TLSOTM Season 2, EP8





Season 2

Episode 8: After Care and Aftermath.

Scene 8-1 Recovery.

Karen’s helmet and hood had been removed. She was lying on a bed in the medical bay. Trimaii along with a nurse was by her side, running diagnostics. She set up some equipment over Karen’s head and had a long look at the displays, before making a slightly positive nod and walking out of the isolation compartment.

Joanne, Pete, Grimash and Tamara were waiting for the news. The rest of the Lunarians were patiently waiting outside as there wasn’t enough room for all of them in the small intensive care area.

“She should make it. The injuries are severe: concussion, fractured skull, they almost took her left eye out. Her head is damaged but not the inner ear. Might take a few days for her body to reconstruct itself with the help of our serum. We’re helping as much as we can.” she said, with a comforting smile. “We’re keeping her sedated for the moment. You can go see her, but she won’t notice you’re there.”

Joanne and Pete looked at each other. It was obvious that a heavy weight had been lifted off their shoulders. They walked into the isolation room and stood next to Karen. Pete took Karen’s hand in his, gently squishing it to send the message that they were there, that she was being taken care of.

“Oh gosh. I think she squeezed back. It was faint but I’m sure I felt it,” said Pete.

Joanne gently rubbed Karen’s arm.

“Hang in there, girl. Be strong. You’re gonna be alright,” she said.

They waited a few more moments then walked out to join the rest of the Lunarians, Tamara and Grimash having already shared the news.

“So, what do we do now?” asked Kim.

“You can’t do much more here. I’m not telling you to leave, but we’ll take care of Karen,” said Grimash, “meaning you can go back to the Moonbase. If you prefer, you can stay here for as long as you want.”

Tamara put a finger at her temple.

“Excuse me, I have a call,” she said, heading for the nearest terminal. During this time, the Lunarians were discussing their next plan of action.

“We should stay,” said Kim. “What if she wants to see us when she awakens?”

“We could be here shortly after. We have stuff to do at the Moonbase. We have to think about what we will do with Earth. They’re not about to let us go that easily. I wonder how the situation is down there.” said Viktor.

“It’s rather chaotic,” said Grimash. “Our existence has been kept a secret, until now. The governments have a lot to answer and there’s a lot of panic going on, they are afraid of an invasion, etc.

“But we, you, haven’t attacked them.”

“Not directly, Kim, but when we entered the atmosphere, the force field protecting our ship did screw the orbit of a few satellites, and I must point out that you have a lot of junk floating up there. Anyway, if some of those satellites were linked to a military operation, some countries might call for an invasion, or imply that a disruption of their communication was an attempt at destabilizing them or whatever they can think of. And some other countries might want to use the opportunity to… You have a very fucked up planet.”

“Yeah we have, and they can think of a lot of things,” mumbled Lukas.

“I am sorry to interrupt but I need to know who’s the leader of your group in the absence of Karen. Someone wants to talk to you,” said Tamara who had walked back to the group.

“Who is it?” asked Pete.

“It’s Nicole, from the ESA moonbase.”

“I’ll take it,” said Joanne. “She probably wants to know about Karen’s status,” she said, heading off with Tamara.

“Hey! Nicole. How are you doing?”

“I’m… okay,” she said, looking on each side as if being watched. “Listen… I need to talk to you in private. When can we meet?”

“Woah. That doesn’t sound good,” said Joanne. “Sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just that it’s mayhem here since your little visit to Earth and things are… well… I need to meet you. Tell me where and when, and I’ll be there.”

“Oh… Erm… we’re on the Nagusian Starship right now. We can be at the moonbase, say tomorrow? Will that do? 13:00, standard time?”

“Yes, that will be perfect,” she said, showing a little smile. “How… how is Karen? I heard she had been pretty beaten up.”

“Yeah, hammer strikes on the head would do that to you,” said Joanne.

“Oh my gosh!” exclaimed Nicole, eyes wide.

“She’s gonna recover. It will take a couple of days as they had to take her helmet, hood, well, you know, the whole head devices off. But she’ll be fine.”

