.

A few moments later, a tall woman with brown-blueish hair entered the room. She could be a Terrean except for the fact that she had some blueish tint on her skin.

“Hello, my name is Tamara,” she said, nervously extending a hand. “I… I think this is the standard Earth greeting, right?” she asked.

Joanne giggled as she shook her hand.

“Yes it is,” she said.

Tamara then turned to Karen who had stood up and shook her hand too. She looked at them from head to toe.

“It’s different to see you for real instead of through a video feed. I was supposed to meet you but I got sidetracked. My apologies,” she said with a slight bow.

“It’s alright. So, you want to contact someone from Earth because that person has the knowledge to deal with the suit, is my understanding right?” asked Tamara.

“Well, technically, that person MIGHT have the knowledge, it’s either her or Professor Phil, but they worked together on that suit, so I suppose that any of them could answer,” said Karen.

“Hum… Okay, I can arrange that,” said Tamara, “but I want to be clear. You are to talk with those two people only. You are to talk about the suit problem only. You are not to talk about us, what we do, what we intend to do, except to save the one of your named Pete. Is that understood?” she said with a firm tone.

“Yes, Ma’am,” said Karen and Joanne in one voice.

“Any deviation from that and the communication will be terminated. Is that perfectly clear?”

“Yes, it is,” said Karen.

“Very well. Come with me,” she said, leading the way, Trimaii following.

During their walk, Karen explained how to reach Doctor Lynda, which channel and frequency to use, and how to initiate the communication.

Trimaii and Joanne hurried up to follow her. They were led into a small room with one single station that Karen assumed was some communication console with one screen. Tamara sat to the side of it, out of view from the camera, and began to type, or whatever, on a screen of her own, although she seemed to give commands through thought process, not touching anything, and reacting to the answer in the same manner.

The screen in front of Karen and Joanne lit up and Lynda’s face appeared.

“Hello? Dr Lynda? Do you hear me? Do you see me?” asked Karen.

Lynda frowned and then her face lit up.

“Oh! There you are! Where the hell are you? Are you okay? How is the base? Those damn… aliens are blocking access and communication. We have to…”

Karen cut it short by talking louder.

“We’re fine, Dr Lynda. Sorry to interrupt you but we have an urgent matter to address. The asteroid damaged our reactor core and Pete was heavily contaminated from the radiation. We have to take him out of the suit, now… Erm…” said Karen turning to Joanne to continue.

“Yes, erm… We… I have a few questions about the cellular bond between the skin cells and the polymer of the suit,” began to explain Joanne, giving a lot of medical details that were out of reach from Karen, but as long as they understood each other, everything was fine.

Dr Lynda had to consult Professor Phil a few times. Joanne was frequently looking at Trimaii who was standing beside Tamara, out of sight, to confirm that the information was understood. They learned some English but sometimes, the specialty terms could be misunderstood. However, Trimaii seemed to be at ease with it.

“Thank you, Dr Lynda. I think we have enough to go on with the procedure,” said Joanne.

“We? Who is we? Where are you? That doesn’t look like the moonbase. Are you with the aliens? Are you still behind the moon? I want to talk to them. They have no right to deny us access to the moonbase. I want to talk to them now.”

“I am really sorry, I have to terminate this call,” intervened Karen, giving a head signal to Tamara who cut the link.

“She’s pissed off,” said Karen.

“I understand, I would be too,” said Tamara with a smile. “I have my orders from Nagusia. Trimaii, are those pieces of information satisfactory?” she asked.

“Yes. I should be able to peel the suit off with minimum damage. The big question remains as to how it will affect your body. Pete is already weak. I just hope the trauma will not be too much for him.”

“Well, the more we wait, the weaker he becomes, right? So, let’s get to it,” said Karen getting up, ready to go.


Season 2

Episode 3: Choices.

Scene 3-2 Off Goes The Suit.

Karen was installed on the examination table under Joanne’s watchful eye.

Trimaii and Joanne had a long conversation, agreeing on the procedure, the steps, what should be verified or not, and what would be done on different outcomes.

“You should feel dizzy but not feel any pain,” said Trimaii while setting up the machine.

