Karen – Long Distance.


The phone was ringing.

“Oh, please, answer…” she whispered.

The call was answered. The distant recipient seemed to fondle with her phone. A video feed appeared, showing the ceiling, some pieces of furniture, and finally the smiling face of a blond woman.

“Hello Karen!” she said all smiling.

“Hello Sandra,” answered Karen, also smiling. “Did you get it?”

“Yes, lucky as hell, got it by the end of the day.”

“Perfect. Now…we open them together, right? At the same time. Let me set my phone down,” said Karen, putting the phone on a miniature tripod sitting on the table so that the box she was about to open was visible, while Sandra did the same thing from her place halfway across the country.

A long-distance relationship. Not the best of relationships but love knows no frontiers. And with today’s technologies, it’s a lot easier.

They were like kids on Christmas. They had sent each other gifts. the style of the gifts was well-defined, but the gifts themselves were left to each other’s choice.

Sandra ripped the brown paper wrapping and burst out laughing. A few seconds later, on the other end of the video phone call, Sandra did the same.

And at the same time, they showed the box to each other… The same box! They had gotten each other the same thing!

“What were the odds, right?” asked Sandra.

“Well, actually… pretty high,” giggled back Karen.

Karen, and also Sandra, opened the box and retrieved a very large dildo, with a very defined and highly engineered shape, as well as a large buttplug. At the same time, they looked at the charge status.

“Fully charged. Both of them,” said Sandra.

“Same here,” said Karen, laughing. “Now what?”

“What do you mean, now what? We do as we have planned,” said Sandra, removing her sweatshirt to reveal a bright red latex catsuit.

“Oh! You’re way ahead of me, here,” said Karen. “I haven’t put mine on yet.”

“What? How come? We were supposed to,” said Sandra, a little disappointed.

“I worked late and just got home. Since we had set up the phone call for exactly 19:00, I didn’t have time to change,” said Karen.

“Well, just do it. And don’t turn off your phone. I want to see it!” said Sandra, smiling ear to ear.

“Uh… hum… okay.” stuttered Karen as she picked up her phone to go to her bedroom and put it down on the dresser, adjusting the angle for the best view.

She walked to the closet and retrieved a purple catsuit.

“No, not that one! The black one!” yelled Sandra over the phone.

“But… It’s…” began to say Karen.

“It’s food wrap thin. I put on my thick catsuit, you will put on yours. We have to do the same, remember?” she said, giggling at the fact that Karen was trying to weasel herself out of the deal.

Under Sandra’s watchful eyes, Karen undressed, then coated her body with a thick coat of silicone oil, putting a copious amount over her shoulders, knowing that she would need it when it will be time to take the suit off. A neck entry catsuit that tight and this thick was a blast to wear but a hassle to take off alone.

She put a towel on the edge of the bed and sat on it, bending down to feed the thick latex over her feet. Starting with the left leg, she put it through the narrow neck opening, fed most of the suit over it and then slowly fed her leg down the tight rubber, down to her feet, rubbing the latex so that it would pop into the attached toe sock. She repeated the procedure with her right leg.

Already, her breath was shaking. Latex was such a strange material. It was cold and hot at the same time.

She carefully pulled it over her legs, stretching the neck opening over her knees, thighs, and waist, pulling along the rest of the rubber suit, rubbing her hands to remove any wrinkles as the legs were slowly covered, encased into the slick material.

Already, she liked the look, the light from her bedroom reflecting on it.

She shivered when she pulled it tight against her crotch, letting out a little moan.

“I feel you, there!” she heard Sandra say over the phone.

“shut up…” mumbled Karen, lost in her own inner thoughts.

She grabbed the collar and pulled it upward, up to just below her breasts then began to squeeze her left arm inside the collar.

“Wait! What are you doing?” asked Sandra.

“Duh! Putting my arms in. What’s wrong? Is it backward?”

“No, silly, the hood. You need to put the hood first,” said Sandra.

“No, I don’t need to. It will fit under the collar, no problems,” answered Karen.

“You have to put the shoulder hood.”

“Why? You don’t… hey, when did you put it on?”

“While you were moaning at the suit riding up your legs. I pulled the shoulder down, put on the hood and put everything back up. See?” she said, stretching the neck opening, showing the large yoke of the hood underneath it.

With a sigh, Karen complied and walked again to the closet to come back with the dreaded hood. It was a garment, made as if the maker had glued a halter top to a hood. It was to be put on like a T-shirt.

Karen pulled it over her head, feeding her arms through the openings, then pulled the hood over her head, feeling the narrow neck squish her head, her nose, until it slid in place, wrapping her head into its tight embrace.

She had to admit: she loved the feeling of her head tightly enclosed, feeling her neck tightly squeezed, her hearing impaired, her jaw clamped shut. She just liked it.

“Happy now?” she asked her lover.

Sandra giggled.

Karen continued to put on the suit by squeezing her left arm inside the collar, and with her hand, felt around to find the sleeve opening. Thanks to the lubrification, her hand slid right in. There was some struggle where she needed her right hand to don the suit over the tight wrist section, then her fingers found the attached glove, wrapping themselves in the thick latex.

She pulled her arm out as far as she could to stretch the latex, the collar passing over her ample left breast, reaching her shoulder.

She struggled to put her right arm into the now very stretched neck opening, find the sleeve and pull her arm in it, which put the collar over the shoulder, around her neck, completing the seal over her latex-coated neck. She stretched her arms, rubbed her hands all over her body to stretch the suit, remove any wrinkles and make sure it had settled down at the all the right place. She made sure the collar was not folded by running her fingers inside it, all along its circumference, and finally, rubbed he hands over her latex-coated head.

“Damn!” she said.

