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Am I At This Point In My Life – Part Deux

September 2022

If you looked and especially read the little Calendar Story posted a few days ago, you might have got the hint of what’s going to happen now that my period of reflection of last summer is over*1.

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Site Crash August ** FIXED

A plug-in called “Elementor Pro”, which is used to make the pages work, has crashed and I had to disabled it.

The thing is that it is this plug-in that puts in the “latest post” list, so without it, there’s no “latest post” in any categories. All is there, all the posts are there, the “section page” is just not updated.

Looking into a solution.

Update, August 9:

A few things have been tried. Even a “backup” returns an error. We have to keep said plug-in disabled. We will do more troubleshooting in the evening and early night (august 9-10, GMT-4 / Eastern Daylight Time – New York / Montreal / Toronto) to figure out if something else isn’t making the plug-in bugs. For some obscure reasons, it crashes the whole site when it does, meaning that, you might be facing a “error” page while trying to load the site during those tests.

Update, August 10: FIXED

Fixed. Apparently, this is a wide spread bug on the plug-in, but they’re also apparently not eager to fix it. Found the solution on 2 different forums. My wonderful WebMistress did the correction (something I don’t have access on my end)

Now back to our regular programming of nothing much until September.

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