Karen – HR


She let herself literally fall on her chair, inside her little cubicle and let out a long sigh.

She reached her computer and turned it on, as well as her monitor. She rested her elbows on the desk and buried her face inside her hands.

“Damn, I hate this job,” she mumbled, waiting for her computer to boot up.

She heard a shuffle nearby, or rather a creaking and a squeaking. She raised her head from her hand and looked out of her cubicle.

There she was, one of those fucking robots they brought in a few months ago to replace actual employees. That one was her boss! They did look almost alive, tho. They were tall and slender with a very tiny waist. Their skin was made out of rubber. It was tan colored but they seemed to have a problem with the stability of the color and she heard that the next ones would be black or even blue or red.

And their feet. Silly high heels looking like ballet shoes with a heel.

“Yes, Amanda,” said Karen, emphasizing the name, which was the name of the person the robot was replacing, which made it even creepier.

“Here are the tasks for the day,” said the robot in its cold monotone voice. “Notice that you have a backlog growing since Monday. If you don’t pick up the pace, we might have to take disciplinary action. Your performance is not what is expected.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” said Karen, snatching the papers from the robot’s hand.

“Your behavior has been recorded.”

“Get lost,” said Karen, wooshing her away.

Amanda stayed there for a few moments before turning around and walking in her silly shoes.

“The fuck with her,” she said, looking at the docket, “and the fuck with this,” she added, throwing the documents on the desk, opening her web browser and going on a job listing site. “I’ll be out of here before the end of the week!”

Focused on her job searching, she didn’t notice Amanda walking by the cubicle, stopping for a few moments and moving on, her steps seeming to hesitate for a moment.

About an hour later, her office phone rang.

“Hello, Karen speaking.”

“Hi Karen, this is Lynda from H.R. I would like to speak with you if you don’t mind.” said the rather soft voice of the H.R. Director.

“Uh… yeah. When?” asked Karen, caught off-guard. She had applied to one or two jobs but she had nothing lined up.

“After lunch,” said Lynda.

“Okay. I’ll be there,” she said, hanging up. “I’ll ask them for a week or two before they lay me off,” she mumbled, returning to work but of course, the drive wasn’t there.

She ate her lunch but without much appetite, then headed for Lynda’s office.

“Please, sit down, Karen,” said Lynda, smiling.

Karen thought that, if she was smiling, she was not about to get laid off. Either that or she was one first-class bitch, smiling while firing someone**. (** I actually know someone like that!)

“What’s going on?” asked Karen with some nervous tremolos in her voice.

“You seem to struggle with your tasks, lately, and I was wondering if everything was okay. Are there health issues or family matters that take your mind off your work?” asked Lynda.

Karen was unprepared for that. Having known, she would have prepared some answers. Most probably a lie, but an answer. But at the moment, her brain just went “……………”

“How about your family? Any health problem? Concern? You don’t talk too often about your family and I wouldn’t want to intrude.”

“Uh… Well… I… Euh… No. Not really. I mean, the tasks are boring and repetitive. That doesn’t help with keeping the drive up, you know,” she said, nervously laughing. “As for my family, I’m alone, I don’t really have any family left.”

“Oh, sorry about that. As for the job, you’re a data entry clerk, Karen. Data entry will get boring in the long run. Perhaps a change of pace would boost your morale?” she asked.

“What do you mean? Is there an opening with the design team? I always dreamed of working in product development. I have great ideas and stuff,” excitedly said Karen.

“Not exactly, but we might have something with you. But I can’t tell you more. Only he will share the details.”

“Uh… okay. Can I, at least, know which department we’re talking about?”

“There’s no specific department I can talk about, but if you’re interested, he’s waiting for you in the next room. Just go in there and he’ll take care of you and I’ll see you right after to finish the paperwork.”

“Uh?” she said, looking at the door that seemed to lead to a closet. As far as she knew, behind that wall was the mechanical room. That was weird.

“But… isn’t this door leading to the utility room?” asked Karen.

“Why would I send you to the utility room and why would there be a door leading there in my office? It’s all voluntary, Karen. If you don’t want to go, that’s it, just get back to your desk,” said Lynda, smiling a lot less than she was a few moments ago.