“Feels great, doesn’t it?” said Sandra.

“Just putting that thing on covers a dozen of sins,” mumbled Karen.

“I feel you,” said Sandra, gently rubbing her own red suit.

“Okay, ballet boots now?” said Sandra, showing her long boots.

“I’m ready,” said Karen, showing her ballet booties.

They both went to work. Sandra was quicker to put her boots on as they were closed by a zipper, but Karen’s lacing booties took a little more time, but in the end, the results were the same: two latex-clad women balancing on pointed-toe boots.

“I could wear them all day long… if I could,” said Karen.

“I still need a lot of practice before doing that,” giggled Sandra. “I’m not an everyday high-heel wearer like you are.”

“Excuses, excuses, excuses…” answered Karen, picking a heavy garment lying by her side.

“Ready for the corset?” she asked.

She knew it wasn’t one of Sandra’s favorite garments, but a deal is a deal, as she said herself.

Karen picked up her heavy black leather garment and wrapped it around her waist as she glimpsed at Sandra’s image to see… nothing.

“Sandra? Where are you?”

“I’m just here, I’m just off-camera, that’s all,” she hastily answered.

“Off camera? Why? Show yourself,” more or less ordered Karen. “What the fu…”

Sandra appeared, a rather thin and frilly waist cincher wrapped around her waist.

“What the hell is that?” asked Karen. “You’re supposed to put on your red corset, not that… scarf thing,” said Karen, pointing a shaky finger at the screen.

“But… It’s made out of heavy rubber and has rigid steel boning and…”

“That’s what we agreed on. I did not put my heavy catsuit and the shoulder hood for you to put on that silly thing.”

“Yeah… not that you didn’t try…” answered Sandra, looking at her with a smirk.

She was caught. Hasn’t she tried to pass her thin catsuit and forget the shoulder hood? She lowered her head.

“I’m… I’m sorry. But you still have to put the red corset!” she said, looking back at her phone, at Sandra’s feed.

They wrapped the heavy garment over their waist and pulled on the lacing, struggling, moaning, puffing, cursing, until they could no longer get it any tighter.”

Sandra had a hard time. She wasn’t fond of corsets in the first place. That corset was a dare she did but she never intended to wear it.

All because of that silly drinking game: the Ring Toss.

They were already drunk when they decided to order each other’s toys online. Then the game. Each winner would decide what the other would wear.

Of course, things escalated.

By the next morning, they barely remembered what they had said. Even reading their list back was troublesome.

At first, Karen wanted to back off.

“Are you nuts? Let’s do this! This will be fun! Especially with the long-distance thing,” had said Sandra.

And here they were. And here she was. She was the one who pushed for it. Karen said she would wear the red corset, and to be true to her friend, to her lover, she had to do it.

Huffing, she wrapped the heavy rubber garment around her already thin waist and began to pull the lacing. She felt it tighten around her waist, gently squishing at first.

Her breath shivered. She liked it. She was being tightly hugged by very strong hands, tighter and tighter.

With each pull, she felt her body constrict. She felt her waist being grabbed by giant hands and squished. Chris Hemsworth was there, his strong hands squishing her waist as she pulled the laces tighter and tighter.

“Yes, that’s it, Sandra. Tighter,” she heard him whisper in her ears as he pulled harder.

“Are you still there?” he gently asked.

“Oh yes…” she answered in a whisper.

“Sandra? Are you alright?” she heard him say, but his voice was changing, it was becoming more… feminine.

“Yes, I’m…”

She opened her eyes and blinked a few times. She is back facing her phone with Karen staring at her, wide eyes and with a strange smile.

“Euh… Let’s… Let’s give some time for our body to get used to it, shall we?” said Sandra, panting, quickly knotting her laces in the back.

“Yeah,” said Karen, giggling, knotting the lacing on her back. ” What happened over there?”

“Not… Nothing,” stuttered Sandra, blushing. “Let’s use… hem… yes, we can use this free time to put on the cuffs. Yes, we should do that, shall we?”

Karen laughed. “Yes, let’s do that.”

They showed each other their sets of cuffs: Sandra had a full set of steel cuffs and a collar, while Karen had leather ones, including a large posture collar.

They proceeded to put each cuff in the same place at the same time, locking it at the same time, just to prove to each other that they were really doing it. Only the collar was kept for the last, as they still needed their neck mobility.

“Shall we try the corset again?” said Karen, eager to feel her body squeezed by the extreme garment.

They walked to their bedroom doors and fed the loops of the lacing on the knobs on each side of the door, then slowly walked away, using their own body weight to pull the lacing. More puffing, more moaning and more cursing, then they tightly knotted the lacing. They put the laces on a specially made pouch which covered them, and had a small hasp where it could be locked closed. Now, they had no access to the lacing at all!

Sandra produced the toys.


“I think we should gag ourselves first. We’re gonna get loud with those on!” suggested Karen.

Laughing, they both put on their gags, Karen with a harness ballgag, and Sandra with a panel gag with a large penis shape insert.

They tightened it very tightly, but they couldn’t lock it. They had to eat after all, and doing that with a gag was not very practical, so they agreed that the only devices that would be kept unlocked were the gags.

But for good measure, they threaded numbered a zip-tie on the locking hole. They could remove it using wire cutters but they had no quick and easy way out, and more, with the numbered zip tie, anyone could tell if one had been removed and replaced!

The toys.

They opened their crotch zipper and proceeded with the toys, starting with the butt plug. They first showed each-other that they were on and connected to the app, then coated them with a lot of lubricant before gently inserting them.

Both of them moaned, at about the same time, making them giggle. That didn’t help relax their buttholes!