“Okay, that will ease the tension here. Thank you. See you tomorrow,” said Nicole before cutting the comlink.

“Looks like we’re going back to the Moonbase,” said Pete who was standing out of the field of view of the camera.

“Looks like it. She asked for me, tho. You’re not…”

“Nah. That’s a reason to go back to… our home.”


Season 2

Episode 8: After Care and Aftermath.

Scene 8-2 The Meeting.

The shuttle gently glided into the dark sky and stopped, hovering over the Lunarian Moonbase.

“Nicoleto Moonbase,” she called. “Do you copy?”

“Moonbase here. Glad to see you, Nicole. But… I thought you were coming alone,” answered Joanne.

“Uh… You… You can see that?” she said, frantically looking behind her, where there was no one.

“Yes, Nicole. The Nagusians updated our equipment. I can detect, 8 life forms, including yours. What’s going on?”

“Ah… well. I and I alone will meet with you, and only if you agree, the rest of the group would like to join,” said Nicole.

“And… who is this group?”

After some more exchange, Joanne gave the okay for the shuttle to land on the newly operational landing pad. The Nagusians had worked double to make it operational while Karen was on Earth, not knowing the outcome.

Nicole got out and went through the airlock where she met, on the other side, Pete, Lukas, Viktor, Kim and Joanne.

“What is this all about?” asked Pete.

“These people are the representative of every moonbase: China, Japan, India, Russia, Canada, United States and the ESA. They want to join the NLA. They want to declare independence from Earth. They want to make the Moon an independent and sovereign colony.

“Woah!”, “Huh”, “Shit”, and “No way” were an approximation of the expletive heard.

“The NLA has never been created for such a goal. I doubt the Nagusians will want to be involved with it,” said Pete.

“We can maybe create a Moon Alliance, a United Moon Nations or something like that, to start with,” said Lukas. “Let’s see if we can get everybody on the same wavelength first.”

“Oh, we are already. There were thoughts amongst them even before the Nagusians came into view,” said Nicole.

“But all of those representatives are from nationally owned and operated bases, doing mainly research. What about the privates? There’s a lot of privately owned bases here,” said Pete.

“We have to involve the Nagusians on this,” said Lukas, as everybody else was telling his or her input, all at the same time.

“Guys, guys, calm down,” said Pete, raising his arms to get the attention. “One step at a time, here. First, we have to hear them. It might be something we don’t want to go with, in the first place. There might be some issues they haven’t thought through, and we have to meet them to explain our link with the Nagusians. I honestly doubt the Nagusians will like to be involved but we have to give everybody a chance to express their opinions, don’t we?”

After a little more discussion, Pete proceeded to ask each and every one of the Lunarians requesting a yes or a no answer. Only all ‘yes’ would make it go forward.

“Only if all of them agree that this is only to hear what they have to say, we go forward. You got that?”

“Absolutely, Pete,” she said with a relieved smile. “Give me a minute.”

She went back to the shuttle and when the airlock door opened again, she was surrounded by seven people, all smiling and stunned by the sight.

“I have heard about it but didn’t think it was real,” said the representative for Japan.

“Yeah, we get that a lot,” mumbled Viktor.

“Welcome to the Lunarian Moonbase,” said Pete, making a gesture to go forward. “This way, please,”

Puzzled by the Lunarians’ outfits and the Nagusian technology, they were looking everywhere, trying to assimilate. They were led to a conference room, each slowly taking a seat, looking everywhere, discovering, learning, observing.

“Where are… you know… the E.T.s?” asked asked the US representative.

“Nagusians. They are called the Nagusians,” said Pete a little exasperated especially by the tone of the question. “They are not here, not on The Moon. They don’t want to be involved in Earth’s politics.”

“That’s not surprising, after what they have done to them. I would be also pissed off if one of my group was killed,” said the Russian as they entered the conference room.

“And tortured!” said the Canadian one.

“All this to get their hands on their death ray thing,” said the Indian.

“Hey, woah! What the hell are you talking about?” asked Pete.

“What they say on the news,” said the German representative of the ESA Moon Base, a short blond woman, “that they captured an extra-terrestrial and were questioning him about the big weapon the E.T. was going to exchange again some gold or something.”

