TLSOTM Season 2, EP5





Season 2

Episode 5: NLA.

Scene 5-1 About Nicole.

“Oh… Err… Sorry, Nicole, you sort of flew below the radar here…” said Karen, turning to Tamara.

“She is not part of the Lunarians, she said. “Our deal doesn’t include her.”

“Yeah… It’s okay, actually. I’m not sure I’m ready to… you know… this,” said Nicole, making a broad gesture toward Karen and Pete.

“We understand,” said Joanne. “If you want, we can send you back down, and you could use your ship to go back to your base…. I assume she can, right?” she said, looking at Tamara.

“Absolutely. Your ship will be fully functional,” said Tamara.

“Oh.. yeah… Of course… Thanks… Err… When do you?…”

“Any time you’re ready, Nicole,” said Tamara. “Nothing and no one is holding you here.”

“Yeah, well… It may as well be now,” stuttered Nicole, her emotions conflicting and her sad face conveying the emotions.

“It’s alright, Nicole,” said Karen, giving her a hug. “Thank you for everything you’ve done.”

A few moments later, Nicole was leaving with Tamara. Shortly after, Trimaii entered the room.

“Hello all. How are you doing?” she asked, mostly Pete and Karen.

“We’re fine. It’s perfect,” said Karen, rubbing her tightly encased thighs.

Pete simply gave her two thumbs up with a slight head nod.

“Good. And how about you?” asked Trimaii, looking at the group of four. “Are you serious about the new skin?”

“Yes, we are,” said Joanne.

“You do realize that we don’t know the long-term behavior of your body with that suit, right?”

“It was the same with the old suits, and judging by what you told me, many years from now, we would have been totally unable to take it off. So… worst case scenario, it’s like our old suit, best case scenario, we can take it off if we want.”

“*IF* we want,” emphasis Pete. I for sure, not getting out of that one anytime soon.”

“Well, okay then,” said Trimaii. “I honestly wasn’t prepared for such a demand but I think we can carry it on. Tomorrow morning?”

They all looked at each other, nodding.

“Tomorrow morning it is,” said Joanne.


Season 2

Episode 5: NLA.

Scene 5-2 The New Skins.

They were all laying on their beds, half sedated, all looking like sunburn victims, giggling at each other’s look, for two days, while their skin healed and they were ready for the new coating.

Pete and Karen watched them and comforted them. Pete was getting stronger every day, feeling better than ever.

They were all back in the conference room, all walking like zombies, feeling, adjusting to their new skin, to their new suits. They were rubbing their arms, flexing their legs, feeling the tight confinement, its thickness, its flexibility as well as its rigidity. All mixed together, this was one awesome feeling.

They were also adjusting to the thought process for the speech processor, and learning to control what was thought versus what was said was a challenge that gave way to funny interactions.

Karen and Pete entered the room. The group had noticed that the couple seemed to have grown closer together since their procedures. Well, they always suspected that there was a thing between them. Body language speaks.

The long table in the conference room was gone, replaced by a bunch of crates, some tables and other miscellaneous items.

“Okay, gang,” said Karen, “I know you need some adaptation for those new skins but believe me, you will enjoy them more if we go forward with our tasks.”

“Tasks?” asked Viktor. This?” he said, making a broad gesture at the items spread across the room.

“Yes, tasks, or rather exercises,” said Pete. “This suit is going to… tease you in ways you can’t imagine right now, so to be efficient, we all have to get used to it.”

“I have programmed a few scenarios. You can access it by selecting the exercise icon at the bottom left of your visor,” said Karen.

“Wow! Who does she think she is? Our trainer or something… Oops… I didn’t mean to speak it…” said Lukas.

Karen giggled.

“That is part of the exercises, Lukas. And no, I am not your trainer nor your superior or whatever rank you can think of. If you don’t want to do those, you do not. I…, well, we,” she said, looking at Pete, “based on our own experiences, believed that these are good exercises. This isn’t a test, there are no points given, and no score kept. If you want to do something out of these suggestions, because that’s what they are, suggestions, you do it.”