Karen’s eyes were as wide open as her stretched rectum as the largest section of the oval-shaped ball passed through her sphincter, but had a sigh of relief once it was passed.

She wiggled her butt a few times to make sure it was well inserted before picking up the very large and huge dildo. She looked up and Sandra was doing the same: rubbing a generous amount of lubricant while holding her in front of her face.

They were smiling, and it was visible through the gags.

Like synchronized swimmers, they put their hands down at the same time, to reach for their hole and gently insert the large intruders, gently twisting it, pulling and pushing on it. Their eyes rolled back as they moaned almost in a single voice.

They looked into each other’s eyes as they slowly pulled the crotch zipper closed, sealing the toys in place, trying not to giggle.

Next was time for the chastity belt, which was sort of ironic as they were actually not chastising themselves, but locking pleasure toys in! So it was quite the contrary: they were locking themselves INTO guilty pleasures!

Karen wrapped the steel waistband around her corseted waist then pulled the crotch strap between her legs, moaning as it pushed the toys deeper inside. Her eyes were flickering as she pulled hard to reach the closing mechanism.

She looked at her phone. Sandra was living a similar experience, but something was odd as if she was pulling the crotch strap, then letting it loose and pulling it again, and letting it loose.

Karen clapped her hands to get her attention. Sandra seemed to snap off some daydream and giggled. She pulled the crotch strap into the locking mechanism.

With her latex-coated fingers, Karen made a sign: 3… 2… 1



There, they were locked in.

The toys were locked in by the belt, locking the corset, itself locked, which locked the suit in place. For Sandra, the ankle cuff locked the boots in place while Karen had simply added a small lock between two lacing holes at the narrowest point of the ankle booties, locking them in place.

The wrist cuffs prevented them from taking the top of the suit off, and the shoulder hood.

They were trapped!

At the same time, they took their keyrings, held the keys for all the locks and the belt, and put them inside a timed box.

Looking carefully at each other, they set the timer for 44 hours, 48 leaving them too short to get out of it and get a good night’s sleep before going back to work the next day. They would get free by Sunday evening. Not before!

48 hours sealed in rubber. 48 hours locked into a chastity, or rather, a pleasure belt. 48 hours of teasing and, perhaps, denial, controlled by their lover, hundreds of kilometers away.

They each took their phone. That would be the last time they would talk for the next 48 hours. That was the deal.

But it would not be the last time they would interact. Their toys were connected. They made each other a heart with their fingers before ending the video call.

Their deal was that there were no rules. One could simply let her lover completely devoid of any pleasure, wait a few hours, or… right away!

Karen crouched down as the toys, both of them, began to vibrate. Note having worn them before, she had no clue if this was the low or high setting! She just wished this was the high one, because anything higher than that and she would collapse!

“You want to play it rough, hey? Well, take this!” thought Karen as she opened the app, selected the dildo, and gave it a 5-second burst at full power!

She laughed, trying to imagine what Sandra went through, and waiting for the return of fire.

Her toys shut down. Completely. She stopped breathing.

“Nooooo,” she said. “I want to be teased, not denied!”

She was about to write “You’re a bitch” but that would break their non-contact agreement, so she put it back down, jumping up and down on her chastity belt, trying to emulate some vibration.


She sent a very low hum to her lover, about 15 seconds worth of it, like a soft “I’m sorry” message.

And she waited.

And waited.

“Is this thing on?” she asked herself, going to the bathroom to retrieve a small mirror and trying to look at the power lights of the toys. They were green and the comlink was blinking.

So, Sandra was giving her the silent treatment, right? Well, she was not to simply wait there doing nothing. And it was too early to go to bed. Perhaps she should simply go on with her painting.

She was an avid painter and she was doing a piece especially for her lover. She walked to her little studio and gathered her paint supplies, opened some tubes and poured them over her painting palette. She dipped the brush in red, added a little bit of black, looked at the progression of her piece and applied the paintbrush to the canvas.

A large burst! Powerful! On both toys. Karen jumped, her brush making a streak against the canvas, her paint palette flying off the in the air, landing, of course, face down, while the little table with her painting supply fell backward.

She yelled. She screamed. She cursed!

“Fuck you, Sandra!” she mumbled through her gag, looking at the disaster. But she had to clean it up, and she couldn’t wait. The paint on the canvas was still fresh, so perhaps she could wipe it off before it ruined her painting.

She headed for the kitchen to get the cleaning towels when there was another burst, making her lose balance, ending on her knees, on all fours, when the vibration began again, lasting about a minute before stopping.

Oh yeah, she was teased. Like hell! She was hot, she wanted more but… her painting!

She quickly wet a rag and rushed back to the studio, hopingly before Sandra sent another signal.

As she was starting to wipe the large paint streak, the vibrations started again, powerful, relentless.

Damn! These toys have been made in heaven. Or was it in hell?

Because she was on all four, trying to catch her breath while being relentlessly vibrated, humped, teased.

She tried to gather her painting supplies but she just couldn’t let go of the feeling. The toys were doing their things in sequence, but sometimes totally out of sync, one shutting down, the other waking up. She had no clue if Sandra was commanding all of it, or if it was some sort of automatic program. She couldn’t know, she didn’t read the instructions… yet.

She was crawling on all four, her legs always failing under the constant and very well-controlled teasing.

Her hand slipped on some paint, she collapsed on the floor, her chastity belt banging hard, giving a strong jolt to her toys, the jolt she needed.

She exploded! She screamed, but thanks to the gag, the neighbors didn’t hear her primal scream as the orgasm engulfed her body, filling up her mind with hormones of pleasure, almost blacking out. She rolled on her side, smearing the paint over her suit, and gently rolled on her back, putting both hands at her crotch.

