Tag: Story Length: 11-25 pages

The pages depicted here are North-American standard “letter sized” pages.
Up to over twice as long as the 1-10 pages stories.

Karen – LocktoberFest3: Riding The Waves

Note: Please be sure to read the two previous parts of this story:

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Karen – LocktoberFest2: Visiting Germany

Note: This is a direct sequel to Locktoberfest. Read that one first.

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Karen – Locktoberfest

Karen entered the manager’s office and casually sat down on that Friday afternoon. She was dressed professionally, like any office worker: pencil skirt, high heel pumps, and a dress blouse. It was no business to anyone else that she was wearing latex underwear. Sometimes she would wear some toys too. Silent, fixed toys. She was kinky, not dumb.

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Karen – Subscription

For the countless times, Karen looked at the delivery app. She was eager to receive her new toys: a full set of steel cuffs, a chastity belt, and toys. All brand new and with a new service: a subscription service.

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Karen – Wasp.

Author’s note: This summer, I had an unfortunate encounter with a wasp nest behind my house. Was stung three times. Fortunately, I didn’t have an anaphylactic reaction, but my hand and my thumb got swollen. I was telling the mishap to a friend (chastitygirl90) and she came up with that brilliant idea for a story. How could I say no to inspiration?

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