“It’s like when we got our first skins back on Earth. We had to learn to live with it,” said Pete.

“Yeah, exactly,” said Joanne. “We already know how they feel. Why doing this?”

“Oh no. You do NOT know how those feel. Believe me. Anyway, you do what you want. Like I said, nothing is mandatory, only suggested.” said Karen, selecting a task from her list.

She went to a crate, picked it up, carried it across the room and put it down, then another crate and put it on top of the first one.

Pete was doing something similar on his own, forcing himself to crouch down, get up, walk, bend, twist, sit, kneel, even crawl under a table, mimicking repairing something.

One after the other, they began to do the exercises, some picking the item someone had just put down, to carry it back to the starting point, sitting on a chair, working on a computer, getting back up, etc.

And it wasn’t long before one of them would slow down or even stop mid-way, squeeze its thighs together, his or her upper body slightly leaning forward, letting out a very well-felt “Oh, shhiiiiiit!”

“What the fuck did they do to us?” asked Joanne, while stopped legs pressed together, trying to hold a crate with one hand while the other was trying to reach her crotch.

“Why? You don’t like it?” asked Karen, giggling.

“Duh! It’s the other way around, bitch… Oh… Sorry,” she said, half giggling. “I mean, I can’t work like that. Why did they do that?”

“Well…” began Pete, while panting, leaning against a wall, both hands at his crotch, “to their defense they didn’t know what they were doing. Our anatomy and our sexual arousal are obviously different than theirs… Damn…” he said, trying to calm his own urges down.

“I fucking can’t say if they did right or wrong,” said Viktor, sitting on a crate. “Problems?” he asked, looking at Karen.

“Shut the fuck up,” she harshly answered, kneeling on the floor.

The door of the convergence room opened and Tamara entered, puzzled by the scene.

“Is everything alright?” she asked, concerned.

“Y… yes…” managed to say Joanne, leaning her back against a wall.

“You’re not in pain, I hope.”

“SHIT NO”! they pretty much all answered in one voice.

“We just need a… little break,” said Karen.

“After only fifteen minutes?” asked Tamara, surprised. “I think I should get Trimaii involved,” she said, calling her with her thoughts. “She’ll be right over,” she said, entering the room, allowing the door to close, looking at those hidden faces, trying to read them.

“I am literally overwhelmed by the feelings you are broadcasting out of your brain waves,” she said, looking more and more puzzled. “It’s a mix of pleasure, pain, discomfort, arousal, love and hate. I… I can’t make out what it all means.”

“It is literally all of that at the same time, Trimaii. It’s hard to explain. One has to experience it to really appreciate it.”

The door opened and Trimaii entered, then stopped.

“Oh… Have I gone a little too strong with the devices? or as you call it… toys?” she asked, smiling and giggling.

They all more or less looked at her with darts in their eyes. Of course, she couldn’t see any of them but she could feel their sudden brain waves. She laughed.

“Yeah, I thought I would hit a sensitive spot. I can modify them if you want. Everything can be taken off. Of course, it’s a lengthy procedure but I can,” she said.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” yelled Joanne. “Shit! I didn’t mean it that way… Fucking brain thoughts… Shut up, Joanne!”

“I think we will all try to get used to it, then it will be perfectly fine,” managed to tell Karen. “It might just take a little bit longer than anticipated.”

“You take the time you need,” said Tamara. “I was here to tell you that we’ve got the approval from the Nagusian Council to help rebuild the station. We will send a team soon to salvage what can be salvaged and we’ll provide new modules for the ones that are beyond repair.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you,” said Pete. “You can’t imagine what it means to us. Thank you. We will be at work as soon as possible,” he said, browsing the gang. “Let’s concentrate, people. Let’s get back at it,” picking himself up and resuming his exercises, slowly being followed by the other Lunarians.

Two hours later, they were exhausted, sitting on boxes or chairs or even on the floor. Trimaii was still with them, making sure there was no situation requiring her medical help.

“My brain hurts,” said Kim.

