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I Had This Vision

I had this vision last night:

Karen, a cat-lady name Cheshira, a mad hood maker, some pissed-off Dom dressed in red and a silly rabbit in a dress and a silly hat who goes around with a male voice saying “I don’t have fucking time for this shit.”

Am I… crazy (although I’m a certified weirdo) or what?

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Anybody Speaks Horse?

As you might know, I’m writing a story about horse riding (Karen’s style, of course). But I need someone who speaks the language of the horse’s gear and control because my own knowledge of riding horses is very thin. I’m referring to the “western saddle”.

I want to make the story as true to the facts as possible, so I would like to know how to call different things. Yes, there’s google and stuff, but it’s not like exchanging with someone who knows the matter.

If you’re interested into giving me some help, just drop me a line in the contact form, or if you already know my e-mail, just write directly to me. (I’m not posting my e-mail here for obvious spamming reasons…)

Lady Black sends her regards and promise you’ll be rewarded for your help. (How about a free one year membership… Oh… right.)

Survey Time – RESULTS

A little one question for you, folks.

Right here:

What Catsuit Color Do You Want?

Okay, Folks, it’s pointless to continue this survey as the difference between the first and the other choices is too large to be overtaken. The results are as follow:

  • Purple: 15
  • Pewter: 10
  • Blue: 9
  • Other: 8
  • Green: 5
  • Whatever: 2

And the winner (you probably guessed it by now)…

  • Black: 36

I do note that you guys and gals would like to see the other colors, mainly purple and pewter.

Of course, since I had ruled out “RED”, I don’t know where it would have stood in this list, but I guess that it would have been in the top 3.

In the meantime, I’ll try to find a free app that is less shitty than QSM. (Quiz and Survey Master). Hell of a good thing I didn’t get 1000 voters in the weekend since I had to compile all of that by hand (again, THANK YOU SHITTY QSM)

Again, sorry for those 8 people who voted “other”, putting their choice in the little box as instructed, as whatever they wrote there is nowhere to be found.

A big THANK YOU for those who participated. I really appreciate it.

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