TLSOTM Season 2, EP10





Season 2

Episode 10: Farewell.

Scene 10-1 The Routine.

Pete and Karen entered the main control room, holding each other’s hands.

“Hello love birds, how was your night?” asked Viktor.

“Pretty good, thank you,” said Pete, looking at Karen. Viktor could easily imagine their facial expression. “Anything special on the watch?” he asked.

They were taking turns sleeping and working, covering the station at all times, to monitor the frequencies and be ready if something happened.

The trouble on Earth was far from over, even though two months had passed. The Representatives and their Lunar Treaty Organization were working hard to keep the Moon unified as conflicts had already arisen between member entities.

“Nothing out of the ordinary. The Representatives should be here in two hours, according to plan, for their monthly meeting.”

“Good. We should provide them with a neutral territory for as long as they need one,” said Karen.

Karen took place behind a console, her rubber outfit creaking against the synthetic upholstery of the chair. Viktor, after a last farewell, left them at the controls. Karen could hear the high heel footsteps from Pete behind her, as he managed the operation of the power and life support consoles. She never gets bored of that sound. Music to her ears.

A notification sound was heard.

“Bubble transport, main entrance,” said Karen.

A few minutes later, Tamara entered the main control room.

“Hey, Tamara, what brings you here today?” asked Pete.

“Oh… Am I too late? I come for the Representatives meeting,” she said, perplexed.

“No, you got the right day, but it’s still 2 to 3 hours away,” said Karen.

“Uh… Yeah… I still have problems figuring out how to convert your time reference to ours. Oh well, then. I will wait here with you if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, Tamara. Take a seat,” gestured Pete.

Tamara took a seat and kept silent, but it was obvious, she was burning to talk but wouldn’t want to disturb them. Karen could somewhat feel it. After a few moments, she turned her seat to face her.

“Okay, Tamara, what’s troubling you?”

“Me? What makes you think that?” she said, as Pete and Karen stared at her. “Am I making it so obvious?”

They both nodded yes.

“Uh, well… do you know if Sandra will be with them?”

Karen giggled.

“Yes, your lover will be with them.”

“We’re not… uh… lovers…” stuttered Tamara.

“Of course, you’re not,” said Pete giggling. “It’s not like you want to see her every time she comes here, that you call her daily, and even set up a couple of meetings away from their base so not to be seen…”

“You… You know about that?” she asked, surprised.

“Tamara, please,” said Karen pointing at the scanner’s screen, which monitored the whole planet. “We would know if a gopher crawled out of its hole. Yes, we know about your little excursions.”

“Well… she… she needed my moral support,” said Tamara. “That… skin is tough on her.”

“Whatever the reasons, Tamara, it’s none of our business. It’s between adults… I mean, you’re an adult, right?” giggled Pete.

“Point taken. How about you?”

“We’re doing fine and everybody is okay with our relationship. We do share some of the same… experiences, after all.”

“What do you mean? I’m not sure I understand. Sharing the same experience like, you’re doing things together?”

“Oh, so, Trimaii didn’t tell you about the suits connecting?”

“The what?”

“The suits, our rubber skins. They seem to sync together. I can feel what he’s feeling and vice-versa. When we’re in our beds, we practically have… sex… together. We share our feelings,” said Karen.

“Uh… Oh… Wow,” stuttered Tamara, speechless. “But not when you’re not in bed, right?”

“It’s difficult to say. I sometimes have the impression that we connect too, but it’s inconsistent. It’s like the suits are learning, adapting or…evolving” added Pete

“Wow. We need more data, more research on it” said Tamara.

“Yes. Trimaii is working on something” said Karen.

They pretty much did the work they each had to do and didn’t talk much, except for some work-related discussion, until the signal that the Representatives shuttle was approaching. Karen directed them to the landing pad and cleared all access.

The shuttle landed without incident and soon after, the members entered the main conference room, greeted by Tamara who was looking for one person in particular, a woman clad in shiny red rubber. She spotted her easily and smiled at the sight.

Sandra made a bee-line for Tamara who she embraced taking her by surprise with her sudden show of appreciation. They were usually keeping their attraction private.

“Yes, I’m happy to see you too, Sandra” mumbled Tamara, looking around.

