Important Announcement: Singing off – The Closing of


Short version: (long version below)

As of the 2nd of September 2024, will be taken offline.

At 60+ years old, after 25+ years and 450+ stories, I’m retiring from writing kinky stories.

The main reasons are the general lack of support (including financial) and a general lack of recognition for my work.

(The only explanation I could find for this is that, in reality, my work is not THAT good.)

Basically, I “gave” a lot in the last 25+ years and didn’t get much in return, so… I’m through.

Thank you for following me all these years and giving me your “love”, but love and ratings don’t pay the bills.

The site is currently being archived on TheSeventhCode server.

I can’t affirm that there will be no more stories until September. I still have ideas… After that date, however, I do not plan to write any more “Karen” or similar kinky stories, but if I ever do, this is where you will find them. In the meantime, who knows…

Yeah, the guy at the bottom right represents “myself”, a fat balding guy in heels. And btw, it took 3 days to make this image, which required to merge 14 different images as I can’t render more than 6 characters at a time (overloads my computer and makes it crash)…

Long Version:

Note: I began writing this thing in early March. Yeah, the decision was already taken, and I’ve added/modified/upgraded/downgraded this farewell letter as time went by. It also gave me time to go back on my decision. On many occasions, I did, but thinking back, I stood true to my original decision.

I’m closing the books. I’m pulling the plug. I’m blowing the candle. I’m turning off the lights. I’m retiring.

Put it as you want: I’m out. It’s over.

When? On September 2nd, 2024.

Why that date? Because that’s the date the “” domain name expires.

It is with mixed feelings that I’m taking that decision.

One is happy with 450+ stories, and the satisfaction of an accomplished mission.

The other one is sad that with 450+ stories, I have not been recognized by someone from the industry: a publisher or a model or something, which was one of my dreams.

Whatever, it’s over.

After 25+ years of writing 450+ fetish stories, and 8 years or so of producing nearly 2000 pieces of 3D art to illustrate those stories, I feel I have done enough. And not received enough.

  • By the way, the stories add up to some 3000 letter-size pages.

What helped me make this decision?

The lack of ideas? A little.

Illness? I hope not.

In fact, it’s the lack of “support”.

Since January, I have put, at the end of every post, and here and there in the long TLSOTM S2 series, a little “ad” asking for financial support. And I got very little.

Three followers sent me something. It was enough to cover one year of login protection, because robots are trying to hack this site at the rate of about 1000 per week, and also one year of spam filter for the comments, 4000/week.

And there is the hosting fee, and the domain name fee. All of this adds to about $500/year. (Canadian $$ That is)

I do not add the cost for making the 3D art, because that’s a choice. But I see nobody complaining about the art, and it’s well over $200/year of expenses.

And oh, to help me write, I’m not using since last fall, a writing-aid app called LivingWriter, which saved my butt for TLSOTM. Guess what… it’s $200/year ($144/US). (everything is a fucking subscription based thing or a ludicrous amount to buy (close to $1000cdn for LivingWriter)

So, all in all, between giving everything for free PLUS adding operating costs, and such a poor response, the poor response won and it was the push I needed to shut it down, permanently.

No, I won’t get another website up and running in a few months. I’m over that.

It’s over. It’s final. Even after I made my decision, I added a few stories. I got the idea and it felt great. I began to write, and it felt great, then mid-way I wasn’t interested anymore in writing it and I had to force myself (work) to finish them. I have at this time about 8 partially written stories or synopsis to develop. I look at them and… Nope, doesn’t sound like fun. or rather “had” as I deleted them since.

In the end, the reason for the lack of support and recognition might be because I wasn’t THAT good. I’m a bad judge of myself.