“What is the worst that could happen,” she thought. “I can always give my two-week notice”, she said to herself as she got up and walked to the room.

“Nice,” said Lynda. “See you in a few moments.”

Karen opened the door. It was dark. Completely dark.

“Euh… There doesn’t seem to be anyone there,” said Karen.

“What? Oh, no worry, he’ll be there, just go in.”

“Where is the light switch?” asked Karen, rubbing her hand on each side of the doorframe.

“It’s automatic, they will turn on as you close the door,” said Lynda, not even looking at Karen.

A little reluctantly, she went in and let the door close while still pushing on it with her butt. Her goal was to keep it open but the door sort of pushed her in.

She heard the door close but it was still dark. Pitch dark. Looking down, she couldn’t see her hands close to her face. Then, in the distance, starlights began to appear. Of different colors. Some steady, some blinking. But they were very dim.

“Wow… That’s neat but… I changed my mind…”

She tried to get back to Lynda’s office but turning the doorknob did nothing.

“Lynda? What’s going on? It’s still dark in here,” she said.

“Just walk forward a few steps,” she heard a man’s voice. Well, what sounded like a man’s voice, but… weird.

“Who is there? Why the dark room?”

“It’s motion-activated and you’re too close to the door. I know it sounds silly but I don’t have a switch to bypass it and keep it on all the time,” said the strange male voice again.

“That’s dumb,” said Karen. “No, I changed my mind, I want to go back,” she said, turning around and trying to open the door, but couldn’t. She banged on it but it did nothing.

“Don’t be afraid,” said the man’s voice. “Just take a few steps toward me and the lights will turn on.”

His voice was calm and soft, almost melodic.

Reluctantly, she did. One step. Two steps. She suddenly felt something cold and wet on her head, like a wet towel or a bowl of silly putty, covering it from the forehead down to the base of her neck, covering her ears but leaving her face free.

“What the fuck?” she asked, trying to get away from it but it was like it had attached itselt to her head. She put her hand on it, feeling some sort of gel-like cap, but as soon as she touched it with her hands, something grabbed them. They felt like steel cuffs grabbing her wrists.

“Hey! Let me go!” she yelled.

At the same time, two more ‘arms’ grabbed her ankles.

“What the hell is going on here? HELP!!! HELP!!!” she began to scream at the top of her lungs. “HEEEAggmfff…”

Another ‘wet towel’ was slapped on her face and something filled her mouth, silencing it. She could see through some sort of holes as the lights turned on. Whatever filled her mouth was growing, getting larger and longer, poking at the back of her throat, choking her.

At the same time, things seemed to grow up her nostrils, going through her sinuses and down the back of her throat.

Meanwhile, the mouth tube had reached her stomach, or so she believed.

She freaked out and tried to get free, struggling like the devil in holy water, but the ‘thing’ was holding her firmly into its steel arms.

Yes, a thing. A robot or an alien for all she could make out of it. The starlights she was seeing earlier turned out to be status lights on a stack of electronic devices.

She saw another arm approach. It was scary looking, like a large needle or a pointy dagger. The tip of it lit up red and she saw, from the corner of her eyes, since she couldn’t move her head, a red dot on her jacket’s sleeve. Smoke was produced where the tiny dot, the size of a ballpen tip, touched the fabric. She could feel the heat.

“It’s going to burn my arm!” she tried to say but of course, no sound came out. She struggled and tried to pull her arm out of the laser’s way but couldn’t.

Soon, she saw her sleeve being cut open. The laser was burning, cutting her clothes off, but although it touched her skin, it did nothing to her.

The laser had been well-calibrated to only burn non-living matter.

The laser went down her sleeves, her torso, down to her waist and her legs.

She could feel her clothes slipping off her body, leaving her completely naked in front of that machine.

The laser arm retracted and another arm appeared, holding a pad of gel-like substance. As the arms holding her legs spread them out, the other arm applied the gel pad to her crotch.

She moaned as she felt the wetness of the strange pad. Then something forced its way inside her. inside her vagina, her urethra. Inside her rectum.

She squirmed her butt. That’s the only thing she could squirm. She felt the invaders get larger, longer. She moaned.

It was a desperate situation but she couldn’t refrain from thinking that this was arousing… Wait what? No fucking way!