Some of the Representatives were ignoring them, some were looking at them with a smile.

“I’m trying to stay, ahem… professional here” whispered Tamara.

“They know, Tamara. No need to hide anymore” said Sandra, happy to embrace her lover.

Tamara was still a little shy but her smile changed and she returned the warm hug, squishing the latex-wrapped woman against her body until it was time for both of them to take their seats. They were there for a reason.

The door of the conference room closed.

In the control room, Karen let out a long sigh.

“What’s wrong?” asked Pete.

“Oh… Nothing special. I’m just… bored” she mumbled.

“Yeah, I feel the same a little.”

“This is not what I signed up for. I signed up to explore, to experiment, to discover, not to monitor planet activities in case of an invasion” she said. I’m missing the action, the mystery. I remember when we were searching for… the ghost of the Moon,” she giggled.

“Yes, I miss that too, but I’m, sure things will settle down. It’s only been a few months. We have to give them, to give Earth time to cope with all of this,” he said, making a broad gesture to englobe his own suit as well as the whole station, up to the hovering Nagusian ship.

“I know, but I’ve been thinking. I would like to go back to the Oppenheimer crater, down south. There were some minerals there I found before this whole asteroid thing that I would like to investigate more” she said.

“I don’t see why not. I’m sure we can arrange something. It’s been weeks since we’ve received any communication from Earth, or threats, or anything. I think we could lower our surveillance. A little,” he said.


Season 2

Episode 10: Farewell.

Scene 10-2 Love Birds.

The rover was cruising along the craters of the south region of the far side of the Moon, heading for the Oppenheimer crater, 1000 km south of the Lunarian Moonbase. Since it is a relatively rough terrain, it takes about a week to get there.

Of course, they could have used a shuttle or asked the Nagusians for a temporary shelter and transport bubbles, but they wanted to do it the old way, the right way, the way they, the people of the Moon, the people coming from Earth, with their technologies, would have done it.

After all, the Nagusians were not here to stay forever, and the best way to show them that they were capable of taking care of themselves, was to do it their way.

They were at -30 degrees of latitude, passing near the Rumford crater, still around 100km north of the rim of Oppenheimer. It was still pitch dark, the starry sky being the only light source, except for their rover lights. Since one day on the moon is roughly 30 Earth days, they had planned their trip so that they would reach Oppenheimer at the beginning of a Lunar day, in about 12 hours.

Karen, who was driving the rover at that time, slowed down, stopped, and turned off all the exterior lights.

“Is there a problem?” asked Pete.

“No, nothing wrong,” she said, slowly turning to Pete. “it’s just that… I want you. And I want you soooo bad!” she said with a sultry voice Pete had never heard before.

“Yes… Me too, Karen, but… he said, putting his hand at his helmet.

“Shhh…” she said, slowly approaching, coping with the low gravity.

She reached him and gently took his hands. With a gentle push, she led him to one of the bunk beds at the back of the rover.

“Just let it flow…” she said, flipping the inside lights off as she floated by the switch on the low lunar gravity.

“I want you so much,” he stuttered, “I don’t know what’s going on…”

“I don’t care. Let’s do this, here, now,” she softly said as she turned around so she would be lying on her back, trying to make enough place for the two of them to cuddle inside the cramped space.

He softly and slowly climbed over her, smooth latex leg brushing against smooth latex leg. Their heads got closer.


“Damn…” he said, giggling, “I forgot I was wearing this.”

“Me too,” she said, her shoulders slowly jumping from the giggle, as he slid his helmeted head beside her. “But… as strange as it may seem… I’m feeling your tongue in my mouth.”

“Y…yeah… me too. Oh, feels so good.”

“And strange to talk with my mouth full,” she said, making them both giggle.

But their giggles were quickly replaced by soft moans as their bodies began to rub against each other, Karen grabbing Pete’s buns, pulling them toward her, hard. Their steel belts clank as they touched. Their body movements made them brush against each other, sending vibrations up their toys.

“I’m… I’m feeling you… inside me…” whispered Karen.

“And… I feel myself… inside of you…” he whispered back as his hips began the slow thrusting movements, feeling it as if his throbbing member was really inside the latex-sealed and steel-clad woman

“Oooo…” he mumbled. He didn’t have to explain. He knew she was feeling it too. It’s like they were touching, skin against skin. He could feel her goosebumps, he could feel the grass under them, he could smell the flowers.