Pete was nodding his head in disbelief while the other Lunarians were looking at each other, completely appalled by what they were learning.

“Misinformation and conspiracy theories seem to be still running strong on Earth,” said Viktor.

“Please, please, guys, quiet down. This is all false,” said Pete, trying to use a reassuring voice. “I’ll tell you what REALLY happened,” he began, telling the story from the asteroid onward.

It was dead silent in the room when he was done, everybody having to sink in the truth and how much they had been manipulated and misinformed by their own people.

“I… I think that makes the point,” said the woman from the ESA Moon Base. “I think it gives the fuel to convince our people to join the NLA. Earth is a terrible place. I don’t know for the others, but I’m convinced I don’t relate to Earth anymore.”

There was a general mumbling, everybody looking at everybody and somewhat acknowledging, some completely, some with reserve.

“The thing is,” said Pete, “that the NLA has never been created with this purpose. It was for us and the Nagusians to join forces because we helped each other.”

“Yeah, how did you help each other?” asked the Chinese representative. “You didn’t explain that.”

“Because we’re not allowed to discuss it. How the Nagusian helped us is quite obvious,” said Pete, making a broad gesture to englobe the new moonbase. “How we helped them is to be kept on a need-to-know basis. One thing I can assure you, it doesn’t pose any threat to Earth or the Moon or any other planet, star, or device of the Solar System or the whole galaxy for all I know.”

“Just the fact that you keep it a secret means that…” began to say the Russian but Pete cut him off, raising one finger from his right hand while putting her left hand at his head.

“I’m receiving a radio communication from the Nagusians… Yes, Tamara… You’re sure?… And that’s fantastic! Thank you and a big thank you to Trimaii… Yes…”. There was a long pause. “… Yes, understood Tamara,” he said before turning his attention back to the crew, looking around the room at the Lunarians and the representatives.

“The Nagusians allowed me to tell you this, nothing more: When they treated me, they discovered something within our bodies, within our biological processes, that helped them find a cure for a plague that had been ravaging their home planet for decades. We didn’t give them any military secret or anything of that nature that would threaten the security of Earth or the Moon. We help them cure an illness… by LOOKING at how our body works. Think of it like, hum… You might have heard about the wood frog, a species of frog found in the northern half of North America. That frog will freeze during winter, its body going into sustained animation. Then when the spring arrives, it will thaw back, from the inside out. Now, let’s say you’re a biologist and you find a badly hurt wood frog. You take it to some medical facility and you operate it. However, by doing so, you discover something within its body that explains that behavior and that very same thing will save your species. You can see that? Well, that’s what the Nagusians did with me. They saved me but at the same time, what they learned saved them. That’s all. ” he said, making a pause, looking at the room. “We, technically, saved their civilization when they took a peek inside my body. And now, for the second news,” he said, looking mostly at the Lunarians, “Karen just woke up. She’s feeling fine.”

There was a general sigh of relief amidst the Lunarians.

“That’s a very good news,” said Nicole.

“I want to see her,” said Joanne.

“Yes, they thought you would. A bubble is on its way. Just wait for It,” said Pete.

A short moment later, a luminous, blueish ball appeared to come through the ceiling and wrapped Joanne, only to move back upward, carrying her with it, passing through the solid matter of the station. Lukas answered the stunned expressions of the representatives.

“Nagusian standard transport methods between ships or ship to planet. It can cover about two thousand kilometers in a straight line.”

“Oh, really? Then why did they enter Earth’s atmosphere to rescue Karen? They could have done it from twice the altitude of the orbital stations,” asked the Chinese man.

“One of the reasons was that Karen’s signal was very weak. Her transmitter had been compromised and she was buried under many stories of concrete, bricks and steel. They are extra-terrestrials, not magicians. The second reason was to display a show of force. Having done it from orbit would have gone mostly unnoticed, almost like magic,” explained Pete.

“Oh, they got noticed, alright,” said the Indian, giggling. “Okay, now what?”

“Now what… what?” asked Pete.

“What do we do now?” asked the Indian.

