Important Announcement in…..


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6 thoughts on “Important Announcement in…..

  1. Hmmm…?

    You’ve been writing stories for decades – so it’s not 5 years, but you’ve also not been writing for 50 years…
    This site is not yet 5 years old…
    I don’t think you’ve reach 500 stories


    Did you turn 50 years old, maybe?

    1. Guys, guys… READ!
      The title says:
      Important announcement IN…..
      The image displays “5”.
      Say it all together now:
      Important announcement in….. 5

      It’s a countdown…

      Tomorrow, it will say “Important announcement in…. 4”.

      And for the record, I’m over 60.

      1. Sorry! I made a mistake about your age. I only remember when I was looking for a job a few years ago, I said I was in my 50s. I just made a rough judgment! Sorry!

        1. Hey, no offense taken. My age changes every year…
          And it’s not like I was making it very obvious in every story what my age was.
          It is irrelevant.

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