She wanted it to stop. She wanted it to continue. To go even stronger.

No, not needed. She was already overjoyed. She couldn’t breathe.

The vibration was relentless and after the first orgasm, a second was building up.

“No, please. One was enough!” she garbled through her gag, grabbing her belt, pulling on it, pushing on it, which only made things worse. Or was it better?

Just at the high point, where that second orgasm would have burst through her skin, everything stopped and became silent.

Her brain was totally fucked up. On one side, she wanted it to continue, she wanted that orgasm. On the other side, she was glad it stopped, because that second orgasm would have been painful.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Between the tree and the bark.

She let her head drop on the floor, squishing one more tube of paint in the process.

She was pissed off, frustrated, overjoyed and content at the same time.

But Sandra would have to pay it back.

Struggling to get up, smearing more paint, she picked up her phone, opened Sandra’s app and looked a the options. She smiled.

A few keys here, a few more on that menu, back to the main, to the setup, tho the pattern selection.

“That bitch won’t sleep,” she said, giggling, hoping her lover will have a good… night.

+ + +

Sandra was watching TV, giggling, looking at her phone as the pattern was sent out, imagining what Karen would go through.

Her toys were silent and that was to be expected. Karen couldn’t call a pattern for her while enjoying an orgasm.

She expected a reply. A hard one. She hoped to get a taste of her medicine.

She waited. And waited. Nothing.

“Is this sting on?” she asked herself.

She fetched a mirror and looked at the LED lights: on and connected. So, what’s going on? Is Karen okay? The danger with this remote thing is that the person calling the shots has no way of knowing how the other is, if she’s in a dangerous situation. Perhaps she did a bad thing.

It got her worried.

She texted. “Are you okay”.

Yes, she was breaking the rules but it was for Karen’s safety and her own sake. At the same time, they both realized that communication was, in fact, important.

“Bitch!” was the answer received.

She giggled. Karen was alright. Then she received a picture of the mess.

“Oh my gosh,” she replied. “I’m so sorry!”

“No, you’re not. But don’t worry. Revenge is at hand,” was Karen’s reply with a devil emoji.

A few moments later, she received a jolt so powerful that she jumped out of the couch.

“Woah! Those things are friggin powerful!” she said, realizing what she might have sent Karen through.

Then it was silent. No more text, no more images and no more vibration.

Well, if Karen were to give her the silent treatment, she would do the same.

Shortly after, she went to bed.

Sleep was hard to find. The tight latex, the crushing corset, the belt, the toys, the gag, nothing was helping her find sleep.

The night was long. A night of twisting and turning, each time, feeling her confinement, the tight hood over her face, the gag deep in her mouth, the restriction of the corset, the stiffness of the chastity belt, the toys moving inside her. As she was stretching on her bed, Karen sent her a notification that she had cut the zip tie of her gag to allow her to eat. Sandra decided to do the same and made herself a healthy fruity smoothie keeping herself un-gagged a little longer. It was somewhat of a requirement for her next activity.

Then she put her glass of smoothie on a cup holder and hopped on her stationary bike. She fastened the gag back, figuring out she could take it off for a sip then put it back on. She wanted to know how it would feel.

She would usually ride 5 to 10km early every morning to keep in shape. She had a stationary bike in case of bad weather or, although that was new, for cases like this.

However, she had never ridden a bike with toys and with a chastity belt. Latex, yes, hidden under tight spandex, but gagged, corseted, toyed and chastised? That was a first. A lot of first.

Including putting her heeled boots on the pedals. Those things were not made for bicycle pedals.

Carefully, she managed to put her weight on it. She started the ride computer, showing her a screen of a track and off she went. Slowly. Very slowly at first. Pedaling moved her legs a lot, and it moved the toys!

Oh shit! It was maybe not such a good idea, but she was strong-willed. She continued, getting up to speed then she sat.

She yelped. Her toys were pushed deeper inside. That was fun but threw her concentration off. She went gradually, putting more weight on them until she was fully seated.

Yes, she can cope with it. But the breathing was a problem, impaired by the corset and the gag. That wasn’t such a good idea after a…

The toys began to vibrate. Softly at first but getting stronger by the second. They then began to pulse, to hump. That completely threw out body sync. She didn’t know when to breathe, when to bend forward, when to lift the right leg, or was it the left one?

Her foot slipped off the pedals. Her full weight was on the belt, and on the toys, who were getting much higher in power.

Struggling not to simply tumble down, she managed to dismount from the bike, not without knocking out her large glass of smoothie, creating a mess on the floor, and she collapsed, kneeling on the floor, hands at her crotch, as the toys were wreaking havoc inside her body, inside her mind. She let out a long scream.

The toys seemed to be doing everything, from shaking to vibrating to humping, to kicking. She moaned, loudly and wished she had her gag so she could let herself go wild without waking up the whole neighborhood.

She let herself slowly drop on her side, rolling on her back, feeling she was helping spread the smoothie with her suit as she moved, as she squirmed. The orgasm built up quickly, and powerful.

In no time, she exploded, arching her hips upward as the powerful orgasm raged in her crotch. She let her hips down, making her belt hit the floor, creating a new sensation on top of everything else, sort of giving a second kick to the orgasm.

Then, right there, right in the middle of it: silent! Everything died.

She froze in her position, hips half up, knees bent, head backward, waiting, asking herself if it was true or just a brain fart. A sudden power failure? That’s how it felt.

Panting, she let her hips down slowly. As soon as her belt hit the floor, the vibrations started again, weak. Slow. Teasing. It sort of tamed the orgasm.

It would give her time to catch her breath… NOT!

It was back in full power to the dildo for three seconds, then it stopped. Three seconds later, the butt plug vibrated, again for three seconds then stopped. Three seconds later, you guessed it, the dildo fired. Then the butt plug. Then the dildo.