“Euh… I’m not sure I understand. You asked to meet us. What do you want?” asked Pete.

“We want to be part of the Nagusian-Lunar Alliance. It’s that simple. How much do you want?” asked the American.

“How much do we want?”

“For the membership fee, or whatever you call it. We all have to pitch in our contribution and stuff.”

“Okay,” said Pete. “First of all, I’m not a politician. None of us are,” he said, browsing the group of Lunarians. “Second of all, I just explained how the NLA was created and why. It was never created with the intent of including the whole moon and making it independent from the Earth. I can’t speak for the Nagusians. However, I doubt they will go on with it. They have no reason to take sides. They protect us because we helped them. I’m pretty sure they will not agree to englobe the whole moon.”

“But…” said the ESA member.

“But…” cut in Pete, “If there’s some kind of Lunar coalition, a… I don’t know, a Lunar Treaty Organisation, I believe we could be part of it, but leave the Nagusians out of it.”

“Well, we thought that…” said the Japanese.

“Do you have something ready? Do you have demands? Expectation? What will this Organisation do? Who will lead it? What is the goal of it?” asked Lukas. “Being German, I’m ready to defend the ESA but… what should I fight for?”

They all kept silent.

“Listen, people,” said Pete. “We, the Lunarians, have declared sovereignty over this moonbase. We are no longer associated with Earth. Currently, you are. Consider this base, this room as neutral territory. You are welcome to stay for as long as you want. We have plenty of spare rooms to share and we can accommodate you with food and all the necessities for the time it will take for you to come up with some kind of constitution, chart of rights, call it what you want, some document we can work on. And make sure this is all done democratically, with votes and stuff. Any elections or one is named de facto? How the representation of every settlement will be made? What do you do with the private companies? By treaty, the Moon belongs to all and nobody. How can you suddenly claim it as yours? I cannot and will not guarantee you that we will join the New Union or that the Nagusians will want to have any part in it. Am I clear?”

“Yeah”, “We didn’t think of that”, “That’s a lot of work”, “Damn”, and “Shit!”, were among the answers given.

“I strongly suggest you put your ideas on the table. Each seat has a terminal. It’s pretty straight forward and you will learn to use it in no time. Take notes, prepare documents, and do what you have to do. If you need us, just call us. Nicole knows how to operate the com console,” said Pete, walking out with the Lunarians in a concerto of creaking latex, leaving the Moon People to decide.

He stayed behind a little as the door closed, just to see what would go on.

“Okay, who is the leader?” asked the Russian. “Nobody?” he asked as nobody raised a hand, “Then I’ll do it.”

“Woah, wait!” said someone else. “Why you? Shouldn’t we vote first?”

“Then I vote for Ramid!” said one.

“I vote for Kenny,” said another one.

Pete saw Sandra, the ESA representative, put her face in her hand in disbelief. Peace on The Moon wasn’t going to be easy.


Season 2

Episode 8: After Care and Aftermath.

Scene 8-3 The Suit is Alive!

Karen opened her eyes and blinked a few times, her eyes adjusting to the harsh light of the medical room. She was still seeing foggy. A shadow leaned over her.

“You’re gonna be okay,” said a familiar voice she recognized.

“Thank your Trimaii,” she answered in a weak whisper.

Trimaii smiled at her and sent a telepathic message to Grimash and Tamara about Karen being awakened. They rushed to the medical bay to see her, then called Pete to share the good news. Half an hour later, Joanne was also by her side.

By this time, Karen was sitting on her bed, getting better by the minute, although she was in no condition to wander off.

“Your face looks like a newborn’s face. All pinkish and wrinkly,” joked Joanne.

“Yeah, very funny,” giggled Karen. “I honestly don’t recall much of what happened after she began to hit me with that hammer.”

“The recording from your visor shows her hitting you repeatedly until it turned off from the impacts. Her face was full of rage. That was quite… disturbing,” said Joanne.

“I really don’t know what came to her. I might have been in cause there, being a little too snarky, but damn. That was overreacting. Good thing the suit protected me.”

“Yeah, a layer of fabric always helps, although I doubt it really protected you against those hits,” said Trimaii.