There was a humming and suddenly, Karen felt as if she was floating. She tried to move but couldn’t. She felt weightless and numb at the same time. Weird sensation.

“Okay, I’m going to apply something to weaken your suit at your neck so I can inject the product to loosen the cellular bond of your skin,” said Trimaii as she worked around Karen’s neck on the left side, looking for the jugular, especially the vein returning the blood to the heart. The stuff she applied seemed to soften the otherwise almost indestructible rubber skin and allowed her to peel it like a banana skin, revealing a reddish, bloody skin as the top layer of the epidermis was pulled up at the same time.

“Don’t worry, I will erase the scar,” said Trimaii to a puzzled Karen, since she wasn’t seeing what was going on. “Are you still okay? Feeling anything?”

“I feel like a hot patch, you know, a warm pad being applied to my neck. That’s quite comfortable, actually,” said Karen.

“Good. I’m injecting the product now. Tell me how you feel. Don’t stop. If something happens or builds up gradually, I want to know it.”

“Understood. I feel fine. A slight itching feeling around my chest. Now, it’s spreading around. It’s down to my legs now, and my arms.”

“Bearable?” asked Joanne.

“Somewhat. I would like to scratch myself, you know, a good rubbing. It feels like you put on a piece of clothing that itches. It’s pretty much everywhere now. Damn! Can somebody scratch me? Rub me?” she asked.

With approval from Trimaii, Joanne gently rubbed Karen’s legs.

“Does that help?”

“Yes, somewhat, but… go stronger.”

Joanne rubbed Karen’s legs more vigorously, almost massaging them, then went up to her arms. She tried as best she could over her torso but with the rigid corset, it wasn’t easy to convey the scratching.

“Okay, let’s see how it goes,” said Trimaii, taking a knife and cutting a large section down Karen’s left arm.

Joanne watched in amazement the latex being peeled off, leaving a reddish skin behind. She approached to have a closer look.

“The skin doesn’t seem to come with the rubber. Seems to be working fine,” she said, as much as to reassure herself than Karen.

“Yeah, gives a nice exfoliation,” giggled Trimaii, carefully pulling on the rubber, cutting more as she went.

“I feel cold,” said Karen.

“Where?” asked Trimaii.

“Everywhere, but mostly my arm. It’s as if it’s covered with ice. Damn! I’m freezing.” said Karen.

“She’s going into shock,” said Trimaii.

“Put her under full anesthesia,” suggested Joanne. “That was an expected side-effect. We hoped it wouldn’t be that bad, so… Sleep well.”

Karen’s world disappeared.


Season 2

Episode 3: Choices.

Scene 3-3 Sharing the News.

“You did what? Where is she?” asked Viktor.

“You should have asked us!” added Kim.

“Listen, gang. It was a quick decision. Every minute lost was a risk. The decision was Karen’s. She’s being taken care of by the Trimaii.

“And you called Dr Lynda? What did she say?” asked Lukas.

“She was pissed off, but I couldn’t tell her anything about where we were and what we were doing, except that we were trying to save Pete,” said Joanne. “Tamara’s orders,” she added, looking at the woman standing with them.

“And I receive my orders from Nagusia. We have strict protocols regarding first contact with a species that is less advanced than we are. One of those rules is to avoid any communication,” said Tamara.

“But… Here we are,” said Nicole, opening her arms to englobe everybody.

“Yes, here we are,” repeated Tamara. “Your group is special, and we only allowed you, and only you… with the exception of you, Nicole, following Phyae’s intense discussion with the High Council, which is where she is right now, discussing how she disobeyed their direct orders to bring up only the six Lunarians she had contact with, and she brought up one more.”

“Oh. And what will happen to her?” asked Nicole, preoccupied.

“The best is that she’s let off with a strong warning if her reasons are valid. The worst case scenario is that her observation license is revoked, meaning that she’s out of a purpose on this vessel and she will have to report back to Nagusia.”

“Oh…” said Nicole. “And this would be my fault.”

“No, Nicole, it was her decision. I have good vibes about it. I fully agreed with her decision and I vouched for her to the High Council. She should be fine.”

“And… what happened to Karen?” asked Kim.

