Quebec Day (2024)


Bonne Fête, Québec!!

Bonne Fête Québec. Mais… Où est Karen? Ah, bien sûr… (Happy Birthday Quebec, but… Where is Karen? Ah, of course…)

(yeah, that guy is supposed to be me…)

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10 thoughts on “Quebec Day (2024)

    1. Hum… Dunno. Maybe, in addition, mummified, in a cage, suspended in mid-air.
      But definitely NOT in vanilla, having a beer with the gang…

      1. But why would being mummified, caged, suspended and probably completely entubed prevent you from sharing a beer with the gang? Hell, in a setup like that she could be the table.

        1. You’re right. Nothing a “few tubes” couldn’t fix 😉

          … Which… might be just what’s needed for Canada Day (July 1st).

          Note: Both images (Quebec/Canada day) were made 2 months ago.

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