“Oh, no, no. it DID protect me, and even… pleased me,” she said, recalling how the suit tightened around her, or spread the hits so she would feel almost nothing, or just what it was needed to have an orgasm. “I’m telling you, this suit is an armor! A living armor.”

“That is… not supposed to. It’s synthetic polymers and rubber compounds. We build nothing remotely intelligent within it, except for the visor, but even then. I don’t understand,” said Trimaii.

“Well, just try it. I can feel it working right now, tightening to how tight I like it but allowing me to move. Go on, hit me with something hard,” said Karen.

“I can’t do that,” said Trimaii.

“Sure you can, and if anything goes wrong, I know a good doc that will take care of me,” she said with a wink, “Or Joanne can do it.”

Joanne smiled, and gave Karen a hard slap of the hand on her thigh. Karen barely reacted.

“Ah, come on, hit harder. With your fist or… don’t you have a prybar lying around somewhere? Something hard!”

Joanne gave another swing, this time with her fist. Then another one, harder as Karen only giggled after the first one.

“You’re faking it,” said Trimaii.

“No, I’m telling you. The suit seems to harden and spread the hit all over, lessening the blow,” said Karen.

“I can feel a difference between gently pushing on it and hitting it. You a little like a Newtonian liquid, like corn starch, where you can softly put your hand in it but when you hit it, it becomes solid,” said Joanne.

“That’s weird. Get back down, I’m gonna scan you while you get… abused,” said Trimaii.

Karen laid down, and Trimaii looked at the readings while Joanne hit her.

“What the hell are you doing?” they heard Tamara ask behind her.

“It’s a science experiment,” giggled Joanne. Of course, they had no way of knowing the reference*.

(*Back To The Future Part III, for those of you who are clueless about the ‘Classics’.)

“That is… fucking weird,” said Trimaii.

Karen giggled.

“Wow, Trimaii, you’re taking Earthling now?”, she said, having never heard Trimaii curse like that before.

“Yeah, well… it’s because IT IS fucking weird. You are right. The suit is reacting to the hit. Almost like it’s… alive,” said Trimaii.

“Wait. I want to try it,” said Joanne, swinging her arm against a console. “Ouch!! That hurt… and I didn’t hit that hard.”

Trimaii frowned.

“Get to the other bed, I’ll do a comparison,” said Trimaii.

“What the hell is going on here? Why are you trying to hurt yourselves?” said a confused Tamara.

“Later, Tamara. I need more data. Ready Joanne? Here we go,” said Trimaii as she hit Joanne, then looked at the display, grinning in a perplexed way.

She went back to Karen, hit her, then again to Joanne.

“I don’t understand,” said Trimaii. “Something is wrong… and… what the heck?…” she said, heading back to Karen, pulling out another sort of scanner, this one with the (alien) bio-hazard symbol clearly printed on it.

“What the fuck?” asked Karen as Joanne got up from her bed to look.

“What is this thing?” asked Joanne.

“I… I need to make a call,” said Trimaii, rushing out of the room.

“What the heck is going on here?” asked Tamara, looking right and left.

Karen was back sitting on her bed with a confused and anxious look, looking back and forth between Joanne, Tamara and Trimaii leaving.

“I wish I knew,” she said, looking at her hands.

+ + +

“You want what?” asked a very puzzled and shocked Kim.

“I want you to hit Pete, on the back of the thigh, with a heavy tool, something rigid. Not enough to break his bone, but enough to hurt. This is very important. You must take him by surprise.”

“What am I looking for?” she asked

“His reaction,” simply answered Trimaii.

Nervous, she complied. She grabbed a wrench from the maintenance shop and walked to the meeting room where Pete was discussing with the representative. The door of the room opened without a noise. Lukas had a glimpse as to who was coming in, but nothing more. He didn’t notice her holding the wrench. She quickly walked behind Pete and took a swing.

The Canadian representative was talking.

“… And we think that with this propose… what the fuck?… Hey! Pete! Watch out!!” he yelled.