He looked up, at the same time Karen did.

“Do… Do you see that?” he whispered.

“Yes. It’s beautiful! How?…”

“I don’t know but I’ll take it,” he said with a confident voice, concentrating back on the task at hand, sort of speak, gently stroking her lover, who responded by rubbing his back, his butt, squishing his head against hers, feeling his cheeks against hers. It was as if the suit had vanished, but could still be felt, through her fingers, through her touch. She felt his skin, and at the same time, her rubber coating, getting tighter over her body, squishing her hard, tightening around her neck, as she wished to.

They were feeling the warm breeze and the hot sun heating their black rubber skins. They could hear the small water stream flowing nearby. The view was breathtaking, with high peaks mountains with glaciers and a clear lake. They were lying in a field of purple flowers. He slowly grabbed her wrists from his back and brought her over her head, spreading her arms slightly, on each side of her head, pinning them down, pinning her down, restraining her, as his strokes increased, in response to Karen’s own meanings.

His strong hands pinning down her wrists put her in some sort of bondage, and she loved it. Plus the struggling to breathe as the suit tightened around her neck, was arousing as hell! Her breath became shallower as the orgasm built, and it seemed that Pete was building his own orgasm at the same time.

He gently rocked his chest against her erect nipples, which sent her to another level of pleasure, as she orgasmed and he discharged his load into her, both orgasming in sync.

He never felt anything remotely like that.

She never felt anything remotely like that.

That orgasm was literally out of this world.

He gently rolled beside her, panting, trying to catch his breath, looking at Karen who was obviously trying to do the same. She turned toward him. He could ‘see’ her smiling.

“Wow…” she said.

“Wow…” he replied.

That’s all they could say, looking at their dark helmet, reflecting the control lights of the rover. He gently rubbed his rubber hand over her rubber chest, down to the chastity belt, firmly locked in place.

“Perhaps we shouldn’t have fused those locks,” he said, placing his hand on the fused metal lump that was once a lock.

“Who cares, I felt you fine,” she whispered. A happy whisper. A content whisper.

“I wonder…”

“I don’t care,” she replied, “but I want to know where this place is. I want to go there. I want to have sex there, smell the flowers, feel the wind.”

“In rubber?”

“I believe that, in these suits, everything is possible,” she said as she grabbed his helmet and pulled it against her helmet. They were both stunned and happy to feel the warm kiss.

“Trimaii will have one heck of a surprise when she will be reviewing those data,” he said.

They both laughed!

On the moon, Sandra was sitting on the exam table after Trimaii finished scanning her again.

“Thank you again for your cooperation, Sandra,” said Trimaii.

“It’s no big deal,” said Sandra. “After all, you saved my life.”

“Yes, but what kind of life? You are stuck inside an artificial skin, which I don’t know what it will do to you in the long run.”

“I’m sure it’s better than death by radiation poisoning,” said Sandra, rubbing her thigh with her latex-coated hands.

“Well, I hope you understand that we thought the suit was inert, but as you already know, Pete and Karen seemed to have strange side effects with it, as if the suit is, well, alive, and since I have you as a… well…”

“Don’t be afraid of the words, Trimaii. Just say it: a fresh experiment. I am a fresh experiment,” giggled Sandra.

“Yes… well… as a… fresh experiment… I can start from the beginning and see how the serum, your skin, and the suit, interact with one another.

“And how are they reacting?” asked Sandra.

“Pretty weirdly,” said Trimaii, looking at her console. “I honestly can’t make up what’s going on. I would need more computing power. I would need to analyze this data on Nagusia.”

“Uh…” said Sandra.

Suddenly, she felt a change in her suit. It became warmer, it even felt tighter. Her crotch seemed to get… wetter? She was puzzled. At that same moment, Tamara entered the observation room. She smiled as she saw Sandra. Not just a normal smile, not just a welcome smile, but something deeper, warmer, more personal. She wiggled her fingers at Sandra.

Sandra responded with a warm hello. She felt herself blushing. She liked Tamara’s company. Heck, they were lovers, but she never felt that way before.

“I think I’m in love…” she said. “Shit!” she quickly added, realizing that her thought processor had spit it all out.

