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Season 2

Episode 6: Station Salvage.

Scene 6-1 What The Hell Was That?

“What are you trying to say, here?” asked Lukas.

Sitting around the common area table, they were all looking at Karen.

“I… I don’t know what I’m trying to say. I mean, it was one phrase. It’s like eavesdropping on a conversation, hearing one little bit of it, and trying to figure out the whole thing.”

“But it sounded like there was more to that… deal, that alliance, than meets the eyes, right?” asked Viktor.

“I have to admit that it is a strong possibility. But I felt that strong wave of love and comfort as if she was telling me not to worry about anything,” said Karen.

“As a predator would do to its prey,” said Kim.

“No, I don’t believe they mean us any harm. Why would have they cured Pete?” asked Joanne, “only to… kill him and eat him later?”

“Well, fresh meat is better than radio-active one,” said Viktor.

“You’re disgusting,” said Pete.

The door opened again. This time it was Phyae, clad in a tight-fitting rubber catsuit, corset and spiky high heels.

“Hey, hello my favorite aliens!” she said, all joyous. “Well, to us, you are the aliens, right?” she said, giggling.

“You seem to be in a good mood,” said Kim.

“Well, yes. Trimaii shared what she felt and… I want to experience it myself. The holding device is that way, right?” she said, pointing at the corridor.

“Yeu… yes, last one to the right,” said Pete, the closer to the corridor. “What the hell is going on here?” he asked, turning back to his fellow Lunarians as Phyae quickly walked to the room.

“I’m gonna find out what this is all about,” said Viktor, rushing to Phyae’s room, but he got there too late, as the door closed as he got there. He tried to open it but it was locked.

“She locked herself in!” he told the others.

“Okay, that’s enough,” said Karen. “I want answers now.”

She selected the corresponding icon in her helmet and made a call.

“Karen calling Tamara.”

A few moments later, entered Tamara, looking perplexed.

“What’s wrong? What’s the emergency? she asked.

“We want to know what’s going on,” said Pete.

“What’s going on? What do you mean? Nothing is going on,” she answered, suddenly appearing nervous.

“Tamara, I would like to see your planet,” said Viktor, much to the surprise of everyone else.

“You what?” burst out Kim.

“Oh!… That’s a long trip. I’ll have to ask the council permission first,” she nervously answered.

“Why ask the council?” asked Lukas. “Aren’t-we allied?”

“Yes but… I… I have to ask. No… err… no non-Nagusian ever set foot on Nagusia.”

“And why not? Can you show us your planet? You must have images, videos, anything,” said Joanne.

The whole conspiracy was quickly winning the Lunarians. Tamara was overwhelmed by the sudden change of tone. She nervously walked to a console and in the middle of the table, appeared a 3-D image, showing high-tech buildings, lush vegetation, and levitating cars moving along. It looks idyllic.

“Wow. Looks so peaceful,” said Kim.

“Yes, beautiful,” said Joanne.

Viktor approached the projection to have a better look.

“Where are the people?” he asked. “Is this just some sort of simulation? I want to see the real planet.”

“What do you mean?” said Pete. “They’re right there. Don’t you see it?” he said, approaching the same. “Oh… I see.”

“What do you see?” asked Karen. “Oh… Androids. Androids everywhere? That’s an interesting question and I’m eager for the answer, Tamara,” she said, turning to the communication liaison with the Nagusians, “or this is just an animation, it isn’t real.”

“No. That’s real,” said Tamara with a sad tone. She took a deep breath. “Okay… the truth.”

“I’m all ears!” said Viktor, taking a seat at the table, imitated by the rest of the group, save for Tamara who stayed standing.

“Nagusia is maintained by androids because… that’s all there is left.”

“What do you mean? Where are all the Nagusians?” asked Pete.

“Here. On this vessel. There’s exactly 156892 Nagusian left.”

“Oh, I get it! You flee the android invasion. The machines are killing your people and you’re fleeing away… gheesh… Are those androids called Cylons?” asked Lukas.

“Cylons?” [for those who don’t know the allusion, just Google it – Pete]

“Stop it with your movie allusions, Lukas,” said Pete. “So… why?” he asked, turning to Tamara.

“Because we do not reproduce anymore. It’s been like that for about thirty of your years,” she said, as the image of the 3-D projection changed, obeying her mental command, as he continued to explain.

“Speaking in Earth units, we were having, on average, 215 years of life expectancy. About 50 years ago, after visiting an alien world, people over 130 years old began to suffer a strange illness, all dying within a year. We finally were able to isolate the virus responsible, but although we got rid of it, it attacked everyone’s DNA, and now our average lifespan is 120 years.