Pete felt a sharp blow behind his thigh. It hit hard but didn’t hurt. His leg seemed to stiffen with the blow, preventing him from getting injured. Viktor jumped on Kim to pin her to the ground. She let go of the wrench.”

“Oh, Woah! I’m okay, stop it. It was a test, ordered by Trimaii,” yelled back Kim as the whole room got up to get involved and understand what was happening.

“What kind of test was that?” asked Lukas as Viktor was firmly holding Kim with her arms behind her back.

“I don’t know. I swear. She told me to hit him hard with a heavy tool and watch his reaction.”

“And?…” said Lukas, turning to Pete. “Are you alright?”

Pete seemed puzzled, unsure.

“Pete?” repeated Viktor.

“I’m fine… and that is strange,” he said.

“Strange? How?” asked Lukas.

“Well, she hit me rather hard but… I barely felt it. It was as if the… as if the suit changed, reacted to the blow, protected me. Was that what you were testing?” he asked Kim.

“I don’t know more. That’s all she asked. She didn’t explain why as it could alter the conditions of the test.”

Pete put his hand at his helmet.

“Yes… Oh… Really?… Wow… Okay, here we go,” he said, punching hard Lukas on the shoulder.

“Ouch! Hey that hurt,” he said as he lost his balance, walking backward.

“Now, hit me back!” Said Pete.

“What the fuck is all that about? asked Lukas.

“Shut up and hit me. HARD!” said Pete.

The representatives were in shock, looking at a bunch of latex-clad people hit each other.

Lukas took a good swing and hit Pete. The hit was strong. Pete twisted backward a little but nothing more.

“What the hell?” asked Lukas. “You should have flown backward with that hit!”

“Yes, I should but, like Kim’s hit, I barely felt it…. Okay, Trimaii, what is this all about?”

+ + +

Everybody was in the conference room, minus Karen, still healing on the Corrreus, plus Trimaii. The representatives were eying that green-skinned alien as if she was an extra-terrestrial. (yeah, I know… bad joke)

“You’re sure you want me to discuss this in front of those people?” she asked.

“Yes,” said Pete. “Words of whatever you’re going to say are going to end up on Earth, badly misunderstood. I want them to hear it from your mouth so that everything is clear.”

“Uh… Okay then. I will try to be as precise as possible: Your suit Pete, as well as Karen’s are, I should say… alive. Sort of. We used nanobots to build the suit. Those nanobots, once their was job done, should have ceased functioning. Somehow, they didn’t. Now, instead of simply adjusting the suit, they are… morphing it. Basically, they can change its structure, to protect against a blow for example, or do some… other stuff.”

“Other stuff? Like what?” asked Kim.

“Well…” answered Joanne, “It’s complicated to explain but BELIEVE ME, it’s nothing dangerous, on the contrary.”

“But why them? We all have the same suits, right? Oh, I think I know: ours have not activated yet, is that it?” asked Lukas.

“No, yours won’t become like that,” said Trimaii.

“Then why them?” asked Viktor.

“Because we got treated,” said Pete.

“We all got treated,” said Viktor.

“No. I received a curing serum to help with my burns, and as I recall, I was told that Karen went into shock when they removed her suit, which called for the same serum, while for you, the perks had been worked out and you didn’t need any serum. Am I close?” asked Pete.

“That is the only common point we found between you two,” said Trimaii.

“So, what’s the outcome?” asked Pete.

“That’s the problem. We do not know. What we know is that it’s currently impossible to take Pete’s suit off. I had a hard time peeling the hood off Karen’s head, so her suit might become like his soon. I thought it was the wound and the blood that had flown around but in the last scans I looked at, taking any part of the suit off would be like skinning you. I am sorry, Pete.”

“What can you do? Will I get in pain? How is Karen’s healing?” he asked. “Can you… turn off the nanobots?”

“As far as we know, there’s no pain associated with it. Karen is doing fine and she’ll be able to get out of med bay in four to five days. As for the nanobots, they are self-controlled. We have no means to shut them off.”

“Hey, it’s like you now have… superpowers!” said Lukas.


Season 2

Episode 8: After Care and Aftermath.

Scene 8-4 The Incident.