“Brain control can be very hard and energy-draining,” said Trimaii. “Listen. We’ve embedded medical sensors within the various items making your suits, mainly to monitor you in the first hours after the coating. Once you walked out of the medical center, I was forbidden to read the data without your authorization. If you allow me to look at it, I might be able to guide you toward better control of your emotions.”

“Wow! I didn’t know that. Thank you for such integrity. I’m giving you permission to look at mine,” said Karen.

“Same with me,” said Viktor

“Yeah, me too,” added Kim, Joanne, Pete and Lukas.

“Very good. If you’ll excuse me… apparently I have work to do,” said Trimaii with a smile as she walked out.


Season 2

Episode 5: NLA.

Scene 5-3 Trimaii’s Test.

The Lunarians were sitting in the common area, experimenting with the options of their new visor, playing with the different features, understanding the numerous new icons displayed inside their new helmets, and discussing the upcoming rebuilding of the station.

Viktor was not interacting a lot and his contributions seemed forced.

“What’s the problem, Viktor? Are you feeling alright?” asked Pete.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he coldly answered.

“No you’re not,” said Kim. “You look totally uninterested. Don’t worry, I understand. Getting back to the Moon while… this,” she said, making a broad gesture englobing the ship, “can be our future, is mind-boggling.”

Viktor giggled.

“That’s the exact opposite,” he said. “I… I don’t trust them. There, I said it.”

“What? Why?” asked Joanne. “They saved us from certain death, they rescued us, they cured Pete, they even enhanced our suits, and they are helping us rebuild the base. How can you not trust them?”

“They are even willing to go against one of their most fundamental principles and make an alliance with another species! That’s bold,” said Karen.

“And that’s exactly where I raise my doubts,” said Viktor. “Why? Why do they say then never make any alliances with anybody, never interfere with another civilization, yet, here we are, six people within a 10 billion population, and they saved us, they saved Pete and they concluded an alliance with us? Why?”

“They say we are different,” said Kim.

“How? Our suits? Yeah, you got that right, Kim, but I bet there are thousands of fetishists on the planet who would give it all to get one. What are ‘we’? The chosen ones? Come on. No. I’m sure there’s something else.”

They were silently pondering at the thoughts when someone entered. They all turned, stood up and walked toward her, pointing at her with surprised reactions as they pointed out the various features of her outfit. Only Viktor stayed a little behind, sitting on the table, as if non-interested.

“Trimaii? What the hell?” asked Karen.

“Yes, I know, it’s not the same,” said the woman, turning around to show her outfit.

She was wearing what could be called a latex catsuit, high heels, and a corset. The suit had a blueish metallic feel to it. The corset was dark red with straps going through her crotch, and the heels were very thin-heeled booties.

“I want to experience what you do in those restriction beds. You seem to have such a good time, but of course, I couldn’t undergo the full thing so, I had this made. It is based on what you call a collar entry catsuit. I think.”

“A neck-entry catsuit,” corrected Joanne, “but I get what you’re saying,” she said as she got up and approached Trimaii.

“I also made the waist constriction device. I based the compression on what you have and I must say that it is quite… disturbing,” she said, rubbing her hands on her corset.

She already had a thin waist, so that made it appear even more constricted.

“Wow. You didn’t have to go to that extreme,” said Pete

“Oh, I wanted to. I’m used to skin-tight clothes and high heels. I mean, I do wear them most of the time, but my medical suit is very stretchy. This… not as much.” she said, rubbing her arm, “and it’s an intriguing feeling.”

“But… you do know that there’s a little… ahem… more to it, right?” asked Kim.

“Oh, yes, but our reproductive system is different than yours. I mean, in my case, I am a hermaphrodite, so my… pleasure inserts are different,” she said, gently rubbing her lower stomach.

“Oh, I see…” said Karen. “Well… No, I don’t. I can’t compare anything. Are you taking one of our beds?”

“No, I had one added in one of the unused rooms. If you’ll excuse me, I head on this way,” said Trimaii with a smile.