“She was put into a vat of nutrient gel, giving time for her skin to heal. She’s healing well. Pete was immediately put through the suit removal procedure. He’s undergoing radiation repair therapy. This will take a few days. He’s very weak and the prognostic isn’t very good.

Lukas was staring at Tamara. They looked at her. She was nodding her head as if she was talking in her head. She then realized that they were looking at her.

“Oh, sorry. I was talking with Phyae.”

“What? How?” asked Kim.

“Telepathically. We have some level of telepathic communication. She just told me that everything went well and that she received a severe warning, meaning that at the next warning, her permit would be revoked for life. This decision can be reviewed or revoked depending on how this current situation ends.” said Tamara.

“Wow…” said Viktor. “You are very…”

“Efficient. The word is efficient, Viktor,” said Tamara. “There she is,” she added, turning toward the door as Phyae entered, followed by Andy One-Six-Three.

“Do you read in our mind too?” asked Lukas.

“No, Lukas. We don’t read minds. We communicate. We send messages to one another. We are not mind readers,” explained Tamara, which seemed to satisfy Lukas and the rest of the group.

“And what about the suit? What is your plan? Patch the one you cut out and put it back on? You know we need those suits, right?” said Kim.

“Well, need might be a strong word here. I mean, the rest of the astronauts wear standard spacesuits after all,” said Viktor.

“Yes, but our base is set up with those suits in mind. All our lives are based on those suits. Those suits are part of the program to see the feasibility of wearing something like that for long travels, to go to Mars, Europa, Titan… and beyond,” said Lukas.

“This has all been discussed with Karen, Trimaii, and Tamara. They believe they can make something similar,” said Joanne.

“Well, similar is not the same. What if the results are different? What if their suit works but our original don’t? Or the other way around?” said Kim.

“Remember that ours were not… up to standards. We are currently stuck for thirty years, not six,” said Joanne.

“We are not there yet,” began Tamara, “but if our version of your suit turns out to be inferior, then we will help you get the right one. On the other hand, if our suit turns out to be superior, then we would be willing to share our technology on that, and on that only.”

“See? Everything is covered,” said Joanne, trying to be reassuring, although she never thought about that outcome before. “Anyway, listen. The important part here is to save Pete. I don’t care about which suit wins that silly contest.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I am sorry. Our first line of thoughts should be to Pete.”

“I…” began Tamara, but then raised her finger in the universal “one moment please,” gesture, then smiled. “I have good news. Trimaii just told me that Pete’s vitals are now stable. He is still weak, he’s not out of trouble yet, but his vitals having stabilized, all there is for him to do is gather strength and get better,”

“That is good news!” said Joanne.

“Can we see him? Them?” asked Viktor.

“Let me ask Trimaii,” said Tamara, closing her eyes, and then smiling again. “Yes you can but they are both in clean rooms so you will not have direct access to them.”

“Let’s go!” said Lukas.


Season 2

Episode 3: Choices.

Scene 3-4 Nicole’s First Experience.

They entered the medical center with Joanne leading the way. Trimaii welcomed them and Joanne did the usual presentations. From the other side of the large window, they could see Karen lying on a bed, her body covered with a metallic-satin-looking sheet, her arms by her side

Her arms and face were bright red like a nasty sunburn.

“How is she?” asked Kim.

“So far, so good,” said Trimaii. “Yes, her skin is red but the overall procedure went rather well. She’s sleeping right now. Fortunately, she doesn’t feel any pain.”

“She doesn’t feel any pain? How come?” asked Viktor.

“That’s amazing,” answered Joanne. “They have this sort of pain-capturing field. The pain signals are literally sucked out from the nervous system and channeled through this machine that transforms them back into life energy, which is emitted back to the patient. The pain is used to heal, instead of draining energy!” she said, evidently excited.

“Wow!” said Kim, “and I assume that this… device is also used on Pete? How is he doing?

“Still weak but stable,” answered Trimaii. “He’s currently in the radiation decontamination pod.”

“Can… can we see him?” asked Lukas.

“Yes and no,” said Trimaii. He’s encased in a pod and you can’t access that room. You’ll be looking at him through a window, like this one.