Two weeks. It has been two weeks of the representatives arguing over each other about everything. They could not come up with anything they all agreed on.

After the first few days, Nicole had been called back with the shuttle at the ESA Moon Base, leaving the representatives ‘stranded’ with the Lunarians. It was almost a good thing since it forced them to work out a solution as no one could simply walk out. The shuttle could be brought back with a two-hour notice.

Pete and Karen, now back at the Moonbase, were looked upon as ‘special people’, Viktor often played pranks to see how their superpowers had evolved. Karen has explained to Pete how the suit would react, and what to try, and what to avoid.

Now, with the practice, they only had to think about the suit becoming tighter or stiffer and the suit would comply. The other Lunarians were, at the same time, jealous and cautious, not knowing the outcome or not being able to take the suit off. Ever.

One of the representatives, Sandra from Germany, was especially curious about the suit. Not necessarily Karen’s but their suit in general and if it would be possible to get one.

But her inquiries were quickly dismissed. They were not there to provide a kinky suit to everybody but to save the Moon.

She and Tamara had been getting closer and closer. At first, the general thought was that she was just interested in the suit, but it turned out that the attraction was… deeper. They were often seen sitting together, distancing themselves from the rest of the group, and looking at their eyes, anyone could see that something was going on.

But come on. An Earthling with a Nagusian?

On the other hand, it made Tamara attend a lot more negotiating sessions than she should have, and it was appreciated by the Representatives. They were, once or twice, seen holding hands.

At one point, Kim saw them getting out of a bedroom, together, giggling, walking fast, trying to avoid her stare. Whatever. It was none of her business.

And it was just another day. The Lunarians were sitting in their common area, relaxing.

“Almost time to go see their progression,” said Karen, pointing with her thumb in the general direction of the guest’s quarters.

“It’s about time they either make a decision or leave. It’s been two weeks and as far as we can tell, there hasn’t been any progress since day one,” said Pete.

“Totally agree,” said Viktor. “I’m eager to fall back to my little routine,”

“Yeah, me too, “said Lukas. “I want to be able to take a nap in the middle of the day without having to jus… what the hell is that?” he asked as an alarm sounded.

“Reactor core alarm? What the heck?” said Kim. “Isn’t this thing coated and dead?”

Pete was quick to call and retrieve the information on his visor.

“High radiation level alarm, Block 4, lower lev… shit, it’s the conference room!” he said, rushing out and, thanks to the low Moon’s gravity, pretty much flew down the stairs to the floor level.

He had to override the automatic door to be able to enter. Someone was on the ground with some of the group around her.

“What is that alarm? What happened?” asked one.

“It’s a radiation alarm. I should ask what happened,” said Pete who was followed by Lukas and Viktor.

“I don’t know what happened. Sandra was looking out the window. She collapsed and she has that nasty burn on her right chest, and that alarm sounded.”

“What the hell?” asked Pete.


“Why? What’s… OH!” said Pete, as he adjusted the sensibility of his visor and he was able to see the radiation stream, like a beam, shooting through the window.

At that same moment, another radiation beam appeared, but at a different angle.

“Everybody out of the room. It looks like the protective coating of the old reactor is giving up, but that’s strange,” said Lukas.

Pete suddenly saw something, another beam, coming from afar. He put his hand on his helmet.

“Lunarians to the Corrreus! We are under attack! I repeat, we are under attack. Nuclear reactor compromised!”

The rest of the Lunarians had reunited next to the conference room, Joanne was crouching by Sandra.

“Nasty radiation burn,” she said “Corrreus, I need an emergency medical evacuation!”

A bubble appeared, surrounding Joanne and Sandra. Sandra tried to talk, but she was too weak.

“What did you say?” asked Joanne, getting her ear closer to Sandra’s mouth. “A what? What do say you want red?”

They quickly flew upward. At the same time, a reddish blob was shot from the Nagusian ship and hit a location just behind a dirt mount, about half a kilometer from the Moonbase. The blob sort of landed and attached itself to the ground. Immediately after, another beam, bright orange, wrapped itself around the old reactor, engulfing the coating. The ground shook, as they saw the entirety of the reactor being ripped off its foundations and brought up in the air. The beam moved and seemed to throw it farther away, over the Moon’s north pole.