Trimaii looked at her with a stunned face. Tamara blushed.

“Feeling is mutual,” she whispered back, mainly mouthing so that only Sandra could see it, despite the protective window and her helmet.

“Do you still need me?” asked Sandra.

“What? OH… sorry, no,” said Trimaii, getting out of her concentration from looking at the data. You can go, Thank you.”

Sandra walked out of the examination room and hugged Tamara. She quickly let her go and looked at her, puzzled.

“What’s wro…” began to ask Tamara, but Sandra quickly hugged her back, tighter.”

“What’s going on?” asked a very puzzled Tamara.

“Kiss me,” said Sandra

“Uh… what? But… your helmet?”

“Please, just do it…”

Tamara executed, grabbing Sandra’s helmet and gently applying her lips to it. Immediately Sandra moaned. “I… I can’t feel it! It’s so weird. I can feel your kiss. I can feel your tongue. I can feel your breath. I can also taste your mouth. Oh gosh, totally weird,” she said.

Tamara took a step back and licked the smear her tongue had left on the helmet.

“All I felt was the glass… and it wasn’t that good,” she said, looking back and forth between Trimaii and Sandra. “It’s a joke, right?”

“I don’t know. Nothing I’m part of,” said Trimaii. “Sandra? Was it only a joke?”

“No, it wasn’t. I felt all warm and suddenly, all I wanted was a kiss from Tamara. I was feeling so horny… I’m sorry. I don’t know what came to me.”

A series of notification sounds were played at the console Trimaii was manning. She frantically looked at the different displays.

“It’s a data stream from Karen and Pete. It’s… weird. What the hell is going on there?” she asked nobody in particular.

Curious, Tamara and Sandra approached, but the data didn’t tell them much.

“Are they in danger?” asked Tamara. “I can have a rescue team within two hours there if needed. Are they at… what’s the name… Open Nimmer crater?”

“Openheimer,” corrected Sandra.

“No, they’re about 100km from it, but their data, it’s… Wow… I… What the hell is going on there? That… I… But if…”

Tamara, figuring that Trimaii was too caught up with the data to do anything else, wrapped her arm around Sandra’s waist and was about to walk out when Trimaii called her back.

“Wait! Hum… Sandra… Did you say that you felt Tamara’s kiss? Did it feel really authentic? Real?”

“Oh, absolutely. If I closed my eyes, I could feel it in my mouth… although it’s already filled with the tubes and stuff. It was as if the tubes had disappeared. Crazy, right?”

“Not… not that much. If I interpret that data correctly, Karen and Pete made love as if they were naked, yet they’re fully covered in rubber. How can that be?” she asked puzzled.

“Wait,” said Tamara. “Are you saying that the suit… feels everything?”

“Looks like it, but in a weird way…” said Trimaii.

“Can I have one too?” asked Tamara.

“You want what?” asked a stunned Sandra.

“All I tasted was the glass of the helmet. I want to taste… you” she said, looking at Sandra. What if by wearing a suit I can do that?”

“Nah, come on, Tamara. We all know that the suit merges with the serum and becomes… whatever it becomes. The Lunarians who didn’t receive the serum don’t have that, shall I say, feature, and we all know that we’ve been using that serum on us without any of those side effects.

“Yes… you’re right,” said Tamara, thinking. She then put her hand to the side of her head. “I have a communication from the moonbase. Can I take it here?”

Trimaii left her seat to give it to Tamara.

“Hey, Tamara, it’s Joanne. Listen, something weird is going on here with the suits… I… we… can feel stuff.”

“What the fuck?”


Season 2

Episode 10: Farewell.

Scene 10-3 The New Order

The door opened and out came a tall woman, in a deep purple latex suit, covering her whole body, her head enclosed in a tight-fitting helmet with a dark front lens. Her waist was kept thin with the help of a constricting corset. There was a steel belt wrapping her waist with a band going down between her legs to go back up between her buns. She was walking on wedge high-heel booties.

She was moving as if she was floating on a cloud, half walking, half dancing. Just behind her, holding her hand, another woman, dressed similarly, but in red, was seemingly in the same mood.

Trimaii watched them walk out.

“You two seem to be in a good mood,” she jokingly said.

