TLSOTM Season 2, EP9





Season 2

Episode 9: The New Moon.

Scene 9-1 Consequences.

Tamara was watching through the window at Trimaii as the medical staff worked on Sandra, ripping her clothes off, and looking at the badly burned shoulder of the unconscious woman. Trimaii was giving directives. She knew what she was doing.

“Damn. We have no choice. Damn…” she repeated, turning around looking at Tamara. “I’m sorry, we have no choice. We have to give her the serum and…”

“I understand,” calmly said Tamara. “Do what you have to do to save her,” she said with mixed feelings. She just hoped that this was what Sandra would have wanted. But she had the feeling she was making the right decision.

+ + +

Back on the Moon, the Representatives, along with Tamara, were in the conference room. The Nagusian made it clear that they would not associate themselves with any of the new territories, but they were willing to help with the negotiations, by providing anything they might need, from transportation to food to counseling, which is why she was there.

“Shit sure hit the fan,” said Claude, looking at some of the news broadcasts from Earth, showing protests. “And it’s only been a week.”

“And we have another one!” said Nicole, filling up for Sandra, representing the ESA Moon Base, busy at a com console. “Moonlight Excursions just joined the L.T.O.,” she said, smiling.

“Cool! So, to date, there are four independent entities on the Moon, right?, the Independent Lunar Group, the Independent Association for Life on The Moon, the Lunar Miner Syndicate, and Moonlight Excursions, right?” said Tamara. “All are independent country-like entities, linked together by the Lunar Treaty Organisation.”

“Exactly,” said Nicole. “There are still a few Earth-bound operations, but it’s okay. The important thing is that Earth has no control power over us. That was a very clever suggestion to divide by zones or entities, like countries, each one managing its own area but under the same umbrella. That really saved the day.”

“And it pissed off a lot of people,” said Claude, pointing at the monitor showing more protests on Earth.

“Of course, and Earth’s history is full of such battles and wars of independence, right Brian?” said Nicole looking at the American representative.

“Yeah… too bad we don’t have a tea mine…” he mumbled with a smirk.

A bubble appeared near the door and a rubber-clad, petite woman was released. She was looking identical to the other Lunarians except for the color of her suit: red. When the bubble disappeared, Nicole rushed to hug her!

“Sandra!! Damn! You look… different,” she said, as she peeled herself away from the slick rubber coating.

“Fuck, yes, it’s awesome, so sexy and… damn! I still have to work on that thought process thing,” she said, making the group laugh.

“You’re sure you’re okay with… this?” asked Claude.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I have some things to get used to, but between this and death, this is rather good. Damn, I’m horny… shit! Shut up, Sandra, stop thinking…” she said, turning to Tamara who looked at her with different eyes. Love was in the air. “Is there a way to shut this thing off?… Never mind. I found it. There that sho…” she said as she suddenly became silent, although she was still gesturing.

“She found the mute button. There should be one like that on every woman,” said Claude, immediately receiving a slap behind the head by the Japanese woman. But they knew he was just joking.

“yeah I know, sorry, but it was an easy one. Now, seriously, how long do you have to wear this? A week? A month? How long does it take to cure a radiation blast like she received?”

Sandra simply raised a little her arms and let them drop, gently slapping her thighs, nodding a small no.

“It might be… forever,” whispered Tamara.

“What? Did I hear… forever? I thought those suits could be removed at any time?” said Nicole.

“Yes, normally, but…” began to explain Tamara, ” but in order to save her, we had to inject her with a serum that boosts the cell replenishment, but also slightly alters the DNA. Human DNA that is, was it doesn’t have any side effects on us. The more we know, the more we learn… At first, we thought, in the cases of Pete and Karen, that the suit was merging with the skin because of the serum they received, thus the suit polymer was at cause. Turned out that the skin was merging with the suit, and if she was not wearing the suit, the skin would slowly, I know it’s gross, but… the skin would melt away, liquefy. In short, the fact that Pete and Karen wanted to live in a rubber suit made us overlook that aspect. Since Sandra’s intent was not to get into a rubber skin in the first place, we didn’t go that way until her skin began to peel off. We looked at the data from Pete again and, well, there you have it.”