They looked at her and walked away, admiring her curves in the shiny metallic suit. When she disappeared into her room, Kim turned to Karen.

“Is it me or was she… whistling?”

“She was whistling, alright.”

They heard the bed turns on, then silence.

“I wonder…” said Joanne, as she walked to the room. “Oh, she left the door open,” she whispered.

She carefully peeked inside, putting her hand on her helmet, where her mouth would be.

“She is squirming quite a lot,” she said, still whispering. She was amazed how that speech synthesizer, based on their brain patterns could interpret emotions like that.

“So. Is she in pain or pleasure?” asked Viktor, slowly approaching.

“By the grin on her face? I would say pleasure,” said Kim, already there.

“Come on, guys. Let her have some privacy here,” said Karen, getting there and pressing the button to close the door, then, as they walked away, got a look through the window. “Yes, I would say pleasure.”

Trimaii was perplexed. It was pleasurable, quite a lot, but a pleasure she never felt before. It was… stronger? No, not really. It was strange, that she couldn’t deny it. It was so different than what she was used to. Well, then again, sexual pleasure was practically non-existent. This was, puzzling.

And to further increase her confusion, the bondage, the restriction, and the very fact that she couldn’t move seemed to change the whole experience. She liked it. She liked to feel the restriction. That’s why she was struggling so much.

However, from the exterior, she was barely wiggling.

The Lunarians returned to the common area, but Kim turned to her room.

“She’s not going to have all the fun,” she said, closing her door.

They stood there for a moment before heading for their respective rooms, except Karen.

“I’m gonna stay in the common area. Just in case. And to see her state of mind when she’ll get out.”

[Don’t dream, folks. I’m not about to describe the sexual orgasm of a hermaphrodite Alien being… I wouldn’t know where to start…]

Karen had dozed off in the common area when the motion detector, part of the new device of her helmet, woke her up. She looked up and Trimaii was slowly walking up the corridor, making slow and small steps, keeping her legs closed together, sometimes losing balance, almost acting like she was drunk.

“You’re okay, Trimaii?” she asked, giggling.

Trimaii only smiled and bit her lower lip. She was obviously concentrating on walking straight. Her brain was still partly out of it. She reached the common area and more or less collapsed on one of the chairs, grinning as her butt hit the chair, slightly getting back up and carefully sitting back down.

Karen was simply staring at her, her shoulder shaking with her silent laugh. She waited. She figured that Trimaii would talk when ready.

Trimaii looked like she was on drugs. Her eyes were sleepy. she had a smile she couldn’t get rid of crossing her face. She was breathing in long, full breaths, and letting out making a “ffff” with her lips, like someone who’s trying to get their heartbeat down.

“How… how do you do it? Night after night?” she managed to say.

Karen laughed.

“Well, first of all, we don’t keep at it for TWO FUCKING HOURS!!” she said, laughing even more, which made Trimaii break out laughing, immediately grabbing her crotch.

“Oooo… Ouch…”

“You know you could have stopped it anytime, right? You had full control,” said Karen.

“Yes, I know. But… it was so good. I never, ever felt anything closely resembling that.” said Trimaii, looking down. “We have to close that deal. We have to tell the others. This was right,” she mumbled.

“What was right? What do you have to tell the others? What deal?” asked Karen.

Trimaii looked up, puzzled then with a look of horror on her face.

“I… Oh… Shit! That was thought transmission, I didn’t realize I was also telling it,” she said. “I’m sorry,” she added as she got up, still feeling some discomfort.

“Wait Trimaii. What are you talking about? What is this?” asked Karen, getting up and trying to prevent Trimaii from exiting the room.

“It’s… I… No, I can’t tell you, Karen,” she said, making the warmest smile Karen had ever seen. “You have nothing to worry about.”

Karen felt a wave of warmth wrap around her, full of love and caring. She was almost floating in the emotions.

“What… the… is… that…?” she stuttered.

But Trimaii used Karen’s sudden confusion and exited the room, giggling. Karen could have sworn she was dancing as she walked away.

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