“It’s not perfect yet,” said the red one, “but it’s getting better with every… session,” she said, looking at the woman in red.

“And for you, Sandra?” asked Trimaii.

“Same. If I compare with Pete and Karen, I’m still not up to their level of feeling, but it’s getting better.”

“Do you have any idea of… why?” asked the purple one, taking off her helmet, showing a head of sweaty blue hair.

“I still have more analyses to carry, Tamara, but to allow the suit to be as skin-tight fitting as possible, we put nanobots within the compound. We know those machines have some artificial intelligence and that they communicate with each other, but to behave like that is very new. It’s as if they have re-programmed themselves, starting with Pete and Karen, then, when they were in close contact with each other, just brushing against one another, they transferred some of the information. That’s why the progression was faster between the love birds as they were constantly touching each other in the rover, and each fleet of nanobots exchanged with the other.

The process had begun for the rest of the Lunarians but with a slower progression. That’s why it was just the feeling of a slight touch when they first noticed it. I strongly believe that they will, I should say ‘evolve’ rapidly once Pete and Karen are here in a few hours.

On a slightly different subject, how is the suit feeling?”

“I like it,” said Tamara, rubbing her hand over her rigid corset.”

“And I like it too,” said Sandra, gently leaning her head on Tamara’s shoulder. ” And you look splendid in it.”

Tamara put a gentle kiss on Sandra’s helmet, then put her fingers at her temple.

“They’re about to arrive. We should go down to the Moon to greet them.”

Some time later, the airlock opened. Karen and Pete entered and froze in front of the group of Lunarians and that… new one in a purple suit. They looked at each other, not sure if they should ask.

The one in the purple suit removed her helmet, revealing who she was.

“Tamara? What the heck?” asked Karen. “What happened here? Another accidental exposure? Did Earth do this?”

“No, all is fine,” said Tamara under the giggles of the rest of the group. “It’s just that some things happened here also… with the suits.”

“What? You… know about the suits? Did you tell anybody?” asked Pete to Karen.

“No… I didn’t say anything! I…”

“It’s me,” said Trimaii. “I shared the news.”

“The news?” asked Pete and Karen in a single voice.

“How the suit reacts. You do know we have constant surveillance of the suits, right?”

“Uh… Constant? I thought that you had data only when we were within the moonbase or on the Corrreus,” said Karen.

“Well, the rover talks to the moonbase and the moonbase talks to the Corrreus…”

“Uh… OH! So… you know…” stuttered Karen.

“Don’t worry you two, what was private is still private, but we all know about how the suits sort of came ‘alive’. Their suits had a similar action.”

“Really? But… I thought it was the serum that made the suit special,” said Pete.

Trimaii and Tamara explained what happened, which explained the reasons why she was wearing the suit.

“Of course,” continued Tamara, “mine is a little different as it’s not permanent, hence the removable belt. Also, although I tried, I couldn’t cope with… how do you call them again? Ballet boots? Anyway, these are more for me,” she said showing her wedge boots with nonetheless a sizable heel height.

“So… what do you want… us to do?” asked Karen. “Sleep with everybody?”

“I wouldn’t mind sharing your bed… both of you,” said Joanne

“I don’t think we will have to get to that but close contact might, in fact, increase the process so… why not start with a group hug, Pete and Karen in the middle and the rest around them? Try to touch them as much as possible,” said Trimaii. “We’ll see what it did to the nanobots.”

In a concerto of rubber and clanking steel, they all gathered into a compact circle. It was weird but that hug was welcomed by everybody. It was feeling awesome. They felt love, peace, caring for each other. The hug, without anybody doing it voluntarily, became tighter and tighter. They all loved it, until Pete spoke up that he would need to inhale at some point.

The hug broke in a burst of laughter.

“Now what?” asked Joanne.

“Just live your life normally. Let the nanobots do their work,” she said.

+ + +

The room was dark. Squeaky rubbery noises could be heard, accompanied by some plastic colliding sounds as well as metal brushing against metal.

An occasional moan could also be heard. There was even a sound very similar to chains being yanked.

Sandra was lying spread-eagled on her back, her limbs stretched taut to each corner of the bed. Tamara was gently rubbing her body against her, their steel belts slowly banging against each other.