Every move was a struggle. She tried to kneel, to sit to get up. She only had three seconds of pause to move, because once any one of them was vibrating, she would have to stop and cope with the teasing, building another orgasm, little by little.

She needed to reach her bed, or the couch, anywhere where she could lie down and let Karen’s revenge pass.

The bedroom it was. She managed to reach the bed and collapsed on it. She let it go. She let the building orgasm engulf her. She screamed as the pleasure wave ran through her body, the toys relentlessly teasing her, and, as if they knew, they gave a full blast right at the right time, lasting 30 seconds, sending her to heaven.

She was panting, heavily. Damn, she hated that corset, but that same corset hating was arousing. She rolled and slowly crawled to get out of bed, then noticed the disaster: the smoothie had covered her suit and now it covered her comforter!

“Fuck!” she said as, although the toys were now silent, she was still high on orgasmic drugs, and she had to wash her bed.

About half an hour later, she sent a little constant hum to Karen’s toys. A few minutes later, she got the same.

She/they were doing their Saturday house chores while being vibed. The good life.

A few hours later, her toys stopped. First the dildo then about half an hour later, the buttplug. At almost the same time, she got a notification: Karen’s toy batteries were depleted. The same as hers. They both needed to recharge them.

Through text messages, they agreed on a moment by the end of the afternoon. According to the instruction manual, it should take about two hours for both toys to be fully recharged.

Karen headed up for her bed and made sure that all the devices were functioning. She took place and linked her ankles to the chains, already installed on each corner, to her ankle cuffs. She then pulled herself up as high as she could so that the ankle chains were well-tauthed. She then linked a chain from the headboard to her collar. That chain was almost too short, constantly pulling on her neck.

Her breath shook. She loved it. She fixed two heavy pieces of circular steel, about 6cm in diameter, to her wrist cuffs.

She texted Sandra to confirm that everything was good. She heard a faint click, through her latex hood, as the remote-controlled relay energized, sending power to the electro-magnets located on each corner of the headboard.

She stretched her arms to reach the electromagnets with the steel rings she had just installed on her cuffs. With a sharp snapping sound, the left cuff took a stronghold. Now, the right one. With her hand still free, she pulled down her blindfold and resumed her task.

That was a challenge, especially doing it blind. She was very much stretched and she had to pull hard on her wrist cuffs, as well as on ankle cuffs, to have enough slack to reach the electromagnet.


There. She was stuck, blind, stretched and spread-eagled on the bed. The electromagnets were linked to a remote-controlled relay, and as with her toys, Sandra was controlling it. The deal was to keep them energized for the duration of the charging sequence.

However, they hadn’t agreed on a maximum time, and they had no clue how long the other party went with it.

Karen was pissed about the almost ruined painting, so as revenge, she had set up the timer for four hours. She figured that, Sandra had set up her timer for 2 hours so she would have two hours to play with a bound-up lover.

Sandra, on the other hand, was pissed about having to wash her bed, so she set up Karen’s timer at double the initial time agreed. She figured that Karen would have set her timer to the minimum time of 2 hours, and since she would get free first, she would use that two hours to tease Karen to bits.

Oh well… Like minded attracts… right?

The catch? None of them was to have any kind of time elapsed indicating devices (also known as clocks…).

When tied up, unable to move much, just laying there, doing nothing, having nothing to do, one minute seems like an eternity. Imagine 240.

They sort of dozed off a few times, but the bondage was so tight, and especially, the neck chain so uncomfortable, which was the desired effect, that they constantly woke up. They tried to move, quickly finding the limit of their restriction. They could move their butt muscles a little, to tease themselves, which they succeeded.


Only teased.

They both became concerned as the release time seemed to take long. Very long. Their only clue was the sun slowly going down, but they couldn’t see it, only the heat given out by its rays moving slowly across their latex-coated body.

But… What was the location for each hour? Nobody has taken note of it before.

The stress of the anxiety increased. Was there something wrong? Was the remote relay working?

Was… the Internet working? After all, all those stunts, the toys, and the electromagnets, relied on an Internet connection. Network blackouts were rare but they still happened. What would happen then? Now? They haven’t thought about such a situation. Would they be stuck for an undefined amount of time?

Actually? It turned them on!

The danger. The not knowing.

Karen pulled on her wrist chains, trying to break free. No way. The magnets were way too strong. Tearing the thick leather band of her cuffs? Forget it. And the chain, well, it was a chain! What did she expect?

Sandra was no better with her steel cuffs! She was steel from the electromagnet, to the chain to the cuffs! No friggin way to get out.

The heat of the sun seemed lower. Much lower. It was now late in the afternoon.

They were exhausted. They were actually sleeping when the timers released them.

Karen, looked at her phone and realized that 4 hours had elapsed. But… wouldn’t Sandra be free by now? No time to wait. She looked at the apps: all online, and the toys were fully charged!

At the same time she pushed for full power, she received a full-power blast that made her drop her phone.

The thing is that her neck was still linked to the headboard, and her ankles were very much spread out.

She screamed, a silent scream through her gag as the pleasure quickly grew. Every move either reminded her that her ankles were tied up or that her neck was linked to the headboard.

The feeling of those restraints was exactly what she needed to explode, the toys doing their dance.

Sandra, on her side of the country, was living something similar. She didn’t have time to free herself and she was in the same predicament, awaiting the orgasm to subside, so she would be able to reach for the neck chain, and the ankle chains, grab her phone and call the teasing off.

Oh, wait! That would call off Karen’s teasing!

Should she? Would she?