And to clear the “solution makers” ideas, here are some facts:

  • “You didn’t have to take a domain name”:
    • You’re right. Having a domain name is a choice. But it’s also a trademark. It also made it easier to add it anywhere, to say “Hey, come to” instead of ““.
  • “There are free hosting with all the bells and whistles”.
    • Yes, there is. For the “free” package, it’s a minimum storage space, only viable for a small text-only blog. If you want more hosting space, it’s $$. (meaning, no art).
    • Those free hosting sites do not allow adult content. I can “take a chance” but I could be kicked out at any moment if a “good Christian” decides to complain.
    • There is sometimes an “adult” option, but it’s rare and again, co$tly. And by “adult” they mean “non-sexual”. Yeah…
  • “Well, just go paysite!”
    • Oh, wow. Why haven’t I thought of that? Thanks for the idea. Now, what do you want me to do? Take away all those 400 already free stories and put them behind a paywall? Or should I just make the new material payable? It means that I have to provide, to produce, to write with a deadline. No, thank you.
    • And at one time in the past, I suggested I add a paywall. $25 per YEAR. That’s $2/month. What I received was a whole flow of insults, that people would never pay for the shit I write. (yes, exactly!)
  • “Hey, I have a web server. I will host you for free!”
    • That’s very generous of you but I pass. My current Webmistress “owns” the WordPress template I’m using, so… $$$ to move the site because I will have to acquire it. Also, I don’t know “you”. You’re just another someone from the Internet. Finally, it might need re-doing the menus, the layout, the links, everything for 500+ posts. No, thank you.
  • We do not expect (ask for) a story every week or even month. You post one when you’re ready and we’ll be happy with it.
    • Yes but…. I am what I am, and knowing that people are waiting, expecting, visiting the website every now and then to see if there’s something new, will put pressure on me to produce. I will feel “obliged” to satisfy those visitors. AND the website would still cost 500/year to maintain.

So, that’s where I am in my writer’s life. The lack of support makes me low on the energy to write. Oh, I still have plenty of ideas. Every morning, I wake up with ideas, but when it’s time to write, I’m like “Why bother.” In short: I lost the spark.

(one of) The tipping point of all of this? TLSOTM, Season 2, that I worked 3 months for and wrote about 150 pages.

Well… 4 comments and 10 ratings (although all “5’s” Thank you… Err nope… Got a few 4 by now..)

That’s a kick in the face.

A few things that I’ve learned:

  • Don’t be too generous to the people you care about. They usually don’t give a shit and won’t “pay it back”. That one also weighed heavily on the decision – I despise “being used”. (This part had a LARGE influence on my “it’s over” state of mind.)
  • Don’t try to be successful in Quebec. Go elsewhere. The people of Quebec are a bunch of jealous, and they won’t promote those who (try to) succeed. Family and friends included. (I do get 400 sessions/month from Canada… and 3000 from Germany). I got absolutely NO promotional help from ANYBODY in Quebec/Canada. NOBODY. Even when I put “ads” in my images for them.
  • Don’t work your ass off to give out something for free. People will take it and then turn their back on you.

A few things that I haven’t learned:

  • I still don’t know who is Karen.
  • I still don’t know where she lives.
  • I still don’t know where she works, where her restaurant is, her café, her bakery, her…

Late Contributions:

I’m sure some of you will jump and go “Hey! We can pay for that! What if you get enough doe to pay for the year, would you keep the site alive and continue to write?”

I will answer back with one question: How about Next year? And the next one? (okay 2 questions).

Will I have to beg again to have enough money to continue, year after year? (yeah, 3 questions).

Although I would love to get “contributions”, I won’t change my mind. It has been a difficult decision and once it’s made, it’s done. It’s over. 

If you still want to show your appreciation, you’re welcome. I take money any time. But I won’t change my mind.

Thank you all for following me, some for 25+ years.

I wish you a good kinky life.

P.S. No, I’m not ill (as far as I know). Sick in my head: yes! Absolutely. I have to be to write shitty stories like that. But ill? No. Geesh, I hope not.

I am simply fed up.

This is Pierre, signing off. (I’m sure this post will reach the all-time record for 1Heart ratings…!)