Her latex-covered hands ran along the tied-up body, starting at the hips, then feeling the tight corset crushing her already thin waist, slowly sliding up, covering the breasts with the erected nipples, up to the shoulders, the upper arms, up her lower arm, as her shiny purple body was gently pressing against the red latex sealed one, sending love vibrations through the suits.

It was better than skin-to-skin contact. It was like every cell of their bodies was getting an orgasm just by touching.

In their gagged mouth, they could feel each other’s tongues exploring them. They could smell each other’s breath. They also could feel as if Tamara was inside her, thanks to her hermaphrodite biology.

The warmth of their bodies mixed as Tamara’s rocking motion gently accelerated. She brought her hands to Sandra’s shoulders, to her breasts, gently squishing them as their helmets were brushing side to side.

Sandra pulled on her bonds, which she found really arousing. Her pleasure was also transmitted through the nanobots to Tamara’s suit, to her skin. She was feeling Sandra and Sandra was feeling her. Almost a symbiosis of two different people, both loving it.

The orgasms slowly built, keeping the pleasure growing slowly but steadily. Their breath accelerated, their heartbeat followed.

Just one touch there.

A little more pressure here.

A second thrust motion.

A moan.

Two moans.

The orgasm filled their brain, each one experiencing the best orgasm they ever experienced. Again. The pleasure was genuine.

Sandra let out a low grunt. Fuck the mute function! She wanted to say what she wanted to say. Tamara giggled. She had put her thoughts on mute. Her suit might be different, removable, same thing with the helmet, but when fully suited, she was as Sandra was: sealed, gagged and plugged, her only means of communication was the synthetized voice of the thought translator.

The little shaking of her giggle increased the power of the orgasm tenfold! They both launch, both sharing the pleasure, both experiencing their own orgasm as well as the other.

Nothing could compare to that. Nothing.

The pleasure wave ran top to bottom many times before slowly coming to a rest. Tamara let herself roll over on Sandra’s side, still gently rubbing her corseted lover from her gloved hand.

“That was very good,” she whispered.

Sandra giggled.

“Yeah… very… VERY good!” she answered, squirming in her bondage.

She liked it. She was not eager to get free and Tamara knew it. From discussion, from experience and from still sharing her pleasure. Each pull on her wrists, on her ankles shackle just awakened the orgasm. Just a little bit but, just enough to enjoy.

“I know it’s hard but… we, or rather, I have some job to do,” softly said Tamara. “You want to stay there a little longer or…”


“Very well, then,” said Tamara, slowly sliding off the bed, still gently rubbing Sandra’s tied-up legs. “I’ll come free you when it will be time to go.”

“Whatever…” moaned Sandra, pulling on her bonds.

“Shit, stop it!” said Tamara, giggling. She was still receiving the pleasure waves!

She commanded the retraction of the gag but nothing happened.

“I think there’s someth…” began to say Tamara as everything felt silent. She looked at Sandra, panicking, trying to pull the helmet off. She could still sense Sandra, and she was giggling.

“I muted it.”

Tamara froze.

“I got myself an access to your helmet. I can control it… see… not you don’t.” she said as Tamara’s visor turned black.

Tamara frantically looked at the nearby desk. The keys. The keys to her padlocks, locking the chastity belt in place were gone.

“Yep, I hid them. You’re mine!” said Sandra, laughing.

Tamara tried to gesture, to send telepathic signals to get freed. She had a job to do. She was expected on the Moon. In her uniform.

“This is gonna be my way,” giggled. Sandra. “Just come free me when you’ll be ready to go,” she said, squirming, softly moaning in her bounds.

Tamara put her hands on her hips in a defiant way.

“If you don’t free me, I’m freeing you…” said Sandra, concentrating back on her own pleasure, leaving Tamara to… suffer. Well, she owned her that for a prank she played on her a few days before.

+ + +

The transport bubbles appeared in the main conference room of the Lunarian Moonbase. The rest of the group was already there: Karen, Pete, Joanne, Viktor, Kim and Lukas, as well as Trimaii and Captain Grimash.

“Finally,” said Grimashwith a grin, “everybody is here,” as Tamara, still in full latex outfit, flanked with the red latex coated Sandra emerged from the bubbles.