And worst, the birth rate began to go down, until no more newborns, about thirty years ago. Our reproductive system is functional, but no eggs are produced and the sperm is dead. Being all hermaphrodites, it wasn’t a shortage of male or female candidates.

Someone suggested we look for the reproductive habits of other humanoid species. So far, all their reproductive habits were very similar to ours and gave us no benefits. We were over 300000 souls when we began our search, ten years ago. We suspect that, within 50 years, we will be extinct. Unless we find a solution.”

“That’s very sad,” said Viktor rather coldly, “but what this has to do with us? We have the same… reproductive habits as any mammals, although I have no clue how hermaphrodites reproduce.”

“It’s pretty much the same, but… you have a unique way to stimulate the reproductive system. See, in all the people we encounter, pleasure is a big part of the reproductive ritual, but we haven’t felt that pleasure since the virus hit us. That is until now. Until we met you and saw your unique way of covering yourself with those second skins, or those vacuum beds as you called them, and the restriction and everything. Trimaii tried it and she experienced something no one else experienced in 50 years: an orgasm. She is undergoing extensive medical analysis and so far, it’s promising, that’s why Phyae volunteered for another test, and if all goes well… I’m the next one,” she said with a genuine smile.

“Wow…” said Karen.

“Yes, wow,” repeated Lukas, “but why us? Just because we use toys for pleasure? I’m sure other species use toys too.”

“Yes, but… ahem…” stuttered Tamara, apparently unprepared for the question.

“I see it. I understand why,” said Pete. “It makes perfect sense.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Joanne.

“Don’t you see it, guys? We are sealed in rubber. The air we breathe, in and out is filtered. We live in an isolated base, on the far side of an atmosphere-less planet. If anything goes wrong, we won’t affect anyone. We are, by our way of life, in quarantine.”

Tamara raised her eyebrows, surprised.

“That pretty much sums it up,” she said, smiling.

“Hum, okay, I buy that,” said Viktor, “but you had us stripped of our suit to fit yours, and during that time, we were dangerously exposed to your virus. Or am I not understanding something here?”

“I knew you were smart but… yes. But if the virus attacks you, it would change anything because your life expectancy is already less than 120 years. You wouldn’t see the difference.”

“That’s harsh!” said Lukas.

“Not really,” cut in Joanne. “Who says that our DNA doesn’t age that way because we already have been contaminated with the virus, thousands of years ago.”

“So, let me recap here for a moment,” said Pete. “You were visiting other worlds without thinking of the consequences. Then you got contaminated by a virus that killed a good slice of your population and at the same time, wrecked your reproductive systems. Following that, you embarqued into a galaxy-wide trek to find a species that could provide the cure for the mysterious illness. You come to Earth, then find an isolated moonbase with people sealed in protective suits having strange orgasmic rituals, while at the same time, not reproducing, and you think ‘Hey, that might be it’. Opportunity made it so that you HAD to make contact. The risks for you were minimal, and you judged the same risks as non-existent for us. And you went ‘What the heck, why not. Let’s try it.’ Am I close?”

Tamara giggled.

“You pretty much nailed it, Pete. “I wouldn’t have phrased it that way, but that’s pretty much it. We made the risks as low as possible for you. That’s one of the reasons you were limited to specific areas of the ship and why we cleared the path when you had to move away. The whole corridors and rooms were thoroughly decontaminated after your presence. Same thing with the trauma center, which has been fully cleaned before your arrival and any of the procedures. And that’s why we don’t want contact with people from Earth. We judged the risks of contaminating you minimal, but we don’t know about the rest of your planet.”

“So, you, protecting our moonbase…” began Kim.

“… is you quarantining us from Earth.” completed Viktor.

Tamara raised her arms in a “you got me.” gesture.

“Well…” began to say Pete, slowly approaching Tamara, “you saved my life. So, if by living my average life expectancy of eighty-something years I save your people from going extinct, I say it’s a good deal. I’m in,” he said, making a small bow, the standard Nagusian greeting.

“And… when will we know if we have been contaminated by the virus or not?” asked Viktor.

At the same time, the door opened again and Trimaii entered, smiling.

“I have the answer to that. Yes, sorry, Tamara had been broadcasting the discussion through telepathy. The answer is that you have NOT been contaminated.”

“How do you know that?” asked Kim.

“Our suits, Kim,” answered Joanne. “They have sensors monitoring our health, right?”

“Yes, Joanne. And…” she said, looking at Tamara like she was waiting for the approval to say the rest of her thoughts.”