P.s. I’m working on a SF-Fantasy story. Barely is laid out as I have a whole world to create. And even more, I know that that story wouldn’t draw much attention here because of the response to “The Prophecy” and TLSOTM. I write it for my own pleasure.

And oh… it’s being written in French, so…

May 11. 2014

P.p.s I doubt it but it is possible that some jack-ass of a crook buys back for the traffic it generated. If you ever see “live” somewhere after September 2024, it’s not me.

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34 thoughts on “Important Announcement: Singing off – The Closing of

  1. Another fading Internet legend.
    At first I thought the countdown was for a brand new work, but it turned out to be very bad news. Although I was prepared for the situation of deciding whether to stop updating, the sudden reality was still very frustrating.
    I’ve been looking at your work on da since about 2017, going fishing and the pod was amazing and charming in my eyes at the time, and it’s been 7 years since that time. Thank you very much for your works, which have brought me great pleasure and left a deep impression in my memory.
    I wish you happiness in real life.

  2. Thank you for everything you have done! I really like these stories! I will read countless times in the future! You have more updates than most paid websites! Finally, please provide your PayPal account. I hope to sponsor you once before the website closes! I don’t have much money, but this is the only way I can express my gratitude to you!

    1. Thank you very much Saber. You’re a long-time follower.

      For any donation:

      That should work. (don’t know, never used it before…)

  3. Thank you for all your work and time you had put inside the site.
    I totally understand your reason and I respect it.
    And really thank you that you take care that the stories will be accessable in the future.
    I had some great time to read your stories.

  4. There were a lot of stories here. I’m glad that they’re being backed up at least by by person who showed me this site. I just wish I had found out about this site sooner.
    Take care

  5. There’s a corner of the internet that will miss you dearly. I can empathize with your frustration, and I’m certain the problem was never your content. Media is different these days.

    Hope you find happiness moving on, and if you ever wanna hang with like-minded folk, come hit us up on discord.

      1. If you drop me an email I can send you an invite! Plenty of folk here would love to have you amongst us.

          1. Latexon see invite link below
            discord dot com / invite / RADrzcnXnB

  6. That is indeed a very sad announcement, I really enjoyed your stories and they are some of my favorite. I found you on DA with “The Pod” and was very sad wenn you left da and it took me about a year to find your new side. I hope you can enjoy your retirement. And let me tell you that the “lack of support” definitely is not because “your writing is bad” (otherwise there wouldn’t be this much traffic (on the other hand I could be responsible for about half the german visits xd)). You Stories and Art are wonderful end I will continue to re-read them for quite some time.
    Thanks for all the beautiful stories and I wish you well!

  7. It truly is sad that it has come to this, but I can understand your reasons.
    Thank you, truly, for all the great stories and artwork you have made over the past 25 years.
    I’ll hold on to the little hope that at some point we might hear again from Karen ^^

    1. All good things come to an end, as they say.

      One million “thank you” for archiving my work. It’s really appreciated by myself and I’m sure, by the community.

  8. Another chapter of excellent storytelling comes to an end.
    It was always great to read your stories that always took the imagination to new heights.

    Thank you for 25 years of excellent stories and for persevering for so long.
    An era is coming to an end.
    Sad to read, but completely understandable.

    I know your feelings from my work for charitable organisations in the field of medical services.

    Enjoy your retirement and keep us informed about your SF-Fantasy story.

    With best wishes from Germany 😉

  9. I remember coming across your site, when even it was hosted elsewhere (I forget where now) back sometime around 2009. The first story I read was Deja Vu which had me hooked on your stories! As you’ve changed platforms over the years it has sometimes taken me a long time to find you again but what a treat it has been to do so.

    I will honestly miss your, in my opinion, wonderful stories and artwork. Always looked forward to them.