“Still. I would like to see him,” said Lukas.

“Sure, this way,” said Trimaii.

“So, that’s it. Not even a goodbye?” they heard a strange, raspy voice over some intercom.

They turned around to see Karen, sitting on her bed, resting on her elbows.

“Oh! You’re awake!” said Kim. “We didn’t want to disturb you. How… How do you feel?”

“Honestly,” she answered with her raspy voice, thanks to her vocal cords not having been used for many months, “I feel weird. The pain-sucking device makes me feel numb. Totally awake and functional, but I feel my body numb. You know, when your arm falls asleep or something like that? It weighs a ton and you can’t quite feel if you pinch it or something? Well, it’s the same, but it’s my whole friggin’ body!” said Karen, giggling.

“And her mind too,” whispered Joanne.

“What did you just say?” asked Karen.

“She said that we should go and let you sleep,” said Viktor, taking the lead to follow Trimaii.

As they were going to another medical room, Trimaii continued explaining that Karen had also been submitted to a skin-rejuvenation treatment, which seemed to show good progress.

They reached the new observation room, that one looking more industrial. The walls were thick as well as the glass.

“Looks more like a bunker than a hospital room,” said Lukas.

“It is to treat heavily radio-active people, so…” said Phyae.

“Yes of course. Is that him?” asked Lukas, pointing through a window, showing a pod with a frosty-like cover showing someone inside.

“Yes, it is,” said Phyae. “It’s a cryogenic process. The body is almost frozen, but the end result is full radiation decontamination.

“And how long does it take?” asked Joanne.

“From its initial condition to the current status, I anticipate close to 1.25 days… Oh sorry, those are Nagusian days. In Earth days, that would be… around… 3.8 days.

“And for Karen? How long before she is put back into another skin suit?” asked Kim.

“We are still conducting tests. We want the skin to cure and we also want the suit to be removable without any side-effects, at any time. I’m not sure we can succeed with all those goals but we’re trying.”

Trimaii showed them some charts indicating the progress of Pete’s therapy as well as Karen’s skin rate of healing.

“So… What about us for the time being? Do we go back to the NSLA Moonbase?” asked Lukas.

“If that’s what you want, you can, but we have prepared some living quarters for you until you’re ready to leave.”

They turned around and saw a woman with blueish hair and a shiny bodysuit looking at them. No one had heard her enter the room.

“Oh, that’s Tamara,” said Joanne. “She’s the liaison officer between Nagusia and us… and The Earth.”

“Pleased to meet you all,” said Tamara, “If you follow me, we’ll leave Doctor Trimaii to her devices,” she said with a wink.

She showed the way with a broad gesture of her arm, inviting the Lunarians and Phyae to go along.

Again, they followed a series of corridors, even took a much standard elevator, and ended up on a section in which Tamara used some sort of access card to open the door.

It was a corridor with rooms on either side. There were eight rooms in total. At the end of it, there was a common area, which… normal people… would use to eat. Obviously, the Lunarians would not exactly use that.

“We will have to go to the moon to use our survival devices…” began to say Viktor.

“That has been arranged. We copied your machines. There’s one in every room.

They each entered their respective rooms, all making the same “Ohhh” while seeing it.

Inside each room, a service stand and a bed. Not the Moonbase vacbed, but the bed or table they were encased into when they arrived.

“Have a nice rest,” said Tamara as she left.

Kim was the first to take place. Nothing happened at first, but then she felt some sort of vibration and this clear goo oozed out from everywhere around her, engulfing her. It felt warm. Comfortable. She felt it becoming tighter and tighter. She could slightly move, but not like in the vacbed. She was allowed more movement. It was more as if she was held by some sticky slime. But then, everything became rigid, and even tightened around her body, pinning her down on the mattress. In a few short seconds, she was completely immobile.

The feeling was awesome. She loved it. Maybe it’s because she has gotten accustomed to the vacbed, but this was more arousing. The total restriction added something. She liked it.

The other Lunarians were already heading for their rooms. Kim’s feeling was shared by them who really liked the total restriction given by the strange goo. Only Nicole had mixed feelings. That was NOT how she was usually sleeping. She wanted a regular bed but… how do you call room service?