“No more secrets, Trimaii. We won’t hide anything from them anymore. We have to play full trust if we want them to trust us. Go ahead. Tell them.”

“Hum… okay. There it is. You have been contaminated.”

Viktor made a move to approach a lot closer. Trimaii and Tamara raised a hand to stop him.

“Let me finish. I don’t know how. I don’t know why. I don’t know what, but your DNA is actually reconstructing, repairing itself. Your aging process is slowing down.”

“Meaning?” asked Lukas.

“We will live older,” said Karen. “By how many years?” she asked, turning to Trimaii.

“It’s hard to say because the process is relatively new so predictions are variables, but I would say… 130 to 140 earth-years.”

Pete grabbed a chair to sit down, as some others did. Viktor looked frozen in place, as well as Karen.

“This… This is a lot to process,” said Karen, finally walking to a chair and collapsing on it.

They heard the sound of the room’s sliding door opening, then the sound of high heels making their way toward the common area. The steps were not steady, as if she was drunk. Phyae was smiling ear to ear as she entered the room.

“That… was… Wow! What the heck is going on here? Looks like you received a bad news. Oh shit. Don’t tell me the alliance is over. I want to ride this thing again!” said Phyae, sounding like she was under the influence of a very peaceful drug.

They all laughed.

“No. Nothing to worry about, the alliance is safe,” said Viktor.


Season 2

Episode 6: Station Salvage.

Scene 6-2 Moonbase 2.0

Two weeks have passed. During those two weeks, they saw more people coming to try what they were now calling the Lunarian Bed. As more positive experiences were created, they began to install the Lunarian Beds within the Nagusian’s living quarters, lowering the traffic within the Lunarian area.

Also, over time, the Lunarians have been given free access to the ship, being able to interact with them. Some were skeptics, but most were either neutral or happy to see them.

The Lunarians were planning the reconstruction of the base but the constant interruptions put them behind schedule. Well, their schedule, as they were never pressured by the Nagusians to return to the Moon.

Viktor was standing by the monitor, displaying a grossly made aerial plan of the Moonbase.

“… Since we don’t know yet what they plan to do with the old power plant, I suggest we put…”

The door opened and Tamara entered, accompanied by another woman, although, as they were all hermaphrodite, it was as much as a man than a woman. Kind of.

“I present you Schamb. He’s our most knowledgeable habitat engineer,” she said, all smiling. “He’s here to help you rebuild the Moonbase.”

Entered a very tall and slim woman, dark skin, with pink/brown hair, and a tattoo covering the left side of her face, sporting knee-high, gothic-like platform boots with lots of buckles, and a tight-fitting leather burgundy catsuit adorned with intricate gold patterns. Her lips were black and she had piercing light blue eyes. She smiled.

“I am very honored to meet you. Lunarians,” she said with a very soft-spoken voice.

“Hello. Pleased to meet you,” said Karen, getting up and doing a slight bow.

Schamb approached and extended a hand.

“I believe this is the standard Earth greeting,” she said, shaking Karen’s hand with one firm gesture.

“Yes, it is. Thank you,” said Karen, moving away so that the other members could greet her. Pete was the last one, and when he shook her hand, he held it for a moment.

“Your eyes! Wow. They’re…”

“You have to be careful with those eyes,” said Tamara, looking at Schamb. “She’s from the South Tribe. If you stare too long into their eyes, they will steal part of your soul and thus, you will never find peace after you passed away.”

Pete took a step back and quickly looked the other way, Viktor doing it almost as fast, as Schamb looked at him, frowning.

“Stop this legendary nonsense, ladies. After all, these are our esteemed guests,” said Grimash, arriving behind them.

“This is a legend?” asked Lukas.

“Yes, this is just a legend,” said Schamb. “Well, in fact, it has never been proved or disproved.”

“Why?” asked Joanne.

“Because nobody dared to stare at a South Tribe Member,” giggled Tamara, turning to Grimash.

“And nobody came back from the dead to disprove the legend either,” added Schamb with a smirk.

“This is a surprise, Captain. I didn’t know you were coming to meet them,” said Tamara.

“Oh, I was just passing by and I heard you tell that silly legend, and I wanted to clarify things, and I wanted also to tell you, dear Lunarians, that we appreciate everything you’ve done and I wanted to renew my full support for whatever you need to rebuild your base, if that’s what you want,” he said, making the classic bow before walking away.

“If we want?” asked Pete.

“Yes,” said Tamara. “If you choose to stay with us instead of returning to the Moon, you’re welcome.”