The arm holding her face released. She tried to push whatever was filling her mouth out but it didn’t even move. The arm re-approached holding something black and rigid, like a face. A face mask!

It applied it over her face, this time blinding her. The robot pressed it firmly over her head while the back cap was holding her head in place. She felt her head being compressed into a vise.

She felt completely helpless. At the same time, something hot, gooey and sticky was being applied over her body, like spray paint or something.

The spray covered her everywhere, and as weird as it seemed, it felt like it was getting tighter as it dried.

Something rigid was applied around her waist, getting tighter and tighter, crushing her waist down to an incredible size. She was wondering how anyone could survive such a crush. She could hardly breathe.

She wasn’t sure. Her brain was a mess with all those sensations, the things growing in her throat, the other things growing in her crotch, and now, more things growing in her ears, reaching down, to her eardrums.

She felt a sharp sting, inside her ear and the panic she was feeling, the fear, the nervosity, the anxiety, all of it disappeared behind a black veil as she fell unconscious.

She was feeling weird. She was feeling tight. She opened her eyes. It was weird. The room was softly lit. But it was weirder than that. It seemed that what she was seeing was not what she was seeing, like… she was looking through lenses that distorted her vision, or better yet, TV screens.

Her breathing was difficult. She felt her stomach crushed. She raised her arms. They felt heavy and difficult to move. She managed to reach her stomach or where it should be because she didn’t feel it. She felt something but not her stomach. What she felt was something rigid, like metal. She ran her hands over it and thought that, if that was her waist, it was small as hell.

And her fingers also felt weird. She knew it was steel because it felt like steel, but at the same time, it didn’t feel like steel but… was she wearing gloves?

She blinked her eyes but… her eyes, or rather the image didn’t blink. What the hell?

She remembered the room. She remembered the robot. She remembered… something.

She tried to get up. Her whole body felt stiff. She looked down and she saw this shiny steel torso of her and her long and shiny black legs, ending in pointed boots.

She had seen those boots before. What was her name? Amanda? Yes, she remembered that name and the office! And suddenly, everything came back. She remembered.

She looked at her arms, enclosed in a thick and incredibly tight layer of… rubber? Did look like it. And those steel cuffs at her wrists, and at her ankles, seeing those boots again.

She tried to think. Who she was. Well, she was Karen. That she knew, but… what else? Amanda sounded familiar but that was about it. Who was she? Where was she?

She felt a soft stinging sensation in her head and she just had to get up on those silly boots. She HAD to try to walk.

In a flash she was up… and down. Yeah, standing in those boots was not easy, at least not on the first try. She fell back, lying on the little camping bed inside the robot room, but said robot was nowhere to be seen. Only rows of electronic equipment, apparently turned off as nothing was lit. She tried to get up again. She had to find out what was going on, what she was doing there. Was Lynda aware of all this? Lynda. Another familiar name but… what does she hs to do with this?

As she slowly squirmed on the bed, she felt how tight this… suit… for a lack of a better explanation, was. Every little movement required some level of force. She had to command her limbs to move, her fingers to bend, her neck to turn. She sat down on the edge of the bed, looking at her gleaming long legs resting on the pointy heels of her strange boots.

“Hello, Karen. Please don’t be afraid, everything will be fine,” said the male voice, always reassuring, calm, melodic, almost singing.

She tried to answer, to ask a question, but she was unable to produce a single sound. Hell, the helmet, or whatever she was wearing was so tight, that she couldn’t part her lips at all.

“I know you have a lot of questions, but don’t worry, they will all be answered as I know them. The first one is: why. Well, your performance was below par and this will improve your efficiency,” said the voice.

Her performance? Oh, she remembers. She was a clerk entering stuff on a computer. Or was it? She wasn’t sure but if the voice said so, it must be it.

“How? That is surely your second question. By positive reinforcement. You do good deeds, you get rewards. You do bad, you get nothing.”

“The fuck with it,” thought Karen. “I don’t need any reward, I just need to get out of this… thing, this place and I will have the police raid this place in no time.”

However, that thought went and it was gone in a flash following a little sting in her head. She had forgotten about calling the police or reporting anything faster than she thought about it.