She went to Lukas’s room to ask for advice but he had already taken place and the goo was all over him. She saw it change appearance, becoming rigid. She saw him squirm inside the clear cocoon. He was in distress. He wanted out. Or was he?

It looked more like a gentle squirm, like someone who gets into a comfortable bed and squirms languorously to get comfy. He didn’t seem to panic.

She walked out with the idea of looking at the other rooms, but as soon as she was out, the door closed, and she saw that all the other doors had closed, except for hers.

She looked around a few times, trying to find something, an intercom, or someone walking by, gently rubbing her skintight flight suit, and walked back to her room.

She took place on the bed. Perhaps there was a way to stop it.

The slime quickly oozed out and wrapped around her, giving that soft, warm feeling. It felt good. Until it reached her face, covering it.

She was afraid it would cut her breathing but after the first moments of panic, she realized that she could breathe easily.

Then the slime became rigid and all her movements stopped. she squirmed. In fact, she was fighting the slime, she was trying to get free, but for an observer, she was gently squirming and her attempts to get free quickly faded. But she was still anxious. Would she be okay for a whole night?

And she stayed there. Waiting. Nothing happening. She was getting bored. Eventually, she found some sleep, or at the very least, she dozed off.

She was softly awakened. Something was touching her. Something was brushing against her left thigh, like scratching. One thing. Two things. Three… it felt more like fingers now. Rather a hand. Yes, that was it. Someone’s hand was rubbing against her thigh, going up to her waist, to her breasts.

She could feel it and at the same time, she couldn’t feel it. That coating was doing strange things. Rigid yet allowing the feelings from the outside? Weird. And interesting.

Something was pressed against her crotch. Something soft, spherical and rather large. What… Oh!

Someone had just put the head of a vibrator against her crotch and turned it on!

She squirmed, and that’s how she discovered the power real of the restraints, of that strange bed: The more she struggled, the more rigid and the more tight it became.

And the stiffer and tighter it became, the more effective the vibrator seemed to be!

She tried to open her eyes, to see who was holding that vibrator, but her eyelids were forced shut by the rigid coating, pressing on her eyes, on her face, well everywhere.

And her brain was picking up. That was an interesting experience. She was becoming aroused. The more she struggled, the tighter the coating became and the more aroused she became, and the more she struggled, and…

Whoever was holding the vibrator seemed to notice it somehow. Well, if it was “someone”. That could be some robot or some sort of automatic arm coming out of the frame.

But then, the hand she felt earlier? Who was that? She had seen all the doors closed before getting into her bed.

The vibration increased. Somehow, the vibrator had switched mode, it had become harder, faster.

She tried to repress it, but why deny it? She liked it, and she was aroused. She was not exactly in the mood for sex, but then again.

She abandoned herself to the situation.

The pleasure at her crotch increased. It was more than a pleasure. It was more than a simple tormenting. It was more than arousal.

Whatever that/who it was, it knew what it was doing.

That was too strong. She tried to move away from it but the rigid cocoon prevented it. And that restriction aroused her even more! Damn, she liked it! She liked being immobile. Frozen. Bound!

Quicker than she thought possible, she exploded. Her body wanted to slam around but it was restrained by the clear rigid cocoon. And that restriction made the orgasm stronger! She wanted more. And she got more!

It was as if the slime was responding to her wishes. But she never wishes to be tied up, or confined, or restrained.

Or did she? Subconsciously?

The orgasm exploded inside of her. She was screaming. Well, she wanted to scream but the slime filling her mouth muffled every sound. Then her breathing was cut.

Oh gosh! It sent her to a higher level of orgasmic pleasure. The cut-off was short, but it was enough.

Her brain short-circuited. Her body was run over by strong convulsions, but thanks to the rigid restraints, she was safely confined, said confinement fueling the orgasm.

And the loop went on, again and again, until exhaustion had the best of her and she finally found sleep.

Upon seeing the body become immobile, relaxed, Trimaii removed her hand from Nicole’s mouth and pulled off the vibrator.

“Interesting,” she mumbled. “I should try it for myself.”

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