Footnote on the “closing”.


Someone on IG sent me a private message asking me to not shut down the site and then the permission to rip my site off for personal use.

This is my answer:

Think about it for a second. Someone who never got in touch with you in any way or form, never left (as far as you know) a like or comment on IG or on the website, suddenly asks you permission to rip your website off for “personal use”, although all the content is still available as is for 4 more months and is archived on a freely accessible site. Wouldn’t you get suspicious? I’ve had unauthorized people use my stories for “personal use” on their “personal websites” by replacing my name with theirs and by cropping the copyright stamp on my art. Those have had their website shit-stormed by angry posts and one of them has been taken off-line. Not by my actions, but the actions of my regular followers who went after them like sharks on a swimmer. That’s why the answer is no.

And it made me realize something I had overlooked in my farewell notice: those people who vouched for me, who informed me of people ripping my stuff, using it without permission, and “hunting” them down.

To those very loyal (I can’t find any other word) followers, I say a very deep and heartfelt THANK YOU.


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2 thoughts on “Footnote on the “closing”.

  1. So sad to see you stop writing. Have loved your stories and looked forward to each update. Enjoy your free time. Hopefully Karen can get locked up one more time.

    1. Thank you very much, Sammi.
      Some will say it’s a spoiler, but Karen will get into, at least, one more predicament… No time for posting tho, still working on it and it’s very far from being completed. But don’t tell anybody.

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