“Uh… Oh, well… I’m speaking for myself here, but I prefer to stay home,” said Viktor.

There was a general mumble of approval.

“Very good, then, I’m letting Schamb lead this reunion,” said Tamara, taking a few steps back.

“So, I’ve heard that you’ve been evaluating your options for some time. May I hear it?” asked Schamb.

They all turned to Viktor, the mechanical engineer of the group. He walked to the monitor.

“Hum… Okay… The two landing pads were destroyed, as well as the gym module, the main control tower, and of course, the power plant. Both habitats, male and female were pretty much intact except for a few damaged exterior panels.

So, we would need a new central control module as well as two landing pads. I believe that, for now, we can salvage some of the tunnels leading to Pad2 and use them to build the new Pad1, giving us a place to take off and land. And of course a new power plant. We can work on rebuilding Pad2 in the long run. I think we can use module H, the visitor hab as well as module G, the emergency shelter and main computer core building, as a temporary control center. Pete believes that most of the equipment of the old control module can be salvaged and transferred there.

We think it’s a pretty good plan,” he said, rather proud of himself and the group.

Schamb looked at the monitor, scratching her chin.

“Yes, that is plausible but, we have a major problem. I’m sure that by now, you realized that our technology is quite different from yours.”

“Yeah, obviously,” said Viktor, but if we take…”

“I’m really sorry to interrupt you, Viktor, but let me explain,” cut in Schamb. “Our energy is electricity, like everywhere else in the Universe, but we use a different… phase of it, something you haven’t discovered yet. It’s not a question of voltage, it’s on a different quantum level, meaning that none of our power is compatible with yours.”

“Also meaning that none of our equipment could be powered by the power plant you’ll be providing,” said Pete.

“Exactly. Here is what we propose,” she said, going to the screen and calling a new one. “We replace the control center the med bay and the two habitats with three new buildings. Habitat A, B, and the medical center plus the control center in the same building. In fact, only one habitat would be necessary, as they would be larger than those you have right now. One could be used as a temporary living quarters, or what you call a hotel, I believe.

A new pad would be built to replace Pad1, for visitor purposes or some other uses for your technology level, and of course, a new power plant.”

“And we will build the other landing pad at a later time?” asked Kim.

“There’s no need for a second landing pad,” said Schamb, looking puzzled. “Our ship uses gravity waves. We don’t need a landing pad. As part of the Alliance, we will provide.”

“Uh, okay, thank you. But what about the computer core? It would need our power supply to work, right?” asked Kim.

“Yes. We could use the rover’s generator. I believe we can power the generator with our power source. This generator would be powerful enough to provide power to the computer core and some other essential equipment.”

“Hum… I believe… Yes, that could work,” said Pete. “But we would sacrifice the rover for that.”

“Don’t you worry, my friends. We will provide,” said Tamara, smiling.

“Oh!” said Karen, surprised. “That’s wonderful and that’s a lot of… gifts from you. You already saved us. You’re under no obligation to rebuild everything. You’re not responsible for the asteroid. I’m sure we can salvage many parts of the actual station and we’ll be fine with it,” she said.

Schamb smiled. The warmest smile someone could ever make.

“Karen, and all of you,” she said, looking at the group, “you’ve done so much more. For the first time since we began a search for the cure, you gave us hope. And even more! This cure, if it works, simply involves… having sex.”

“If it works,” said Joanne.

“Even if it doesn’t work, Joanne,” said Tamara, “we never had so much pleasure for an orgasm, so… for us, it’s a win-win situation,” she said, smiling. “So? What do you say about our proposal?”

“When can we begin?” asked Karen.

“We can get down on the surface within the hour to begin. There’s a lot of work to be done, and with the low gravity, it’s gonna take even longer,” said Schamb.

Two hours later, they were dismantling some equipment but mostly gathering essential items, like food or specialized clothing and some hand-held tools, and storing them into containers that had been shipped down, before the demolition of the habs and medical center.

Another team, led by Pete, was preparing the way for the new power plant.

So far, almost everything was going to plan.


One of the things they hadn’t prepared for was their new suit.

Their old suits had inserts that were mainly made for bodily functions. Their pleasure-producing thing was only a very welcomed side effect. They were not disturbing during normal activities, only when directly in contact with something vibrating did they do their… things.

However, Nagusians saw it on another level. They were made to induce pleasure as well as provide bodily functions. It was either that or they had been extremely lucky in their design…

The outcome was that during normal day activities, the devices were constantly stimulating them, keeping them, not necessarily aroused, but just giving a nice feeling. Now that they had to work hard, moving a lot, manipulating stuff, the inserts turned into active sex toys!

