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The pages depicted here are North-American standard “letter sized” pages.
Now we’re talking a good size story.

Karen – O.M.G. (Oh My Ghost)

“And a signature here” said the attorney, pointing to the line, but as Karen was about to put the tip of the pen down on the line, he blocked it with his hand.

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Karen – Happy Birthday

Part I

(author’s note: I thought this was going to be a 10-15 pages story… turned out to be 45…)

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Karen – Another Wrong House (FINAL – Complete)

This is a sequel to “Wrong House”. Be sure to read that one first.

Feb 20: Done!! 51 pages. I hope it was worth the wait!

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The Djiahanel Prophecy Pt I: The Sigamee Menace

Please read the “About” section before digging in. This is a Science-Fiction story. This is NOT a Karen Fetish Story. Please, DO NOT WRITE in the comments that it lacks the kinks of the Kareniverse.

Story length: The complete story is about 190 pages long. Thirty years in the making…

This story is also available as a PDF

And as an EPUB format (zip file).

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