She figured Karen was asking herself the same question. It was just too weird that they both sent/received the teasing at the same time. Unknowingly, they had set up the timers with the same delay: four hours!

She began to laugh, which only increased the teasing, triggering an orgasm. An orgasm while laughing. A first, and a wonderful experience!

Karen was orgasming the same, almost choking herself by pulling on her legs, pulling on her neck collar. The orgasm was intense. Her hands were flapping toward the headboard, trying to reconnect her cuffs. She was missing the arm restriction, but of course, the electromagnets were dead.

Her hands reached for the neck chain, while she was orgasming. Doing two things at once, or three things at once: struggling to free herself, living the bondage and orgasming.

She was finally able to free her collar and let the orgasm fully engulf her body, her mind, only feeling her spread legs being still bound.

Her hands reached downward, blocked the steel prison restricting access to her crotch.

She grunted as the orgasm subsided slowly while she was still squirming, trying to extract the last bit of the pleasure.

A notification on her phone. “You bitch!” with a few laughing emojis.

“You’re no better,” she answered.

She lay there, panting, fighting the corset, gathering the strength necessary to bend over and free her ankles. They would have a lot to share once the ordeal is over.

They sent each other a few low-level bursts from time to time, just to keep the other slightly annoyed.

Sandra was watching some TV when she received a notification from Karen.

“I know we’re not supposed to interact about our setups but… I want to sleep spread-eagled. Can you release the app so I can control the relays from my phone?”

“Ah, ha. Nice try. No friggin way!” answered Sandra. “You want to sleep spread-eagled? I have no problem. I will control the relays. What do you want?”

“Could you set them up to release by 05:00, please,” asked Karen.

“Here’s my deal: silent toys for the night and I’ll release you by 05:00-ish… kind of,” wrote Sandra.

Karen smiled and accepted the deal. More uncertainty. Even better.

At around 22:00, Karen went to bed. She added one chain link to all of the anchor points. That would give her enough slack so she would not be as taut as a bowstring while being well restrained.

She linked the first steel ring to the electromagnet. Clack! it was in place. Next, she picked up her phone and, with a devilish smile through her ballgag, she set up Sandra’s night. Sandra hadn’t made any requests. Karen would be denied of any teasing? Well, Sandra will have no-stop teasing. She would not sleep. But to make things interesting, she set up a timer. Sandra’s mayhem would start around 01:00.

Clack! There, all set up for seven hours.

Sandra cuddled under her bedsheets, her latex skin feeling even tighter, as if, with time, it was shrinking. When she moved her feet, she could hear and feel her steel cuffs clank against one another. She had added a short length of chain between her ankles and her wrists, giving her some bondage feeling.

She was breathing in short gasps, thanks to the extremely tight corset. She played with the large gag in her mouth firmly held in place by the panel flap.

Damn, deep down, she loved everything, especially the hard steel belt tightly wrapped over her corseted waist and especially the crotch strap which she couldn’t ignore.

After twisting and turning and rolling for some time, she finally found sleep, resting in the fetal position on her left side.

There was a strong buzz on her crotch, waking her up.

“What the hell was that?” she asked herself. “Karen? No, she’s tied up. Unless she isn’t” she thought.

She rolled on her right side, struggling with her bound hands under the bedsheets and feeling the restriction of her ankle chains. She liked it. She was about to fall asleep again when there was another short burst, lasting perhaps 10 seconds, waking her up even more.

She was annoyed and teased. She squirmed, trying to bring some pleasure in, but it was dead.

Again, some time later… buzzzzz!

She grabbed her phone to look at the time: 01:40. She sighed and rolled on her back.


A look at the time: 02:00. Then again at 02:20. It was easy to figure out that Karen had programmed a burst every twenty minutes.

“Really? That’s what you want? That game can be played, bitch,” thought Sandra while opening the app. She selected a setup and was about to punch the Execute button when she stopped.

Karen had, supposedly, been tied up for four hours now. She must be quite teased and tormented a lot. She would be eager to have a good one. But Sandra knew that, trying as she might, she would never reach orgasm unless the toys were turned on.


She dropped her phone and quickly picked it back up, clearing the app. No. Karen was clever. She probably figured that Sandra would exert revenge by firing her toys, which would make her orgasm, and that was exactly what she was about to do. Nope. She wouldn’t do it. If she was to be deprived of sleep, so would Karen because, undoubtedly, she was not sleeping either.

Karen was waiting. That should have woken up Sandra for sure. She couldn’t sleep with those high-power bursts. Knowing her lover, she would want to take revenge by doing the same. She was expected to be hit by strong bursts. She was currently very hot, very teased, very tormented. She NEEDED that burst to explode, to orgasm.

She pulled on her chain, and by doing so, she could feel the restraints. Her body wanted to move, but it couldn’t. Best. Feeling. Ever. Feeling totally helpless, wrapped in a very tight latex skin, waist crushed by an unyielding corset, feet forced into an on-point position, mouth filled by a huge ball, head wrapped in rubber, her earing impaired making everything sound as if it was in a cavern, and to top it off, she had added the blindfold.

One more squirm. Damn, she loved the struggle. She loved feeling her wrist cuffs pull on her arm, her ankle cuffs preventing her legs from closing, which would squeeze her toys deep under the chastity belt.

She had no clue how long it had been. Yes, during the day, the sunshine was heating her suit, but at night, the moonlight, not so much.

She was hot. She was teased. She was tormented.

She was totally denied.

There was a sudden release of her wrists. She let out a muffled moan as she flexed her arms a few times. She reached her crotch but the belt was doing its job: forbidden access.

Grunting, she bent over to release her ankles. She flexed her legs a few times, bending the knees, folding them over her corseted body, opening and closing them, hoping at the same time, that it would make her orgasm.