“Oh damn! Did you ask her first? Was that what she wanted?”

“When they injected the serum,” said Sandra who obviously had unmuted her thought processor, “I was half dead. Without the serum, I would be dead by now. Tamara decided to go with it. They knew the reaction of the skin with the rubber at that time, but not that the skin needed the rubber. But, hey, it’s not that bad, and I got a lot of gadgets inside … and out of this visor… and it’s red!!”

“Oh… Okay, then… I guess,” said Nicole

“No big deal,” said Sandra, “Anyways, I already own some latex stuff and a chastity belt of my… shit! Shut the fu…” she said as she quickly muted her thought processor again.

There were a few nervous laughs and some wide eyes.

“Ho, gang,” said Claude, still looking at the news from Earth, “Nato just declared that they do not recognize the independent territories of the Moon.”

“That was to be expected,” said Brian. “They’re instigating a blockade. Nothing to or from the Moon allowed to leave orbit.”

“We discussed that,” said Tamara, “we knew something like that would happen. You just have to prove to them that you can fully function without them. You can have some sort of global economy, one entity exchanging its product against something else, energy for water, and so forth.”

“We have some of the largest greenhouses of the Moon and more is on the way,” said the Indian.

“And we just found a new source of frozen water,” said Brian.

“I know you will all sort it out. Now, if you excuse us, Sandra and I have people to meet,” said Tamara, gently guiding Sandra by the shoulder to follow her out of the conference room.

“You’ve had the suit only for a couple of days and you have a lot to… ahem… learn about it, said Tamara, walking along Sandra, smiling, “so I prepared a little session with Pete and Karen,” she said, her hand sliding from Sandra’s shoulder to her hand, gently taking it to squeeze it.

“I feel all warm inside…” said Sandra

“Yeah, me too,” smiled Tamara.

She led her to the vacbed rooms where Karen and Pete were waiting for her. In the new base, there were no separate bedrooms for men or women. They all slept together. There was nothing to hide anyway.

“What is that?” she asked, looking at the strange inclined tables.

“This is where we sleep, said Karen. “They’re vacbeds. Soft of. You are held inside it by vacuum.”

“But… why?” she asked. “Aren’t normal, horizontal beds better or does this suit require something special?”

“A little bit of everything,” said Karen. Just hop in and you’ll understand. Just don’t be scared. No harm will be done to you. All of it is normal. Just… take it as it goes. If you don’t like something, the bed will detect it and adjust accordingly. Just let yourself flow. There’s nothing taboo, just… enjoy the ride,” she said with a very sultry voice.

Sandra took place, helped by the low gravity, not really sure. The goo quickly rose from the mattress and engulfed her. Pete and Karen looked at each other. No words were needed. They each took a bed and were quickly engulfed by the rigid membrane.

She barely felt the membrane rise through the bed frame and wrap her, until the wrapping actually begins. Suddenly, she felt compressed and unable to move. At first, she panicked and tried to get free, but nothing moved. She was stuck. She thought about calling for help but she remembered Karen saying that everything would be fine. And her visor blacked out.

She worked hard to calm herself. She wanted to move, but couldn’t, and weirdly enough, the more she struggled to get free the more interesting it became.

Yes, sure, she had some latex items at home as well as a chastity belt but this was way more than just wearing a belt. this was bondage. Very severe bondage, and… she liked it.

She was discovering a side of her that she always thought, even wished she had: a very kinky side.

Her anxiety flew away gradually as she adapted to her immobility, as she let herself be engulfed by the bondage, by the bed, by the sensation of helplessness.

Then things got weird. Was she dreaming or the plugs that were there, supposedly for her cleaning, were… alive? Was it a side effect? Was it the latex merging with her skin? It was disturbing and… arousing. Well, didn’t Karen say to enjoy the ride? She let herself go. She closed her eyes.