The Lunarians and the representatives looked at it go higher, becoming a little point before it transformed itself into a very large ball of light, the windows of the base immediately darkening.

Another alarm sounded.

“Radiation levels increasing everywhere but still within the safe limit. Fuck, that was close!” said Kim.

The red blob raised and moved toward the base. As it got closer, the people from the Moonbase could see it. It had trapped people, in combat outfits, holding a large gun. They looked immobile, engulfed in some kind of gel bubble that landed close to the main door of Block 4.

Radio calls were flooding the Moonbase, the explosion having been seen pretty much everywhere, even from Earth who saw the light flash through the daylight sky and every moon base had their high radiation alarm triggered.

About a dozen bubbles flew down from the ship to surround the gel blob, revealing heavily armed Nagusian guards, weapons in their hands, aiming at the attackers. The gel bubble became translucent before disappearing, leaving six people standing in shock, surrounded by guards.

The airlock door of Bloc 4 opened and the attackers were quickly instructed to go inside, followed by the guards.

On the other side of the airlock, they were met by the Lukas and the representatives. One of the attackers removed its helmet, revealing a blond woman.

“Dr Lynda? What the hell was that for?”

“We need to get rid of the invaders,” she said, almost screaming, pointing at the Lunarians.

“Do you realize that, if that reactor had blown up while still on the surface, it would have created a 4km wide crater? And YOU would have been killed too?” said Claude.

Lynda’s eyes went wide. Obviously, she hadn’t thought of that. To her defense, her goal was not to make it explode, just to create a diversion for her troup to invade the base. After all, according to her data, the reactor was undamaged and safe.

And it was at that moment that she noticed that there were more than the Lunarians in front of her. It was then she noticed the other people. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” she asked as the other soldiers slowly removed their helmets, as shocked as anyone would be at the possible outcome.

“We call ourselves the Representatives. We represent every national moonbase.”

“What the hell are you doing here? Did they abduct you? I knew we should have taken action sooner,” said Lynda.

“No, it was the other way around. WE asked to meet with them.”

“Why? What for?”

“It’s rather obvious now: to get independence from the… lunatics from Earth… Pun intended,” said the American representative while a few giggled. “We came here, in neutral territory to agree on some sort of alliance. We have been here two weeks without much progress, but I think things are about to change,” he said, looking at his fellow representatives who were all nodding in approval.

The Japanese representative took a step forward.

“Under the Lunar Treaty Organisation Code of Conduct… that still has to be written,” he said, looking at the others, “I’m placing you under arrest for… for… ” he said, not knowing what to say.

“Attempted murder,” said the Chinese rep.

“Yes, and invasion and… and… destruction of property,” said that Indian one.

“You can’t do that,” said one of the soldiers.

“Watch me!” said Claude. “Get me some handcuffs,” he said, looking at Pete.

“We… We don’t have any handcuffs or prison cells or anything to put anybody under arrest,” he said, perplexed and surprised by the turn this was taking. “Yes… Oh yeah, wonderful. Please do!” said Pete, his synthesized voice carrying humor.

With a swift move, Lynda grabbed a concealed gun from her spacesuit, aimed it at Pete, and fired.

Pete felt the suit change properties to absorb the impact, diverting the bullet to the ground as he himself made a step backward.

“What the fuck are you?” screamed Lynda as a Nagusian soldier grabbed the gun out of her hand before she fired another shot.

At almost the same time, bubbles wrapped each member of the attacking party and they got lifted through the building.

“What are they doing with them? You have to discuss it with us. We want them to be taken accountable for their action. Sandra is probably dead by now because of them,” said the American.

“Nah, no need. They are going to transport them back to Earth and put them down on the front lawn of the White House, with the message `we’re sending your war criminals back. Stay away from The Moon’ “.

“Oh! Splendid!!” said the Indian rep. “Does that mean that the Nagusians are with us on this?”

As bubbles for the Nagusian soldiers appeared to bring them back to the ship, another appeared with Tamara inside.

“Hello again, group,” she said.

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