Nope. Well-deserved punishment! She wanted to tease and deny Sandra and she got teased and denied at the same time.

She took her phone. She had an email from the toy app maker and an update notification. Apparently, there were features included in the toy that were not activated, nor published, because they had a bug that needed to be fixed. Now that the bug was fixed, the feature was made available with the update.

Karen quickly installed the update and connected it back to Sandra’s toys.

“Oooo I have to try that!”

She selected a pattern and sent it.

And apparently, Sandra had seen the same email and had also set up a pattern for Karen because less than a minute after she hit ‘sent’ she was greeted with a powerful zap!

That thing has an embedded tens unit!

Karen collapsed on the floor, hands at her crotch, moaning. Shit, she wanted to be tied up for that! She rolled back on the bed, her legs collapsing from the tens zaps. Hands shaking between zaps, she tied her ankles back to the corner of the bed, then, dropping her phone each time, she sent a message to Sandra:

“Magnets on. NOW!”

And she was lying on her back, trying to hook the steel rings to the electromagnets, awaiting Sandra to comply. But she was in her own mayhem, fighting the zapping of the tens unit, struggling to breathe as the orgasm was quickly building, thanks to having teased for the past few hours. Fingers shaking she turned the electromagnets on and figured that Karen had done the same. She crawled back on the bed and tried to tie herself up, but the steel rings were not even installed to her wrist cuffs and before she could do so, the orgasm exploded. Still, with her legs spread out, the feeling was awesome!

Karen was pulling hard on her restraints, enjoying her extreme bondage and being zapped, vibed, humped, in both holes, at the same time.

If she hadn’t been gagged, she would have woken up the whole neighborhood with her screams. The more she pulled on her bounds, the stronger was the orgasm. That was another first. Hell, she never experienced a tens unit before and she regretted not trying it before!

Fuck! Double fuck!

Her brain was a mess. she was seeing colors swirls. She was feeling a flame running up and down her body, but not a burning flame. It was a flame lighting up the pleasure, on every darn cell of her body!

At one point, she ceased to feel her body, to feel her bondage, to feel her latex, the corset, the gag. All she was feeling was pleasure. She was floating in a pool of orgasmic waves.

That felt soooo good. The toys gradually got down in intensity until they stopped. She felt relaxed, exhausted. Her body calmed down. She fell asleep, still very well stretched out on her bed. She hadn’t slept for the whole night. Now she would.

Sandra didn’t mind the corset, the latex, the gag, anything anymore. Everything was comfortable. Everything was desired.

She took her phone and saw that Karen’s pattern too was over and that her toys were only at 50% charge. That zapping feature was good but it was draining the power fast.

She turned off Karen’s magnet and let her head drop on the pillow, falling asleep, her mind full of joy and peace.

Karen was so sleepy she didn’t notice the magnets releasing her. She slept for a good 90 minutes before waking up again, all smiling, still high on the pleasure hormones.

When she looked at her phone, she realized that she had only two hours left before being released, and also that Sandra’s toys were 50% charged. she decided that a low hum would be just fun for the next two hours so she powered Sandra’s toys.

Shortly after, hers were turned on in the same manner. A nice low hum, enough to keep her aroused. She didn’t want to orgasm. She didn’t NEEDED to orgasm. That last one would be good for a few days!

She made her bed, tidied up her room, then stored a few items in the kitchen, anything to do something while waiting for the timed box to release the keys. Afterward, a nice cold shower to bring her hormones down would be required.

The time rolled in, she opened the timed box and retrieved the keys, tried the first lock… and it wouldn’t turn.

“What the hell?” she mumbled. She tried the chastity belt key. Nope. Wouldn’t work. She took a closer look at the key chain and went wide eyes. She was about to call Sandra when she video-called her.

“I think we goofed,” said Sandra, holding the keyring for Karen to see.

“Yeah… somehow, we exchanged our keyrings. I have your half of the heart,” said Karen.

“And I have yours… What do we do now? The next train leaves only tomorrow morning to reach you or to even meet halfway.”

“Yeah, right as if we would ride the train in full gear,” said Karen. “Express delivery?”

“Still. We will send them tomorrow, we won’t get it before Tuesday. Damn, what do we do?”

“You won’t have many problems, you can work from home,” said Karen.

“Yes and no,” said Sandra. “Yes I can work from home for a few days, but it requires LIVE video-conference two times a day.”

“You can blame a problem with your camera to get out of it, but for me, I have to go in! I mean, I work on the production floor.”

“Yeah… They will probably ask me to bring the PC to the I.T. to have it fixed but I can try something. I have no idea for you, tho. Sorry.”

“Well, I’ll call in tomorrow and I’ll see the outcome,” said Karen.

“Yes… by the way, that was a hell of a fun. We should do it again.”

“Definitely, said Karen, her voice turning all soft and mushy. “I really loved it but it would be better if we were doing it while at the same place, you know? It was fun but it would be better doing it together. I miss being close to you.”

“I miss your massage and your cuddling too,” said Sandra, as they continued to chat, exchanging their thoughts and feelings of the last days, coming up with setups and predicaments for their next… session.

The next morning, she called her boss.

“Hey, Phil, I’m sorry but I can’t come to work today and probably tomorrow. I should be back on Wednesday.”

“What? You can’t do that, Karen. You are expected. We are receiving investors and you’re the only one that can take the tour of the plant with them. They are expecting to see you. And I think they want to offer you a promotion. If you’re not there, better forget about it. What is wrong? Are you sick? I’m sure you can spare a few hours then go back home to rest.”

“I’m sorry, I really can’t, Phil.”

“No. Whatever the reason is, I’m ordering you to come in, be here at 08:00, or you’re out of a job.”