“I have a little exercise for you to do. Just get up and walk to the corner, then turn around and walk back to the bed. I am sure you can do it, Karen,” said the voice but this time, although calm and melodic, it was somewhat more commanding.

She tried to get up and fell back again. Four tries were needed for her to stand up. She hadn’t made a step yet. She tried. One step. Another one. Anooooo, oops, she made a step backward and sat back on the bed.

Another try, one step, two steps, three. Only two more to go to reach the corner. She was bending forward, trying to reach the wall, to grab something to help herself. She managed to reach the corner, panting. Her lungs were hurting. She needed more lung space but that damn, what was it? A steel corset? Anyway, it was restricting her breathing.

And those things up her crotch, they were… well… disturbing. She was leaning, her back against the wall.

“Go on, Karen. You can walk back,” said the voice. It’s at that moment she realized she wasn’t “hearing” the voice, it was as if she was thinking it. She put her hands on her head, to feel the helmet but also discovered tube-like things protruding on each side of her head. “Like Amanda”, she thought. “What the hell did they do to me?”

But she had to walk. It was like an impulse more than a desire to walk. One step. Two steps. More. She was standing more straight than on her way there. She was getting the hang of it. It wasn’t so bad. She reached the bed but she suddenly had the desire to go back, to do one more run. Back and forth she did.

Four times.

Each time getting better. After the fourth time, she ‘knew’ she would get a reward and she had to lay down on the bed. She did, carefully, feeling the tight suit around her body. She liked the tightness. She almost wished it would be tighter. The steel corset restricting her breathing, restricting her movements was a pure blast. She liked it.

She took place on the bed and waited. It wasn’t long before she felt pleasure. Her crotch was getting teased.

Oooo. That felt good. Very good. She reached for it but her fingers were blocked by the steel chastity belt.

“Oh! Devilish,” she thought, enjoying the denial.

Nonetheless, the pleasure increased. She rocked her hips, her butt up and down, back and forth, left to right, to feel the machine tease her, screw her.

She stretched her arms over her head, grabbing the frame of the little bed. She wished her legs were tied to something. She wished she was tied, restrained… and fucked!

The teasing grew stronger. Oh yes. That was good. Very good. An orgasm was building. It was wonderful. The more she struggled, the more she was feeling her suit, her corset, her collar, her helmet, the more she was feeling the gag, the tubes and the inserts, the more aroused she became. Yes she liked it. No, loved it.

She thrusted her hips upward, hitting her crotch on the steel band of the chastity belt.

She moaned. Yes. She turned on her stomach. The feeling of the struggle to turn was simply awesome, and it was just what was missing. She exploded. It was a very good orgasm, long and powerful, but weird, as if it had been cut in the middle, or rather shortened.

She turned on her side, panting, bringing her knees closer to her hips.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” she heard the man’s voice.

“Yes I did,” answered Karen. “Wait… how? What? Where is that voice coming from?” she asked.

“It is synthesized from your thoughts through your collar. You will have to be careful what you say, Karen. And the more you behave, the more you speak well, the more rewards you get, but unlike this one, they will not be damped down. Do you want it, Karen? Do you want to feel the whole experience?”

“Fuck, yes! Err… Sorry. Of course, I would like to,” she said, this time controlling her temper, her thoughts.

“That’s very good, Karen. Well, I have some exercises for you. Are you up for them?”

She jumped on her feet.

“Yes, I am.”

You would think that that was great, but she struggled to keep her balance, falling back on the bed and springing back up. She had to learn to walk on those heels. One step, another, another, to the corner, and back, and to the corner again, and back. She had to train. She had to get better.

To get more rewards.

“Hey, where is Karen?” asked Derek as he walked by her cubicle, seeing the paperwork as it was one week before. “Is she on vacation or something?”

“Oh, I think she quit or she was most probably fired. She was complaining she didn’t like this job anyway” answered Sandra from the adjacent cubicle. “I know she went to see H.R. and she never came back.”

“Well… how much do you wanna bet that she will be replaced by a robot, like they did with Amanda, Cathy and Phil… and that one is a weird one. Why have a female robot named Phil? It’s as if it’s too complicated to change the nameplates on our cubicles.”

“I have no idea,” said Sandra. What I do know is that I’m also thinking of looking for a job elsewhere. I mean, working with robots isn’t my idea of a happy workplace environment.”