Oh yes, it was feeling good. Every time she tried to move she got aroused, and the harder she tried, the stronger she was restrained. And those inserts… Oooo… She began to breathe more heavily, faster, and the more she tried to move her hips, the less she was able to. Frustrating and arousing as hell! That seemed to amplify the feeling on her crotch. Instinctively, she tried to reach her crotch. She was used to a chastity belt, but also at teasing herself, trying to insert a finger between the belt and her crotch, but when she tried, the vacbed held her hand in place. Immobile. Restrained.

And they slept like that? How the hell did they sleep? That was nothing to make anybody fall asleep, this was all to keep them awake and aroused! Oh damn!

The vibration increased, getting stronger, but sometimes it seemed to come from her crotch, other times from the butt plug. They were dancing, and that vacbed. It seemed to stretch, to pull her feet and head apart, like those medieval torture tables.

But it wasn’t torture. She liked it. She wanted more. She grunted. Oh! That was good. Yes, more. She squeezed her hips, her bitt, increasing the feeling. That was all she could do, the rest of her body held immobile by the vacbed. The orgasm was building up. It would be strong. She felt herself lifting off, flying in the weightless void of space. Her visor turned to black and then projected stars as if to illustrate what she was feeling. Hell, she could be really floating in space for all she knew. Nonetheless, that was good, arousing, and she felt the orgasm building up.

Her breath became shallower as the heat of her crotch increased. She loved the compression of the corset and she could also feel the steel band around her waist, around her crotch. Yes, the pleasure was building, she was eager to release it, that would be a good orga…. wait, what the hell?

“No, don’t stop, not there. Not now! Go back, GO BACK!” she yelled.

She tried to get free of the vacbed, frustrated, pissed off. She wanted that orgasm now. Why tease her to deny her at the worst moment… Oh… wait!

She calmed herself down and simply enjoyed the frustration, as if some dominatrix was controlling her urges, or rather her means to release the urge. That’s how she saw it, someone was controlling her. Whether it was a computer or a person, she didn’t give a damn. She was not in control and that was the arousing part. Soon, her crotch was again on fire and the inserts were vibrating her brain out of her head, when they stopped, again, one vibration away from the orgasm.

She screamed in frustration and struggled as hard as she could.

From the exterior, her scream was heard because she didn’t mute her thoughts-to-speech app, but apart from that, nothing moved. She was completely immobile.

She was panting. The corset she loved at first, now she hated. She wanted a full gasp of air, she wanted to stretch her lungs, her chest. She wanted to move her legs. Damn, she should have put them closer together, not that ‘comfortably apart’ position.

The vibration started again, faint at first, like all the other ones, then it increased, powering up for another orgasm. As the pleasure grew, as she squirmed as hard as she could, she dreaded the moment it would stop, evidently at the worst moment. That thing was torturing her, and it apparently was having a ball.

But the teasing didn’t stop. And she was so afraid to lose it all at any moment that she, herself, was holding back the orgasm, when, suddenly, it exploded.

Her brain lit up at a pleasure level didn’t know possible. Every cell of her body was dancing with pleasure. Waves after waves of orgasmic mayhem ran through her body, from the tip of her toenails to her scalp.

Her muscles contracted and released at an incredible speed, making the whole bed frame slightly vibrate, as she let out a really out-of-this-world groan, the speech synthesizer going wild, trying to translate the feeling.

Her eyes rolled backward as her breathing was cut off, sending another rush of pleasure hormones rummaging throughout her whole body. The orgasm seemed to go on forever, lasting a good minute before slowly subsiding, everything gradually stopping.

Her mind was fucked! Her body became limp and was only holding on by the rigid membrane of the vacbed. She tried to stay awake but just couldn’t. She needed to sleep it off.

In a last effort, she opened her eyes. Her visor had cleared. Standing in front of her, the Lunarians, glancing at each other before looking again at Sandra.

“That was one fucking good ride,” said Sandra, before falling asleep from exhaustion.

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