Tag: Story Length: 1-10 pages

The pages depicted here are North-American standard “letter sized” pages.
So, 1 to 10 pages is a short read, especially if it’s only on the 1 page end of it.

Karen – Kinky Valentine

He entered the house, tired after his long day at work.

“Hello honey, I hope you’re not too tired.” said Karen, his girlfriend.

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Karen – HalloVader.

I had nothing planned for Halloween. I couldn’t find a scenario worth of a story. But ChastityGirl came up with a simple idea which fired-up my imagination.

So, here it is. Short story, 4 pages, no art, written within an hour.

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Karen – Cut

It was her fucking day off. It was Saturday. Her boss has called. She had to go to the office to finish a project. The deadline had moved and it needed to be completed THIS Monday, not Monday two weeks from now, like originally planned.

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