Derek turned around to continue toward his cubicle when he stopped, a gleaming black robot walked toward him, completely ignoring him and walking straight to Karen’s desk. Well, the robot had “Karen” printed over her left breast.

He turned around to have a good look at this beautiful rubber robot, especially looking at her butt.

“Damn, looks so real,” he mumbled staring at her.

Karen turned around.

“Is there something wrong, Derek?” asked the female but strange metallic voice.

“Err… you’re new here, right?”

“I have no concept of ‘new here’. I suggest you get back to work,” said the robot as she took place in her cubicle.

She did good. She told a human to go back to work. She could already feel the small reward. It was just a teasing but she knew that there would be more to come.

She went to work, finding a lot of crap left by this human she shared the name with. She had a vaguely familiar feeling when she saw an image of a woman as the background of the computer monitor, which she promptly changed for an abstract pattern, then went to work.

She was regularly receiving “compliments” for a job well done. Even Amanda praised her for her efficiency, which made the teasing last a little longer. Oh, she just wished for her day to finish.

But her work day wasn’t 9-5. She had to perform her tasks. Period. Time, hours, had no meaning, no purpose. She would be mostly working during the day because that’s when she had to interact with humans, but she could well work past midnight.

She was working with one goal: rewards.

“Ah, the fuck with it!” she heard coming from the next cubicle. She turned around. Perhaps she could help her. That would count toward her reward.

“Can I help you with something, Sandra?” she asked.

“Uh… They just sent me more files to process, and with that, I’m looking at doing overtime again! I’m done here. I’m out of here. I’m fed up to work in this shitty place, surrounded by robots. I’m resigning and I’m going to the employment board to file a complaint for a toxic working environment,” said Sandra, walking to H.R. with a firm pace.

Karen made sure that what she had seen and heard was processed and went back to work. It was close to midnight when the strong teasing pulse told her that she had done her tasks for the day, that she could retire to her pod, that she would get her reward.

She did, walking at a steady pace, feeling her tight latex skin bite into her flesh as her hips moved forward and backward. She loved the way her torso moved, held rigid by the steel corset. She had learned to appreciate her extreme ballet boots, feeling proud to walk in them as if she was barefooted.

She entered the back room where the pods for the drones, all four of them so far, were lined up.

Derek was already there, as well as Amanda. Judy was nowhere to be seen. In fact, she hadn’t seen her for a few days. But it was not her concern.

She took place in the pod, placing her back against the soft rubberized lining. She placed her feet, or rather her heels, into the little locating holes, placed her hands on her sides, which they fitted into molded armrests, and put her head back, feeling the molded headrest take hold of it.

Then she felt the cuffs being hooked up and pulled back, sinking her into the semi-soft backing, pulling at her neck, wrists, belt and ankles. She couldn’t move. At the same time, her visor, or rather her vision as everything she was seeing and hearing was fed to her brain through the electronic implant through her ears turned black. Same with her hearing.

She was alone. Totally.

Something warm was put into her stomach. She was being fed, as well as cleaned at the same time as she felt warm water cleaning her colon and her bladder being flushed.

She had the definitive feeling that the pod was stretching her, from her head to her wrists, the waist being the central point. It stretched her legs, her arms, her torso against the steel restraints, rendering her immobile.

Then it started. Slowly, teasing. A small vibration at her crotch, barely touching her clitoris. At the same time, another vibration, or more of a humping, in her rectum.

She moaned. Well, she had the thought of a moan.

Her breasts were getting gently zapped by a faint electrical current. Just enough to make it interesting. Very interesting.

It was as if the current was flowing from her breasts to her crotch, but was also passing through her brain as she felt the wonderful tingling sensation all over her body. It was a small teasing.

She squirmed, which sent her the definitive sensation that she was very well restrained. She could make a fist out of her hand but that was about it. Her head was impossible to move or to turn.

Her legs? Forget it. Bending the knee was impossible and her feet were locked solid. She tried to raise her hips. Futile manoeuver, but it did play with the toys inside her. Their speed increased. Their power increased. The electric impulses became stronger.

The more she struggled, the stronger, and harder they got.

That could result in only one thing: one hell of a powerful orgasm.