    I understand your reasoning even if I do disagree with some of your points – you ARE a good writer x

    Enjoy you retirement and hopefully you find happiness in whatever it is you do next

    1. Thank you LatexRachel.

      Yeah, I jumped from one host to the other for a while: Geocities, Yahoo-Sites, etc, where my stories were in pdf format, and left them because they upgraded (or downgraded…) their policies to exclude adult material, until I landed on DeviantArt where it “took off”.

      I haven’t been very “kind” to my followers at that time because I never, even in my wildest dreams, imagined I had “so many”.

      Only after creating did I get a lot of “Finally found you back”, and “Been searching you for a while”, did it occur to me that I had a “large” fanbase.

      After all, there are many kinky writers out there, and some way better than I am. (and some way worse…)

      1. At least i will remember some of them for years to come. i find it a nice thought

        1. Only “some” of them? There’s only 450 to remember!
          Thank you very much.
          p.s. Heck, I wrote them and I don’t remember most of them…

  10. While I’m not normally one to leave comments, I must say well, thank you. Sad to see you go, but you’ve given nothing but fond memories of your work. I wish you well going forward. 🙂

  11. Ah, dommage! Désolé. Long-time lurker from Germany here, saddened to hear the news. I never wrote a comment because I didn’t feel I had any meaningful thoughts to give, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy your stories, your kinky ideas, and your humour quite a lot. (Not to forget your top-notch renders, of course!) This may in fact be true for a lot of readers; I wouldn’t take a lack of visible feedback as indifference.
    As for the perceived lukewarm reception of the TLSOTM stories – this must be disappointing for you, given the amount not just of work but of creative spirit you obviously invested, but perhaps you were “sitting between the chairs” (as we say in German) a little bit with those. The latex crowd would perhaps not care all that much for alien contact or lunar bases, while the Sci-Fi fans who come for those would be somewhat bewildered by high-heeled astronauts in rubber catsuits. (Just a thought.)
    As someone who has a few fetish stories out on an art-and-literature platform himself, I can relate to the hellish feeling of pressure the well-meaning expectations of one’s readers can put upon one as a writer, though. “When will you finish this story?” “When will the next one be up?” “More, more, more!” This can actually stifle one’s pleasure of writing, and creativity is something that can’t be forced. Writing is freedom. Deadlines, even if imaginary, are deadly. I can actually understand you are closing down this site to relieve that pressure, especially after posting stories for a quarter of a century.
    Having thus pressed my unasked-for wisdoms on you, I should like to extend a final big “Merci beaucoup!” for all your exciting stories and images to you. (I will never forget Karen being latexed, corseted, belted, and masked *permanently* by Annie and Annah!) Any true writer writes for himself in the end, though, if only for his own pleasure. If you decide to post anything new after Sept. 2, it will be on that SeventhCode site? OK, I’ve got that one bookmarked. Au revoir!

    1. Damn!!
      You left me speechless and with watery eyes.
      You are on-point on everything! The “German precision” I guess.
      Thank you very much. Et merci pour la petite touche de français!
      – Pierre.

  12. Another lurker dropping in, wanting to thank you directly for all your creations these years.

    All good things must come to and end and I am saddened to see you go.

    I wish you much luck in your future endeavors your presence will be missed.

    Thank you for everything

    1. Thanks to you.

      And a little piece of advice to ALL: Drop a little “thank you” from time to time to whoever artist/model/creator you follow/lurk around. It might seem stupid but it goes far.

  13. What can you say? We will miss you – and hope so. It is your decision. Nobody paid for your art, we didn’t value you as you hoped and needed – shame on us. I think the stories are still inside you and want to get out. So I can only thank you and hope. I still read “Cave exploring” once a quarter. “The pod” was great in all 5 parts and a good extension of Toszum’s original comic.
    Happy birthday, 5 days late.

    1. Thank you.
      I do remember having “fun” writing those two stories, especially “The Pod” because, damn, that Tozum art was simply screaming inspiration!

      Now what? It was my birthday 5 days ago and nobody told me?

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