“I’m sorry, Captain, for my unorthodox uniform. we encounter some little… issues,” said Tamara as the rest of the crew giggled.

“Yes, I understand, Tamara, but you are still required to perform your duties according to protocole.”

“Yes, Captain. It won’t happen again,” she said, giving Sandra a not-so-subtle elbow kick.

“Okay, I believe you’re all aware of the reason for that meeting. We’ve been here, with you, for almost six Earth months now, and we need to go back to our world, to Nagusia. We have a lot of work to do. Thanks to you, we will have increased the number of crew people on the ship by a very large amount by the time we reach our home planet,” he said, scanning the group.

“For that, we will always be in debt. But, it’s now time for goodbyes. And believe me, as strong as I may appear, I’m dying inside.”

“Oh… thanks to YOU!” said Joanne rushing in to give him a strong hug, to which he responded.

“Thank you. Goodbyes are always hard. As you all know, Trimaii will stay with you and will keep in touch with us. We want to know what will happen with your suit, but also with your world. She volouteered because SHE also wants to know more about you and, well, probably with the help of the newly formed Lunar Organisation, learn a little bit more about your… ahem… regular reproductive processes.”

There was a small giggle in the room.

“I… I would like to make an announcement,” said Sandra, taking a step forward and grabbing Tamara’s hand. “After a long and very thoughtful discussion, we have decided to live together… on Nagusia.”

“Say what?” exclaimed Viktor.

“I’m leaving Earth, or the Moon, depending on how you see it. I’m going with them, I’m going with her,” she said, hugging Tamara tighter.

“Wow… Never saw that coming… NOT!” said Joanne, starting a laughing round. “I wish you two the best. Have fun and keep in touch with us, will you?”

“Of course, we will,” said Tamara.

“And… we have an announcement to make too,” said Karen.

“Yeah, as if we don’t know it already, you’re getting married, right?” said Lukas.

“Not exactly,” said Pete, looking at Karen, as if to confirm that it was really their decision. “We’re going to Nagusia too.”

“Oh! That is unexpected,” said Kim. “Why?”

“Well, we want to see Nagusia, that’s for one. And two, honestly, we don’t know how our bodies will react to the suit. I was badly burned by the radiation and although we, and I include Sandra with it, have somewhat skin-bound with the suit, my body is reacting differently than Karen’s or Sandra’s and I really need to be close to their scientific research to be safe,” said Pete. “Basically, I’m going and Karen decided to follow.”

“That part isn’t a surprise,” said Kim. “I wish you the best and, well, keep in touch.”

“We will.”

Followed a series of hugs, kisses, handshakes and farewells before bubbles brought the Nagusians and the going Lunarians to the Corrreus.

From the bridge of the ship, they witnessed the moon shrinking smaller by the minute before the whole space around the ship disappeared as it entered faster-than-light travel.

They were heading to Nagusia. A planet that could quickly become a latex and bondage fetishist paradise.

Who knows.

The End.

(c) March 2, 2024



10 episodes

139 pages (US letter)

44611 words

37 renders

3 months in the making

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13 thoughts on “TLSOTM Season 2, EP10

  1. Great! I finished reading it as soon as possible. This story is very long and contains a lot of fetish elements! It exceeded my expectations! I will continue to read many times in the future!

  2. Well that was a really happy end for a big story.
    Thank you really much for all you hard work and the time and love you put inside.
    It is a really great kinky sci-fi story and the end when they are talking about traveling to Nagusia is great.
    Am I the only one which think that they
    Nagusians become the first intergalactic kinky space race travellers?
    I mean it really looks like that they enjoying it really.
    Oh and I like the soft power play which Sandra and Tamara had done near the end.

  3. That was a wild ride! I think I binge-read some parts too fast, I guess I’ll have to read everything a second time, oh well!

  4. Awesome story series.
    Well done sci-fi theme with a wonderful fetish twist.

    So, ummm… where do I sign up for the next moon mission?

    Thank you for sharing your stories and art with the world.

  5. WOW! just read it all in one sitting! Assimilated the SF and Fetish aspects beautifully! Keep up the good work!

  6. A great and long read.
    I’m a big latex lover and my whole life I dream of indestructible latex being invented that can survive long or permanent wear including sports and work. If there was one, I’d wear it all the time.

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