She was ready to go, ready to explode but something was holding her back, like a leash reaching its end. She was trying to go farther, to pull on it but couldn’t.

That was frustrating as hell.

That was arousing as heaven!

“You did good, Karen,” she heard the male voice in her head. “Time for your reward.”

All hell broke loose.

Her vision was filled with colorful swirls that seemed to run down from her eyes down to her sensitive breasts, to her crotch where then started a chain reaction of fireworks.

Her body was taken over by strong convulsions, each one reminding her that she was tied up, restrained in that pod. Each one enhancing the sensitivity of her skin, feeling the tight rubber coating sealing her. All of it increasing the pleasure wave rummaging through her body.

The more she orgasmed, the more she struggled, the more she felt her situation, the more orgasms she created. It was an endless loop of pleasure.

Slowly, her body got tired and she struggled less, allowing the orgasmic wave to calm down. She was panting, the corset restraining her breathing, the tube up her nose whistling with the rush of air. The breathing struggle gave her another shot of pleasure wave.

She was moaning of pleasure, like when you eat the most wonderful meal you ever tasted. enjoying every little spark of joy it did in your mouth. Now, put that on your entire body.

Every day after that, she would pass by Sandra’s office and find it as it were. She was really gone. She would probably pick up her workload. She didn’t mind. More work means more rewards.

It was four days later when she noticed someone working in Sandra’s office. Did they hire someone else? She was eager to meet her, or him. As she passed by, she knew. Yes, there was someone new, or rather something new. A robot with the name Sandra stamped over the left breast. She looked identical to herself except for red.

It was just a new robot.

She wondered how many robots would fill this place. No, she was not a robot. She was Karen, a good employee. She was a human. An enhanced human.

But… didn’t she look like Sandra? Or Amanda? Or Derek? What was she? Was she a robot? Has she been transformed like that too?

There was a sharp sting in her head and a soft zapping in her crotch. Her thoughts returned to the tasks ahead. She sat and began working, already enjoying the tight feeling of her latex skin, the rigidity of her steel corset, the extreme position of her feet in ballet boots, and the small jolts of pleasure of a job well done.

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May 5, 2024.

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11 thoughts on “Karen – HR

  1. That is a really interesting way to motivate your employees;)

    Funny idea.

    Thank you for the story

  2. Amazing work!
    This kind of robotization really gets me going and the idea with the mental input ups it even more.

    Thanks for the awesome story.

  3. I like this article, which is not long but provides a detailed description of the dressing process and the feelings behind it! This is great! I think the protagonist’s feelings are very important!

  4. It‘s a great story!
    It reminds me a bit of the story Eudeamon. Did you read it before this story?

    1. Yes, I’ve read Eudeamon. It’s more of a symbiotic relationship than this simple “drone” story.

      in H.R, there’s no merging with some electronic thing. She just have “thought controls”, probably maintained by a central system.

      But there is the “addiction” part that is similar.

      1. I am absolutely in love with “Eudeamon”.
        Not just from the fetish perspective, but the general idea of this mental companion who (when benevolent), can make you experience your wildest fantasies, is such an interesting concept.
        I’ve written up my thoughts and general stuff about the story here: https://www.theseventhcode.tech/posts/archived-stories/eudeamon-by-evil-dolly/

        I had to make a special post about this, as I really believe it has had quite the impact and inspired many people (RubberMatt probably one of the most well known).

        Fun fact, I managed to contact the author (evil-dolly) on Twitter, and they were quite surprised when I sent them the post 😀

        1. I have mixed feelings about Eudeamon­. Perhaps because I read it only once…
          I found it somewhat disturbing and I wasn’t really eager to read it again. I think that was the goal of that story, to make the reader “uncomfortable”.

          I was a little disappointed with the “lack of fetish”. Yes, there’s the full latex encasement but I was missing the corset feeling, the high heels, the bondage.
          Well, yeah, I’m a little biased. Go figure…
          I do understand that the goal of that story is not the “fetish content”.

          The story itself is complex and “deep” because it goes into the relationship between the “prisoner” and the “guardian”. It also raises the question: what is life? How is it defined?

          Strange but the scene I remember the most is the building on fire.

          And I salute Rubbermatt for his art on that. Astounding!

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