“Okay, Phil. Let me just tell you that this conversation is recorded. Now, you want me at work at 08:00 although I already told you that I currently have a personal situation where it would be better if I do not come in. You will accept me as is, with no write-ups, and no consequences, no matter how I am, right? Otherwise, I’m fired.”

“What the hell is that? I want to see your ass here at 08:00 or you’re fired! I can’t make it any clearer.” he said, hanging up.

At 07:55, entered a tall woman, wrapped in heavy rubber, corset, bondage cuffs and a steel belt around her waist and through the crotch, walking proudly in ballet heels. She swiped her access card, and the door unlocked. She wiggled her fingers at the receptionist who saw Karen log in at the same time and watched, mouth opened, that strange woman walk directly to Phil’s office.

As the door of his office opened, he raised his eyes, smiling, having won over Karen, his office cramped with suits, including the CEO. His face changed immediately.

“I’m sorry… who are you? Who let you in here?” asked Phil, standing up, the investors looking back and forth at him and at that strange woman.

“It’s me, Karen. I told you I couldn’t come to work. I wouldn’t disclose the reason but you refused and threatened me with firing me if I didn’t come, no matter what. So, here I am, as I was, because of a mishap, I’m stuck in this outfit for the next two days.”

“I… I never said that,” he said, blushing, nervous, “and you are, indeed fired. Pack up your things and leave now,” he said turning to the investors, “I’m really sorry. This never happened before and it won’t happen again, I promise you.”

Karen calmly grabbed her phone, put it on speaker and played back the phone call. The group stayed silent. Karen broke the awkward situation.

“If you still want me to show you the process and what the investment we’re asking is for, please follow me,” she said, walking out of the office, waiting for the investors. The CEO of the company spoke up.

“Do you have some overall you can put on to… hide most of it?” he asked.

“Yes, sir. Just give me a few minutes,” said Karen.

“Very good. Phil, we’ll talk later. Please, this way,” he said to the investors, leading them to the production floor.

Karen grabbed a Ty-Vek suit and put it on over her latex skin. Her latex head and extreme footwear could be seen but she was attracting less attention, especially once her hard hat was put on.

She made a tour of the facility with the visitors, attracting quite a few stares who did a double-check on her I.D. card hanging on her Ty-Vek suit, then looked at her “face”, smiling.

After the tour, Phil and Karen were left in Phil’s office while the suits walked to another room. Karen was very relaxed, playing on her phone, while Phil was obviously fuming.

“You have some nerves to do a stunt like that.”

“You asked for it and you told me my job was protected, so… the stunt is on you,” calmly said Karen.

The CEO entered the office half an hour later.

“Well, I must say that this the strangest investors meeting I ever attended and the strangest production plant presentation I’ve ever assisted to,” he said, looking at Phil and Karen, then stopping on Karen. “Not knowing you for so long, I would have fired you on the spot but… you know your work and the investors agreed with an option for doubling the investment depending on the results of the first phase of the project. So, I should say thank you, Karen.”

“Well, thank you very much, sir, and again, sorry for… this,” she said, opening her arms, showing her setup still mostly hidden by the Ty-Vek suit.

“Honestly, Karen, I couldn’t care less what the workers are wearing, as long as the job is done. Just next time, please, try not to put yourself into a similar situation when investors are coming.”

“What? What are you saying? She was alright? She made us look like fools!” said Phil.

“Shut up, Phil. YOU made us look like fools. Remember that you only got this job, for which you have no skills, because you’re my wife’s nephew. Well, I have news from you, and it’s from the investors: since, during the visit, you barely said a word and when you did you were wrong, you and Karen are to switch places. You go on the floor and Karen is the new manager.”

“What? You can’t…” yelled Phil.

“Yes, I can. I am the CEO and this is effective now. Karen, go back home and come back when you’re… out of… this,” he said.

“Yes, sir. If I may be so bold, sir, although this outfit isn’t… conventional, I would have been able to do my job, even more if I now have mostly a desk job.”

“Uh… well….” said the CEO, obviously looking for a way out, “this… footwear isn’t safety approved,” he said, pointing at her ballet boots, trying to pedal back to his statement that he didn’t care what the employees were wearing as long as the job was done.

She grabbed the stapler from Phil’s (or her’s??) desk and handed it to the CEO.

“Please, sir drop it on my toes,” she said with a smile.

“Point taken, Karen. Nonetheless… Don’t push it,” he said with a smile.

“I understand sir,” she said, giggling.

“Yes… and honestly, as I said earlier, what you wear, as long as it doesn’t affect performance or safety, is of no concern to me. Get the job done. That’s all that counts.”

“Oh, so… If I can find steel-toe ballet boots I could wear them to the shop floor?”

“If you find footwear like that with a steel toe,” he said, laughing, “I will allow it, and,” he said as Karen was raising her finger, “I will stand by my word.”

Karen smiled, went to the computer and fifteen seconds later, she turned the screen toward the CEO.

“Well… I’ll be damned.”

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March 17, 2024

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6 thoughts on “Karen – Long Distance.

  1. Maybe Karen’s new fashion trend will catch on with the other girls in the company maybe we will find out in part 2 maybe

  2. Wonderful story.
    I like the ending for Karen after she turns the tables and seems to find a way to be able to wear her fetish gear to work. However, we never learn what happens with Sandra.
    A followup story is definitely needed.

    1. Thank you.

      There wouldn’t be much to tell about Sandra. She can work from home, so she blurs the camera for 2 days, then can take her hood off and wear a high-collar top to hide the suit for the next video conference, and she can keep wearing her suit, corset, etc.
      She doesn’t “need to risk her job” to go to the office in full gear.

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