At first, they were trying to hide it. They were in the temporary habitat, installed on the Moon for the reconstruction, silently taking a break, when Viktor let it all out.

“I don’t want to sound pervert or anything but… this new suit is constantly, ahem… stimulating me. I don’t know if it’s an okay side effect or if it’s just me that is overly sensitive but, damn! I think I orgasmed three times just this morning, moving around and reading plans.”

Everybody spoke at the same time. The good news was that they ALL felt the same way.

“Oh, so that’s why you suddenly stopped and leaned against the support column while we were walking together?” asked Pete to Karen. “You said you were suddenly a little dizzy, and you put it on the low-gravity.”

“Well… having an orgasm while walking will make you a little dizzy,” giggled back Karen.

“So, let me get this straight,” said Joanne. “We are all having orgasms while doing regular stuff and we were all hiding it? You know, since the ‘toys’ can be removed without affecting our suits, maybe we can do just that. Not that I’m suggesting that I…”

“ARE YOU NUTS??” yelled Kim to Joanne. “Nobody. And I mean NOBODY is going to touch my toys without my consent.”

On the table was lying one of the small hand-held laser welding guns. She jumped to grab it and pointed it at herself.

“What the fuck are you doing?” said Lukas, ready to jump on her to take the gun off her hand, but, thanks to the low gravity, he mostly floated in slow motion, giving time for Kim to aim the gun at her steel belt closing hasp and fire, fusing it, then moved out of the way so that Lukas would simply land past her.

“What the hell did you do? Now, it will be impossible to take out unless it’s cut off,” said Karen.

“Well,” said Kim, looking in Karen’s direction, “tell me ONE good reason why you would want to take it off.”

Karen stayed mute. She turned her head to look around the room, at her fellow Lunarians, expecting an answer from somebody. Anybody. Pete answered first.

“Give me that gun!” he exclaimed, taking it and aiming at his own belt, fusing the closing mechanism.

A few moments later, they were heading out to continue their work, laughing, everybody having a charred splotch in place of the closing hasp of their steel belt.

+ + +

Two months have passed.

By then, all the workers were used to seeing any one of the Lunarians stop what they were doing and simply stood still for a few moments, before resuming their work. They knew what was going on. And they were pleased with it.

The base was 90% operational. Already, the Lunarians had moved in, living in their own living quarters. The main work to be done was on the Nagusian-Moon power converter.

A small ship landed nearby. Came in Schamb in her tight metallic red spacesuit and wedge boots, and Grimash in his silver one, also sporting wedge high-heel boots. They slowly approached, hopping with the Moon’s low gravity.

“How are things going?” asked Schamb to Karen and Pete who had walked to meet them.

“We’re on the final stretch,” said Pete. “I’m still having some issues powering the generator up using your electricity but I’ll find a way. In a day or two this will be operational.

“We’ll be able to resume our normal operations in a day or two,” added Karen, except for the landing pad which would need another week of work.

“That’s good to hear,” said Grimash. “What are your plans for the land… sorry,” he said, putting a hand on the side of his head, receiving some telepathic message from the ship. His eyes lit up as he was nodding, and a large smile was forming on his face. At about the same time, they saw the Nagusian personnel start to jump up and down, to cheer, some coming hopping/running toward each other, giving hugs.

“What is going on?” asked Karen to Schamb, but she too, was only smiling and suddenly, grabbed Karen and hugged her, quickly giving one to Pete afterward.

“What was that for?” he asked, giggling.

But Schamb only turned to Grimash, waiting for him to tell the news.

“My friends, Trimaii just shared the wonderful news: we have one confirmed pregnancy.”

“That is wonderful!” exclaimed Karen, quickly calling the other Lunarians to share the news.

“We’re not out of the woods yet,” said Grimash. “A confirmed pregnancy is not a birth and it’s not without risks.”

“But it’s the first pregnancy in so many years! And all of this, thanks to some sex toys!” said Schamb, looking down at Karen’s belt, and only noticing the fused closing hasp. “What the hell happened here? Come back to the ship, we’ll fix it for you.”

Karen gently put her hand over the charred hasp. “No need. We did that on purpose.”

A small one-person ship landed near them, lifting some moon dust. Tamara, in her metallic-blue spacesuit, jumped out, waving at them. As she approached, Pete didn’t see the smile he was expecting.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as she reached the group.

“I couldn’t broadcast the news so I came here. Earth people are coming. They launched half an hour ago, and from what I can tell… it’s a warship.”

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